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Isabelle Searle

This is the show where we take one writing prompt and run with it! We write everything from science fiction, to fantasy, to realism. We also discuss topics such as fan fiction, RPGs and how to defeat writer's block. If you're looking to hear some original creative writing, or if you're a writer looking for inspiration and writing tips, give us a listen!

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This week on Prompted, Hamish delves into dystopia, Izzy is inspired by Ada Lovelace, and Erin finishes her sci-fi piece. Happy writing!

Jul 21

24 min 7 sec

Get ready for an action packed episode, full of new writing, an amazing guest, and revenge... Once upon a time on Prompted Writing Podcast, Lupus, Erin’s android tries to dream, while Izzy’s protagonist has a surprise drop through her ceiling in WW2. And special guest Jamie joins us with a brilliant short story about a magpie’s life on the farm! This week’s theme is how to write revenge stories, and our prompt is “There must be revenge for what he did to duck”. Happy listening!

Feb 21

25 min 30 sec

Happy Birthday Prompted! The gang kick off Series Four with two very special guests, Sophie Mander and Alex Clarke. They share four stories inspired by the prompt '“I got you blackberries.” “You got me brambles!”'. Immortality and time travel collide in Erin's podcast, meanwhile, Sophie's characters escape to a woodland cabin. Alex's botanist has a late night, and Izzy writes a fantasy mystery about the power of blackberries. Plus, they look at how to write settings and locations. Happy listening!

Jan 24

39 min

Welcome to the Prompted Season Finale! This week's prompt is: "Hear me out, what if we add MORE fire to the situation?" This week Izzy takes us into  the battlefield, Erin tells her fantasy backwards poem, and Mischa, freelance writer and podcaster, joins in with a futuristic escape horror piece. We hope you enjoy, and see you next season! Prompted love x

Dec 2020

36 min 23 sec

Somersault into this action-themed episode! Inspired by the prompt "I'm dangerous after three", Bella puts her hero Junimo in the spotlight, Izzy writes a secret piece and Erin tells the story of a security guard's shift through voicemail. Plus, action man Dan (our number one fan) is here to act out the pieces. Happy listening! Write with us!:  ~~~ PATREON: ~~~ ~~~ INSTAGRAM: @promptedwritingpodcast ~~~  ~~~ LINKS: ~~~

Nov 2020

28 min 4 sec

This week the Prompted gang face the prompt: "You married into the Japanese Spaghetti. I was born into it." Unintentionally, Erin, Izzy and Bella all wrote horrors of various flavours - Erin brings us to a haunted house, Izzy vocalises the horror of the patriarchy, and Bella takes us back to her swamp dystopia with Mercury, Marnie, Junimo and Nin. We hope you enjoy this scary little episode! Prompted love. 

Nov 2020

30 min 57 sec

Recuring guest Alex joins the Prompted gang for our best episode yet! We're inspired by the prompt, "I'm not being funny, but in her kitchen drawer, is a tiny, black phone". Izzy brings Among Us into the office, Bella's characters find a siren aboard their ship, Erin writes a heartbreaking mystery, and Alex writes a very sensible story... Happy listening! Write with us!:  ~~~ PATREON: ~~~  ~~~ INSTAGRAM: @promptedwritingpodcast ~~~  ~~~ LINKS: ~~~

Nov 2020

41 min 49 sec

This week, guest star Ellie unsettles us with a horror, Izzy dives into screenplay, and Erin returns to sci fi. Plus, we discuss cliches, stereotypes and how to avoid them in our work. Happy writing!

Nov 2020

48 min 52 sec

For Halloween, the Prompted gang decide to... mostly write romance (the horror!). We have a relationship break apart under the stars, an ex crash a wedding, and to wrap it all up, a healthy dose of bizarro horror. And, Izzy, Erin and Bella discuss how they would make Halloween episodes out of their favourite shows. Happy listening!

Nov 2020

41 min 21 sec

Prompted episode three is ready for blast off! Join Izzy, Bella, Erin, and special guest Matt as they navigate space stations, observe strange worlds and contemplate mythological creatures, inspired by the prompt 'if you threw cement at me, I wouldn't eat it!'. Plus, they discuss how to write SciFi. Happy listening!

Oct 2020

56 min 7 sec

Get ready for episode two where Izzy, Erin, and Bella use story dice for inspiration! Izzy puts Shakespeare on the red carpet in her screenplay, and Erin writes a poem about the world's worst interview. Meanwhile, Bella is on a quest to prove her tutor wrong because jellyfish deserve stories too! Plus, the gang discuss how to open a story, then share their weird and wonderful writing prompts. Happy listening!

Oct 2020

36 min 27 sec

In our first episode of Series Three, the Prompted gang face the prompt: "The first thing she said to me was 'you have a very nice energy'." Erin starts us off with a classic, brilliant Erin sci-fi; Bella has her new character Marnie swallow a realtor whole in her Eldritch horror; and Izzy makes us all nostalgic about our first year of university with her poetry. And we have an exciting celebrity guest... The talented Nancy Stohlman! We discuss Nancy's upcoming book 'Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction', and she spills the beans on how to write a successful flash piece. Happy listening! 

Oct 2020

1 hr 7 min

Welcome to our summer writing challenge special episode! Hear Izzy, Bella, and Erin read your pieces, catch up on our summer writing projects, and reflect on character flaws. Plus, we give you a sneak peak of an upcoming pantomime. Listen to Prompted Writing Podcast for prompts, inspiration, and awesome writing sent in by our listeners. Happy listening! Due to a writing challenge entry from a young writer, our episode is rated PG from the time 08:08-11:50. At all other times, it is rated PG 13. One piece entered deals with the themes of mental health, anxiety, violence, threats, and emotional manipulation. We urge you to bear these content warnings in mind. If you would prefer not to hear this piece, it is read and discussed from 20:40-26:50. If you require support, here is a link to MIND, Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Summer Writing Challenge!

Sep 2020

50 min 41 sec

To kick off our season finale, Bella draws the character Eddy for our writing prompt. We have five pieces of writing packed with poetry, comedy, and adventure. Guest Alex is back by popular demand to drag the very sensible Winstable out of the grave. The Prompted gang create spectacular sound effects for Erin's audio play, and Izzy thanks all our listeners for helping us reach 1000 total listens! Meanwhile, Bella swims with jellyfish in her science fiction. Listen until the end for Erin's exciting announcement! Happy listening. P.S. Follow @promptedwritingpodcast on Instagram for this week's prompt!

Jun 2020

46 min 1 sec

Listen or the green tea will find you... This week's writing prompt is ""You like dystopias, right?" "Yeah, but not living in them!"". We go on world-building adventures, partake in spooky seances, explore ecocriticism, and survive dystopias. Erin shares her favorite art made by People of Colour, and Wilkie from @thetaverncast is here to talk about Dungeons and Dragons. If you're a writer looking for inspiration and advice, give Prompted a go. Happy listening!

Jun 2020

46 min 3 sec

This week we had a double prompt! Our prompts were: 'Everyone else is in suits and ballgowns and I'm dressed like this," and "I didn't know what to bring. I have a jar of peanut butter and two forks." Join Izzy, Bella and Erin for kitchen sink realism and spy drama with a wonderful contribution of comedy from one of our listeners, @jamierauthor. Also, Erin has a surprise quiz for Izzy and Bella! Which one of them has been paying the most attention throughout both series one and series two? And what is the prize? Tune in to find out. Happy listening!

Jun 2020

42 min 37 sec

This week, our prompt is 'why am I a rabbit?'. Join Izzy, Bella and Erin for nostalgic poems, grumpy toads and dystopia. Also, answers to listener questions and a discussion on LGBTQA+ diversity in writing. Plus, we settle the age old Prompted debate: Does Izzy censor Bella? This episode includes information on how to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Two links we recommend visiting are and Please find more details in the episode. Happy listening!

Jun 2020

47 min 36 sec

Cartoons, Am Dram, and a very, very sensible short story... We've got a packed episode for you this week. Our prompt is "No, Mr Bond. I expect you to be eaten by these amusingly hungry hippos". Join Izzy, Alex and Erin as we answer your writing questions and queries. Happy listening! 

May 2020

52 min 58 sec

Join Izzy, Bella and Erin as they write their pieces to a friendly prompt! Happy writing!

May 2020

46 min 31 sec

Welcome to episode four of our award-winning writing podcast! This week's prompt is "Sit over there because you're the villain". You'll hear pantomime, supernatural, games journalism, and comedic flash fiction. Plus, we answer your questions! How do you improve writing if you're a beginner? And how do you find motivation in isolation? This episode, we feature work from one of our listeners, and Hamish from The Warthog Podcast is here to teach us about video games journalism. Happy listening!

May 2020

45 min 56 sec

This week, we used the writing prompt "I've been painting the fence just to avoid conversations with people". Listen now for meta fiction, a ghost story, and romance. Plus, character creation, writing humour, and trouble with tenses. Happy listening!

May 2020

57 min 48 sec

Get ready for our second episode of the series! This week on our award-winning writing podcast, we run with the prompt “My plants are my named after you so I can talk to you all while doing work”. You'll hear poetry, gaming journalism and fairy tale. Plus, we answer your questions. Do readers want our characters to live happily ever after, or in misery? And does poetry need to rhyme? This episode, Izzy and Erin are joined by creative writing student Emma. Happy listening!

May 2020

46 min 28 sec

We're back for season two! Our prompt this week is 'a weary man and a wearier dog.' Listen in to hear our pieces of bildungsroman, poetry, and nautical, as well as discussions on writing romance, the problems with boring characters, and a fantastic piece from one of our Instagram followers. 

Apr 2020

51 min 9 sec

Erin's here for an announcement about series two. Happy listening!

Mar 2020

1 min 23 sec

Join Izzy, Bella, and Erin, as they bring their own spins to this week's prompt! Happy writing!

Mar 2020

47 min 49 sec

Join Izzy, with special guests Alex and Wilkie, for some writing fun!

Mar 2020

46 min 8 sec

Here we are again, and this time we have the original gang back! Listen to our eighth episode of Prompted - the show where we take one original prompt and run with it! This week's prompt is: "Oh my gosh, I thought you were the sofa!" This time Izzy, Bella and Erin dove into genres such as superhero, absurdist/surrealist, and pantomime, and produced an insane variety of responses. We also discussed fan fiction, and the difference between suspense and surprise in some of our favourite media. Have a listen now!

Mar 2020

45 min 57 sec

Listen to our seventh episode of Prompted - the show where we take one original prompt and run with it! This week's prompt is "There were four graves, but no church". We explore the genres advert, ecocriticism, thriller and apocalypse. This week, your writers Izzy, Bella and Erin will be joined by Beth Shepherd, co host of Flash Fix. Happy listening!

Feb 2020

47 min 13 sec

Get ready for our mid-series special that stars you, our listeners! Our prompt is my brother's drawing of an astronaut hugging the tiny Earth. We feature original work from Bella, Izzy, a young listener and two of our talented followers on Instagram. If you want to delve into science fiction, or learn how to adapt Shakespeare for children, give this special episode of Prompted a listen.

Feb 2020

44 min 45 sec

Join us for our fifth episode of Prompted - the show where we take one original prompt and run with it! This week's prompt is: "We were speaking Dutch, but we don't even know Dutch". We play with the genres mystery, sea story, science fiction and manifesto. Unlock writing secrets, such as how to conquer writer's block. This week, your writers Izzy, Bella and Erin will be joined by special guest Peter Watkins. Happy listening!

Feb 2020

45 min 4 sec

Get ready for our fourth episode of Prompted! This weeks prompt is: "The dirt on the wall was thickly smeared with fingerprints scrabbling to climb upwards." We drew the genres memoir, horror, and poetry, and got a range of interesting responses. Listen now to see how Izzy, Erin and Bella responded!

Feb 2020

45 min 17 sec

Our third episode of Prompted! This week's prompt is: "I just admitted to having a lethal weapon and I know where you sleep". We drew the genres naturalism, speculative fiction, fantasy and journalism. Listen to see how Izzy, Bella, Erin and Hamish responded!

Jan 2020

45 min 39 sec

Listen to Bella, Erin and Izzy read their responses to the prompt "Come down here and explain your God-damn chart". Izzy wrote a twist on the romance genre, Bella wrote a character comedy and Erin delved into a dark paranoid. We also discuss our writing processes, reactions to next week's prompt and more!

Jan 2020

36 min 53 sec

Our first Episode of Prompted! Our prompt is "There were fleas everywhere and she was in this little glass box all on her own". We drew the genres science fiction, crime and fantasy. Listen to see how Izzy, Bella and Erin responded!

Jan 2020

39 min 46 sec