Guardians of the Republic

Ian Kahn and Patrick Murray

An actor and a pollster ask who will guard the Republic. It's not your typical politics podcast.

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Where does the second Trump impeachment trial leave the Republic?  Mitt Romney steps up with a clear prescription for the future.  Plus thoughts on the impeachment attorneys, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Dolly Parton.

Feb 19

1 hr 6 min

This week: some Republicans step forward, but many don't; how the Biden administration and the media impact the health of the Republic; where the GOP is headed; a look ahead to impeachment; and initial polling on the new president.  

Feb 5

1 hr 1 min

It really is a new day in America, but much work remains to be done. Ian & Patrick discuss what President Biden means by "unity," the outlook for the Senate, a preview of impeachment, and a look at the underlying authoritarian inclinations that continue to threaten the Republic. Plus some hot takes on highlights from the inauguration ceremonies.

Jan 22

1 hr 12 min

This week marked a turning point. The band-aid over what ails the Republic has been ripped off. Will Mitt Romney and company stand up to Josh Hawley's sedition caucus? Will the Biden administration tackle the racial justice issues at the core of our national divide? And what does the Georgia run-off say about the years ahead?

Jan 8

1 hr 7 min

Ian and Patrick take a look at members of Congress signing onto seditious claims of election fraud and potential signs for hope in how Joe Biden will run his administration. Plus some thoughts on the vital role certain state officials have played in guarding the Republic. 

Dec 2020

51 min 22 sec

We look at new polling on the deep divide in our country and the challenges facing the Republic this week, including efforts to undermine the election results and how Biden should handle calls to investigate Trump. Also, the need for civics education and a proposal to name the Covid vaccine.

Nov 2020

44 min 46 sec

A look at Republicans dragging their heels on acknowledging the new President-Elect, a growing rift in the Democratic Party, the McCain family reaction to the election, and more.

Nov 2020

57 min 41 sec

What happened in the election? What happened with the polls? And what of the Republic? We've crossed the Delaware and won the first battle of Trenton, but we've many more battles ahead.

Nov 2020

1 hr 3 min

It's now up to the American Voter to guard the Republic! Patrick and Ian break down the polls, from the big picture to individual states, and look at the potential for authoritarian backlash if things don't go the way Trump supporters expect.

Oct 2020

55 min 49 sec

In this episode, Ian & Patrick grade the final presidential debate, take a look at polls in key states, ask whether the Supreme Court nomination marks a point of no return for the Republic, and wonder why Trump is a fan of The Village People.

Oct 2020

53 min 44 sec

National polls versus the battleground state polls -- what to believe?  Why it's important to know the price of a bushel of soybeans. And, of course, Ben Sasse.

Oct 2020

51 min 21 sec

We're back!  The latest polls and why they matter. The debates, Covid, the future of our elections. We cover it all.

Oct 2020

55 min 15 sec

The podcast takes a pause, but before it does Ian and Patrick take a look at the 2020 election and VP prospects for Joe Biden. Plus some final thoughts on gratitude as we weather the current crisis.    

Apr 2020

47 min 8 sec

Trump has changed the rules, but many - journalists, Senators, etc - keep operating under the old standard practices. It's time to shake it up. Plus Patrick and Ian discuss recent shifts in COVID polling and our heroes on the front lines.

Apr 2020

44 min 58 sec

Misinformation is proving dangerous during this crisis. Ian and Patrick discuss the polar opposites of Jared Kushner and Anthony Fauci, polling that suggests the "bump" in Trump's approval rating may be more aspirational than real, and an ode to our health care workers on the front lines.

Apr 2020

47 min 25 sec

Ian and Patrick look at the impact of the White House COVID briefings on public confidence, Trump as an authoritarian "weakman," the trillion dollar stimulus package (where Ben Sasse finally emerges from his silence), and the Democratic nomination.

Mar 2020

51 min 33 sec

Ian and Patrick discuss some of the questionable statements and about-face takes from those who are putting party before country around the coronavirus outbreak. Plus where the presidential election is headed and thoughts on how we can learn something positive from the current crisis.

Mar 2020

40 min 36 sec

President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak not only has consequences for public health, but for the health of the republic itself. Plus the state of the Democratic nomination race and the search for a running mate.

Mar 2020

50 min 58 sec

Joe Biden had a big week and coronavirus roils the markets.  What does all this mean for the Republic. Plus Ian and Patrick look back at the 2020 Democratic field. 

Mar 2020

51 min 15 sec

With news that Russia was trying to boost Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election, Ian and Patrick talk about what his candidacy means for the country and the Democratic Party. Plus: will guardians (or betrayers) of the Republic emerge from the coronavirus outbreak?

Feb 2020

51 min 42 sec

The rule of law under AG Bill Barr and Radio Sputnik is broadcasting Russian propaganda to the heartland. Ian and Patrick talk about the Democratic debate in an extended "hot takes" and Sen. Ben Sasse gets special recognition in the Guardians of the Week segment.

Feb 2020

50 min 48 sec

Did Donald Trump learn a lesson, as Susan Collins claimed? Where did Ben Sasse's conscience go? Is Mitch McConnell divinely inspired?  Plus a look at public opinion on the impeachment trial outcome and the state of the Democratic 2020 field.    

Feb 2020

49 min 33 sec

Mitt Romney, the State of the Union, and Donald Trump's post-impeachment victory lap. Ian and Patrick discuss whether there is such a thing as a constitutional brain transplant. Plus the state of the Democratic nomination race.

Feb 2020

49 min 29 sec

As the impeachment trial wraps up, it may be time to start thinking about Guardians of a *New* Republic. What does "no witnesses" mean, not just for the trial, but for the country?  Plus: Chief Justice Roberts, The Lincoln Project, and how to greet a dog.

Jan 2020

51 min 44 sec

Joe Biden's outburst may have captured the mood of the week as the impeachment trial gets underway. Ian and Patrick discuss the House manager's opening arguments, "lawyer lawsuits," "A Very Stable Genius," the latest polls, and a special Guardian of the Week courtesy of Ian's mom.

Jan 2020

57 min 24 sec

The impeachment managers have been named. Ian and Patrick discuss what they expect as the trial moves to the Senate and offer their takes on the Iowa Democratic presidential debate. Plus Rep. Matt Gaetz's stand on war powers and an unusual pick for Guardian of the Week.

Jan 2020

39 min 19 sec

Sen. Mike Lee's defense of Congressional prerogative sounded a different note for Republicans this week. We also talk about John Bolton's possible testimony, Tribe's Law, and the 2020 Democratic field.

Jan 2020

45 min 59 sec

The impeachment vote is in but the saga is far from over.  Ian coins the phrase "Tribe's Law" to describe what comes next and Patrick takes a dim view of biblical references during the floor debate.

Dec 2019

45 min 46 sec

Ian and Patrick discuss the articles of impeachment and key differences from both Clinton's impeachment and calls for George Washington's ouster in 1795.  They also look at a recent Monmouth poll that compared Washington to Trump and Obama.  Plus hot takes on the UK election and thoughts on Nancy Pelosi.    

Dec 2019

46 min 1 sec

Ian and Patrick break down this week's Judiciary Committee hearing, discuss a recent poll that shows Republicans preferring Trump over Lincoln, and offer a mea culpa on the Guardian of the Week.

Dec 2019

53 min 59 sec

A lot to cover with the impeachments hearings and hot takes on the 5th Democratic debate. Plus reaction to comparing Donald Trump with George Washington.

Nov 2019

55 min 46 sec

We break down the content and performances of the first public impeachment hearing. But more importantly, how does this contribute to the Republic's long-term prognosis? Plus Iowa caucus polling and more!

Nov 2019

51 min 13 sec

If Trump leaves office, what's next? Do we pretend this never happened? Plus this week's election takeaways and Monmouth University's top-of-the-heap poll rating from 538.

Nov 2019

37 min 48 sec

And we're off!  The House impeachment inquiry is now official. What should happen next to guard the Republic. Also, reaction to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Twitter banning political ads, and more.

Oct 2019

32 min 50 sec

Bill Taylor's testimony upped the ante while anti-impeachment Reps compromised national security. A sign of what's to come?  Plus: What's with all the wide swings in Dem 2020 primary polling?

Oct 2019

42 min 12 sec

Violent video and Syria challenge the Republic.  What was Bill Barr doing at Rupert Murdoch's apartment? Plus hot takes on Tuesday's Democratic debate.

Oct 2019

43 min 35 sec

Has impeachment support hit a turning point? What's behind Trump's Syria move? Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Pat Robertson, Joe Biden, and more.

Oct 2019

41 min 53 sec

Has Adam Schiff already undercut the inquiry? Could impeachment lead to a real civil war? With hot takes on Joe Walsh, Joe Biden, Andrew Yang and more. BONUS VIDEO: Ian's recent remarks on the need to look out for each other and the Republic. Delivered at the home of John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, in Princeton, NJ  (watch here trt 5 minutes).

Oct 2019

38 min 13 sec

The whistleblower complaint is in and an impeachment inquiry has begun. Is this a good or bad move for guarding the Republic?

Sep 2019

33 min 48 sec

One of these things is not like the others. In this episode we discuss Corey Lewandowski, Brett Kavanaugh, Boris Johnson Bibi Netanyahu, and James Madison. PLUS Ian gives Elizabeth Warren the full theater critic treatment in his "Communications Corner."

Sep 2019

40 min 40 sec

In a new segment, we scan the nation for challenges the Republic that happened this week. PLUS who brought their acting A-game to the Dem debate.

Sep 2019

40 min 32 sec

Is James Comey an object lesson for how not to guard the Republic?  And we found some polling on the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  Plus political take downs and altered hurricane maps.

Sep 2019

38 min 47 sec

Patrick discusses his Monmouth Poll that shook the political world and Ian breaks down how Joe Walsh skillfully defended the almost indefensible this week.  Plus hot takes on Nikki Haley, Brexit and more.

Aug 2019

39 min 2 sec

Are Republicans starting to take on Trump? Polling on impeachment, buying Greenland, Jewish loyalty, and more.

Aug 2019

44 min 29 sec

Do Democrats have their eyes on the prize in 2020; Medicare for All polling is a muddy picture; voices from the Iowa campaign trail.

Aug 2019

46 min 29 sec

A look at polling on gun issues and calls to speak out against white nationalism. And some "hot takes"on last week's Democratic presidential debate.

Aug 2019

51 min 58 sec

Robert Mueller and the case for impeachment hearings - but maybe not impeachment itself. And we ask if it is do-or-die time for some Democratic presidential contenders in our debate preview.

Jul 2019

48 min 10 sec

The tribalism behind "Send Her Back," a look at polling on government confidence, and what political parties can learn from The Bachelorette. Our Guardian of the Week comes from the health care field.

Jul 2019

38 min 9 sec

We discuss the controversy between President Trump and the "Squad" and hear firsthand what is on the minds of New Hampshire voters.  We also take a look at polling on economic anxiety, rate the 2020 candidates' performance skills in our “hot takes” segment, and see if anyone is deserving of Guardian of the Week honors.

Jul 2019

48 min 31 sec

We talk about the president's latest tweet and how it relates to factions in American politics. We also remember H. Ross Perot who passed away this week, take a look at Trump's polling trends, offer a few "hot takes" on who should get in or get out of the Democratic race for president, and end with our Guardian of the Week.

Jul 2019

34 min 14 sec