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The Build Your Own Brand podcast is a show to highlight the experiences and perspectives that will enable you to build a better brand personally, professionally, and progressively. Brought to you by Mike Pirtle and the Enthrall Brand Architects, this show is filled with the socially conscious, positive energy needed to create a collaboratively, progressive marketplace.

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After producing over 100 fashion shows internationally, Celia Evans invested some time with us to share her journey to build one of today's burgeoning creative brands. Build Your Own Brand with us as we learn about how she navigated the global terrain in fashion, media, and events in the kick-off to our most power packed season yet! Mastered by Enthrall Podcast Concierge Sponsored by the Elite Coalition Network

Jan 2019

35 min 50 sec

I caught up with my brother @ABTheHero in Atlanta to discuss his content creation journey, and doing things for the right reasons.  There is no amount of adversity that can stand in the way of the resolute mind. #BossesLinkUp Mastered by Enthrall Podcast Concierge Sponsored by the Elite Coalition Network

Aug 2018

21 min 31 sec

I was blessed to sit down with Stix Mitchell, one of the inaugural coaches in the Junior Basketball Association, to discuss creating a lane for yourself and those behind you.   Mastered by Enthrall Podcast Concierge Sponsored by The Elite Coalition Network

Jul 2018

15 min 39 sec

In the last episode in our series from the Silicon Valley Brand House, we sat down with Kristina of KG Art to discuss building a creative brand in the Bay Area, and not being afraid to deviate from the status quo.   Sponsored by the Elite Coalition Network Mastered by Enthrall Podcast Concierge.

Jul 2018

19 min 49 sec

We kick off Season 4 of the Build Your Own Brandcast by catching up with, 3 year Enthrall Brand Partner, Karl Nichols of Community Wellness Partners. The organization has expanded significantly since their rebrand in 2016, and we discuss how the brand asset can improve your mission and support system.   Presented by the Elite Coalition Network. Mastered by Enthrall Podcast Concierge.

Jul 2018

16 min 45 sec

In this episode, I chat with Billy Sancrant about her life as a flight attendant, what it means to be a professional and about letting your experiences outside of your comfort zone enrich your life. There’s always something we can learn from everybody, so I hope you enjoy this one!   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Lessons learned from Billy: Feel good about yourself. When you feel good in your own skin, you’re going to feel good on a daily basis. Have a good outlook on yourself. If you have a good outlook on yourself, you’re going to have a better outlook when you go out in the world. Get out of your comfort zone. Most people don’t want to be outside their comfort zone, but when you actually go there and you push yourself and you see those things, you make your life so much better. All those experiences are going to alter your perspective of your world and your reality for the better. Always be the most professional that you can possibly be. These companies want to see that you’re going to represent them well, so you yourself have to be the ‘brand’.   “Empathy is a huge thing. You have to have that for all beings in the world, especially humans.” — Billy Sancrant [03:20] “You have good vibes especially when you feel good and look good.” — Billy Sancrant [04:38]   More from Billy Sancrant Instagram   WRAPPING UP… If you enjoyed this episode, hit that Subscribe button and leave us with a rating and a review! Boss up and be elite!

Feb 2018

12 min 34 sec

Join us in this Elite Coalition roundtable as we talk about the art of learning, redefining concepts and making pivots in your business. Learn how to focus on what you want to accomplish by gaining multiple perspectives and communicating your own. Enjoy!   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS   Lessons learned from Josh: Everybody has different needs. When it comes to technology, all those needs always end up right there in that world of technology. You can’t keep up if you can’t fulfill those needs. Not all solutions are out-of-the-box. A lot of people need things that are tailored to their business. Artificial intelligence is not just about robotics. It’s about advanced machine learning and learning a business and knowing how to approach different situations better. You have to be flexible. There’s probably 99% chance that you’re going to pivot from your original idea. Just stay in the field of your drive. It’s really about what you have and what you want to do. There is an art to learning. Learn how to learn. If you have multiple ideas, look for what’s similar in all those ideas. Once you find it, that’s where you want to grow your knowledge in.   Lessons learned from Braden: Being alpha is a responsibility and a leadership thing when it gets down to it. It’s not about being the biggest, baddest dude in the room anymore. It’s about who’s willing to take responsibility for the present moment, for themselves and the people around them. It’s about who’s willing to actually step up and do something. Your knowledge base is of such high importance. You never know what you’re going to encounter in the field.   “Be open to learning more outside of what you’re doing.” — Josh Perryman [10:13]   “Initiative drives value. Always.” — Braden Gibbs [15:45]   More from Josh Perryman Twitter   More from Braden Gibbs Alpha Design   WRAPPING UP… If you enjoyed this episode, hit that Subscribe button and leave us with a rating and a review! Boss up and be elite!

Feb 2018

20 min 46 sec

Here is a place where guys with an elite mindset come and talk about building their brand.  And today on the show, my buddy, ZYME, is here to talk about his brand, ManilaFornia, and the journey he went through in building his brand, finding a culture and developing it.  Enjoy!   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Lessons learned from ZYME: Consistency is key. Package your brand according to how you want to make people feel. Evolve as you go. Build a culture around your brand, have a name for your fanbase and turn people into generators. It takes ingenuity and collaboration to make it. Do all you can to see where it goes.   “I love when you create something and somebody reacts to it in a positive way and it really influences them.” — ZYME [13:43]   “Collaboration is a huge part of making it in anything.” — ZYME  [17:29]   More from ZYME Instagram | Twitter ManilaFornia Facebook | Twitter   WRAPPING UP… If you enjoyed this episode, hit that Subscribe button and leave us with a rating and a review! Boss up and be elite!

Feb 2018

21 min 56 sec

The best enemies, the ones who follow the rules of war, can be the greatest allies. That’s kind of how my relationship has been with my guest on the show today, Brandon Contreras. Listen as he shares how he’s been working on his grind, trying to get a consistent hustle going and finding the balance between work and living. Enjoy!   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Lessons learned from Brandon Contreras: Know what you’re doing.  Work with the right people and build a good team. Have your own space where you can be alone and free from distraction, and realize what’s important to you. Put in that work and people will see. Be passionate about what you’re doing.   “A year from now, I see myself scaling out a farm that is going to take known industry practices of growing weed and doing the right, good management practices.” — Brandon Contreras [02:58]   “I want to be that broker for the farmers on the hill that don’t really get to get off the hill much.” — Brandon Contreras [04:44]   More from Brandon Contreras   WRAPPING UP… If you enjoyed this episode, hit that Subscribe button and leave us with a rating and a review! Boss up and be elite!

Feb 2018

9 min 46 sec

I am joined on the show today by a couple of true elite gentlemen, Mr. Anthony Young and Mr. Michael Eneh. In this episode, we not only talk about their brands and business but we also discuss what America is like today and the issues and problems that we face as a nation and a culture.   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Lessons learned from Anthony Young: The reality of racism in America is clearer and more in-depth and more pixilated than ever before. Now colored people are so racist against themselves, it’s both disgusting and sad. Time is very precious. In the world we live in now, the emphasis is on speed, on mass production and constant consumption. Taking that into account, America is what it claims that it hates. We can’t live on a dead planet. We have to become conscious of the universal laws and take a stand to protect the universe and its laws. We are servants of this earth and we have a job to do. It’s our job to make sure that we are good stewards of this planet that God has blessed has with. Speak up. Stand up. Educate yourself. There is a crime being waged on people of color, and it’s being waged in such a way that it’s right in our face but it’s covert.   “America is at a place where it’s finally staring in a mirror and is forced to look at its ugly reflection.” — Anthony Young    “Change is inevitable. Choice is optional.” — Anthony Young    More from Anthony Young HempHeadGlobal Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   More from Michael Eneh Africa Looks   WRAPPING UP… Thanks for tuning in! If you enjoyed this episode, hit that Subscribe button and leave us with a rating and a review!

Feb 2018

21 min 57 sec

We can learn and gain mentorship from experiences everywhere. It is the same in business and in branding as it is in every other industry you can think of. On this show, I step to the mic with some of the elite brand builders of our generation, previous generations, and generations to come. Chris Coleman, the founder of Hero Nation and Black Fox Labs, definitely fits the bill for that, and today he is dropping some precious gems for everyone! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Lessons learned from Chris Coleman: Make it your job to figure out how you can use social media to build a network and meet people. Create something bigger than you and leave a legacy. Understand your market. And if you’re a content creator, understand the audience that you’re creating content for. Don’t forget that this journey that you started was for yourself, and you’re worth it. Focus on integrity. Reach out to people and utilize everything around you. “What you do now is the legacy that you’ll leave.” — Chris Coleman  “I’m trying to create something that’s bigger than me to leave a legacy so that my work lives on through others” — Chris Coleman More from Chris Coleman @itschriscoleman Black Fox Labs Resource mentioned Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday   WRAPPING UP… If you liked this episode, you’ll definitely enjoy the rest of the season. Hit that Subscribe button on iTunes and leave us with a rating and a review!

Jan 2018

39 min