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Dana Allin

On each episode of The Flourishing Church Podcast, we interview successful practitioners and thinkers to bring you practical and theologically based wisdom to help you and your church flourish in the context where God has you.

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In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Carol Bremer-Bennett and Jen Haddox discuss the ministry of World Renew. They go into detail about the work World Renew does in vulnerable communities. Carol also shares the different experiences she has had as an indigenous woman in a ministry leadership role.

Nov 17

23 min 17 sec

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Dana Allin talks with Kara Powell about her book 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager: Making the Most of Your Conversations and Connections. The two discuss the main themes of the book and the 3 main questions that address identity, purpose, and belonging. Kara and Dana dive deeper into their own experiences of having meaningful conversations with their teenage kids and provide personal examples. Kara also gives examples of other questions the book addresses and practical ways we can engage in conversations with teenagers in our homes and churches.

Oct 26

25 min 32 sec

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Perry Shaw and Dana Allin discuss the different aspects of transforming theological education and the need for a new type of training for future pastors entering church leadership and church ministry. The two go over some important changes that can be made to transform theological education to further inspire and train a new generation of pastors. Perry gives insight on the idea of “fit for purpose and fit of purpose” and some of the challenges and joys that we have in making changes. We are very excited to have Perry Shaw working and consulting with Flourish as we create our Flourish Institute: Graduate School of Ministry.

Sep 24

23 min 27 sec

Tim Newell and John Terech discuss the struggles we face as Christians in investing in for profit companies. Tim gives practical advice on how to look into investing as well as his experience with personal investing as well as how he helps clients invest. The two also go into detail about what Biblically responsible investing is and how it applies to different companies.

Aug 19

25 min 1 sec

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Kyle Strobel and Dana Allin talk about Kyle’s newest book Where Prayer Becomes Real. The two discuss the importance of talking about prayer and go through some of the common misconceptions of this spiritual discipline.  In addition, they also explore different models of prayer and how we can maintain a vibrant prayer life throughout all the different seasons of our lives.

Jul 7

29 min 19 sec

Kärin Butler Primuth and Jen Haddox discuss the ministry of VisionSynergy and the role it plays in missions. Kärin gives some examples of how we can work to energize churches and mission leaders to increase intentionality for collaboration and partnership with mission networks and the global church. The two provide some potential next steps that we can take as leaders to start a collaborative network or partnership, as well as places that we can look for encouragement.

Jun 14

26 min 58 sec

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Doug Paul returns to the podcast for a conversation with Dana Allin about his newest book Ready Or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World. The two discuss the different areas of Kingdom innovation within the church and some of the myths we face as churches to adapt and grow. In addition, Doug helps us to understand how we can begin to create a sustainable culture of innovation for both large and small congregations.

May 19

21 min 55 sec

Paul Harrington and Jen Haddox discuss business as a missional movement to advance the Kingdom of God with marketplace leaders. They explore the biblical roots of not only funding mission but utilizing business leaders to directly engage in the transformational work that God wants to do around the world. They discuss the importance of priesthood of all believers and the gift that for profit business can bring to meet the needs around the world. In addition the two discuss how business and your church can interact in healthy and beneficial ways.

Apr 14

23 min 58 sec

Miriam Swanson and Dana Allin discuss how as a church we can better engage and equip college students. Miriam gives examples from her experience in the United Kingdom, and how she has seen a need for growth since moving to the United States. The two spend time discussing the organization, Fusion, and what they are doing to reach college students. In addition they answer questions asked by a live webinar audience during the recording. (Due to this being recorded live as a webinar there were a few internet difficulties throughout the recording).

Apr 1

58 min 40 sec

Tim Fearer and Nate Dreesmann discuss the importance of spiritual formation and the role it plays in the strength of our ministry. They dive into the different questions we should be asking ourselves as leaders as well as how our concept of God shapes not only our daily lives but the way in which we lead.

Mar 8

30 min 48 sec

Dana Allin and Len Tang discuss the book Sent to Flourish: A Guide to Planting and Multiplying Churches. Len gives insight into the writing of the book and the impact that Fuller Theological Seminary and the different authors had on it. The two go into detail about the different areas of church planting the book covers as well as outside applications it can have on our everyday leadership.

Feb 17

28 min 42 sec

Tod Bolsinger and Dana Allin talk about Tod’s most recent book Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change. The two discuss the importance of holding fast to things that are important in the midst of change and its effects on leadership. Tod explains the difference between adaptive leadership and technical leadership and how we can use the different practices as we walk into the shifts we experience in our current and future circumstances. They also discuss the different challenges we face as pastors and leaders to pursue accountable relationships and the importance of becoming lifelong learners.

Jan 28

25 min 26 sec

Sarah Claire Smith and John Terech discuss the relationship between mental and emotional health and its effects on ministry and the vital elements needed to bring these two things together. They explore topics and questions regarding how the church can function in this pandemic season to equip us to be flourishing leaders and churches building cultures of support for one another. They share suggestions on how to meet the demands upon church communities that have had to be so innovative and creative under stress and scarcity through books, coaching, counseling and seeking out trusted relationships of support.

Jan 12

20 min 39 sec

Dana Allin and Daniel Allen discuss experiences with leaders and coaching that have supported lasting pathways for growth and change. They dive into different leadership tendencies based on our internal wiring of complying, controlling, and or protecting. Daniel gives examples of each leadership style and the two discuss some strategies for how we, as leaders, can work to move past these pitfalls to be at our best.

Dec 2020

30 min 53 sec

John Terech and Richard Gibbons discuss different ideas and strategies for planning and preparing the church and pastors for the Advent season. In this episode, Richard and John help us consider the weeks ahead, how to look at the Christmas story and how to engage the hearts of listeners in these Covid times. They also take questions from a live audience of pastors who ask additional questions about the upcoming Advent season and how to best apply some of the practices Richard talks about in the podcast.

Nov 2020

41 min 2 sec

Mike Bonem and Dana Allin talk about the different challenges churches are having with staffing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. They highlight issues such as reducing or realigning staff due to financial pressure or changing needs, adjusting workloads, and ways in which we can begin to address low morale and high anxiety among the staff.

Oct 2020

26 min 59 sec

Daniel Yang and Dana Allin discuss qualities of Christian leadership and church structure. They touch on current ways churches are navigating challenges, institutionalization and generational issues. In addition, Daniel shares insights on how we can be preparing for future change as well as how church plants and planters can play a role in that.

Oct 2020

28 min 5 sec

Donna Rivett, the Dean of Industrial Education at Indian River State College, and Dana Allin discuss the differences and assumptions that define poverty as well as the importance of engaging with those caught in the cycle of poverty. Donna gives insight into how we can begin to better understand not only the differences of poverty, but how those differences can shape the driving forces of our ministry and outreach. She paints a picture of how to develop deep relationships and engage in ministry among your community through a resource called, Bridges out of Poverty.

Sep 2020

26 min 15 sec

Michael Oh, the Global Executive Director and CEO of the Lausanne Movement discusses with host Jen Haddox how the global pandemic has changed collaboration in the global church. Michael shares about the Lausanne Movement and their efforts to facilitate connections with the church worldwide. In this episode, Michael inspires believers to deepen friendships and develop opportunities alongside God in a season which has placed so many restrictions of travel and relationships.

Sep 2020

31 min 52 sec

Dana Allin and Eric Jacobsen discuss the importance of creating a culture of belongIng to defend against the feeling of loneliness in our society. They explore how living in a digital world surrounded by screens affects all aspects of our lives. They discuss Eric’s book, Three Pieces of Glass and look at how being in the midst of a global pandemic which has increased isolation has changed and added to the ideas Eric discusses in his book. Dana and Eric go into detail about the reasons why screens affect the feeling of being lonely and the unique role the Church plays in decreasing loneliness and creating community.

Aug 2020

31 min 28 sec

John Terech and Heidi Cottle discuss important regulations and concerns to consider when reopening churches during the pandemic. They go through specific OSHA guidelines as well as different resources that we can use through the process of reopening. 

Jul 2020

21 min 35 sec

Dana Allin and Jen Haddox discuss how we engage in global mission in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. They share different challenges from rethinking how we engage with the global church to rethinking how we engage personally with church life and ministry on a local level. Jen helps church leaders to consider a series of important questions we should be asking as we navigate these changing times and continue to pursue our faith in Jesus.

Jul 2020

26 min 13 sec

Dana Allin and Jay Kim Discuss Jay’s Book Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age. They go through the different benefits and challenges of the growing popularity of the digital church. Recorded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic they discuss how the book can be applicable before, during, and after the global pandemic.

Jun 2020

31 min 25 sec

In this podcast, John Terech and Doug Paul discuss "10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years" recorded pre-COVID19. This conversation is as relevant as ever, as Doug calls the church to embrace the demanding and necessary changes ahead for Kingdom impact. They discuss the 10 different predictions that Doug believes will affect the church in the next 10 years and the changing landscape of our ministry and leadership. There are no quick fixes to innovation and mission in the church in Pre or Post Covid times only incremental ones founded on Jesus.

May 2020

23 min 36 sec

Lisa Johnson talks with Jennifer Howat about what it looks like to redefine normal in our everyday lives, as well as during the global pandemic we are currently navigating. Jennifer discusses how she has been able to give up normal and 6 key things that have helped her think about what it means to redefine normal.

Apr 2020

29 min 12 sec

Dana Allin and Lisa Johnson discuss different ways we, as leaders, can maintain a non-anxious presence in the midst of challenging circumstances and pivotal moments in ministry. They share practical ways that we can seek to become a non-anxious presence in the different areas of life by learning from the way of Jesus by sharing principles and patterns for us to consider from John Mark Comer’s 5 Patterns, and what scripture says about following Jesus’ example.

Apr 2020

31 min 9 sec

As we begin to navigate our lives and our ministries in this period of quarantine and social distancing Kelly Kannwischer and John Terech discuss the importance of moving from a period of adjusting to a period of investing. Kelly gives insight into the Younique Life Planning process, how it got developed, and how it is used to help identify your unique identity and calling in Christ.

Mar 2020

22 min 4 sec

Eugene Cho and Dana Allin talk about Eugene's newest book, Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk: A Christian's Guide to Engaging Politics. They discuss why Eugene chose to write the book and the audience he hoped to reach despite the controversial topic. Eugene and Dana also unpack some of the challenges Christian’s face in engaging politics and the importance of starting this conversation among leaders and members in the Church.

Mar 2020

26 min 48 sec

Dana Allin and Kaitlyn Wood discuss the process of church transformation, and the different ways to assist church leaders and congregations to move into a season of transformation. Kaitlyn shares about her experience pastoring through a season of transformation at United Church of Cohoes in New York.

Feb 2020

31 min 43 sec

Nate Dreesmann and David Eaton talk about the ministry of AXIS and why it was created. They discuss how AXIS uses their resources to equip adults and churches and they highlight the importance of coming alongside parents, grandparents, and youth leaders as they continue to be present in the lives of adolescents. David sets the stage for initiating one conversation that lasts a lifetime.

Jan 2020

28 min 5 sec

Lisa Johnson talks with Dana Allin about how he has been able to focus on time management and productivity amidst a busy life. Dana shares about different resources he has used in both his time as a pastor and his role now overseeing a denomination, specifically related to principles and strategies connected to David Allen's time management program, Getting Things Done.

Jan 2020

31 min 40 sec

Geoff and Lisa discuss what it means to model a church that flourishes its city. They talk about the different steps churches can be taking towards encouraging its members and its city to reflect God's heart for his Kingdom.

Dec 2019

25 min 57 sec

Keon Abner and Lisa Johnson discuss the different aspects of developing a heart for church planting and the role church leaders can play in the process. Keon tells us about his experience in starting a new church plant  and how he has been able to overcome the challenges he has faced.

Nov 2019

24 min 11 sec

Terry and Dana talk about Terry's book Sacred Pace: Four Steps to Hearing God and Aligning Yourself With His Will. They discuss the importance of discerning God's will over our own, and the importance this has in our everyday lives. Terry gives examples from his own life of how he has used the "sacred pace" as a guide to making decisions and allowing God to do good works through him while continuing to work in him.

Oct 2019

23 min 9 sec

Ruth Haley Barton and Lisa Johnson discuss the different aspects and values of transforming communities. In this 2 part podcast, they dive into a conversation about the necessity of being involved in an authentic community and how community can open us up to becoming flourishing leaders and churches.

Oct 2019

18 min 9 sec

Ruth Haley Barton and Lisa Johnson discuss the different aspects and values of transforming communities. In this 2 part podcast, they dive into a conversation about the necessity of being involved in an authentic community and how community can open us up to becoming flourishing leaders and churches.

Oct 2019

19 min 36 sec

Steve Macchia and Lisa Johnson talk about the importance of leadership transformation in the church, for the kingdom and the role that spiritual direction plays in the lives of individuals and the overall health of a church

Sep 2019

24 min 16 sec

Mikey Pittario and Nate Dreesmann discuss the evolving world of video gaming and how parents and the church can better come along side this new generation of teens. Mikey gives insights into his ministry of video gaming, while providing some helpful terminology and advice on how we can better understand our children and students.

Aug 2019

21 min 55 sec

80% of churches in America are plateauing or declining, Paul and Dana discuss the different assumptions and push back of church revitalization and how Pastors can approach those challenges.

Aug 2019

29 min 41 sec

Jonathan and John discuss the value of coaching and the benefit of relationships in ministry. Jonathan goes over the difference between a mentor and a coach, as well as gives steps to infuse a coaching culture or a coaching posture in a particular organization.

Jul 2019

20 min 26 sec

Will discusses with John the different lenses and steps to begin the process of succession planning in the church. Will goes over the importance of planning in advance, as well as gives advice on how to manage transitions in leadership and other roles.

Jun 2019

20 min 24 sec

Alex and Hannah talk with Dana about building missional communities and engagement. Looking at different size contexts and how those groups can help facilitate discipleship.

May 2019

28 min 46 sec

David Hancock, the lead pastor at The Grove Church, discusses with Dana the challenges and successes of having a bible study that engages skeptics. David goes over his personal experiences with leading a skeptics bible study, and gives practical tips on starting your own.

Apr 2019

21 min 40 sec

Andrea Gurney, a licensed clinical psychologist, professor, and author, talks with Dana about her new book, Reimagining Your Love Story: Biblical and Psychological Practices for Healthy Relationships. Andrea gives insight into her book and provides listeners with practical uses that can help us to pursue kingdom relationships amidst this broken world.

Apr 2019

25 min 54 sec

Don Everts is a writer for Lutheran Hour Ministries and associate pastor at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. In this episode, Don describes the different postures people have towards the Gospel and how we can be intentional about having conversations with different people. He goes over the three phases of the Spiritual Conversation Curve, and how we can apply those steps to our daily lives.

Mar 2019

28 min 15 sec

Laura Murray, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Highland Park Presbyterian Church, in Dallas Texas, talks with Dana about her book Pray As You Are: Finding Your Voice in Prayer. Laura discusses the process of finding freedom in prayer and how to overcome any barriers that we might have preventing us from a flourishing prayer life.

Mar 2019

18 min 50 sec

Chap Clark, the senior pastor at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, talks to us about his newest book, The Adoptive Church. Chap describes how we, as a church, can better function like the family God intended us to be and how that impacts different ministries, specifically student ministries.

Feb 2019

29 min 18 sec

Jim Singleton, the Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Evangelism at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, gives insight on how churches and seminaries can partner together to help train the next generation of leaders.

Jan 2019

26 min 30 sec