Facing Doubt

Wissame Cherfi

Every day, ordinary people transform their lives into an extraordinary adventure. They organize a trip around the world, they run the business of their dream, they perform on stage around the world every night and so on. These people are like you and me, ordinary people, but they take actions every day to make their dreams become a reality. Welcome to the Facing Doubt Podcast, I am your host Wissame Cherfi.

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I truly believe in speaking up when something is going wrong. But sometimes, it is not easy to talk to someone, and sometimes it is easier to process it all on paper. In this episode, I talk about how journaling can help you in hard times but not only.

Feb 19

10 min 52 sec

What do you do when you feel like giving up ? For a very long time I quit on myself in front of every small obstacles. A couple of years back, I found a solution that works for me: I just show up.

Jan 27

7 min 54 sec

When I quit my corporate job in 2013 to live a life with purpose, I embraced minimalism without even knowing it. I just remember the warm feeling of letting things go. More than decluttering things I decluttered my mind to pursue my dreams.

Jan 24

6 min 14 sec

Back in 2009 I was in third-year at college and I faced for the first time my own mediocrity during the first semester. I went on an Erasmus trip for the second semester that changed my relationship with self-discipline.

Jan 22

13 min 6 sec

In this first episode of Facing Doubt, I introduce the podcast, talk about one of the biggest challenge I have faced in my entire life and how I deal with self-doubts.

Apr 2020

22 min 9 sec