Group Dentistry Now - The Voice of DSOs

By Kim Larson and Bill Neumann

The Group Dentistry Now Show: The Voice of the DSO Industry. Every month Bill Neumann and Kim Larson bring you DSO, emerging dental group practice conversation, news and events. Listen to and watch leaders in the dental support and emerging dental group space talk about their challenges, successes and what they see as the future of group dentistry.

  1. 1.
    Dr. Cindy Roark & Jonathan Kaufman of Sage Dental discuss AI, marketing and the future of the DSO industry.
  2. 2.
    Debbie Durako, StellaLife & Dr. Jeffrey Burch,. Burch Dental Ptrs discuss reducing opioid use & more
  3. 3.
    Dr. Wardah Inam, CEO of Overjet AI, Dr. Seth Gibree of Heartland Dental and Mitch Olan of Dental Care Alliance join GDN to discuss how DSOs are leading the dental industry in the adoption of AI
  4. 4.
    Andrew Smith, Executive Director of the ADSO Talks About The Future of the Dental Industry
  5. 5.
    Gary Salman, CEO of Black Talon Security Talks Cyber Security for DSOs and dental group practices
  6. 6.
    Dave Drzewiecki of Absolute Dental & David Danielson of Henry Schein One talk dental technology
  7. 7.
    Dr. Scott Asnis, Founder, CEO & Director of Dentistry at Dental365 talks about their unique DSO.
  8. 8.
    Priyanki Amroliwala discusses all aspects of dental recruitment. She gives lots of tips for career-seekers!
  1. 9.
    Dave Monahan of Kleer discusses their latest, innovative offering, Kleer Employee Care with GDN
  2. 10.
    Bob Fontana, CEO of Aspen Dental Management, announces groundbreaking & exclusive news and discusses Clear Choice Management acquisition.
  3. 11.
    Darci Wingard of Planmeca USA discusses DSO formulary compliance, evaluation of technology, procurement, & much more.
  4. 12.
    Frank Quinn of Align Technology provides his perspective on the DSO market, key trends in teledentistry, virtual care and much more.
  5. 13.
    Dean Fry, DDS, John Yamamoto, DDS, MPH, and Andrew Renda, MD, MPH, join the podcast to discuss how Humana is addressing the increase in SDOH and what dentists can do to help.
  6. 14.
    Vince Dilley, CEO & Founder of Platinum Dental Services Takes GDN on his DSO Journey
  7. 15.
    Barry Trexler, Bruce Tuck & Donald Boyd of DenMat talk with GDN about their DSO and Product Strategy
  8. 16.
    Tom von Sydow, COO of Cornerstone Group discusses their mobile endo DSO, training and product cos.
  9. 17.
    Ken Cooper & Dr. Andrew Matta of North American Dental Group discuss Imagine, Covid & their continued growth
  10. 18.
    Kyle Guerin, PDS Foundation, & Dr. Akilesh, NYU Langone Dental, join the GDN show to discuss the PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs newly launched residency program for pediatric residents from New York University Langone Dental Medicine.
  11. 19.
    Henry Schein One talks about Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry & How it is Impacting DSOs
  12. 20.
    Dr. Bob Bray & Chris Vranas of Schulman Group (SG Management LLC)
  13. 21.
    John Murphy discusses how one of the countries largest DSOs has been growing and thriving during the pandemic.
  14. 22.
    Rudy Wolf of Planmeca USA discusses DSO & emerging dental group COVID recovery solutions.
  15. 23.
    Dr. Blair Brown of Mortenson Family Dental Discusses Weathering The COVID-19 Storm
  16. 24.
    Planet DDS Acquisition of Apteryx Imaging. Discussion with Dr. David Gane and Eric Giesecke
  17. 25.
    DSO Analytics Panel Discussion Featuring Dr. Rodney Alles, Dr. Parth Patel & Melissa Marquez.
  18. 26.
    David Danielson of Henry Schein One & Tom Barberio, CIO of Thinc Forward & Eastern Dental join the show to discuss DSO technologies in 2020.
  19. 27.
    Tina Punton from Zirc Dental Products explains how to minimize the risk posed by dental aerosols
  20. 28.
    Debora Bridges, Shaun Taylor, and Steve Aaron discuss how to minimize airborne pathogens with your mechanical room
  21. 29.
    Brian Colao, Member & Director of the DSO Industry Group at Dykema, addresses where the industry stands as of today and what must be done moving forward.
  22. 30.
    Dr. Darren Riopelle, CEO of Smile One Services, discusses his DSO's Smile Safety Assurance program and why he considers his dental practices to be the safest in the country.
  23. 31.
    Ron Barsotti, Pres & CEO, and Josh Muir, Dir., DSO & Special Markets, RecallMax, provide advice and best practices on how to recall dental patients.
  24. 32.
    Dr. Dan Davidian, Founder & Medical Director of Anutra Medical, joins the show to discuss ways to keep patients and teams safer during COVID-19 and beyond.
  25. 33.
    Don Schwall, Senior VP, Corporate Dev. at Viper Equity Partners discusses how this is a great time for practice owners to sell to a DSO
  26. 34.
    Mike White, CPA Principal at CLA, provides best practices for dentists and DSOs during COVID-19 and advises on what practices should be doing right now.
  27. 35.
    Stephen E. Thorne IV, CEO & Founder of Pacific Dental Services discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the dental industry and how dentists can help today!
  28. 36.
    Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer, joins the show for a second time to discuss how to help your patients access dental care they need but may have trouble affording.
  29. 37.
    *COVID-19 PANDEMIC EDITION* Bill Becknell and Eric Tobler, DMD, two leaders at Mortenson Dental Partners discuss how their DSO is addressing Covid-19
  30. 38.
    Darin Acopan, EVP & Partner at DEO: The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization, Joins The Group Dentistry Now Show
  31. 39.
    Ophir Tanz and Dr. Kyle Stanley, Co-Founders of Pearl, Join The Group Dentistry Now Show
  32. 40.
    Chris Badgley, Executive Director of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) Joins The Group Dentistry Now Show
  33. 41.
    Paul Lamendola, Chief Development Officer of American Dental Partners Joins The Group Dentistry Now Show
  34. 42.
    Joanne Brethauer, North American Special Markets Manager of Septodont Joins The Group Dentistry Now Show - Episode 12
  35. 43.
    Kim Larson and Bill Neumann recap 2019 DSO & emerging group events and discuss upcoming 2020 events. Episode 11
  36. 44.
    Amy Cadieux and Dr. Craig Saltzman of Affinity Dental Management Join The Group Dentistry Now Show - Episode 10
  37. 45.
    Carestream Dental's Jim Conte and Jeff Telford Join the Group Dentistry Now Show - Episode 9
  38. 46.
    John Bettencourt, Special Markets Manager of A-dec - Episode 8
  39. 47.
    Luke LaLiberte of the ADSO and Deb Bridges of Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) - Episode 7
  40. 48.
    Vance Taylor of Henry Schein ONE talks DSO technology - Episode 6
  41. 49.
    George Radigan of North American Dental Partners and Rolando Mia of Zyris - Episode 5
  42. 50.
    Dale Sanford of Mortenson Dental Partners discusses Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium *Receive a 15% discount with the code: groupdentistrynow*

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