Rural Routes to Climate Solutions

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions

Farm Solutions = Climate Solutions

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Cutting hay is not the only thing an agricultural producer can do these days when the sun is shining. A crash course in on-farm solar from A-Z with Lee Sinal of KCP Energy.

Sep 17

1 hr

The conclusion of our conversation with Dana Penrice of Young Agrarians on how new and aspiring farmers and ranchers can be a farm solution that is also a climate solution.

Sep 3

56 min 33 sec

A recent report by the University of Alberta provides new evidence that AMP grazing improves water infiltration in ranchlands on the Prairies. Hear from the researchers involved in the study

Aug 23

1 hr 12 min

Dana Penrice of Young Agrarians discusses how new and aspiring agricultural producers are a farm solution and a climate solution that could do a lot good on the Prairies.

Jul 22

1 hr 5 min

Agricultural producer Jianyi Dong talks design, growing potential and extending the growing season with his commercial passive solar greenhouse in Olds, Alberta.

May 5

1 hr 6 min

We team up with Grain on the Brain and ask Karen Ross, Director of Famers for Climate Solutions, about a $300 million investment in Canadian agricultural producers.

Apr 1

37 min 50 sec

Darrin Qualman of the National Farmers Union takes us through a set of recommendations for building thriving farms and ranches and reducing agriculture's carbon footprint.  

Mar 18

1 hr 40 min

Colorado-producer Brandon Rockey talks regen ag, soil health, plant diversity and potatoes with Alberta rancher Steve Kenyon in GRO's Coffee Shop Talk series.

Feb 19

1 hr 12 min

Meet two of the powerhouse coordinators that Rural Routes to Climate Solutions relies on to make things happen on the ground: Diandra Bruised Head and Marie Golonka.

Nov 2020

1 hr 7 min

The national coalition Farmers for Climate Solutions has released five recommendations for both covid-19 recovery in the agriculture sector and building climate resilience in the sector. We read the report.

Aug 2020

42 min 12 sec

Steve Heckeroth, designer of tractors that run entirely off of batteries and founder of the California-based electric tractor company Solectrac, explains why tractors are the ideal electric vehicle.

Aug 2020

57 min 11 sec

Intercropping can potentially result in higher yields, healthier soil and less chemical inputs, which likely results in a more resilient farm. Dr. Eric Bremer explains in this episode.

Jul 2020

48 min 43 sec

Peace country agricultural producers Ash Armstrong and Curt Hale talk regenerative agriculture, taking risks and pursuing goals in one of our best episodes yet. Co-hosted by PCBFA's Johanna Murray.

Jul 2020

1 hr 7 min

A new land management practice that involves seeding crops between rows of trees to boost yields, productivity and carbon sequestration. And yes you can do this in Alberta. Noel St. Jean of AWES explains.

May 2020

55 min 8 sec

Soil carbon sequestration is complex, but a necessary process to understand if you are an agricultural producer. Dr. Tracy Misiewicz explains how carbon can be stored in our soils for years and even centuries.

Apr 2020

35 min 54 sec

Longtime Woman and Running Coyote of the Kainai Ecosystem Protection Association tell their stories and the stories of the native plants of Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) territory.

Apr 2020

1 hr 34 min

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions, Farmers for Climate Solutions, it's the same thing, right? Not exactly. Learn about the brand new national campaign supporting ag producers practicing climate-friendly farming.

Feb 2020

1 hr 2 min

Explore the joys, risks and paybacks of being one of the first electric tractor owners in Canada with agricultural producer Tony Neale.

Jan 2020

1 hr 5 min

Mary and Peter Lundgard of Nature’s Way Farm in Grimshaw sit down with writer Trina Moyles to talk farming, nutrition, changes in the climate and healing the land in the Peace country.

Jan 2020

1 hr 39 min

A unique look at how Rural Routes to Climate Solutions got started, how and why we do what we do from the perspective of Rural Routes' creator and Alix agricultural producer Brenda Barritt.

Dec 2019

1 hr 13 min

Focusing on the evolution of his farm from conventional to regenerative and to the next step of selling the farm, Killam agricultural producer Don Ruzicka shares his thoughts with us.

Nov 2019

1 hr 26 min

University of Alberta PhD student Jessica Grenke and Dr. Edward Bork discuss adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing systems' impacts on plant ecology and soil carbon sequestration.

Nov 2019

1 hr 23 min

Dr. David Sauchyn, director of the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, discusses moisture on the Prairies and how adaptation has helped us farm in one of the most variable climates on Earth.

Oct 2019

57 min 28 sec

Agricultural producer Takota Coen explains how by farming more effectively agricultural producers we have the potential to improve not just the health of the environment, but our own health as well.

Sep 2019

1 hr 30 min

Hear about the farmers, ranchers, scientists, industry experts and people in Alberta who are leading the way in good land stewardship and reducing agriculture's carbon footprint.

Sep 2019

1 min 3 sec

University of Alberta PhD candidate Erin Daly discusses the research she is conducting at the Breton Plots to determine if perennial grains could be a viable crop in Alberta that could potentially require less inputs too.

Jul 2019

36 min 50 sec

Farm productivity and profitability can be maximized through understanding the relationships between soil function, organic matter, microbiology and biology. Learn more from soil microbiologist Dr. Kristine Nichols.

Jul 2019

59 min 27 sec

Estimates are 60% of food produced in Canada is thrown away. CEO of Fare Community, Aman Adatia, believes we need to look at food waste as a food surplus agricultural producers can sell to the public.

Jun 2019

36 min 20 sec

Solar power is a proven technology, but that doesn’t mean people don’t have questions about solar still. Listen to Lakeland College's expert panel as it answers many of the common questions on solar.

May 2019

37 min 49 sec

Countless different species of soil organisms work together breaking down organic matter and converting it into soil carbon. Learn more about the importance of soil biology with Dr. Jeff Battigelli of the University of Alberta.

Apr 2019

1 hr 29 min

Agricultural producers have different reasons for farming the way they farm. Jerremie Clyde of Little Loaves Farm says his Christian faith is his inspiration to be producer and use on-farm climate solutions.

Apr 2019

46 min 10 sec

Ecosystems provide us with a lot—water, air, habitat and food. Christine Campbell of ALUS Canada explains why ecosystems are so important to agriculture and how farmers can help ecosystems on the land.

Mar 2019

49 min 38 sec

All greenhouses use the sun to grow food, but this one doesn't use fossil fuels for heating. Find out how to design and operate your own passive solar greenhouse with Daniel Chappell of Olds College.

Mar 2019

56 min 57 sec

Organic crop production usually requires tillage and no-till usually requires spraying. Is it possible to combine the two though? Listen to the producers and researchers who are experimenting with organic no-till and find out.

Feb 2019

45 min 57 sec

Find out where oil and gas expertise and producing food year round collide with Dr. Jonathan Banks of the University of Alberta as he explains how geothermal works and what the agricultural applications are.

Feb 2019

52 min 17 sec

Soil carbon sequestration is a powerful tool in improving soil health and in taking on climate change. Find out how it works with rancher Doug Wray, research scientist Monika Gorzelak and special guest host Kimberly Cornish.

Jan 2019

1 hr 18 min

Beavers are often a pain in the behind for agricultural producers. But what if producers worked with beavers to manage their water? Wetland ecologist Dr. Glynnis Hood of the University of Alberta explains.

Jan 2019

37 min 26 sec

Three agricultural producers present on how they would adjust their land management practices in the future to a changing climate.

Dec 2018

46 min 25 sec

Binnu Jeyakumar of the Pembina Institute explains how agricultural producers can take advantage of a new $200 million program in Alberta and what community renewable energy is.

Dec 2018

35 min 42 sec

A growing body of data shows organic agriculture is more energy efficient, produces less greenhouse gases and nurtures soil's amazing ability to sequester carbon. Find out why with Dr. Tracy Misiewicz of The Organic Center.

Dec 2018

35 min 34 sec

Seth Leon of the Alberta Community and Co-operatives Association goes through the process of forming your own agricultural producers co-operative that will help you save on costs and minimize your environmental footprint.

Nov 2018

27 min 44 sec

Imagine a world where agricultural producers get paid for the ecosystems services their land provides. Economist Marian Weber of Alberta Innovates Technology Futures argues such a world is not only possible, it is necessary.

Sep 2018

22 min 19 sec

Trees and agricultural land do mix. Retired agroforestry specialist Gary Bank goes into the different ways agricultural producers can use trees and shrubs to increase biodiversity and boost yields.

Sep 2018

28 min 42 sec

Biodiversity is an integral part of agriculture. Corrina Copp of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute explains why maintaining biodiversity is so important and how agricultural producers and other citizen scientists can monitor in Alberta.

Sep 2018

19 min 41 sec

Alberta is the province in Canada with the best potential for solar power. Kale Scarf of Gateway Research Organization explains what Albertan agricultural producers need to do to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to generate on-farm energy.

Aug 2018

24 min 7 sec

Find out how better management practices may be the key to reducing cattle's carbon footprint.

Aug 2018

34 min 31 sec