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Conversations about inspired thinking, hosted by Orange Nebula — a creative agency making board games and other popculturey-type things.

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How do analog vs. digital tools affect creativity?    1:19 - The “no accent” memo 1:22 - Is using GameFound as an alternative to Kickstarter good for the industry?  8:26: - Is the O-Neb team mostly alike or very different? 12:30 - Main Topic Begins: What are the differences between Analog and Digital creativity 35:11 Digital tools can be really distracting

Apr 27

41 min 26 sec

What gives a creative endeavor charisma? Is it subjective? Tackling what x-factors the team explores how humans are hardwired to detect excellence.    2:39 - What’s the point of slip-n-slides?   6:05 - Are we moving away from Kickstarter?  8:47 - Main Topic - Charismatic Products and Creators  22:58 - Derick sings, “A new hole.”

Apr 12

39 min 30 sec

17:57 - I’m a storyteller - board games  24:16 - Wrinkle City 27:10 - Giant cheesecake trap  30:00 - Favorite house-rules for Vindication

Mar 29

47 min 28 sec

Do you need a mentor? Is it even worth it? What does even having one look like?    After listening to this, we’re curious about your take. How has having a mentor helped you? Does having a mentor make you better enough to recommend it to others?   5:35 - Professional break taker 19:15 - Tank of dead fish  21:17 - Mentos defined 47:51 - Can you reach excellence without a mentor?

Mar 15

1 hr 3 min

Look we have been gone a while and just like a car that hasn’t been driven in 8 months we had a rocky start. After the group got Theresa to be more than present everything went perfectly.   3:09 - Lacey implies her kids are still alive 14:21 - Theresa requests burn cream 36:56 - Do you have an obligation to share what you create? 57:29 - Emotional-support polar bears.

Mar 1

59 min 40 sec

Sometimes improving ourselves is just too dang hard. Sometimes we lack the where-with-all for genuine improvement. It's moments like these where all we can attempt to do is just suck less. Tom, Theresa, Marc, and Lacey break down their trials and errors.

Jan 27

57 min 16 sec

Agility, adaptability, flexibility - these are not inborn skills. Right? The O-Neb fam unpacks the importance of being agile.

Jan 27

57 min 53 sec

4:10 Tom stares blankly at the wall with the refrigerator open eating olives  14:55 The team plans on how they are carefully annoying 34:31 The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People is summarized as, “Just listen to people and shut up.” 

Jan 26

47 min 56 sec

How do you feed the machine of your creativity?   The team tackles their individual challenges to consume content to inspire them. We also talk about what we avoid. Are you similar? 

Oct 2020

1 hr 10 min

We're tackling that gap between comfort and success.    What happens when we leave our comfort zone? How can we manifest opportunities and push our projects to the next level? The team identifies how to embrace that discomfort and get to that next level. 

Oct 2020

49 min 35 sec

With the team spending so much time working remotely, what discoveries have we made?    We dive into fears, bad habits, and a deeper understanding of who we are. Have you found out the same things about yourself? 

Sep 2020

49 min 24 sec

With a huge focus on work revolving around maintaining passion - how can you do it?    The team tackles how to define passion, and then how they create space to cultivate their excitement for projects. 

Sep 2020

44 min 48 sec

How does a personal brand drive your success?    Derick and Mark get candid and share their journey working with clients and managing Blue Blazes. Expanding on that the team explores how charismatic brands invite others in and they share. 

Aug 2020

44 min 55 sec

We're exploring all the warning labels that should accompany the creative life.    So what are the hidden pitfalls? What dangers await those living a creative life? Dive in and tackle this issues with us. 

Aug 2020

43 min 41 sec

From extra body parts to reflecting on our need to extend grace, the team is at it again.  Entitlement culture. Is this a new thing? How do we view this as a challenge to conquer this within ourselves? How does this need affect how with our internal dialogue? 

Jul 2020

46 min 30 sec

Whew. It's been a while and the Outpost has recorded a new podcast. As the team brushes off the rust of not recording in a while, they tackle their self-care and the importance of working with pain to frame their creativity.

Jul 2020

43 min 22 sec

What’s the morality of time travel?  Are we wise enough to wield time travel responsibly? We had a lot of fun delving into the perils of traveling through space and time. Tune in as we dive into our favorite tales of time travel and the important lessons this genre teaches.

Apr 2020

48 min 12 sec

What's the importance of having a thick skin?  Marc, Lacey, Derick, Mark “Daffirmation” Daffron lightly chatting about psycho-savage driving, our passions, and the importance of developing a thick skin.

Apr 2020

53 min 26 sec

What makes a healthy community? What is the purpose? Why should you pursue it? What brings people together?  It's an awesome time with some community questions about personal injuries -- join us!  *Hey, friends. This episode was recorded before COVID-19 hit and in it we discuss food washing habits. Obviously times have changed. Please refer to current recommendations from health officials regarding such things. We—obviously—are not health experts. Be safe. Because we like you.  

Mar 2020

58 min 15 sec

What does it mean to be an adult?  Marc, Lacey, Tom, and Derick explore creativity and the meaning of work. Why do we do what we do? Why does it matter? And then close things off with a discussion about what it means to be an adult, and (re)learning how to be a kid. 

Mar 2020

38 min 34 sec

Creativity throughout our lives changes in how it's expressed. Once creative people become parents, then what happens? Is their creativity sucked out of them? Does it grow superpowers? Lacey, Marc, Mark, and Theresa explore how parenthood caused them to explore creativity while raising children.

Feb 2020

46 min 19 sec

What is world-building, and are there secret methods to getting it right?  (There are always secret methods, and they rarely get it right.) Lacey, Marc, Theresa, and Tom dive into this, your mailbag questions, trusting your own imagination, and producing garbage. It's been a few weeks. We've missed you. 

Feb 2020

50 min 57 sec

Trashed vocal cords, cell phone destruction, and World of Warcraft round out a deeper discussion on finding healthy versions of yourself amid a culture that amplifies your own worst instincts. Really though, WOW players, you are needed. Help a lost fire mage find its forever home.

Nov 2019

45 min 34 sec

The mailbag opens up the most detailed dive yet into the mechanics and experience of the upcoming cosmic survival game: Unsettled. Then Lacey makes things all weird by asking the fam to explore their perceptions of themselves. 

Oct 2019

48 min 41 sec

What is the creative process? Can it be defined? Should it be defined? HAVE WE GONE TOO FAR!!? 

Sep 2019

45 min 29 sec

Career Path Analysis! How the heck did we get to this place doing these things alongside all these other....super normal people? 

Aug 2019

57 min 19 sec

The O-Neb Fam smile as they welcome a new member and then laughing maniacally  as they throw her into the deep end with a truly weird discussion about obsessions and fascinations. References to complicated orifices and drug-loving shrimp abound! Also, new microphones. Expect fancy sound effects.

Jul 2019

40 min 12 sec

Welcome to the Barn! The Outpost Podcast moves to the Orange Nebula offices and complications arise. F16s interrupt after we mock Marc for suggesting they might, new recording equipment demonstrates its quirkiness, there are all sorts of chicken nugget issues happening off-mic... just go with it! A brief dive into the mail bag gives way to a discussion about leadership and management in the realm of creative professionals. At least for a while. Until the nugget fog takes us.  

Jun 2019

52 min 56 sec

What comes first: theme or mechanics? Yeaaaaa neither.  Join the O-Neb Fam for the very last episode to be recorded in The Barn; rife with animal noises, chats about misconceptions, multiple panic attacks we feel were decently well edited out, and a long dissection of one of gamings most frequent (and most short sighted) conversations. It's a monumental moment for The Outpost - all future episodes will be recorded in the brand new Orange Nebula offices which we have named ... The Barn. The Barn is dead, long live The Barn.  

Jun 2019

39 min 26 sec

After a few minutes of industry chat the Outpost gang kick back for a leisurely dive into the mailbag (extra premium, reinforced zipped, faux ostrich leather). These community driven episodes are...full of variety. If you want to get your question into the bag for the next round join the Outpost Community on Facebook or message Orange Nebula on any of their social channels!

May 2019

48 min 44 sec

What scares us? We bravely plunge the depths of our psyches to find out - but only after a deep dive on our bizarre new space game!

May 2019

45 min 49 sec

The O-Neb Fam find themselves triggered by some conflicting mailbag questions, discover a zipper, detail some defiling solo mode(s), and work through some work/life balance issues. Most podcasts don't continue past their 7th episode, making this either a swan song, or the last chance to get on board before we become one of the most successful podcasts of ALL. TIME. 

Apr 2019

46 min 13 sec