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The HomeCapital Podcast is an on-going knowledge series for First Time Home Buyers.

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This blog showcases a snapshot of the post Covid scenario of real estate in Bangalore and proposed infrastructural growth in the city. The post Post covid snapshot of Bangalore real estate appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Aug 3

4 min 31 sec

Before home deal closure, completing your legal due diligence is essential. We have complied a checklist of steps necessary to complete your due diligence. The post Deal closure appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

4 min 48 sec

To successfully negotiate a home deal, thorough knowledge of the market is required. This guide explains how you can successfully negotiate with the developer. The post Successfully Negotiating a Deal appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

4 min 7 sec

The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) was enacted by the Indian Parliament in 2016 to regulate the real estate industry in India. RERA’s objective is to ensure transparent and fair transactions. It is a landmark development and a much-needed consumer-oriented reform introduced with the aim to usher in a new era of […] The post RERA appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

9 min 40 sec

The HomeCapital Down Payment Assistance Program was launched with the objective to make home-buying more affordable for home buyers by financing a section of their down payment requirements. Various factors like increasing income levels and government reforms have made it the ideal period to purchase a home. However, arranging for the down payment financing remains […] The post Down Payment Financing appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

1 min 48 sec

While considering financial assistance in the form of home loan the two home financing options include banks and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs). Usually, banks are considered as the most common place to avail of a home loan. However, you can also avail of a home loan at attractive interest rates from an HFC. An HFC […] The post Home Financing appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

5 min 54 sec

Once you decide upon your home budget, selecting the right property can prove to be a herculean task. In order to get a property of your choice in your preferred location and meet your budget requirements, it is important to gather as much information as you can. It is necessary that you make a decision […] The post Selecting the Right Home appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

4 min 22 sec

Before opting for a home loan it is essential to determine how much down payment you can make and how much amount you can afford towards payment of Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs). Doing such an assessment will help determine your the effective of your home loan investment. In addition, with this assessment, you will also […] The post Assessment of Your Financial Situation appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Apr 2019

10 min 37 sec

Owning a home gives a feeling of emotional satisfaction, pride and social security. Home buying is one of the biggest financial decisions that an individual makes in his entire lifetime. With the growing needs of your family, you may consider buying a home at some point in time. With home buying being a preferred investment […] The post Home Buying Decision appeared first on HomeCapital Blog.

Mar 2019

4 min 46 sec