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Drunk and intoxicated drivers are a risk to the public. But as attorney and Constitutional scholar, Derek Debus comes on the show to explain, the system for arresting and prosecuting DUIs is flawed at every level, creating incentives for bad police practices, and criminals out of innocent people. The post Episode 31 – DUIs are BS appeared first on Bullshido.

Dec 4

58 min 7 sec

Author of “Anatomy of a Catastrophe“, Andrew Vaillencourt, comes on the pod to discuss the ongoing trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and the looming fate awaiting Kenosha, WI. Phrost eulogizes Lowtax. Submessenger and BKR chime in with their thoughts as well. Listen below, or Subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Moot, or Rectm. Bullshido · 30 […] The post 30 Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and the Burning Danger of an Uninformed Public appeared first on Bullshido.

Nov 15

36 min 47 sec

In a special edition of the podcast, we’re sharing a recent live conversation held with members of the forums on various, current hot-button topics, including: the difference between being “nice” and being “kind”, the push to de-gender gendered languages, shaming as a method in effecting changes in behavior, exploiting fragile masculinity to sell dudes crap they don’t need The post 29 Bullshido Forums LIVE appeared first on Bullshido.

Oct 30

1 hr 4 min

Brian Brushwood is an award-winning magician, comedian, and heir to the legacy of James Randi. Recorded on location at the studios of The Modern Rogue and Night Attack. The post 28 Brian Brushwood of The Modern Rogue appeared first on Bullshido.

Oct 19

43 min 12 sec

In the first of a two part series with the crew of The Modern Rogue, a guide to badassery and one of the most popular channels on YouTube. The conversation covers a range of topics including goat-eyeball-plucking, speech jamming, various Throwdown injuries and shenanigans, and more! The post 27 Jason Murphy of the Modern Rogue appeared first on Bullshido.

Sep 25

1 hr 7 min

Dr. Jason Goldsmith (MD, PhD) and Phrost discuss the current state of the pandemic, vaccines, and the collapse of the Intellectual Dark Web. The post 26 Covid Delta Update – Boosters, Kiddos, and Sheep appeared first on Bullshido.

Sep 16

38 min 11 sec

Taking things down a notch and getting back to our roots, on this episode of the pod we feature the world's toughest Otaku, black belt in half a dozen styles (including the ones that actually count), retired US Army officer, and Bullshido forums legend, "Gezere", to discuss his role in popularizing Anime in the United States, and whatever the hell else he wants to talk about. The post 25 The Anime Episode with Gezere appeared first on Bullshido.

Sep 2

1 hr 16 min

The possibility of a man-made origin for the Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic has all the usual conspiracy theorist suspects and even a handful of credible intellectuals furiously arguing back and forth these days. Immunologist Dr. Jason Goldsmith comes on the pod to explain all the origin scenarios, and more importantly, what can […] The post 24 Covid Lab Leak Origin Theory appeared first on Bullshido.

Jun 7

53 min 54 sec

The global Coronavirus pandemic has had the secondary effect of reducing incidents of school and workplace violence, especially shootings. But as the deployment of vaccines and recent shifts in policy prove likely to get the virus under control, something resembling the previous “normal” finally seems to be on the horizon. Unfortunately, the occasional mass shooting […] The post 23 Mass Violence and Bad Active Shooter Training appeared first on Bullshido.

Feb 3

1 hr 11 min

What the hell is going on with GameStop? Why are your nerdy friends furiously buying a previously worthless stock with looks of pure malice on their faces. What is money? Why are we here? Is there any meaning in the universe? Well if you want answers to the first couple of questions, you’ll want to […] The post 22 Reddit Breaks Wall Street with Andy Meade appeared first on Bullshido.

Jan 29

1 hr 20 min