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b'cause life podcast will cover lifestyle, relationships, family, travel, professional and all the collections of moments we make into incredible memories...

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In this very special podcast, Dr. Williams covers a wide range of topics from his memoirs, Aerik’s Anatomy, including: • His personal experiences dealing with racism and stereotypes throughout his life • Challenges in our healthcare system that are negatively impacting people of color • His journey to achieve his lifelong goal to become a physician like his father *Trigger warnings Mental illness; racism and racial slurs; suicide; miscarriage. 

Feb 5

1 hr

Join us as we discuss the facts around the Covid vaccine and how we got here!

Dec 2020

29 min 22 sec

Let’s discuss celebrating Halloween safely and the Teal pumpkin project! For more info visit allergypartners.com, healthychildren.org, foodallergy.org or aaaai.org

Oct 2020

8 min 46 sec

I have been hosting a podcast for my amazing Company Allergy Partners. This episode was recorded with two our providers who are also parents of school aged kids. We feel you and are right there with you as we make the hard decisions for this school year!

Sep 2020

1 hr 1 min

I did my first ever IG Live with my guest Rochelle Brown, owner and aesthetician at Addicted II Skin beauty & aesthetic studio in St. Pete, FL. Join us as we discuss #quarantineskincare @addictedtoskin

May 2020

51 min 49 sec

Best friends and NYC comedians....what can go wrong right? Listen as these guys chronicle their friendship from Comedy shows, fires, and that one time in Vegas!

May 2020

53 min 59 sec

We are in unprecedented times and there’s a lot of information out there regarding COVID-19. I sit with Dr. Patrick Perin and discuss the virus from a medical, frontline experience. For more information please visit www.allergypartners.com

Apr 2020

19 min 21 sec

Pritesh Shah has quickly become a prolific actor, producer and comedian. After graduating as an accountant and quitting his "dream" job, Pritesh cut his teeth as a standup comic in Southern California, where he was mentored by Chad Coleman (The Wire, Always Sunny) and performed at clubs throughout SoCal. Pritesh has appeared on dozens of hit television shows, including GRIMM, CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS, GAME OF SILENCE, recurring on the Emmy nominated SIX on the History Channel, and the upcoming pilot of The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. On the big screen, he had scene-stealing roles in TIE THE KNOT with Tara Reid, WIZARDREAM with Ernie Hudson, and ALL IN TIME with Vanessa Ray. He produced the indie comedy FISHBOWL CALIFORNIA and starred in THE BLACK GHIANDOLA with JK Simmons, Johnny Depp and was directed by Sam Raimi. A horror filmed called WARNINGS, where he plays Rashad, the comedic relief, was just released on Amazon Prime. He also recently got an agreement with Citizen Skull for a comedy feature called BROWN MAN PROBLEMS, which he wrote with writer Dennis Fallon.

Feb 2020

56 min 57 sec

In the wake of the tragedy that happen last week, listen in as we take this to remind ourselves that nothing is guaranteed and to live in the moment. Our hearts go out to everyone that was lost and we are sending love and strength to all those affected.

Feb 2020

14 min 56 sec

Listen in on the hilarious Oscar as he shares his story from a small town on Florida to headlining comedy shows in New York!

Jan 2020

41 min 27 sec

Listen to the second part of Lindsey’s episode where she continues to tell her life’s journey....teaching us to never give up and there’s always a brighter day ahead!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story Lindsey!!! xoxo

Jan 2020

39 min 53 sec

Meet Lindsey and listen in on her incredible life journey! It will sound made up or like a lifetime movie but this chic has lived thru it all!!! NOTE: adult language and material with some sensitive topics in this episode!!!

Jan 2020

52 min 42 sec

Start the New Year with information about the rising popularity of intermittent fasting and the FASTer way to weight loss!! This may be YOUR ideal program!! Join Lely as she discusses how easy it is to fit this into your busy lifestyle!

Jan 2020

32 min 45 sec

In this episode, I chat with Diana who recently did a whole lifestyle change which includes switching from being a cognitive behavioral therapist to a lifestyle coach! Listen in for tips on how to jump start this new year and actually commit to the changes you invest in!

Dec 2019

48 min 20 sec

I’m sharing some of my holiday shopping hacks that helps me reduce my anxiety during this busy time of year! Listen in and share your hacks to lessen the holiday shopping blues!!!

Nov 2019

10 min

My guest for this episode is Kristen: wife, mom of two and also a PA working in the ER. We discuss the highs and lows of parenting....well as much as we could for this one episode...and share some hilarious personal stories and tips on how we handle our little nuggets! And as true parents, there is some use of LANGUAGE in this one!!! #NSFW

Nov 2019

29 min 21 sec

Living with food allergies can be scary for the individual, family and friends! For the longest time, people were told to have strict avoidance of these triggers until now! In this episode I discuss a new therapy called Oral Immunotherapy and talk to one of my amazing success stories about her family’s journey thru this process! For more info follow these links or feel free to contact me! —-> www.allergypartners.com/Teaneck —-> www.oit101.org —-> http://4.nbcny.com/DtahvFs

Oct 2019

9 min 22 sec

Get to know the host and about the podcast in this quick trailer!

Oct 2019

3 min 2 sec