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Hannukah is right around the corner, so why not indulge in the now classic Jewish tradition of complaining about how over-commercialized and poorly-commercialized the holiday is? Izzy Wellman, TC Jewfolk's social media and marketing strategist, joins me for the longform kvetch.


Nov 26

32 min

Anti-Critical Race Theory has become a rallying cry for Conservatives and self-styled “free-thinkers” across the country, defining school board and governor elections. The anti-CRT efforts have put teachers on edge, and raises questions about the future of Holocaust education. Here's why.

Nov 11

14 min 55 sec

Yossi Klein Halevi, renowned American-Israeli journalist and author, was recently in Minneapolis to talk about his book, Letters To My Palestinian Neighbor. So TC Jewfolk editor Lonny Goldsmith and I sat down with him for a wide-ranging interview about responses to the book and American Jewish Zionism.

Oct 21

1 hr 5 min

A former Facebook employee has gotten a lot of press and a senate hearing for revealing tens of thousands of internal Facebook documents about how the company fuels negative well-being in children, hate, and polarization. What does the info tell us about addressing antisemitism on social media?

Oct 7

19 min 54 sec

Progressive House Democrats got $1 billion of aid to Israel for the Iron Dome, a rocket defense system, cut from a high stakes bill meant to prevent both the U.S. government’s shut down and economic collapse. Let's unpack.

Sep 23

15 min 41 sec

Jews of Color have spent years talking about the racism faced in the Jewish community. A new study released last month from the Jews of Color Initiative backs that up, and we take a deep look at what the results mean.

Sep 9

13 min 8 sec

This has been a long, hard, awful week in Israel. In this episode, we take a deep dive into how things started, if there's any way out of it, and what comes next.TRANSCRIPT:

May 14

28 min 38 sec

Are the newly-created Nexus Document and Jerusalem Declaration definitions of antisemitism legitimate alternatives to the IHRA definition? And are the three definitions really that different anyway?

Apr 29

19 min 52 sec

Trying to define antisemitism is all the rage. But trying to find and agree on a definition is creating rage. Part one takes a look at the popular IHRA definition and some of the First Amendment effects, and the polarization around it all. TRANSCRIPT:

Apr 15

25 min 3 sec

Israel's fourth election in less than two years is done, but are we any closer to a functional government now, or is a fifth election in less than three years coming up soon? How did we get here and where do we go next?TRANSCRIPT:

Mar 26

17 min 47 sec

It's great when megadonors support their cause in the Jewish community, but what happens when they suddenly walk away? Also updates on the Gender Equity In Hiring Project's pay equity spreadsheet and the upcoming Israeli election. TRANSCRIPT:

Mar 12

13 min

A joke -- or 'joke' -- from last week's "Saturday Night Live" has riled many. But it serves as an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the vaccine situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.Transcript:

Feb 25

17 min 53 sec

What is making a new, proposed California ethnic studies curriculum so controversial, and why some new reporting on the issue is only serving to make matters worse.

Feb 16

19 min 5 sec

The Forward's Alex Zeldin (@jewishwonk) joins this week to discuss the nuance and complexity of a Twitter thread that pointed out the minyan (and then some) of Jewish members of President Joe Biden's cabinet and inner circle.


Jan 28

35 min 40 sec

It's been a week since the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week, but many in the Jewish community saw it coming for the last several years. Why wasn't it taken more seriously?

Jan 14

16 min 32 sec

Why exactly are the Jews so tired? Our year-end wrap-up episode reminds us of all the things that took place this year -- (many you may have forgotten ACTUALLY happened this year) -- and a couple of things to look for in the year ahead.

Dec 2020

12 min 13 sec

The Jews Are Tired of Israeli elections, but here we go again: Israel's fourth election in two years and the crumbling of the unity government. How did we get here, and more importantly, where do we go from here? Plus, funding for dialogue programs between Israelis and Palestinians, and the saga of Holocaust education in Minnesota.

Dec 2020

15 min 44 sec

Could the Supreme Court's ruling regarding New York's pandemic restrictions on synagogues change anything in Minnesota? Plus: What does the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist mean for Israel and the direction things take in the Middle East -- and does it become a security threat for Jews worldwide?

Dec 2020

15 min 50 sec

Two senate runoffs loom in Georgia with one Jewish candidate and another a preacher at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s old church, who has made statements that some on the right are calling controversial (but probably aren't). Plus, an ode to the Jewish second gentleman-elect.

Nov 2020

11 min 6 sec

With Election Day a few days away, can the Jewish vote sway the election? Plus what are the Jewish priorities when it comes to voting?

Oct 2020

12 min 10 sec

A special live J•Cation podcast with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, with all of the Jewfolk podcast hosts. The Governor talks legislative gridlock, Holocaust studies in our schools, and what's at stake on Election Day. Plus, he waxes poetically about his favorite musicians. This show is part of J•Cation, Jewfolk, Inc.'s 24-hour fundraising event. To donate or for more information, go to

Oct 2020

30 min 38 sec

Russell Star-Lack's undergraduate thesis on Carleton College takes a deep-dive into the housing inequalities that aided in the Jewish community leaving North Minneapolis for St. Louis Park while the Black community could not. How does his research impact how we should be telling our story? About the series: 1: 2: 3: The Folk?! Kirsten Delegard: Community Action's role in today's Jewish community: Cities Cardozo Society:

Oct 2020

44 min 8 sec

What does Israel normalizing relations with the Arab nations of Bahrain and the UAE mean: Is there substance or is it just for show? And what does it mean for the annexation of Palestinian territories?

Sep 2020

10 min 53 sec

A diverse group of Jewish organizations signed on to an ad supporting Black Lives Matter; so what type of shift does this mean after years of uncomfortableness with it? How do the different parts of the Jewish community can learn to make some peace even with groups we don't agree with.

Sep 2020

11 min 9 sec

We know that the Jewish community in the Twin Cities has increased since 2004; but what does that mean? Marisa Gage, the research manager at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, walks us through what the numbers mean, and how the data can be used to help organizations going forward.

Aug 2020

28 min 48 sec

This week, Lev talks about Seth Rogen's appearance on Marc Maron's podcast, why all the blowback is nonsense, and what things the Jewish community *should* be talking about instead.

Aug 2020

13 min 43 sec

How do you create a niche meme Instagram account? This week we take a detour into Jewish humor as Lev sits down with Aly Silverberg, the creator of the brilliant Jewish Girl Problems.

Jul 2020

35 min 50 sec

Annexation is still just talk. But for how long? Now that we're past July 1, IF annexation is the big move, what's the hold-up?

Jul 2020

10 min 56 sec

Legendary Jewish Telegraphic Agency Washington Bureau Chief Ron Kampeas on some hot-button issues, including for the controversy with the Conference of Presidents, shenanigans between organizations, and a whole lot of what-ifs.

Jun 2020

37 min 42 sec

Has a pre-COVID study on young Jewish adults produced any new results, or are we still treading water with that population? Also, why there is a push for Juneteenth to be recognized as a holiday in the Jewish community.

Jun 2020

18 min 18 sec

How did "Soros-funded" become an excuse for people not to engage in the real issues plaguing the country?

Jun 2020

13 min 32 sec

As protests are taking place nationwide in response to the killings of unarmed black people by law enforcement, we talk about a Jewish perspective on protest and rioting -- including somethings in our own liturgy that haven't aged well.

Jun 2020

13 min

Catching up on the shenanigans in Israeli politics: How did PM Benjamin Netanyahu win -- despite being under indictment -- and what may come next.

May 2020

12 min 39 sec

In case you missed the live video, catch up on our Campfire Conversation with the directors of Camp Butwin, Camp Olami, Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, Camp TEKO, Herzl Camp and OSRUI that was recorded on May 14. The guests talk in-depth about their decisions to cancel or delay camp, and what lies ahead.

May 2020

48 min 8 sec

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio took heat for a tweet calling out "the Jewish community," but of course things on Twitter are never that clear cut. How do we do a better job of understanding -- and paying attention to -- the complicated interplay between the different parts of the Jewish community?

May 2020

11 min 36 sec

As coronavirus hits all aspects of life, how is Jewish media fairing? Recently retired journalist Alan Abbey talks about what's wrong with Jewish journalism, is it still necessary, and how media outlets can survive long-term.

Apr 2020

32 min 53 sec

As Jewish organizations have made a full transition to virtual space (for the time being), this week we talk to Allison Darcy, who wrote a JTA op-ed about online Jewish accessibility and staying connected, and what she thinks will happen on the other side.

Apr 2020

17 min 8 sec

We're taking a break from COVID-19 with Olga Khazan, a staff writer for The Atlantic. Khazan goes in-depth on her new book "Weird: The Power Of Being An Outsider In An Insider World." Khazan talks about the growing up a Russian-Jewish immigrant in West Texas, and what are the times she feels least American, and how does she fit in as a Jew.


Apr 2020

26 min 55 sec

Adam Schwartz, the creator of Heritage Judaica-Twin Cities talks about trying to help people who never expected to host a Passover seder get the items they need.

Mar 2020

12 min 18 sec

How are we finding balance between working from home and taking care of ourselves (and possibly others) as we're shut-in? We talk with psychologist Anna Harwood-Gross, research director at Israel's Metiv on how her job has changed, how to stay sane, how parents should schedule days for their kids, and staying up on the news without anxiety.

Mar 2020

26 min 22 sec

We’re setting aside the Jewish focus this week to give an overview on the general need-to-knows about the coronavirus: What it is, is it like the flu, are we all overreacting, what’s up with the tests, and more. This may not be the happiest listen of the pod, but it's important to have this explained in one place.

Mar 2020

25 min 24 sec

Israel is on lockdown and like most communities around the world, the Jewish community is not being spared. We're all in this together; but how is the coronavirus affecting Jewish communities around the country and how are schools and synagogues alike responding?

Mar 2020

9 min 9 sec

What's the state of play in Israel Election 3.0 (and are we heading for 4.0)? And the AIPAC Policy Conference wrapped up, but the lead-up to it wasn't without several controversies; who's to blame for those?

Mar 2020

16 min 1 sec

This week, Sam Sokol joins the podcast to talk about his new book "Putin's Hybrid War and the Jews: Antisemitism, Propaganda, and the Displacement of Ukrainian Jewry," and how it parallels with past and future interference in U.S. elections.

Feb 2020

23 min 48 sec

Why has the Jewish vote has been reliably Democratic? Plus, why is having a Jewish frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in Sen. Bernie Sanders causing angst among many American Jews?

Feb 2020

18 min 22 sec

Yad Vashem is forced to apologize for a film that offered a revisionist take on the Soviet role in the Holocaust, online anti-Semitism is running rampant amidst the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" has sold out of the first run of a Yiddish edition.

Feb 2020

12 min 47 sec

Can there be peace between Israelis and Palestinians? If there will be, it won't be because of the peace plan that Trump and Netanyahu rolled out last week. Hear the analysis of why, and what comes next.Some perspective from Israeli security officials: Sharon's quote: op-ed: on settler response: on annexation fiasco:

Feb 2020

23 min 40 sec

What could your vote mean? We explain what's happening in the ongoing World Zionist Congress elections (which go through March 11), and talk to Eric Leiderman about why he's running on the Mercaz slate and what's at stake.

Jan 2020

24 min 10 sec

The U.S. nearly started a war with Iran three weeks, but we take a look at what's developed since then -- and what it may mean for Israelis and Jews around the world.

Jan 2020

16 min 53 sec

We're back from our break, and catching up on some of the issues around the No Hate. No Fear rallies that took place last week, including some of the issues of representation.

Jan 2020

13 min 38 sec