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ITW SoundWorx is India's premier sports business podcast that brings you stories and conversations each week of how sports have transformed brands and brands have transformed sports.

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On this week's episode of Soundworx, we're joined by Irish International Cricketer Niall O Brien. We talk to the former wicket-keeper batter about his upbringing as part of one of Ireland’s most pre-eminent sporting families, his role as chief architect in one of Ireland’s greatest ever triumphs, and his most memorable cricketing rivalries (feat. Shane Warne)

Sep 7

25 min 32 sec

On this episode of Soundworx, we're joined by Chess Phenomenon, Grandmaster Harika Dronavalli. We chat with India’s second ever female Grandmaster about Mental Health, the growing popularity of chess in the world and of course Netflix sensation Queen's Gambit

Aug 23

32 min 39 sec

Our pilot episode goes behind the scenes of one of the biggest stories of sports marketing in the 21st century- How the American Brand Nike went from basketball sneakers and running shoes to dominate the grandest pitch of them all Football, and in the process changed the sports sponsorship landscape forever.

Aug 11

16 min 19 sec

SoundWorx will serve as your guide as we journey through the most fascinating stories from the world of sport and marketing. From sponsorships to brand innovations, we've got it all covered on how sports has transformed brands and how brands have transformed sport. Tune in as SoundWorx enlightens and entertains you with the best insights.

Jul 26

1 min