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A weekly podcast covering the latest news and events in Florida’s cannabis industry. We release a fresh new episode every Friday.

  1. 1.
    Cannabis Taxation—Part V—Congress Can Deter Drug Use and Raise Revenue By Reforming Section 280E
  2. 2.
    Cannabis Taxation—Part IV—How U.S. Cannabis Operators Live Alongside Section 280E
  3. 3.
    Cannabis Taxation—Part III—Why 280E is Outdated and How 280E Cripples Today's Cannabis Industry
  4. 4.
    Cannabis Taxation—Part II—President Nixon's War on Drugs Reshaped the Internal Revenue Code
  5. 5.
    Cannabis Taxation—Part I—Introducing 280E and The Evolution of the Pro Taxpayer Internal Revenue Code
  6. 6.
    November 6, 2020: Florigrown Round II, Florida Gets Edibles, Trulieve Expands into Pennsylvania
  7. 7.
    May 17: Pivoting, HB 5, Grandma Hester Strikes Back, GPI Buys FL MMTC License
  8. 8.
    May 10: Curaleaf and Surterra Looking to Expand Retail Operations, Grandma Gets Arrested for CBD Oil, and a 3-Year-Old's Battle with Cancer

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