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Learning Disabilities of American Wisconsin Chapter reaches out with different topics to support, educate, and advocate for today and tomorrow. Episodes will be designed for parents, teachers, professionals, and students.

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Need any ideas for Christmas Gifts?  What about a book?  Books bring excitement, adventures, and wonders that can be brought to life.  Linda Nack and Molly Shiffler give their ideas of what might make a great holiday gift to get even the youngest of readers inspired to read.   

Dec 1

17 min 44 sec

Dr. Robert Newby is a pediatric neuropsychologist and LDA Wisconsin Board member talks about the acronym soup of letters and not having a clear understanding of what it means.  Dr. Newby breaks the diagnosis down for parents to better understand what it all means. 

Nov 1

12 min 1 sec

Linda Nack shares her STUDY device to help students and parents set up a work area for success. 

Oct 1

18 min 43 sec

Learn some important tips about establishing school routines for your child.  Success begins with you. 

Aug 22

10 min 30 sec

In this episode, Parents are encouraged to ask those questions prior to school to build that bridge of communication with their child's teachers. This episode looks at a variety of questions parents can ask teachers.  

Jul 15

10 min 16 sec