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Co-Hosts Reva & Chris, two ordinary humans, explore new ideas, fringe concepts, radical technologies and everything in between to give you an audio 🎙️ toolkit to create a better tomorrow - for yourself, your community & the cool sh*t that sets your soul on fire 🔥

  1. 1.
    OPC-021: On Raising Consciousness with Angelic Symbols, with Healer and Wellness Expert Madhura Girish
  2. 2.
    OCP-019: On Being In The Now with Reva Ananda
  3. 3.
    OCP-020: On Transformational Intensity with Chris McLean
  4. 4.
    OCP-018: On Raising Your Consciousness With Crystals - LIVE With Holistic Healer Manisha Dutta
  5. 5.
    OCP-017: On Moving From Depression to Acceleration, with Financial Freedom Coach Dipak Bhadra
  6. 6.
    OCP-016: On Masculinity & The Masks We Wear As Modern Men, With 'Maskless Men' Men's Coach and Podcaster Jay Williams
  7. 7.
    OCP-015: On Minding Your Mind, Finding Deep Connection & Self-Awareness with Hypnotherapist and Author Kriss Venugopal
  8. 8.
    OCP-014: On Sparking Transformational Intensity, Annihilating Subconscious Blocks & Connecting To Your Totally Badass Divine Destiny

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