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It's time to ignite that flame of self love inside of YOU 💗

Self Love Ignited is a podcast made for womxn that is all about (you guessed it!) all things self love, self acceptance, body image + total well-being so that you can feel motivated and inspired on your own journey to loving all that you are.

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"Can't I just lose weight to feel better in my body and about myself??" I can't tell you the number of times I've been asked this question, and my answer might not be what you expect. My goal and intention of this podcast is to help you love and accept yourself and your body more and more. To quiet the inner critic. To be less judgmental. To be more kind and compassionate with yourself. Can weight loss fit into this equation? Should it? In this episode I answer that question, plus I give you eight practical, tangible practices you can start today to start shifting toward self acceptance, compassion, and treating yourself with more kindness. _____ Connect with me: 💗 Website:  💗 Book your Free Call: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Nov 23

20 min 50 sec

Bodies change with pregnancy, but when you've got a complicated relationship with your body to begin with, this can bring it to a whole other level. Kate Whorlow joins me to talk about her changing body image, how she learned to embrace her body and her tiger stripes through motherhood, and how she now finds herself at a place where she truly loves the woman she is, no matter what. This didn't come easy, and didn't happen overnight, but for herself and her children, it was well worth it. Kate Whorlow has been a Natural Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Wellbeing Coach since 1998, specialising in herbal medicine, aromatherapy and intuitive healing. Kate has been living with a chronic illness since 1994 and credits natural healing therapies for preventing her from ending up in a wheelchair or bed bound. Kate loves to help others return to wellbeing by utilising these therapies and also spiritual healing techniques during her coaching and wellbeing sessions. Kate has her own range of organic loose leaf herbal tea blends, originally created to help with the challenges of being a parent during long school holidays. The range has been extended to help people with anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and essentially keeping the body healthy and balanced. Above all else, Kate loves to help women find a way to put themselves first. Often we give to everyone else, believing that is our role in life, then forget to give to ourselves. Just five minutes a day for self care will give us the moment to breathe, be present in our body (grounding our energy) and recharge our physical energy, so that we feel calm, focused and ready to move forwards.  Living in Cornwall in the far south west corner of the UK, with her husband, two teenage girls, daft Sprollie dog and elderly cat, Kate loves to make the most of the natural surroundings especially the beaches less than 20 minutes from her, as well as wildcrafting (foraging) for local herbs growing in the region. _____ Connect with Kate 👉 Website: 👉 Instagram: 👉 Facebook: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Nov 17

52 min 7 sec

Growing up in a family where she was the "pretty but fat" sister and constantly criticised for how she looked, todays guest struggled with her body image and self confidence from day one. These challenges followed her to adulthood, until one day she realised they were holding her back from reaching her big dreams as a mum and a business owner. She began the process of peeling back those layers and re-learning how to treat herself and her body with the love and respect she deserves. Recently the culmination of this work is that she was able to get a branding photo shoot done for the release of her new book and it was simply fabulous! Day by day her relationship with her body is becoming more kind and compassionate, and that beautiful blossoming is being reflected back in how she's showing up in the world. Ange De Lumiere is an autistic business intuition mentor who works with brilliant entrepreneurs who want to create success on their terms by helping them honour and strengthen their intuition. After a fifteen year career as a global mergers and acquisitions lawyer, Ange branched out to do what she calls her PhD in intuition. She offers a grounded approach to all things intuitive without having to meditate, wear crystals or give up on coffee or wine. "As long as I couldn’t be embodied, as long as I hated my body, I didn’t have half as much access to intuition." - Ange De Lumiere _____ Connect with Ange: 👉Podcast: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Facebook: 👉Free Facebook Group: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Nov 9

55 min 24 sec

Learning how to take care of her body in a way that didn't involve dieting, deprivation, or restriction was something that today's guest struggled with for a long time. Growing up as an athlete, eating a lot and having a high level of fitness was normal for Sabrina, but when she stopped competing, her body image and health took a nosedive. Sabrina is candid about her story and how she overcame food guilt, orthorexia, and the resulting social isolation to build a beautiful life and create health on her terms. Sabrina is a Holistic Health, Mindset and Habit coach who helps women with a history of dieting to find peace with food, feel confident in their body again and develop a healthy lifestyle through sustainable habits they can actually stick to. She helps women bring about long-term health behaviour change using research-driven methods to find freedom and enjoy in their healthy habits. _____ Connect with Sabrina: 👉Facebook : 👉Instagram: 👉Website: 👉Free 7-Day Mindful Eating Challenge:  _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Nov 2

37 min 18 sec

Do you have an online business and you're avoiding posting photos of yourself and getting on video, and you can see that it’s impacting the way you’re connecting with your audience? If so, I can guarantee this block with getting visible is holding you back from getting results in your business. But what do you do about that? Do you just bite the bullet and post a photo (even if your inner critic is screaming "OMG YOU'RE TOO FAT, EVERYONE WILL LAUGH AT YOU")?? Uhh, nope. That's not gonna do it. Yes, sometimes doing things that are scary are part of the journey to being more visible and connecting with your audience authentically, but it's not just about the actions. You've got to transmute those sh*tty beliefs into new empowering ones. This isn't about adding more work and stress to your plate as a business owner. It's about stripping away the layers of crap that's been piled on you over your lifetime so that you can reclaim your inner, joyous, love-filled you and in turn create a connected, thriving business. And, believe it or not, this journey gets to be FUN! _____ Connect with me: 💗 Website:  💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Oct 26

15 min 2 sec

Pushing hard, striving for perfection, and being fiercely independent were the qualities that dominated Jenni Anne's life for many years. Eventually she found herself exhausted and burned out, and she knew there had to be another way. Learning to let these things go and dive deep into honouring, respecting, and loving herself is a journey that is ever-unfolding in Jenni's life, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Jenni Anne is an Empowerment & Breathwork Coach + Transformation Facilitator.  She specializes in helping high-performer women transition from the corporate grind into their power, passion and purpose. She does this by alchemising dynamic energetics, breathwork, neural programming and coaching together to enable you to stop outsourcing your power and leaking energy, no longer trapped in the corporate grind of hustle and burnout. Her journey on the spiritual path and healing started with her own burnout and a slew of health issues that had left her depleted and unfulfilled.  Yet it wasn't until she uncovered HER and gave herself the deep healing, that things shifted. Jenni stands for our right to NEVER settle, and is passionate about unlocking and amplifying the potential that's already within you.  She works deeply with the conscious and subconscious to break through the blocks and limiting belies.  Dials up self-confidence and self-worth, and reprograms the mind & nervous system to operate form a new identity.  Leaving clients firmly rooted in their power with an ineffable sense of personal freedom. _____ Connect with Jenni: 👉 Website: 👉 Instagram: 👉 Insight Timer: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Oct 19

36 min 52 sec

Going from being invisible and always wishing she was different to embracing her whole self and finding her voice is exactly what today's guest has done! Gladys grew up wishing she was curvier, then when she got curvier she still wasn't happy. She was always trying to change her hair, dress to fit in, and essentially made herself invisible. She was living her life as two people: at work she was quiet, meek, and not seen, and at home she was bold, boisterous, and expressed. One day Gladys decided that something had to give... On this episode, I am connecting with Gladys Simen - a life coach for moms who are trying to balance their work and family life. She is a life enthusiast who lived in 5 different countries, mastered 2 languages, and changed several professions. It took becoming a fabulous mama for her to tap into some BIG superpowers within herself. Former quiet introvert, today is passionate about helping women live big, beautiful, shooting-for-the-stars kind of lives right now. Gladys considers herself an advocate for the working mama! _____ Connect with Gladys: 👉Website: 👉Linked In: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Oct 12

34 min 1 sec

From not belonging to struggling with bulimia to discovering the need for self love when seeking help for her young son on the spectrum, Lisa's journey to (and beyond) self love is nothing short of remarkable! Known as The Wholehearted Woman, Lisa Winneke is a Visionary and Leader who is passionate about supporting women and men to cultivate the commitment, compassion and courage required to transform their lives and relationships, so they can embody their authentic selves and create a life, from their hearts, that lights them up from the inside out! After overcoming decades of living with depression and an eating disorder which led to a life defining experience in 2018, Lisa courageously chose to leave her 20-year marriage with the commitment to leave a legacy for her boys and the world, of what it takes to lead and love with our whole hearts. Lisa knows firsthand what it takes to overcome fear, self -doubt, judgement, worry and guilt and through her own lived experience, she now passionately supports people to cross the bridge from broken hearted to living wholeheartedly. This work is NOT for the faint of heart! _____ Connect with Lisa: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Youtube: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Oct 5

35 min 29 sec

Growing up feeling like you're different from everyone else is hard, and it's exactly what todays guest did. Today we are speaking with Linda Binns about how she learned to embrace and love herself as a highly sensitive person. Linda Binns is an energy coach. As an introverted, highly sensitive and empathic person, she has experienced how difficult it can be to thrive in a world where you’re seen as being very different. As someone who grew up with very low confidence and self-esteem, she was not expected to succeed, but has overcome many challenges, including being divorced, homeless and in-debt, and surpassed everyone’s expectations, especially her own. Her mission is to help professional women love themselves and their life by releasing the invisible emotional energy and pain that makes them feel unhappy and stressed, no matter what they do, and learn to embrace their uniqueness.  _____ Connect with Linda 👉 Web Site: 👉 Facebook: 👉 LinkedIn: 👉 Instagram: 👉 Free Weekly "Value Me" Round Table: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Sep 28

31 min 8 sec

Is your inner critic loud? Are you constantly judging yourself? Too bad, too ugly, too stupid, too much of something, too little of something else... Everybody has an inner critic, but when it starts being the loudest voice in your head and is holding you back from achieving your goals and living your best life, it's time to do something about it. A little secret... your inner critic wants the best for you. Seriously, I know it may be hard to believe, but behind every negative thought and judgment, there is a positive goal. In this simple 5 step process, we are going to discover what that is and get you working WITH your inner critic to move you closer to the life you desire. This isn't about killing your critic or ripping it out of you, it's all about working with all parts of you for your highest good. And it's easier than you think! _____ Connect with me: 💗 Website:  💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Sep 21

17 min 21 sec

Weight gain is not a goal many women have, or openly discuss, but it was an integral part of Amber's journey to healing her health and relationship with herself. For years, Amber suffered from orthorexia and even lost her period for a time. After some big aha moments, she knew things needed to change. Over the past couple of years, she has elevated her wellbeing, healed her body, and stepped into self love and true inner freedom in a beautiful way. In 2008, yoga came into Amber's life at a time of desperation and deep depression where she had no purpose or desire for life. Through the profound transformation that transpired and continues to evolve in her life, Amber's mission became clear: She continues to study yoga and learn more about herself so that she is able to better serve her students and give back to yoga what yoga has continuously and unconditionally given her for the last 10 years. Amber is here on the planet to help other high and over achieving women reclaim their power by building confidence, setting boundaries, and establishing a daily yoga practice in order to create a life of passion and purpose. _____ Connect with Amber: 👉Facebook: 👉Facebook Group: 👉Instagram: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Sep 14

31 min 46 sec

The body standards imposed on women by society is absolutely unreal. Often it's focused on body size instead of health or wellbeing. Today's guest is Jessica Powell, and for years, she struggled with this. Through her service in the military and into motherhood, until eventually she said enough is enough! Jessica has finally learned to embrace the body she's got and reclaim her health and fitness on her terms. Jessica Powell is a life coach based out of Lexington, Kentucky. When she's not spending time with her husband and two kiddos you can find her reading, or staying active doing Crossfit and training for triathlons. During her time in the military, she struggled with her identity and worth being rooted in how much she weighed, which led to further health struggles and depression. Over time, she redefined what healthy looked like for her and climbed out of the pit of shame, fear, and self-doubt that she created for herself. As a life coach, she seeks to help other women redefine their stories to create a life they love. _____ Connect with Jessica: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Sep 7

34 min 12 sec

Is this self love thing here to stay? Or is it just a fad that will die out? When asked this question in an interview a couple months back, it took me by surprise. I hadn't considered whether or not this work would be needed in tht future or not. But seeing as this podcast is called Self Love Ignited, it felt right to answer it here too... Is this work here to stay? Or is the concept of self love just a fad? _____ Connect with me: 💗 Website:  💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Aug 31

9 min 11 sec

Overcoming bulimia, asking for help, facing her demons, and rising up to create a movement are just some of the incredible things that Amanda Stokes has done! She is here to share her story of battling an eating disorder, rising above it, and how she is determined to change the body image of the next generation so that girls don't have to keep going through this vicious cycle of body hatred. If you've ever loathed the body you've got, battled an eating disorder or engaged in extreme dieting, this episode is for you. Amanda Stokes is an Author, Educator, Presenter and Seeker of Life's lessons. She is also the mother to 3 and Founder of Raising Strong Daughters, and passionate advocate of girls and women. Amanda is also an Eating Disorder survivor who shares her story so others feel less alone. _____ Connect with Amanda: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Aug 23

32 min 16 sec

This interview was originally recorded and published as part of the Body Peace Summit in January, 2021. The tagline of the Summit was "Make 2020 the last year you hate your body" and that continues to be my mission! Lindsay agreed to be part of The Body Peace Summit not as a guest expert, but as a woman who is sharing her lived experience. She opens up about her own sexuality and how the journey of exploring the Queer community added an extra layer of body judgment and shame that many people have never had to think about. She also talks about how becoming a mother was a huge catalyst to creating further change that has helped her accept and love the body she's in. Lindsay also shares a beautiful mantra she does with her young daughter each evening that could be very helpful for anyone on a journey of healing their body image. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 The Body Peace Summit All-Access Pass: 💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Aug 16

21 min 58 sec

"Life's too short to be in uncomfortable bras or uncomfortable relationships, and that includes the one you have with yourself." This quote captures Holly's sense of humour, her wisdom, and her philosophy on life all in one! On this episode of Self Love Ignited, I am chatting with Holly Hughes about love, life, joy, and learning to embrace your authentic self.  Holly is an intuitive healer, award-winning author, and public speaker. She infuses her unique personal style, intuitive gifts, and personal healing stories to guide clients through a step-by-step process to help them claim their voice, passions, and self-worth. Her book REAL, NOT PERFECT How To Become Your Happy, Authentic Self will help you to stop hiding behind people's expectations and discover the version of you, you want to be. _____ Connect with Holly: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉Linktree: 👉Holly's Book: Real, Not Perfect How to Become Your Happy, Authentic Self: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Aug 9

42 min 34 sec

Are you eating a lot more than usual since Covid began last year? Do you tend to eat more (or different) foods during times of stress and uncertainty? Yep, me too... Let's talk about why we do it, what we're looking for, and look at some kind & loving things you can do instead. I can pretty much guarantee you - my suggestions won't be what you think! _____ Connect with me: 💗 Website:  💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Aug 2

16 min 54 sec

Can spirituality, intuition, and self love go together? In this episode I chat with Allison Sutter where we talk about her experience with this exact thing. Allison has come from a place of not really knowing herself or loving herself, of being a people pleaser and suffering from a lack of self-trust. She's explored so many modalities, has learned to trust her intuition, and has created a beautifully loving relationship with herself in the process. Allison Sutter is an author, teacher, and spiritual mentor. Her work blends multidimensional perspectives making challenging self-help concepts easy to understand and apply. Allison's online courses explore the nature of reality including topics such as visualization, cultivating an abundance mindset, and the Law of Attraction. Her signature course is called Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You. A masterful blend of logic and spirituality, AYM walks you through a series of steps uniquely designed to spark intuition, transform fear, and inspire your authentic self to rise up from within and be celebrated. _____ Connect with Allison: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Youtube: 👉Website: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jul 26

40 min 24 sec

Why the heck should you listen to this podcast? Who is your host? Why was this created? Why devote your time and energy to self love? I get it - the world is full of content creators and the online space has loads to watch, listen to, and absorb - so what's in it for you? In this solo episode of Self Love Ignited, I do a little re-introduction of me (your host, Katie 👋), the intention behind this podcast, and dive into how self love will totally transform your life! _____ Connect with me: 💗 Website:  💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jul 20

16 min 36 sec

Body image challenges can start young... On this episode of Self Love Ignited, I am chatting with Jackie Roby. She speaks candidly about how growing up as a child of mixed heritage, she always looked different from most of the women around her, and from as young as 5 years old she hated the skin she was in. We also talk disordered eating, depression, getting help, and how self love & healing is not a one stop shop, but a beautiful journey that continues to unfold. Jackie Roby is Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting, a Boston-based business dedicated to wellness, healing, and transformational tourism. She is a sales strategist & social media amplifier for healing and wellness travel businesses. Jackie is a Diversity Equity Inclusion advocate with over 19 years of experience in travel and hospitality sales. IJC's vision is to create a world where marginalized people feel empowered to be their authentic selves, where traveling is a tool for inclusion, to enhance the cultural wellness in the travel industry, and grow emotional intelligence, healing, and self-care for a kinder humanity. _____ Connect with Jackie: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉LinkedIn: 👉Youtube: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jul 12

38 min 8 sec

Are you not reaching your goals? Feeling frustrated that you know what to do but you're just not doing it? Is procrastination much too common in your world? You're not alone. We all have goals, but that's not the most important thing. The key is understanding why we want them! When you begin to understand what motivates you - both what you want and what you don't want - then you can unpack what's getting in the way, and make it safe, fun, and easy to work towards your goals every day. This isn't a frilly exercise, in fact it's a version of what I do with every single VIP client I work with. And it will work to help you reach your goals in any area of life! Support yourself and work towards your goals with love - listen in to find out how! _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jul 6

18 min 5 sec

In this intimate chat with Melanie Huestis, we talk all about body image, self-worth, doing the work, and so much more. Melanie reveals why her favourite emotion is anger (which is still considered a rebellious act for a women), and we discuss how transforming your "shoulds" to "coulds" will seriously shift the energy in your world. Melanie is an intuitive energy coach with a big heart and a mouth to match. She’s a straight shooter with a knack for helping women turn their muck into magic by empowering them to drop the old stories, wounding & BS to make room for what really matters. She uses a combination of energy healing, mediumship, and compassionate coaching to help clients shed old patterns, and open up to a more purposeful and happy life. She is passionate about boundaries, potato chips, and cats (not necessarily in that order) … and the thing she enjoys most in life is authentic human connection. It doesn’t need to be pretty … but it needs to be real. She loves hard, sings poorly, and dances with abandon. Melanie makes it a priority to walk her talk and live the way she teaches - on purpose and with passion. _____ Connect with Melanie: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Collective Magic: 👉Free Speed Healing: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jun 28

35 min 13 sec

Feeling safe to be vulnerable and authentic can be challenging... and it starts with you! Often we are our own worst critics. Seeing and picking apart all the things we see as not good enough, too much, inadequate, or wrong. That is not a space of safety - quite the opposite. To truly love yourself, you've got to be able to trust that you've got your own back, that you are your own cheerleader, and that you are able to be your true self. But how the heck do you do this? And why should you do it? Being a safe space for yourself is surprisingly simple (just 2 steps) and I promise you - it will positively impact every single part of your life! _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Recent Body Confidence & Visibility Training: 💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jun 23

15 min 39 sec

Stacey Shipman joins us to share her story of overcoming obsessive exercise, pushing her body to the limit, and the day that it all came crashing down. Stacey has learned how to work with her body instead of against it, she has been able to create a healthy relationship with food and exercise, and she is showing up in the world as an empowered, bold woman who knows her worth and has claimed her unique voice. Stacey Shipman is a podcast host, speaker, facilitator, and creator of Engage The Room, unconventional networking & educational events for the corporately trained, analytically minded business owner to relinquish formal protocols stifling their personality & ideas.  Because you cannot advocate for yourself or your genius hiding behind: “I’m too busy,” perfectionism, data, PowerPoints, collaborators who get all the credit, or the belief you need more credentials. Plus, human connection is impossible when you are acting like a robot. Boring, bland and basic are default settings – but they aren’t the only settings. With the right guidance, you can drop learned behavior that never felt natural in the first place, step out of the conventional bubble and engage the room with who you really are. _____ Connect with Stacey: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉Linkedin: 👉Shed The Formality Podcast: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jun 16

34 min 59 sec

"I have a bad _____". Have you ever said that about a part of your body? I know I sure have. Whether it's because of injury, illness, or a limiting belief about what your body "should" be or look like, we all use language about our body that is not loving, supportive, or conducive to a healthy body image. Using disrespectful or demeaning language about our bodies is something that is so normalized in society, yet it works against what you really want - to feel happy, content, and at peace with the body you live in! Let's talk about your language and one simple trick you can use to switch it up and create a healthier, more accepting relationship with your body. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jun 8

11 min 38 sec

Overcoming addiction and a whole lot of toxicity in life to rise up strong within herself is exactly what the amazing Jess MacLeish has done. In this episode of the podcast, we get so much wisdom from Jess about igniting your sass, overcoming anxiety, the wonderful world of burlesque dancing, and the incredible healing power of sisterhood. Jess MacLeish is 40 years young, lives by the ocean on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, with her beautiful husband, and her parents across the road…and she is the happiest she’s ever been! Her personal journey has been full of ups and downs; but she wouldn’t change a thing, because her experiences have left a deep commitment to living a heart centred, embodied life, and a burning desire to help others do the same. Jess’ professional background ranges from the grit of social work to the glamour of burlesque dancing, which led her to create Bring The SASS workshops for women. SASS is an acronym for Self Awareness, Sensuality and Soul, the three things that helped her the most in her own self recovery. Jess feels honoured to hold space for women to come home to themselves through dance and embodiment. She is also part of the leadership team of Peninsula Surf Women, and loves encouraging women in her community to lift each other up and claim their space in the water. _____ Connect with Jess: 👉Website: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Website: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Jun 1

37 min 56 sec

Take a moment and imagine what life would be like if you praised and appreciated yourself like you do everyone else. What would that look like? What would that feel like? Love can feel like a big step. And maybe you don't know how to love yourself just yet, but I'd bet that you know how to be a friend! Whether you have one friend or a hundred, this is something we all inherenely know how to do. Let's look at some of the common qualities of a good, healthy friendship and take some steps to apply those qualities to your relationship with yourself. You are so deserving of this, and I promise you, it will change every aspect of your life for the better 💖 _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 Coaching & Upcoming Trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

May 24

18 min 19 sec

On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Katti Power to talk about reclaiming your identity and stepping into your power. After growing up with a poor body image and repeated cycles of dieting, Katti found herself in a relationship that had red flags from the start. Eventually a divorce came about that forced her to take a step back and check in with herself. Through a powerful process of self care, deep reflection, conscious choices, and a lot of hard work, Katti is now showing up in the world as her true, powerful self. She has reclaimed her identity, knows her worth, and is passionate about helping others do the same! Katti Power helps leaders take charge of high-stress environments so they can unlock their potential and lead with authority. She got a 20-year start in the entertainment  industry helping performers book roles, win competitions, and overcome stage fright, all without ever experiencing voice loss. She has coached two back-to-back World Champion Singers, five National Champion  Singers, several State Champion Singers, actors who perform on Broadway and in  Broadway National Tours, regional and state pageant winners, and singer-songwriters with bands who record albums. In 2020, she opened up her performance skills programs to the coaching and public speaking world, and in 2021, opened them up to the world of corporate executives. Katti is the Founder of the Total Vocal Health system and The POWER Master Performance Method. She also founded the online performance teacher training and certification program, the POWER Academy of Master Coaches. When she’s not powering up performers, she can be found in her favorite place on earth:  her kitchen, cooking up authentic Italian dishes from scratch and pairing them with the most perfect wine. She dreams one day of spending a season in Italy studying authentic Italian cooking with nonnas and exploring the vineyards. _____ Connect with Katti: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Take the Quiz: 👉Website:  👉The Book: Turns Out I'm Hot: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Coaching & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

May 20

39 min 11 sec

Self Care has got a bad wrap... either it's fluffy and superficial, over commercialized, or just a waste of time. And half the time when you finally get around to it, you just wind up feeling guilty and stressed about all of the other things you didn't get done. Sound familiar? It's time to make self care work for you. Let's fill your cup and get you living from a place of overflowing abundance instead of lack, stress and guilt. You deserve to feel nourished and cared for, and doing so will help you show up as the BEST version of you in all areas of life! This episode includes an exercise and strategies to get you doing the self care that feels good to YOU with ease. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 The Self Care Booster: 7 Day Course 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

May 17

20 min 36 sec

Self sabotage is so common, and SO frustrating! You set a goal, whether it be in your health, in your business, with your money, friendships, or something else. You know what you need to do, then you just don't do it. This leads to self doubt, judgment, a loud inner critic, and a lot of frustration. Here's the thing... When you understand WHY you are sabotaging yourself, it's so much easier to have self compassion, treat yourself with kindness, and it empowers you to make new decisions and/or set new goals! Sabotage does not need to be the norm. It's time to choose better for yourself. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 Coaching & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

May 10

15 min 49 sec

Toxic relationship? Check. Treating her body badly? Check. Not valuing herself? Check. This and more is what Sarah has overcome, and she graciously agreed to come on the podcast and share her story and wisdom. If you have struggled to leave a relationship that no longer serves you, if you feel like you're always looking for love outside of yourself first, if you've sacrificed your wellbeing for another, and if you feel like you lack self worth, this episode is calling your name! Sarah Fleetwood is a Master practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 12 years with a passion for Pilates and women’s health. Sarah has been on a huge journey of self love and acceptance and during this time she realised her purpose in life was assisting other beautiful souls to discover their inner goddess by embracing who they are unapologetically and learning to live life in alignment with what is most important to them. She has healed her body from multiple health conditions and has taken her power back to become the fittest, happiest and healthiest she has ever been. _____ Connect with Sarah: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Join Her Facebook Group: 👉Website: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Coaching & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

May 6

35 min 38 sec

Have you wondered just how common body shame is? Or how many people out there are suffering from a poor body image? If you've been feeling alone, isolated, or hopeless thinking you're the only one - I've got good and bad news. 1. You're not alone (yay!) 2. Body hate is extremely common (boo....) Listen up to hear more about how common a poor body image is. This episode will help you feel less alone, understand why healing your body image is key to creating the life you desire, plus it includes one simple tip to help you begin to change this today. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 Coaching & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook: Note: The article where I sourced the statistics mentioned in the episode can be found at:

May 3

21 min 35 sec

At one point or another, we have all struggled with perfectionism. We are constantly pushed to have the perfect body, perfect business, perfect relationship, perfect kids, perfect skin, perfect finances... (isn't it exhausting just reading that?!?) Yet perfection doesn't exist. Being human is a messy business, and when you are constantly striving for perfectionism, you are neglecting your authenticity. You can lose who you really are. Let's take a look at why real is better, plus some simple action steps you can take to begin to reduce the pull of perfectionism in your life. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book Your Free Call: 💗 Offers & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Apr 27

22 min 3 sec

A woman's relationship with her body is often challenging. We are told we should be this and not that. Not too much, but not too little. But what happens when you want children, but are not able to have them and your biological role as a women is questioned? This is a big part of what makes Chantal Vanderhaeghen so unique and what makes her story incredibly powerful. Chantal shares her story of growing up in an abusive home, of having a body she was incredibly disconnected from, of drowning out her intuition, and how she learned to come home to herself and honour the body she's got.  Chantal Vanderhaeghen is a confidence and intuitive counsellor who enjoys walking alongside women willing to take the courageous steps to become confidently themselves. It gives her such joy seeing women get excited about being themselves with a sense of freedom knowing they are creating their lives in their own way. What stands out for her is being part of a woman’s transformation when they feel seen, heard, and witnessed with total acceptance. She loves connecting the threads of their life supporting them to create their own beautiful and unique tapestry from what has brought them to where they are now to where they want to be. _____ Connect with Chantal: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Join the Facebook Group: Women Without Children - transforming the story: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Offers & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Apr 22

33 min 3 sec

If you are an online business owner and struggling with self love and/or body acceptance, this is for you! As an entrepreneur, part of the sales process is connecting with your audience in a deep and meaningful way. But are you allowing that to happen?   Often when struggling with body image, we end up sabotaging our business growth because we miss out on this one key step. Listen in to find out what that one key step is and why it matters so much! This episode also contains a simple and juicy exercise to help you begin to transform this today.   (P.S. If you're not a business owner, this episode might not be right for you. BUT the exercise is still highly recommended! It starts around the 11:00 mark)   _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Offers & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Apr 19

18 min 21 sec

Do you cringe when you hear the term self love? Or do you think it's all just fluffy activities like pedicures and bubble baths? I get it. Social media has taken the idea of self love and turned it into a competition of superficial self care. It is often just a show of privilege, and yet another place you can practice self comparison. But that is NOT what self love is at all! It is your deep inner lifelong relationship with yourself that is unique to you. It is a beautiful journey. Let's break down what self love truly is, what it isn't, and give you a simple reframe so that self love gets to be fun, simple, approachable, and something that is no longer triggering.  _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Offers & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Apr 12

14 min 49 sec

Do you struggle with perfectionism, with trying to please everyone, and a lack of self-compassion? You're not alone. On today's episode, we are chatting with Diane Hilleary who knows all about overcome these obstacles. Diane is a psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor with more than 15 years experience teaching skills and strategies to empower clients to find freedom from shame and live more compassionate lives. She is a trained teacher of the mindful self-compassion curriculum and founding director of the Atlanta Center for Self-Compassion. She lives on the Georgia coast with her husband, 2 teenagers, and 2 dogs. _____ Connect with Diane: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Website: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Offers & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Apr 8

25 min 7 sec

How many times have you thought "I'll just lose some weight before getting that new wardrobe" or "I'll get support in my business once I start making money"?? I would bet that you are putting off a lot of things until you've reached a certain goal or benchmark. Like you have to earn the right to feel good or have nice things. And if you don't reach that level of success, you don't deserve to have them. But what if you creating these roadblocks is actually the thing keeping you stuck right where you are? When you do things that feel good now, the faster you'll be able to get what you really want. So let's get you feeling great NOW! _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Offers & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Apr 5

12 min 44 sec

Do you feel like there is no value in your story or how you got where you are today? Like you aren't far enough along the path yet for it to be told? Or like it makes no difference? Stories are the glue that connect us as human beings, and being willing and able to step up and tell your story is one of your superpowers. Plus, if you're a business owner, this will connect you to your audience in a whole new way! Don't believe me? Listen in! (and don't forget to like & subscribe so that you can hear other amazing women tell their stories in the interview episodes!) _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Work with me & upcoming trainings: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Mar 29

11 min 19 sec

Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting, food guilt, and body shame? Let's talk intuitive eating. On this episode of the podcast is Kimberly Dempsey. A former and self-proclaimed “lifelong dieter,” Kimberly is a real life example that there is hope for everyone to ditch the diets, finally be at peace in their bodies, and able to trust themselves around food. A Mother of three young kids, ages 6, 4 and 2, Kimberly completed Wellness Lately’s Intuitive Eating Group Coaching program and was so inspired that she decided to join the team. As the Director of Marketing, it is Kimberly’s mission to ensure other women like her, still silently suffering in life sentences of diet culture are able to escape the painful diet-binge cycle, achieve body liberation, and freedom around food. _____ Connect with Kimberly: 👉Join the Wellness Lately Facebook Community: 👉Sign up for the Free Masterclass on 5 Simple Shifts to End Binge Eating: 👉Website: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Free Members Hub: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Mar 25

39 min 20 sec

So you want to feel great in your body? Love yourself more? Reach those business goals? Be comfortable on camera? Often the things we think we need to do to get these things feel hard... There can be an energy of pushing, of rejecting the present, and of forcing change. Part of the resistance to having them is who we think we need to be to get there. What if it could be easy? This episode is all about one of the simplest tweaks that can have a massive impact on your growth! The secret is in HOW you approach it. When you intentionally approach things with an attitude of acceptance and gratitude, the whole world opens up and your growth can happen in a way that actually feels good! Connect with Katie: 💗 Register for the March 30th Webinar: 💗 Work with me & upcoming trainings can be found: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Mar 22

14 min 47 sec

Do you want to embrace your body but think that it will be so much easier when you lose X kg/lbs? Or do you think that if you want to heal your body image, you need to give up on losing weight forever and just settle for where you are? I think both of those are B.S. Losing weight is not the be all and end all, but for many women it is still a priority. Let's do it with kindness, compassion, self-respect, and with a focus on long term success. In this solo episode, I dive into how you can have BOTH weight loss AND body acceptance, and how one can actually help you achieve the other! Plus we talk about some simple strategies and exercises you can start doing today to help you on your body acceptance journey that will support your weight loss efforts. _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Mar 15

26 min 46 sec

If you are always juggling a million things and the one person who never seems to make it on the priorities list is you, listen up! On this episode I am chatting with Jacqueline Rose all about how the juggle of life does not need to be a struggle. Jacqueline is a wife and mother of five who was multi-taking and juggling life, work, family, responsibilities etc until she discovered Yoga Nashit – Yoga for Women's Health.  Through her studies and teaching, she has been able to develop a deeper understanding, awareness and connection to her body, how it works and how it naturally changes over time. Using yoga tools and techniques, Jacqueline has found practical ways to create balance and manage expectations despite her very busy life.  Her mission is to support and empower women to improve their own health and well-being. She is passionate about changing the way women understand and experience their menopause journey and supports them to navigate this time of life with ease, joy and confidence.  Jacqueline qualified as a Yoga for Pregnancy Instructor at the Wingate Institute in 2014. She qualified as a Yoga Nashit Instructor in 2017 with Mira Atzi-Padan (founder of Yoga Nashit). Most recently, in 2019, she qualified as a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor at Campus Broshim School of Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv University. Jacqueline moved to Israel from London, England in 1998. She now lives in Modiin with her husband and five children.  _____ Connect with Jacqueline: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Join the Menopause Sisterhood Facebook group: 👉Website: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Free Members Hub: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Mar 11

31 min 44 sec

Does Self Love feel like a "nice to have" but not really a priority? Are you focused on checking a million other things off your to-do list before you begin to focus on your relationship with yourself? You are not alone. But here's the thing... there is one key principle that shows us this just isn't how achieving goals works. Tune in to find out what it is, how it shows up in your life every single day, and how you can use it to achieve self love AND so much more! _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Book a Free Call: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook: BONUS >>> Remember to tag me @katieallencoaching on either Instagram or Facebook with "I've got my 1 thing!"

Mar 8

19 min 38 sec

Healthy activities can go too far and result in unhealthy behaviours and obsessions. Samantha Kellgren joins me to talk about her unique journey of overcoming orthorexia after she discovered that some of her once healthy habits had gone too far and caused her to lose too much body fat and, as a result, her period. She tells the story of getting real with herself, the fears and blocks that came up, helping her body heal, and becoming a Mom. Samantha helps driven women slow down so they can ditch stress without guilt and live with an abundance of balance, joy, and confidence. She works with them to combat self-doubt and welcome self-compassion, identify limiting beliefs that are holding them back and hindering their well-being, gain clarity about what is important to them and what they really want, and most of all feel understood and listened to. _____ Connect with Samantha: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook Group - Aligned Action Collective: 👉Website: 👉Access her free Get Grounded Cheat Sheet: _____ Connect with Katie: 💗 Free Members Hub: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Mar 1

36 min 37 sec

This is such a common question... What do you think? Will self love make you fat and lazy? It is a fear of many who are ready to embark upon a journey of self love or body acceptance, so let's put it to rest. In this episode, we cover what self love is, what self love isn't, and how it will show up and impact your life every day. Also for us entrepreneurs, this is an integral piece of a beautiful 3 part feedback loop that will positively impact your business and help you attract more clients (bonus!!). Listen to find out more about this and to discover if self love will make you fat and lazy... _____ Links: 💗 Book a Free Call with Katie:  💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Feb 22

12 min 5 sec

Do you struggle with perfectionism? If you're not friends with yourself and your inner critic seems to be winning, this episode is for you. Today's episode features Heidi Ricardo. Heidi has spent 26 years dedicated to motivating and inspiring people to become self-determined and to go in pursuit of dreams and achieve personal growth in all areas of life.  Her career began in sport coaching, which then took her into the high school setting where she was a  personal development, health, and physical education teacher. Having worked in a vast array of settings from Aboriginal Communities, Juvenile Justice Schools, to Private Education, she then went on to lead groups of people in yoga, meditation, music, and language education, taking her to Colombia as an international cultural ambassador. Heidi has always had a fascination with the human body/mind connection and has been a practitioner of yoga, meditation and brain training therapy for 2 decades.  Heidi is the founder of Roar Confidence and is dedicated to helping people rebuild unshakeable confidence after experiencing a loss so they can go on and live happy, abundant and fulfilling lives. _____ Get in touch with Heidi: 👉Instagram: 👉Facebook: 👉Website: _____ Get in touch with Katie: 💗 Free Members Hub: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook:

Feb 15

40 min 12 sec

What can you quickly and easily do to start healing your body image and actively love yourself each day?? Today's episode is a complete session from The Body Peace Summit, which took place at the beginning of January. This summit featured 12 expert speakers and we looked at body image and healing the relationships we have with our bodies from a wide variety of angles! There were interviews, workshops, exercises, and more. In this training, I run through three simple practices you can begin to incorporate in your daily life to help heal your body image. These three practices are easy, yet when done with intention and on a consistent basis, they can help to reset your relationship with your body and help you step into self love! _____ Links: 💗 More Info on The Body Peace Summit All-Access Pass 💗 Join the Free Members Hub 💗 Check out the Free Essential Oils Webinar mentioned in the session _____ Let's Get Social: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook:

Feb 8

30 min 38 sec

Welcome back to Self Love Ignited! In this episode, I wanted to do a quick review of one of the speaker sessions from The Body Peace Summit that took place at the beginning of January. This summit featured 12 expert speakers and we looked at body image and healing the relationships we have with our bodies from a wide variety of angles! There were interviews, workshops, exercises, and more. This is a small snippet of my interview with the wonderful Elijah Selby. Elijah's summit session was titled The Politics of Body Image and was centered on looking at feminism, the patriarchy, and who benefits when you hate on yourself - because it's not you! As the first episode in 2021, this felt like the perfect jumping off point to help us understand some of the history so that we can transform our future. _____ Links: 💗 More Info on The Body Peace Summit All-Access Pass: 💗 Elijah's website: _____ Get in Touch with Katie Here: 💗 Katie's Instagram: 💗 Katie's Facebook: 💗 Join the Free Members Hub:

Feb 2

18 min 41 sec

The holidays are almost upon us, and for some this time of year can be really hard.  I feel you. Regardless of your traditions or plans, everyone faces stress this time of year and it seems to be magnified when it comes to health, wellness, self esteem, confidence and body image! The holiday period is often a time of over-indulgence, guilt, spending time with people (in person or online since it is 2020) who are all too quick to shame based on your body. This time of year can mean a loss of routine and structure, then at the end we decide to put a bow on top with a New Years Resolution that we know we won't keep more than a couple weeks into the year. Sounds... exciting?? Not so much. What if this year could be different?? Here are my top tips to create the holiday season you deserve!  These will help you deal with those negative, body shaming people and that extra stress that tends to pile up this time of year... _____ Get in touch with Katie here: 💗 Website: 💗 Instagram: 💗 Facebook: 💗 Find out more about The Body Peace Summit and reserve your free spot here:

Dec 2020

21 min 37 sec