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Shan Hanif

My name is Shan Hanif and I help people become entrepreneurs through my company Genflow. This podcast is not your normal self help, motivation, business advice so if you are looking for that then this is NOT for you.

This is a real life, raw, actual breakdown of what my life is like running a growing business, what I do each day, how I push forwards, deal with problems, hire and fire people, build huge brands, help other people achieve their goals so if your looking to start your own business, are a founder or work at a fast growth company you will like what I have to say. Thanks!

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I turn 33 today. In this episode, I share a little perspective of what we learned from this past weekend of Black Friday mayhem. The positives and the negatives (too commercial? Do people even care?) of how agile every business needs to be. I talk about what our creators did, and why PrettyLittleThing did 100% off this Black Friday.  Plus, it's my birthday... and I'm in the mood to reminisce. 

Nov 29

23 min 21 sec

It's my favourite week of the year and in this episode I am taking you through how I have planned black friday for over 30 brands and creators which will generate millions in revenue. 

Nov 23

13 min 47 sec

I am now in LA and this week talking about my plans here in USA, what I am trying to do with Genflow, what are my targets, how I am going to do it etc. I also talk about how hard its been just moving from UK to LA and managing the HQ! As always - let me know what you think!

Nov 15

9 min 45 sec

In this weeks podcast I break down what I am truly building with my company Genflow and how big the opportunity is. I also introduce the idea of the next funding round and what my plan is. I then break down what I have been doing in Dubai. New episode every week. Real behind the scenes of running a business. 

Nov 10

21 min 16 sec

This week its something different, a real breakdown of why I am investing in building my personal brand, my actual strategy and execution. For anyone wanting to build their own brand, an audience and their profile as a whole you will find this useful.

Oct 18

17 min 55 sec

In this week episode I take you through my last week as it had some amazing high points but then some real stressful moments. This is what it is like and I know many of you go through this too. It felt good to share this openly so let me know what you think by tagging or messaging me on IG @shan.hanif New episode every Monday! Make sure you subscribe to be notified.

Oct 11

17 min 41 sec

In this episode I talk about whats changed about me and the business as we have grown to team of 90+. Key learning in the way I work, think and have the team execute and how you can use some if it in your businesses. I also give you a general update on the business and what’s the plan from here. I then highlight some key personal learnings and how I am trying to improve and why. Episodes every Monday from now (new podcast setup!) - Share with me on Instagram @shan.hanif and let me know what you want to know more! Thanks!

Sep 27

32 min 34 sec

After a 2 month break I am back! New episodes coming every Sunday so make sure you are subscribed and lets get to some real business talk. In this episode I cover: -How we signed Logan Paul - the actual true story -Last 2 months update - Back in London now -Scaling my team to 80+ and how that has changed everything -Struggling to do my new job as CEO of a larger business and how I am trying to get better -Living my dream and what how that feels and what it means for you and more!

Jun 6

30 min 28 sec

This episode is a real reflection of what you feel at times as an entrepreneur. The stress of trying to do so many things at once, feeling paralysed as you can't solve everything, being in-charge of people and their careers, struggling with time and the constant battle between ambition/energy. Everyone feels lost and overwhelmed but I how you push through that is what you makes you. Let me know what you think. 

Apr 4

26 min 18 sec

In this episode I take you through my actual strategy with Genflow. I recently raised $11M and so how will I spend it? How do I make sure we hit our targets and grow the business? How do we not get complacent? How do we remain fast, agile and not lose quality? The pressure of the insanely fast growing creator economy we operate it. Key things I talk about: Grow our current clients Metrics / data led approach Track all main metrics Social media Insta - followers daily movement, post performance, views on bio/profile - generate conversion metrics on followers and click to link Review impact of Facebook and other channels Website analysis Metrics Dashboard / monitoring / alarm Driven by the KPIs, to drive decisions Grow our Genflow brand Educate the content creators to be entrepreneurs Based on audience 1st approach We’ll teach you how to build an audience (every kid to dream to work with Genflow some day) Hire a marketing team and dedicate resources to Genflow brand Performance Marketing How do we do this and invest, how does make, what’s the model Deploy a growth team Sales people to acquire new brand clients (Q3 full force / offence) Prepping for new joiners, so they get productive quickly Develop our technology Reduce the manual effort to make cross team working and international Support processes to address issues (workflow) Genlytics Data to understand an influencers data to compare and take sales to predict sales (supports 360 and talent agency partnering) Identify influencers with potential, identify them and sign them Build on top of social media APIs Automated Zendesk customer service response Remote hiring engineers (5 hour time difference max), now able to deploy talent around the world. Some teams need to be in the office, some don’t Under 25’s can learn a lot in person in office) Grow internationally Satellite marketing offices (Q3/Q4) growing the team in LA to grow team Shan leading the development Could add Sweden, Brazil, LA, Miami Could be individual people spreading our wings, in different locations 3-6 month delay in getting clients launch, so sooner the better! LA offices going to be smaller Genflow Studios Build this in London I decided to make this episode as some of this stuff I think of every single day and want to say it out loud so I can be held accountable and I can look back at it to see how I did against myself. Also if you work in a startup or have your own business you will find most of the points I make super relatable and should help you think of your own strategy. Let me know what you think

Mar 21

44 min 17 sec

This is probably the most talked about things today. On one side its the Hustle Culture of working non-stop and the other is about self-care and focusing on "you" so in this episode I go through what I think of work life balance and how I personally manage it. I have to warn you my thoughts are not for everyone and you may disagree but I fundamentally believe it has led me to the position I find myself in today. Press play, listen and let me know your thoughts. 

Mar 14

31 min 29 sec

Both of these words are thrown around a lot but only a few truly understand what it means to have ambition. In this episode I talk about what's changed from me and some interns trying to build something, getting our first few clients, to building a business where I have 60+ employees and generate multi million in revenue yearly.  The truth is people think and often believe that "successful people" are more organised, better at working and just living their life in a way that is way greater than them and hence why they are successful. I disagree, press play and let me tell you why. 

Mar 7

35 min 28 sec

This is a real, step by step breakdown of how I raised $11M for my business Genflow. In my experience people never share how they actually did something, they give you the sales pitch, here I go through why I decided to raise, what my business plan included, how I approached investors, prepared for pitches, dealt with rejection, worked on deal points and ultimately after 10 long months completed the deal of my lfe.  If you want to know what it takes to raise money for your business just press play. 

Feb 22

56 min 59 sec