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Whiskey Women seeks to liberate tentative wannabe whiskey drinkers by introducing a variety of whiskies in a delightfully absurd, insistently unserious way. If you like your whiskey compared to bad relationships or given senior yearbook superlatives, then sit back, pour yourself the namesake, and listen to two friends explore the feminine side of this historically masculine drink.

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Sure, Thanksgiving is this week...but, having already done a number of Thanksgiving episodes, the Whiskey Women decide to skip past Thursday and straight to Black Friday. Thankfully, whiskey companies try to make your shopping season easy by compiling gift sets, but not all are created equal. Join Janet and Blair as they review some of the best (and worst) whiskey gift set options before you venture to the store.

Nov 24

38 min 35 sec

The Whiskey Women learn about Speed Rack, the kickass all-women bartending competition from this year's National Champ and director of Libations at Houston's own Toasted Coconut, Sarah Troxell.  ​To learn more about the competition, visit www.speed-rack.com

Nov 10

25 min 24 sec

In honor of Halloween, the whiskey women are drawing on their tarot knowledge for insight into some scary-good whiskey. So what will they draw for each dram? What card will they pull for each pour? What is the spirit of these spirits? Listen in, if you dare...

Oct 27

34 min 40 sec

What's cooler than Distiller.com? Distiller Pro! And what's even cooler than Distiller Pro? Getting a 20% discount on it when you use the code whiskeywomen! And what's the coolest of all?? Hearing Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Moreno and Brand Director Mollie Berntsen tell the Whiskey Women all about their spirit journeys and distill the details behind Distiller!

Oct 13

27 min 58 sec

We're still waiting for the season of Netflix's Nailed it! where contestants have to make whiskey bottle or barrel shaped cakes, but in the meantime to celebrate the new season, the Whiskey Women made whiskey cake and invented a drinking game for their favorite baking show! Now you can have your cake and drink it, too!

Sep 29

29 min 19 sec

The Whiskey Women combine a few of their passions -- books, environmentalism, and whiskey -- when they sit down with Shanna Farrell, author of the new book A Good Drink: In Pursuit of Sustainable Spirits. In this eye-opening discussion, Shanna gives Janet and Blair the scoop on which distilleries are prioritizing green practices, how the bar industry can create less waste, and how consumers can demand more transparency when it comes to what ends up in their glasses.

Sep 16

37 min 53 sec

Are you ready to drink some RTDs?! Join the Whiskey Women as they review their summers and launch season four with some Jim Beam canned cocktails!


Sep 1

23 min 30 sec

It's the end of our season three, and we're graduating our favorites from the season with senior-style superlatives -- with a little help from our listeners. So what whiskey won "Most Athletic"? Which gets crowned "Teacher's Pet"? Tune in, toss your cap, and see you next fall

Mar 31

32 min 20 sec

One year ago this month, Covid-19 sent us into lockdown just before St. Patrick's day. This year, still in lockdown, the whiskey women celebrate a holiday they usually ignore (who wants to go to a packed bar anyway?) and sip some Irish Whiskey in honor of snake diaspora day. 

Mar 17

17 min 25 sec

What would it be like to drink whiskey in space? That may be a final frontier still unknown, but Janet and Blair sit down with Dr. Erin MacDonald -- Astrophysicist, Star Trek consultant, and Whiskey Woman-- to sip some Auchentoshan, share some Scotch stories, and boldly ponder the drinks where no whiskey woman has been before.  

Mar 3

39 min 28 sec

The Whiskey Women say it's always a good time for chocolate cocktails. Join us in chocolatey celebration of the real holiday of love for your ladies!


Feb 19

33 min 3 sec

Go west, young whiskey woman! Pull up a stool at the saloon with Janet and Blair as they tour through the wild world of "western" whiskies with High West, Smoke Wagon, and Black Saddle.

Feb 3

31 min 7 sec

The Whiskey Women bring in 2021 with The Water of Life -- a documentary that brings the distillery tour experience to your home (...including tasting kits and dreamy shots of that beautiful golden liquid). Join us as we talk to Brittany Curran, an Executive Producer, and Jenna Elie, one of the cast members, as we learn all about the making of two different passion projects: the film and the Scotch it features.  

Jan 21

40 min 36 sec

Like most, our minds are fervently fixed on the future as we HAPPILY usher out 2020 and greet 2021. In celebration of the good parts of the year, Janet and Blair sample three whiskies from Milam and Greene, the company Blair works for, and talk with CEO Heather Greene and Head Distiller Marlene Holmes. 


Dec 2020

43 min 18 sec

What's the holiday season without a quick Christmas Carol reference? Here in the final episodes of 2020, Janet and Blair talk with Nora and Adam of Lost Lantern, the first American independent bottling company built on the Scottish Tradition. Listen in to learn about regionality, whiskey science, and which ghosts are haunting the whiskey women's palates. ​  

Dec 2020

44 min 6 sec

With Thanksgiving around the corner and not everyone able to travel home this year, the Whiskey Women sample some pie-themed cocktails to keep all solo feasters raising glasses. 

Nov 2020

33 min 26 sec

The Whiskey Women interview Hannah Lowen of New Riff Distillery in the aftermath of the 2020 election night. With civic duty in mind, join Janet and Blair in learning about what's new about New Riff's Kentucky Bourbon and Rye, and how the whiskey, at least, manages to stay smooth...  

Nov 2020

31 min 30 sec

Halloween might not look the same this year, but one thing is still true: all heroes wear masks! In celebration of 2020 times, the whiskey women try cocktails inspired by their favorite Superheroes and carve their own super signals...

Oct 2020

34 min 16 sec

Nathan Nearest Green is the "Godfather of American Whiskey" you've never heard of -- and the brand Uncle Nearest is here to change that by sharing his story, challenging the status quo in the whiskey world, and bottling excellent Tennessee Whiskey. Join Whiskey Women in conversation with Fawn Weaver, CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest, and Tracie Franklin, the first apprentice in the Nearest and Jack Advancement Initiative.

Oct 2020

50 min 2 sec

Janet and Blair reunite! In this episode, the Whiskey Women discuss all things quarantine, ways the whiskey world can be be more responsible, and chat with Sarah and Spencer Whelan of the Texas Whiskey Association to learn what consumers can do to help the distilleries they love.   Also, be sure to check out last week's episode of Whiskey Neat, with the whiskey women as guests in a discussion of Jim Murray and sexism in the whiskey business.  

Sep 2020

37 min 27 sec

Janet and Blair's plan to have a live event to celebrate the end of season two had to be scraped in light of the Covid19 quarantine. So, in order to keep their social distance and party from home, the whiskey women put their knowledge of each other to the test by playing the "newlywed game" in this special video episode.


Apr 2020

46 min 40 sec

"You buy your second bottle of Maker's Mark because of what Bill senior did, but you buy your first bottle of Maker's Mark because of Margie." -- Bourbon Diplomat Frank Crockenberger. Join the Whiskey Women as we learn about the magic Margie Samuels baked and brought to her husband's bourbon, including its trademark design.

Mar 2020

32 min 31 sec

Join the Whiskey Women as they get the inside scoop on the third annual Texas Whiskey Festival from co-founder Michelle Clements!

Feb 2020

20 min 6 sec

This Saturday, the Whiskey Women were invited to two very special events and were so excited to share our experiences in this episode...unfortunately, any plans we had were blown away when our night ended under attack by a predator. Join us for a discussion of what happened, an analysis of what we would do differently or the same should it happen to you or someone you know, and a reminder of the two most important things in any situation where a woman is under attack: listening and believing her.


Feb 2020

35 min 29 sec

Garrison Brothers is a Texas staple, but don't let the masculine name deceive you. The Whiskey Women enjoy an interview with Distiller Samantha Olvera-Moreno and a tasting with Whiskey Evangelist Alaina Branch.

Jan 2020

44 min 56 sec

Bonus episode! Leave the mistakes of last year behind with our favorite hangover cures.

Jan 2020

14 min 36 sec

Is there anything to better get in the holiday mood than Christmas music and whiskey cocktails? (Or, better yet, is there anything you need more after a holiday at home than whiskey and music to drown it all out?) Janet and Blair get into the spirit of spirits while trying whiskey cocktails and comparing them to carols.

Dec 2019

34 min 11 sec

Creeks and Rivers and Oceans, Oh My! Plenty of brands choose to name their whiskies after the water -- and or songs -- that makes it all possible. Join Janet and Blair on a lazy trip downstream, from Knob's Creek, Rowan's Creek, Old Whiskey River, and Jefferson's Ocean.

Dec 2019

30 min 44 sec

What is one to do when NOLA is too far away? Let 73 Distillery bring the 73 Neighborhoods of NOLA to you, of course! The Whiskey Women sit down with co-owner Eileen Bivalacqua and tour guide Candy Trahan to discuss what makes this distillery so special.

Nov 2019

33 min 25 sec

Few cocktails evoke a place more than the Sazerac embodies New Orleans. Made of Sazerac rye, peychaud's bitters, absinthe, and a sugar cube, this cocktail is as beloved and emblematic as Bourbon street itself. Janet and Blair sample the best wares available at the famous Carousel bar, Mahogany Hall, and -- of course -- the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel, comparing the various concoctions to other NOLA staples. 

Nov 2019

33 min 21 sec

Halloween is here again, which means costumes and candy for the Whiskey Women! Join Janet and Blair as they sample an array of bourbon and alcohol flavored treats -- and enter for your chance to win some treats to try yourself! 

Oct 2019

25 min 36 sec

Hipsters get blamed for a lot -- skinny jeans, ironic t-shirts, and obscure indie bands -- but bringing the Old Fashioned cocktail back into style is something they (we) can be proud of. Still, there are a lot of options when it comes to which bitter to choose when making an Old Fashioned, and the Whiskey Women learned the best and worst options out there, comparing them to the best and worst of the hipster world. Get excited -- but only ironically.


Oct 2019

37 min 34 sec

In this new segment called "Whiskey Witches and Wizards", the Whiskey Women interview professionals in the bar, spirits, and/or cocktail world who elevate their work above the realm of mere mortals and into something... magical. Our first featured Whiskey Wizard is Michael J. Neff, who brought his twenty year experience behind the bar to Houston's own the Cottonmouth Club. Listen in to learn the artistry and intent that goes into making each drink a curated experience for the patron.  


Sep 2019

45 min 14 sec

Forget flights of whiskies -- these whiskies take flight! Janet and Blair sample Eagle Rare, Red Breast, and Old Crow whiskies to see how they stand up to their aviary namesakes.

Sep 2019

37 min 40 sec

Welcome back to Whiskey Women! We're ridin' into a new season by literally taking the show on the road this time, to our Texas urban neighbor, Austin. Join Janet and Blair as they walk around Austin's legendary sixth street and off-road to find whiskey in a summerland of Tequila.

Aug 2019

32 min 10 sec

The whiskey women tried to compare bonded whiskies to James Bond actors...only to realize they don't really like James Bond. Appropriately, since they were tasting these at Poison Girl, they decided instead to come up with some (slightly more human) names for the women character in James -- or, actually -- JANE Bond's story. Next stop: Hollywood.

Mar 2019

31 min 45 sec

After inheriting a fully stocked bar from a family member who is moving away (Thanks, Rick!), Janet and Blair sample some of his collection and discuss the stables of a basic home bar when hosting guests. So what guests are each of the brands? This is one party where everyone wins.

Feb 2019

30 min 11 sec

It's 2019 and some listeners are opting to take a break from the booze for an annual Dry-uary. The Whiskey Women offer some delicious mocktail options for those who still want to sip something to bring in the new year.

Jan 2019

20 min 1 sec

Join the Whiskey Women in celebrating Blair's "Blairmas" birthday and the final episode of 2018 by drinking a whiskey that is as old as they are (and two tasty fifteen years that add up)!

Dec 2018

27 min 22 sec

Houston, Texas, may not have much of a real winter, but these hot whiskey drinks are worth sampling no matter how sunny December stays. Listen in as Janet and Blair get into the would-be chilly caroling spirit with a Classic Hot Toddy (no tea!), a Seaside Hot Toddy (tea included), and Hot Buttered Whiskey.

Dec 2018

24 min 52 sec

The Whiskey Women go for the obvious Thanksgiving choice and sample three different kinds of Wild Turkey Whiskey. So which type was the mashed potatoes? Which brought out the nostalgia? Listen in to find out.

Nov 2018

24 min 18 sec

It's Halloween in Houston, which means the Whiskey Women are drinking in costume. This year, Janet and Blair celebrate their love of the classic British scifi show Doctor Who by dressing up as the TARDIS and a Dalek, and finding the inner doctor of in each of a sample platter of scotches at a local British pub.  

Nov 2018

27 min 42 sec

Roses are red Except when they're not Join Whiskey Women For shot after shot    Intro music: Liechtenstein - "Roses in the Park"  Listen Here

Oct 2018

28 min 39 sec

When Blair and Janet found out Reese Witherspoon (aka Elle Woods) has a new book out, titled Whiskey in a Teacup, they thought it was the perfect opportunity to sample some Real Southern Lady cocktails, show their love for everyone's favorite law student ("what, like it's hard?"), and celebrate the feminist force of Hello Sunshine. Recipes can be found at hello-sunshine.com Theme music provided by Jam Morgan:  https://taketones.com/track/total-fun  

Oct 2018

17 min 32 sec

Well, you probably shouldn't drink well whiskey neat. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. But the whiskey women did it anyway. Join Janet and Blair as they sample three common well whiskies straight up and then in mixers to get a sense of how these staples taste solo and in a couple. It's an experiment we did so you don't have to (looking out for your wellness, as it 'twere). Theme music provided by www.bensound.com

Sep 2018

29 min 4 sec

Ever sampled whiskey from the other side of the planet? Yeah, neither had the Whiskey Women. Thanks to a local specialty bar, Janet and Blair try some of the finest offerings from Japan and Taiwan. As a result, they discover a whiskey that out-scotches Scotland, another that sings like a popstar, and another that is closely linked to some earlier favorites. Listen in and learn how to branch out. Theme music provided by: Goran Andrić  https://freesound.org/people/zagi2/

Sep 2018

24 min

On a recent trip to New York City, Blair and Janet sampled the whiskey cocktail Manhattans at easy-to-replicate venues for fellow travelers: at a random bar, their hotel bar, a specialty whiskey bar, and, finally, even braving the airport bar. The results taught them important lessons about where and when to ask for a Manhattan, and reminded them of four famous New York Ladies. Theme music provided by: https://www.bensound.com/

Sep 2018

23 min 5 sec

After years of claiming to not like scotch, Blair prepares to grit her teeth through not one but a three-time tasting of one of Janet's favorites -- "The" Glenlivet 12, 15, and 18 years. Listen in as Blair discovers her surprise (and Janet’s unsurprise) that she not only likes scotch, but has definite romantic feelings for the different eras of The Glenlivet's maturation process.  Thanks to the Brobdingnagian Bards for letting us use their tune "Wild Mountain Thyme"! 

Sep 2018

26 min 26 sec

Like drinking spiky or smooth sunshine, this second episode is focused on Bourbon, a subject very near and dear to the Whiskey Women's hearts. With the help of expert and appointed "whiskey wizard" Brian the bartender, Janet and Blair sample Buffalo Trace, Pikesville Rye, and Balcones' Baby Blue. They loved this tasting so much, they tried to buy one of the brands immediately after recording (only to discover the liquor store was sold out).  Listen in to learn about this snifter-sized serving of joy. Theme music provided by:  https://www.bensound.com

Aug 2018

19 min 8 sec

In this first episode, "The Usual Suspects," the Whiskey Women take on a whole bunch of J's -- Jack, Jim, Jameson, and Johnnie -- and throw in a Crown for good measure. So which is these most commonly ordered whiskies do they call "busy" and which do they compare to nail polish? Which has to get watered down to go from a lit match in your mouth to a smoking one? Listen and learn what these brands have to say for themselves, while getting introduced to the Whiskey Women's delightfully absurd, insistently unprofessional way of discussing whiskey.

Aug 2018

21 min 40 sec