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Get to know the who, what, where, when and the Y – from leaders, members, volunteers and the Tuscarawas County community. 100 years in the making, the Y strives to forge through today’s challenges and paves the way for another 100 years. The Tuscarawas County YMCA is for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

Join host Kathleen Johnson as she provides an insider view of your local Y. Spirited conversations. Inspiring stories. Motivating responses. Get to know - the Y.

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Host Kathleen Johnson and special guest Pastor John Wallace of First Moravian Church in Dover discuss peace and the importance of seeking it in all you do. The church mission statement and goal of his church is to lead the congregation’s attitude in the simple mission statement of LOVE. L – Lead all people to Jesus Christ. O – Obey God’s commands V – Value and nurture spiritual growth. E – Encourage Christian Service. Pastor John is a member of the YMCA who swims and displays his paintings at the Y. His insights on finding peace through prayer, exercise and art will hopefully plant a seed or inspire you to also seek peace in your actions and attitudes during your daily life.

Sep 3

44 min 24 sec

This Back to School episode features host Kathleen Johnson and guest Jade Boffo, Child Care Director for the Tuscarawas County YMCA. Jade gives us insight on all the programs being offered this school year for our community students and why "Kids our the Y's favorite subject". Financial assistance and scholarship information is provided plus a snapshot of the day for a preschooler. Jade brings the joy, spirit, and knowledge it takes to help kids thrive.

Aug 27

32 min 19 sec

How a healthy active lifestyle over the years can greatly enhance quality of life, immune health and recovery from injury.

Aug 6

27 min 43 sec

How do you come back from, train around and ultimately try and prevent injuries that can derail our health and wellness goals?

Jul 23

36 min 49 sec

A discussion about what it takes to live a life encouraging others and why it is so important to start that conversation at home. Host Kathleen Johnson and guests Betty Wherley and Y Swim Coach Brenda Wherley have a great conversation about their Y stories, family, and sharing the joy of doing what you love to encourage others. They prove that social ties and healthy living make a great impact and to be a positive social influencer is everyone's responsibility.

Jul 2

42 min 30 sec

Emerging from Isolation can be difficult. Host Kathleen Johnson and Pastor Jason Stephens from The Church at Carters Orchard have great conversation about how to step outside of isolation and back into a life in community with others. The Y and the Church, now worshiping at the Y, share their similar missions and hopes for the future of the Tuscarawas County.

Jun 18

44 min 33 sec

Our YMCA Personal Training team and “first time” host of the podcast but “long time” guest, Jason Eick, help our listeners reach their potential. Jason, leader of the YMCA Health and Wellness Department, welcomes back to the podcast Personal Trainer Shana Angel and new guest YMCA Personal Trainer Omar Garcia. The three banter back and forth showing the uniqueness of our staff and their passion for fitness. Listeners will gain insight on their style, knowledge, and be inspired to trust the Y with their personal fitness goals.

Jun 4

38 min 16 sec

Y employees are united for a great cause. If you want more than just a job—if you’re looking to discover a sense of purpose and opportunities to contribute to the greater good—then the Y is the place for you. Hosts Kathleen Johnson and Jason Eick run down the list of job opportunities that create the structure of the Y. Employees and volunteers work relentlessly to strength communities. Learn more how you can join our staff as a Cause-Driven Leader in your community.

Apr 26

35 min 12 sec

Where do you go when you have become stuck in a rut? YMCA Podcast Host Kathleen Johnson and Guest Speaker Jason Eick, Health and Wellness Director of the Tuscarawas County YMCA discuss outcomes from an American study regarding stress levels as a result from the pandemic. They come up with some ideas to RELOAD your routine with healthy habit forming activities that get you out of your rut. It’s not all about exercise. Listen to learn more.

Apr 19

22 min 45 sec

Host Kathleen Johnson visits with YMCA Health and Wellness Director and Personal Trainer Jason Eick to talk about making personal training and self-care your tools for a Healthy Revolution in your life. Plus hear about the new Y Virtual Perk for YMCA Members.

Jan 22

31 min 19 sec

Meet the YMCA Lead Preschool Teacher Hannah Nolley and Teaching Assistant Autumn Hodkinson and the amazing Rilee. Learn what makes the Y Preschool so special, sing-a-long to a Christmas favorite, and find your youth as you are reminded of the fun world of learning.

Dec 2020

33 min 43 sec

In this episode, you will learn helpful tips to keep the fire in your spirit and in your exercise routine. Health and Wellness Director Jason Eick and YMCA Personal Trainer Shana Angel join host Kathleen Johnson to break down some great ways to get through the holidays and to motivate you to make an exercise routine part of your daily activities. They bust through some myths and misconceptions regarding exercise and you'll find out some fun things about their personal health and fitness journeys. Never a dull moment and always informative.

Nov 2020

59 min 47 sec

Tuscarawas County YMCA Aquatics Director Stacy Harlan talks about the purpose of adding the resistance of water to your weekly workouts to improve endurance and performance. Plus, she reminds us all how important it is to learn to swim. This life-skill has benefits beyond recreational fun for all ages. Learn the benefits for ages 6 months to 100 and beyond.

Oct 2020

1 hr 2 min

Meet and hear the stories of CEO Tiffany Foxx and Child Care Director Jade Boffo as they talk about their Y journey and passion for the work they do. These stories are from the heart. Their honesty and amazing spirit will inspire you. Each one is at a different stage in the journey but they are cut from the same cloth when it comes to hard work and kindness. Don't miss the ending - The Y's got talent! Viewers and listeners are encouraged to post questions and suggest topics for future episodes. FOLLOW THE Y! Online - https://my.captivate.fm/www.tuscymca.org (www.tuscymca.org) Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tuscymca/ (www.facebook.com/tuscymca) Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tusccountyymca/?hl=en (www.instagram.com/tusccountyymca)

Sep 2020

45 min 28 sec

Tuscarawas County YMCA leaders Jason Eick, Stacy Harlan, and Garry Hammond talk to host Kathleen Johnson and share their Y stories through candid conversations and interesting back and forth banter. Learn about Y nationally and locally, a bit of history, mission, Covid-response, events, and goals for the future. Fun 10 question speed round at the end of the interview to leave you wondering and wanting more. Viewers and listeners are encouraged to post questions and suggest topics for future episodes. FOLLOW THE Y! Online - www.tuscymca.org Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tuscymca/ (www.facebook.com/tuscymca) Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tusccountyymca/?hl=en (www.instagram.com/tusccountyymca)

Aug 2020

1 hr 4 min