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Being a parent is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling jobs you can ever experience. It requires wearing several hats to multitask and get the job done. Not for Lazy Moms stars Real Housewives of Potomac's Monique Samuels; her husband, Chris Samuels, former Washington Redskins' offensive tackle; and Aly Jacobs, a former DC radio personality and mom of two boys. Not for Lazy Moms is a community for new-generation parents who want it all and do it all. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves - in our parenting, relationships, careers and self-care. Follow us on social media and share topics and questions you would like to chat about in future episodes! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @notforlazymoms. Visit our website,

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The key ingredient for creating and sustaining a successful business is "minding your business!" In this episode, we are joined by supermom Monique Rodriguez, wife and founder of Mielle Organics.

Apr 20

49 min 52 sec

Sleep is hard to come by. How do we get our children (and ourselves) in a better sleep routine? We share tips on how we get our children to sleep through the night and the struggles that come along the way.

Apr 6

49 min 37 sec

It is not about how much you make. It is more about how much your keep. Whether you make $30,000 or $300,000 annually, this doesn’t exempt you from living paycheck to paycheck. To overcome financial debt, you must first change your mindset and spending habits. In this episode, we share personal stories of our past that helped us to prepare for better financial management for our future.

Mar 23

56 min 16 sec

Birth plans change, especially when you’ve been through the process before! Listen to the hilarious moments as Aly and Monique, along with their spouses, reflect on the births of Jake and Chase!

Mar 9

53 min 12 sec

Building a brand is not just about selling a product or service. It’s more about providing an experience and creating a personal connection with your consumers. There’s a reason some businesses make it to the top and others fail. This episode will teach you the keys to branding success! Monique, Chris and Aly are joined by Ronne Brown, CEO and founder of Girl CEO Inc. Ronne is also the author of "From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram," a branding expert and a mom of 4.

Feb 23

47 min 31 sec

How often are you defined by a moment or a title? You are more than what you do on a daily basis and should be acknowledged for all of your accomplishments. We discuss ways to change your life’s story for the better. Torrei Hart joins Monique, Chris and Aly for the discussion.

Feb 9

58 min 4 sec

When it comes to generational wealth, most of us want to talk about how to make and keep our money but we don't want to talk about what happens to it all when we die. Monique, Chris and Aly break it down to the basics with Martha Sotelo. Martha is a principal in the law firm of Vaughan, Fincher & Sotelo, PC. She assists clients with their estate planning and estate administration needs and is also the personal estate planning attorney for the Samuels family.

Jan 26

56 min 43 sec

The motherhood obsession is very real. Discover how to find balance with a new baby, and how being a new mom has changed the outlook on life of our special guest Hazel-E (Arica Tiffany Adams) of "Love & Hip Hop" fame.

Jan 12

35 min 36 sec

How good are you with your finances? How difficult is the road to financial freedom? How do you accumulate wealth and understand the value of a dollar if you didn't come from a background where you were taught how to save money? Monique, Chris and Aly welcome special guest Buffie Purselle, author of "Crawl Before You Ball" and a nationally-recognized personal finance and tax expert. You may also recognize Buffie from Bravo's "Married to Medicine"!

Jan 5

52 min 48 sec

Angry moments versus anger issues. Is there a difference? We uncover how to deal with anger from all aspects. Monique's therapist and marriage counselor, Esther Boykin, joins Monique, Chris and Aly for this week's episode.

Dec 2020

51 min 52 sec

It's so easy and natural to put yourself first. How does this change after having children who did not ask to be here? Do you miss your former self?

Dec 2020

42 min 21 sec

Winter Harris was such a great guest we had to have her back to ask even more questions about finding love after divorce! Part 2 of our interview focuses on how to get to a point of healing and possibly even forgiveness towards the other woman.

Dec 2020

1 hr 8 min

How to approach parenting, self-love and forgiveness after divorce. Monique, Chris, Aly and special guest Winter Harris also discuss letting your guard down to receive love as you step into a new marriage or relationship.

Nov 2020

58 min 47 sec

Why is there such a need to achieve perfection, and how does it affect our lives, relationships and our parenting styles in the current "selfie" climate?

Nov 2020

46 min 10 sec

Discover the secrets of balancing life while also pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Monique and Aly welcome special guest and mompreneur Ariel Lewis to this week's show.

Nov 2020

46 min 38 sec

Are your kids enjoyable or work? Do you look at them as a burden or reward? Monique, Chris and Aly talk about how to make changes to your mindset as it pertains to parenting and other areas in life.

Nov 2020

40 min 46 sec

You saw a snippet on The Real Housewives of Potomac, now you can listen to our FULL live podcast event! We talk about finding the balance and stability required as you go through changes in life, and how to maintain self-confidence and awareness of self without losing the essence of who you are.

Oct 2020

1 hr 30 min

Is it possible to introduce potty training to your 6-month-old? Absolutely. Monique literally wrote the book on potty training and now she's talking about it on this episode of the Not for Lazy Moms podcast. Monique, Chris and Aly also discuss tips and tricks for potty training walkers.

Oct 2020

41 min 1 sec

Monique, Chris and Aly discuss how to overcome procrastination and being unproductive in our marriages, family and business endeavors by creating routines that allow us to be present with our family, and avoid feeling like the days are passing and accomplishments are minimal.

Oct 2020

42 min 35 sec

Monique, Chris and Aly are back! To kick off season 3 of the Not for Lazy Moms podcast, they're talking about why it's important to respect your child’s voice and how to create an environment that teaches them to be independent thinkers and boosts their self-confidence.

Oct 2020

41 min 43 sec

How difficult is it to date or marry a person that already has children? In our first live podcast, Monique, Chris, Aly and Cousin Hank break it down. Plus, we hear from Monique’s Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars Karen Huger, Candiace Dillard and husband Chris Bassett, and Ashley and Michael Darby. Former Redskin Fred Smoot also drops by!

Sep 2019

1 hr 25 min

What do you do on the days where everything is going wrong and you feel so overwhelmed? Monique, Chris and Aly share their own personal parenting tips (and vent a little bit too)!

Sep 2019

52 min 54 sec

How do you deal with losing a loved one? How do you fully grieve and move forward with life? Has society desensitized us when it comes to dealing with death? Monique, Chris and Aly are joined by Cherie Rickard, host of the Real Girl Talk Podcast, to discuss dealing with life after dealing with loss.

Sep 2019

1 hr 9 min

Some real talk about what happens when the honeymoon is over in your marriage and reality sets in. Monique, Chris, Aly and Cousin Hank talk sex, weight gain, finances, communication and more. And then, how do you recover and restore your relationship when life inevitably happens?

Aug 2019

52 min 4 sec

Our episode this week is super special. Monique, Chris and Aly are joined by guest Sara Hood, aka Sara Lovestyle, to discuss parenting special needs children. Sara, the mom of a child with autism, shares her family's emotional journey. What are the biggest challenges parents of special needs children face? And how do you deal with the outside world that may not always be accepting of your children.

Aug 2019

1 hr

From big boobs to small boobs to boob jobs and breastfeeding, nothing is off limits when Monique, Chris and Aly take on everything boobs in this week's episode.

Aug 2019

44 min 39 sec

How much screen time is too much? What do you do when your kid is obsessed with your iPhone or tablet? Monique, Chris and Aly talk through the positives and negatives of screen time that might surprise you. Plus, the tricks they've used with their own children to cut down on screen time.

Aug 2019

35 min 2 sec

Listen as we break down the myths of being a stay-at-home or career parent. Is one role greater than the other? Our special guest, Rachel Perkins, has experienced it all! By the time you finish the podcast, we’re sure our listeners will have a better appreciation for themselves and others!

Jul 2019

1 hr 3 min

Do you get along with your in-laws? What can you do if you don't? What if your spouse doesn't realize their parents are causing issues in your relationship? How do you get past the issues and maintain peace?

Jul 2019

48 min 6 sec

How do you stay in shape while you're pregnant? What is "normal" weight gain during pregnancy? And how do you lose the weight after? Plus, we ask Chris about his weight gain during Monique's pregnancies!

Jul 2019

53 min 52 sec

How do you discipline your kids? Is there a right or wrong answer? What should you do when you and your partner disagree on a punishment? We get into it all on this week's episode. Plus, Chris, Aly and I discuss how our views on discipline have changed over the years.

Jul 2019

48 min 58 sec

Is it possible to travel with kids and not be that parent everyone rolls their eyes at while boarding the plane? Yes! Listen to some of our funniest travel stories and how we overcome the stress of little humans on the road.

Jul 2019

45 min 48 sec

What is your definition of balance? As life changes, we discuss how to maintain balance and a stress-free environment in your home, with your partner and your kids. This truly is an art that needs to be learned. But, we promise, it is attainable!

Jun 2019

53 min 50 sec

Moms usually get all the credit but, on the heels of Father's Day, we want to give all the dads out there the credit they deserve. We're taking a time out to honor the accomplishments of the modern dad who not only provides for his family, but also spends quality, hands-on time with his kids. On this week's episode, we explore their secrets to being a Not For Lazy Dad!

Jun 2019

1 hr 3 min

In honor of Pride Month, we’re discussing the successes and difficulties the LGBTQ community faces when it comes to same-sex parenting. And, for straight parents, we're asking the questions many won't ask out loud. This episode is not only educational and informative but, as always, we’re covering the topic in a fun and loving way.

Jun 2019

56 min 8 sec

We kick off Season 2 of our podcast with a load of confessions as we share some of our most selfish parenting moments! We all have selfish tendencies, but do they make or break your child? Is it ok to have those moments in order to maintain your sanity? Listen and find out!

Jun 2019

43 min 48 sec

The man...the myth...the legend behind the Instagram account _thebosssquad, also known as Monique's brother Kevin, grabs the mic and delivers so much sass and honesty in our finale episode of the Not For Lazy Moms Podcast: The Mom Friend Intervention. "Be late and fabulous instead of on time and defeated," is one of the first pieces of advice that Kevin gives to the mom who just wants to roll out of bed and into the produce aisle of the grocery store.

Oct 2018

56 min

First time moms and moms-to-be, we are here for you! Monique and her co-hosts go over the laundry list of items that they wish they had known during that first month of motherhood. Monique says, "A lot of people don't keep it real about that first month. It's almost like they want you to suffer. Well, we are here to keep it real today." The only information Monique and Aly were given before giving birth was about the sleep deprivation, but there is so much more!

Oct 2018

1 hr 4 min

We want it all. We do it all. But what do we do when we are absolutely exhausted? It's indescribable yet inevitable. Episode 10 of our Not For Lazy Moms Podcast is all about what to do when you reach that level of being physically and mentally drained. Your tank is empty and yet, you still have so much to get done and want to be an engaged parent.

Oct 2018

48 min 42 sec

Monique and Aly open up about their experiences on this common, yet seldom discussed topic. Dr. Simone, an OB/GYN and Star of Bravo's Married To Medicine, joins the episode to answer all medical questions and set the record straight on some miscarriage myths. "Can you shed light on why it happens and why it is so common?" "How long do you have to wait until you can start trying again after a miscarriage?" "Is it true you are more fertile after a miscarriage?" The questions come at Dr. Simone from all different directions and she answers them in a honest, yet comforting tone. Oh, and just you wait for when she gives Cousin Hank relationship won't want to miss it!

Sep 2018

59 min 57 sec

Imagine being a fly on the wall as Chris confronts Monique about how he feels every time he spots her checking social media. No need to imagine, as Episode 8 of the Not For Lazy Moms Podcast brings you inside a counseling session between Chris and Monique. While this is an episode that highlights a point of contention in their marriage, in reality, this is something that affects all of us in all of our relationships. Social media. How does it affect your world? Whether that be in your marriage or the way you parent? We can all relate. As always, Monique and her team keep it raw and honest about their feelings on the topic.

Sep 2018

42 min 30 sec

Who would've thought that Monique, Aly and Hank (yes, Hank...just wait for it) sharing their birth stories would result in uncontrollable laughter with intermittent references to The Color Purple. That's exactly what happens in Episode 7 of our Not For Lazy Moms Podcast. If you are pregnant or have a birth story of your own, you will definitely be intrigued by the teams' comedic interpretation of what labor and delivery is like.

Sep 2018

47 min 39 sec

The idea of your best friend having a child that's similar in age as yours sounds amazing, right? The vision of both of your kids holding hands, playing together, growing up together and becoming best friends, mirroring their parents. It just sounds perfect. Well, what happens when you prefer your friend over their child. Or as Monique says, "I love you but I can't stand your kid." 

Sep 2018

56 min 15 sec

Monique and her squad talk all about their personal experiences using different methods of birth control. It's no surprise that this topic leaves everyone hysterically laughing, mostly at Cousin Hank's expense.

Aug 2018

50 min 17 sec

Eliminate certain foods and other stressors from your life in order to change your life. The team discusses how to cleanse your body without being intimidated by diet fads. It's a lifestyle journey!

Aug 2018

55 min 21 sec

Do you teach your kids the real name or the nickname of their body parts? The fab four discuss their concerns and possible dangers of nicknaming body parts. 

Aug 2018

47 min 53 sec

Monique, Chris and Aly get real honest when they admit if they feel rejected when their child favors one parent over the other.

Aug 2018

47 min 37 sec

In the premiere episode, Monique and her team dish about what their sex lives are like after having kids and how to keep the passion alive.

Jul 2018

50 min 53 sec