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It’s a bittersweet day as I say goodbye to Reality of Reality. It feels fitting that this farewell is on the 5th anniversary of my podcast — which started as a fun whim with Jenny Daly and turned into over 200 episodes of interviews with the best in the business.  The why is simple: I’m […]

Apr 26

5 min 28 sec

Diona Vaughan Mankowitz is an Emmy nominated producer and casting director who founded Divergent Content in 2020. Soon after she founded the company, Ray Dotch, an Emmy winning Executive Producer and Showrunner, came on board and became Diona’s ipso facto partner.  The goal at Divergent is to use the voices of people of color behind […]

Apr 22

57 min 20 sec

Today on the podcast – everyone’s favorite producer and all around human David Eilenberg. Dave is now Chief Creative Officer at ITV America where he’s guiding creative strategy, leveraging intellectual property, and helping grow the group’s six vertical production labels, including ITV Entertainment, Leftfield Pictures, Sirens Media, Thinkfactory Media, High Noon Entertainment and Good Caper […]

Apr 14

46 min 22 sec

Today on the podcast, Sirens Media President Mioshi Hill. Mioshi is a long time producer, starting on the production company side then going to Lifetime were she was VP of development overseeing shows like Little Women: LA, Finding Justice, Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid and Vivica’s Black Magic. She joined Sirens in January of  2021. […]

Apr 8

48 min 8 sec

Andrea Blaugrund Nevins is a writer, producer and director who’s helmed the new documentary on FX/Hulu called Hysterical. This film is a great portrait of what obstacles female comedians face in the very male-dominated world of comedy. It profiles a wide range of hilarious and thoughtful women, as well as the newcomers who are breaking […]

Apr 1

41 min 48 sec

Today on the podcast, Showrunner and now author Erika Bryant. Erika’s a seasoned Executive Producer who’s worked on shows like  Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine and is now show running the third season of Family or Fiancé  on OWN -a show Erika’s been with the show since the beginning. We also […]

Mar 25

54 min 44 sec

Showrunner and Oscar and Emmy nominated director Lauren Lazin and Vice President of Development for Bunim Murray Dave Sambuchi are both are Executive Producers of the new 7 part series on E! called FOR REAL: THE STORY OF REALITY TV. I was lucky enough to help develop this series that drops on March 25th and […]

Mar 18

59 min 27 sec

Excited to have my friend Sabrina Soto back on the podcast to talk about what she’s been up to the last four years – and it’s a lot! Sabrina is a designer on the HGTV show Ty Breaker, Secret Celebrity Renovation on CBS and hosts her own podcast Re-Designing life. We talk about the shows, […]

Mar 11

44 min 11 sec

It’s the long awaited breakdown of the 4-part HBO series ALLEN v FARROW with my friend and President of Evolution Media Alex Baskin. We get into ALL of it so be forewarned that “spoilers” abound and we talk about intense subjects like sexual assault and incest which can be triggering for some. As someone who […]

Mar 4

1 hr 9 min

Filmmaker and social justice warrior Billie Mintz has directed and produced many award winning films. I was blown away by his 2018 film The Guardians – now on Amazon Prime – which exposes a criminal enterprise running through family court where the legal kidnapping of elderly people took place in Las Vegas. Because of that […]

Feb 25

49 min 57 sec

Justin Lacob has the dream job of many people in our business. He’s the Head of Development for XTR – a studio that helps filmmakers on their journeys to get their films made.  Justin also co-founded Documentary+, the Netflix of documentaries. Justin’s a veteran producer who got started on old school reality competition shows like […]

Feb 18

47 min 29 sec

The Non-Fiction United group is fighting for better conditions for our industry: from fair pay to safe work environments. Today I have on the founder of the NFU, Johanna Vanderspool, who is a showrunner and director who’s worked on shows like the BET Awards and Undressed. She’s joined by Toni-Ann Lagana, a freelance producer who’s […]

Feb 11

1 hr 5 min

Today on the podcast – a trio of development executives who go way back. They all sell shows for competing companies – but have strong friendships and rely on each other as sounding boards and support: Matt Shanfield  – EVP of Development at IPC,  Tom Huffman – EVP of original content at Pilgrim Media Group […]

Feb 4

1 hr 20 min

The new six part series Surviving Death on Netflix blew me away so I knew I had to talk to the Director and Executive Producer who also happened to be behind many other stellar films and series. Ricki Stern talks about what attracted her to the subject matter, how she chose the stories to profile […]

Jan 28

47 min 47 sec

The two-part documentary Tiger on HBO/HBO Max requires a deep dive and who better to do it with than golfer extraordinaire and my husband Bryan Clobes. Bryan’s not only a gifted golfer (not biased – he actually is a 3 or 4 handicap – whatever that means) but a documentary fan who has great insight […]

Jan 21

57 min 57 sec

On this very special episode, two of my all time favorite people talk about the transition from reality TV to real estate. Both Susan and Irina worked in television before switching careers to become realtors and own their own brokerage firm. They talk about why they made the move, what skills they learned in TV […]

Jan 14

1 hr

Rosie Mercado is a true inspiration – a proud Latina woman who’s struggled with self esteem issues her whole life. When she decided to join the cast of Curvy Girls (now streaming on Peacock), she got serious about losing weight and changing her life. She talks about her journey to losing 240lbs, her new book […]

Jan 7

48 min 49 sec

It’s our bi-annual end of year TV recap with my friend and TV blogger Brian Samuels. We’re talking about all the shows we’re watching and recommend. From The Queens Gambit to Murder at Middle Beach to Shark Tank, we tell you about everything we love from the last few months. And of course we’ll tell […]

Dec 2020

1 hr 2 min

Journalist, writer and podcast host Vanessa Grigoriadis joins me to talk about her new podcast Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen about a con artist who fooled Hollywood players big and small for years with elaborate and often nefarious schemes. We also talk about her podcast about Ivanka Trump on Luminary which is very juicy and illuminating […]

Dec 2020

43 min 27 sec

You don’t want to miss the four part documentary THE REAGANS on Showtime directed by my guest Matt Tyrnauer. We do a deep dive about shattering the mythology around Reagan and his presidency and what it was like to produce this film in a pandemic. What is happening in politics today makes a lot more […]

Dec 2020

46 min

The cousins – Sarah and Miriam Kanter – are back for another fun recap- this time of THE CROWN. The incredible Netflix series dropped it’s fourth season recently. It’s based on real events in the royal family and we try and separate fact from fiction (with the help of other podcasts, documentaries and Wikipedia). We dive […]

Dec 2020

50 min 53 sec

Today on the podcast, the women who brought you new Starz documentary Seduced: Inside the Nxivm Cult. I had the pleasure of talking with the Executive Producers Cecilia Peck and Inbal Lessner about how this four part series came to be. The first order of business was telling the women’s stories by women – all […]

Nov 2020

44 min 12 sec

Drama is going down in Salt Lake City Utah! Never thought I’d say those words – but that is what’s happening on the new Bravo franchise Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Fellow podcaster and hilarious tweeter Ryan Bailey and I break down all the shenanigans. We cover burning questions like is Mary the new […]

Nov 2020

41 min 25 sec

Today on the podcast, Sharon Liese and Sasha Alpert. Sharon directed and Sasha produced the amazing new film TRANSHOOD – premiering on HBO and HBO Max on November 14th. It’s a beautiful story following 4 trans kids over the span of five years, documenting their lives and their families, amidst conflict, celebration and change. What […]

Nov 2020

29 min 56 sec

Today on the podcast – Producer extraordinaire Holly Carter. Dr. Holly Carter to be precise. Holly is a force to be reckoned with!  Starting out in casting, then transitioning to managing little acts like Usher,  then creating hits in unscripted like Preachers of LA and Atlanta to recently bringing her 17 year old baby to […]

Oct 2020

37 min 53 sec

It’s a behind the scenes look at the new Netflix documentary-series Deaf U that follows students at Gallaudet University – a deaf college based in Washington DC. Executive Producer Eric Evangelista (Hot Snakes Media) and Supervising Producer Naimah Holmes talk about how the show was conceived, how hard it was to sell, what it was […]

Oct 2020

43 min 21 sec

Can Bravo’s Real Housewives survive a global pandemic and the racial justice movement? RH recap writer Brian Moylan tackled that in his brilliant piece in Vulture this past week and we break it all down in this podcast. Should we cancel housewives like Ramona and Kelly Dodd for their attitude toward masks and traveling in […]

Oct 2020

51 min 33 sec

The country’s falling apart – but at least we have Potomac!!! I’m recapping all the drama, madness and hilarity that is the Real Housewives of Potomac with writer, comedian and TV & podcast personality LaKendra Tookes. We get into the fight to end all fights, the aftermath, the Pastor, his wife and the hot mic […]

Oct 2020

57 min 37 sec

Beth Belew is a delightful guest AND a talented producer. She’s currently the Vice President of Long Form Development and Current Programming for Funny Or Die and has spent most of her career producing and developing comedic unscripted shows on her own and on the network side. We cover it all – including Harry Hamlin’s obsession […]

Sep 2020

47 min 28 sec

Dan Partland is a talented documentary filmmaker who directed and produced an important film you must see now: #Unfit (link below). The first half is medical doctors, mental health professionals and leading Republican influencers talking on the record about the behavior, psyche, condition, and stability of Donald Trump. The second half of the film looks […]

Sep 2020

51 min 34 sec

Dometi Pongo is a journalist and host the MTV series True Life Crime, MTV News’ Need to Know and Conversations in Context on the Smithsonian Channel. He’s already done a ton in his short career and we get into how it all happened so fast for him (hint: he’s really smart and talented) and what his […]

Sep 2020

49 min 29 sec

A lot of people in our industry know Stefanie Ziev, not just from her time as a network executive, but as their personal life coach. Stef’ coaches lots of people inside and outside our industry and now she’s launching a new podcast called Permission to Choose with guests like Mario Lopez and Darin Olien, co-host […]

Sep 2020

57 min 34 sec

Casting director Jazzy Collins made headlines when she came out publicly to renounce ABC’s The Bachelor for not doing enough to cast people of color and criticize their lack of diversity behind the camera as well. Jazzy breaks down her powerful post, talks about how she experienced the show as a Black woman and how […]

Sep 2020

48 min 47 sec

Courtney Sexton has the best job on the planet! As Senior Vice President for CNN Films since 2013, Courtney works day-to-day with filmmakers to supervise the production of documentary films for theatrical exhibition and distribution across CNN’s platforms. Some of the films we talk about include “Blackfish”, “Three Identical Strangers” and the new doc on […]

Aug 2020

38 min 53 sec

I’m thrilled to have Karina Longworth on the podcast today. Karina is the host of the very successful podcast YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS–every season is another deep dive into a story about old Hollywood. This latest season, THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, is about the life and career of producer Polly Platt. I can’t remember the last […]

Aug 2020

50 min 51 sec

My friend and TV blogger Brian Samuels is back for another recap of all the best shows we’re watching and recommend. From Fauda to Lenox Hill to Outcry to The Last Dance, we tell you about everything we love from the last few months. And of course we’ll tell you what we love to hate […]

Aug 2020

1 hr 5 min

Tracy Tutor’s back for another round on the podcast! Tracy is the only female real estate agent on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA and a powerhouse rock star bad ass boss woman. Today we’re talking about her new book – Fear is a Four Letter Word – which is already a best seller (and a book […]

Jul 2020

39 min 47 sec

Carlos King is an uber successful Executive Producer who owns Kingdom Reign – a full service production company here in Los Angeles. He cut his teeth running shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and of course my favorite reality show ever Oprah: Season 25 Behind the Scenes. He created and now produces the hit […]

Jul 2020

1 hr 1 min

Back for the third time on the podcast: Laura Richards. Laura is a Criminal Profiler, Behavioral Analyst and Victims Rights Advocate. Today she’s back to talk about the recurring subject of serial predators and how they’re portrayed in unscripted content. I wanted to have Laura back on since Gihslane Maxwell is in the news now. […]

Jul 2020

1 hr 6 min

Today on the podcast, I’m continuing my conversation I started a few weeks ago with Black producers in the unscripted industry.  I’m talking to another amazing group of women: Erika Bryant, Jamala Gaither and Nakia Williams-Richardson. Erika is a seasoned Executive Producer who’s worked on shows like OWN’s Family or Fiance and Bravo’s Real Housewives […]

Jul 2020

1 hr 16 min

Andy Dehnart is making his second appearance on the show! Today we’re celebrating 20 years of his blog REALITY BLURRED. We talk about shows that have been around since the beginning and of course the reboots, some of recent controversy with shows like Live PD and Vanderpump Rules, what new shows he’s loving right now […]

Jul 2020

42 min 54 sec

Today on the podcast, LaNee Griffin-Carroll. LaNee always knew she wanted to be in television – growing up with a father in the business. She started hustling at an early age and hasn’t stopped. We get into her career, starting as an assistant at VH1 and working her way up the ranks and going over […]

Jun 2020

1 hr 9 min

It’s part one of my podcast with black producers in unscripted. I can’t even express how eye opening this was and how much I learned.  I talk to four amazing producers and we cover a lot of ground including: what it’s like for them to work in this industry, why inclusion matters for the people making content and […]

Jun 2020

1 hr 21 min

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Countess speaking. It’s Real Housewives of NY’s Luann De Lesseps back on the podcast for another fun chat! If you missed our first epic pod (done lying down in her hotel room) a year ago you definitely want to hear that one too (link below). Today we get into […]

Jun 2020

29 min 35 sec

Jen O’Connell is Executive Vice President of non-fiction and kids and family programming at HBO Max. The first time Jen was on the podcast in 2016, we went in-depth on her career but today it’s all about the HBO Max Launch! They’ve got an amazing slate of unscripted shows including underground ballroom competition show LEGENDARY, […]

May 2020

35 min 50 sec

Jason Evans is a long time producer who specializes in the travel show genre. He moved to Hawaii in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. He was able to funnel his love of travel into an exciting career – working all over the world – as recently as Botswana – where he got turned around after […]

May 2020

44 min 34 sec

Evolyn Brooks is an award winning TV Show Runner and Experiential Events Producer and has worked for major networks and syndicators. She’s taken all her skills as a producer and turned into an entrepreneur who does inspiring events for corporations and small groups alike. We talk all about what that means and how she got […]

May 2020

59 min 24 sec

Today on the podcast, my friend and Bravo guru Brandon Alvarado. Brandon is an encyclopedia of housewives knowledge, and we’re breaking down Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Is Kyle a mean girl? Is Teddi a good housewife? Do we like the new additions? We mention it all and more. Enjoy! Follow Brandon on Instagram and […]

May 2020

1 hr 1 min

It’s my part 3 (!) of producers in the the time of Covid-19. We’re in week 7 of quarantine in Los Angeles and how is everyone holding up? Where are we now with producing and developing content? First up, Dwight Smith and Michael Agbabian, founders and owners of Mission Control Media. They’re best known for […]

May 2020

53 min 17 sec

Alex Piper is the Head of Unscripted at YouTube Originals. Since joining YouTube, Alex and his team has launched many acclaimed projects including Justin Bieber: Seasons– a massive success worldwide. Alex got into this business through sports and the Olympics then eventually to Asylum Entertainment and Fox. Alex has some great stories and gives us […]

May 2020

1 hr 12 min