Brwn Girl Talk

Ashley, K. Marie

The Brwn Girl Talk Podcast is a weekly conversation between wellness business partners and friends Ashley & K. Marie, through candid and intimate conversations, sharing their insights, personal development , and mental health journey. Created with sisterhood and community in mind.

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During this first episode of the Brwn Girl Talk podcast, we created a mini-intro to who we are. Discussing our individual lives up to this point in time, childhood, relationships & business, and of course the ups and downs. All while discovering the resilience in it all.    Mention Links; Alex Isley    Saipens         Getaway / Camping                                     /  @brwngirltalk 

Feb 6

26 min 15 sec

On this episode of the Brwn Girl Talk podcast we discuss imposter syndrome and having self-confidence. What we have been doing to fight that feeling of self-doubt and recognizing it when it comes pouring in.        Mentions: Essentialism  iPad Pro 

Feb 22

32 min 7 sec

This episode of the Brwn Girl Talk podcast we share our thoughts about social media. Its there, we kinda need it, but do we love it or hate it? Listen to us rant about it.   Mentions  Cap Beauty  Motherland Essentials 

Mar 1

27 min 29 sec

This week we are sharing all the details of our self-care routines. Tips, tricks, and things that help improve the quality of our day.    Mention:   Essentialism    Britt Bennett    Dry Brush    Bath    Facial    Brwn Girl Talk Wellness Box   

Mar 8

46 min 43 sec

On this episode of the Brwn Girl Talk Podcast we are discussing the art of letting that s**t go! Not carrying around the weight of anger with you in life. Practicing forgiveness even when it's hard. Steps to take, practices to implement, ways to find freedom in letting it go. Forgiving for self.    Mentions : Color Studio    Ocean Breeze Essential Oil Blend  - Cedar wood - Lemon -Rosemary 

Mar 15

38 min 10 sec

We took a short break, but we are back! In this episode we are getting you all caught up on what we have been up to in the past few weeks. Talking about it all here. Updates on work, relationships, and adjusting to life during Covid-19. 

Aug 17

44 min 40 sec

"She chose herself and the game changed!" During this Episode we are sharing our individual journeys with entrepreneurship. How we stayed faithful, when did we know it was time to take the leap of faith into business, and how we got started. One of us jumped in head first and the other started one foot at a time, find out which route we chose on this episode of the Brwn Girl Talk podcast!   

Aug 23

45 min 16 sec

How to attract, build, and strengthen our personal relationships. Setting healthy boundaries and showing up fully for the ones we love. All that and more on this episode of the Brwn Girl Talk podcast. 

Aug 30

50 min 13 sec

We are born of love, Love is our Mother ~ Rumi  Motherhood can be one of the most beautiful love one could experience, but its not always an easy road. During this episode of the Brwn Girl Talk podcast we will discuss all facets of Mothering.

Sep 6

47 min 37 sec

Announcing K. Marie's birth of her baby girl! Next few episodes will be solo, with Ash. Join us two weeks from now for an intimate girl chat. See you then. 

Sep 13

2 min 22 sec

Healing oneself is such a personal journey that should never have a time stamp on it. When we begin the journey it's often like we transform from caterpillar to butterfly, not changing who we are entirely but becoming a different version of ourselves. Let's talk healing with Ash.

Oct 11

39 min 15 sec

We know that the holiday season is right around the corner, we also know that many of us deal with more anxiety than ever and the overwhelming feeling of being alone. Ash is sharing her plans for the season ahead to help manage the feeling of being lonely.

Oct 19

19 min 4 sec