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Nicolas Ruston

Robot Mascot founder, Nicolas Ruston interviews experts from the world of art, design, business, and science to explore contemporary design and communication theory, how brands get it wrong and how they get it right.

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I chat to Award winning podcaster and Founder of The Unconventionalists Mark Leruste, who’s TEDx talk “What They Don’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship” is the most watched TEDxCardiff talk to date. I first heard of Mark through his inspiring talks, he later became a client of Robot Mascot. More recently I’ve hired Marks services to help with the development of my Podcast.

Nov 25

1 hr 4 min

I discuss creativity, collaboration and methods and tips on how to write with Ashley Stokes, Author of The Syllabus of Errors and Gigantic his latest novel, Ashley’s writing has been described as ‘catnip for sapiosexuals’. On occasion, Ashley also works with me as a ghost-writer to help build the personal brands for some of our more distinctive clients.

Nov 25

55 min 22 sec

James Church is an award-winning author and Robot Mascot COO, an expert who knows how investors think. Among other things, we talk through his winning methodologies that have helped entrepreneurs raise £millions for their ventures. James and I go way back, we’ve worked in branding and advertising agencies together in the past. And, back in the day, before we found the perfect formula, we even launched some businesses together that failed miserably.

Nov 18

55 min 31 sec

Patrick Collister is the author of ‘How to Use Creativity and Innovation in Business’. He was previously the Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy and Mather and Head Creative Lead with Google's creative thinktank, The Zoo. Currently he is curator of the Caples Awards and Non-executive Creative Director at Ad-Lib. Among other things we discuss controversial ads Patrick created for Guinness as well as some critical insights on creativity, how ideas work and how they could be good for business.

Nov 18

59 min 40 sec

Robert Jones is an advisor, writer and teacher about branding. He’s Professor of Brand Leadership at the UEA, and runs his own consultancy. For almost 30 years, he worked at brand agency Wolff Olins. He's the author of 'Branding a Very Short Introduction' and 'The Big Idea', which The Guardian described as 'plausible, coherent and frightening'. Among other things, I chat to Robert about his work on the rebrand of the Tate Modern and ask if there's a formula for brand success.

Nov 18

57 min 28 sec

Welcome to the Art and Communication Podcast.

Nov 18

4 min 26 sec