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Bratislava-based Teheran-born comedian Nastaran "Nasi" Alaghmandan Motlagh, who will host events at the upcoming fjúžn festival in Bratislava, is the latest guest on the Spectacular Slovakia podcast.

Sep 14

21 min 36 sec

In the final episode of this summer series, we will immerse ourselves in exploring Žilina, rafting the Váh river, and hiking some of the most beautiful peaks in Slovakia. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Guests: Ivan the rafter, David Cartwright, Róbert Hlaváč

Aug 31

37 min 41 sec

A Dutch couple always wanted to have their own farm. What is impossible in the Netherlands, they accomplished near Krupina.

Aug 19

22 min 37 sec

In addition to a spa town and a Marian pilgrimage site, the quaint Čičmany village can be found in the Rajec region. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Guests: Jean Gâteau, Juraj Kudjak

Aug 18

30 min 41 sec

The region is known for Orava Castle. But have you gone on a cruise in Námestovo or tasted some scrumptious ice cream in Dolný Kubín? Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Guest: Vladimír Klocok, Tamari Mikatsadze, Tatia Basilaia, Jozef Ferenčík

Aug 4

29 min 50 sec

The Kysuce region is a quintessential Slovak region, with quaint hilltop villages and plenty of adventures to offer. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Guests: Mirka Petríková, Avuzwa Ngubo, Pedro Viola de Abreu

Jul 19

26 min 11 sec

The Liptov region is a great holiday destination that is not just about Tatralandia, Jasná and Vlkolínec, although they are also worth a visit. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Guests: Linda Šimunová, Zuzana Trnovská, Gerdi Vanfleteren

Jul 3

32 min 12 sec

Peter expands his textbook knowledge about the Turiec region. He talks to three people who know the region quite well: Zuzana, Stanislava and Scott.

Jun 17

30 min 47 sec

For American Jeremy Hill, his number one enemy in Slovakia has always been winter. He’s not a fan of the bitter cold and after the holidays, this “vegetarian with a sensitive tummy” usually requires some medical assistance… and a stool sample. Listen as he recalls with a mixture of shame and amusement the day he presented a Slovak nurse with a stool sample in a Tesco shopping bag.

Feb 8

10 min 9 sec

Listen to Jeremy Hill recount his very first Christmas in Slovakia, when he rediscovered the healing magic of the holiday season.

Dec 2020

5 min 59 sec

Austrian Ambassador Margit Bruck-Friedrich on why she loves Bratislava and what to not miss out on in surrounding towns. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Dec 2020

24 min 59 sec

Japanese Ambassador Makoto Nakagawa is here to talk about his hobbies - biking and birdwatching - in Bratislava. Plus, it's time to compare capital cities again. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Dec 2020

22 min 29 sec

Israeli Ambassador Boaz Modai shares his views on Bratislava and talks about the city's Jewish heritage. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Nov 2020

17 min 3 sec

Swiss Ambassador Alexander Hoffet on where in Bratislava he walks his dog, favourite spots, and Bratislava rolls. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Nov 2020

18 min 32 sec

Ambassador Barbara Wolf talks about German presence and her favourite places in Pressburg, as Bratislava was referred to in days of old. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Nov 2020

15 min 56 sec

Spectacular Slovakia meets Dutch Ambassador Henk Cor van der Kwast in Danubiana to talk art, classical music, cycling and tulips. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Oct 2020

19 min 33 sec

Canada’s Chargé d’affaires John von Kaufmann has learnt a lot about Slovak history. Moreover, in Bratislava, he discovered a nudist beach and a farmers’ market by accident. How’s life in the capital going for him? Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Oct 2020

19 min 35 sec

In 1993, Nigel Baker found himself in Bratislava for the first time. What does the British ambassador recall from the old times? Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Oct 2020

23 min 57 sec

Bridget Brink, US Ambassador to Slovakia, considers the country and Bratislava fantastic places to live in. Why does she think that Bratislava and D.C. are quite similar? Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Photo: TASR

Sep 2020

21 min 40 sec

Despite a bug, the [fjúžn] festival will kick off on September the 18th. Nina Galanská and Kristína Hamárová of Milan Šimečka Foundation will guide you through the week-long event.

Sep 2020

17 min 3 sec

Hilda Ó Riain, Ambassador of Ireland to Slovakia, reveals where in Bratislava you can often meet her and what she loves about the city. She even provides a short Irish language class. Photo: TASR Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Aug 2020

19 min 48 sec

Get your pen and paper ready before you set off on a trip around Slovakia. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Jun 2020

20 min 36 sec

American musician Francisco Mejia talks about his debut album 'Ghost Sex Empire' and how his dream of becoming a musician was finally realised. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

May 2020

21 min 1 sec

Stay home, stay safe. It is time to have some fun in our virtual quiz club. Are you ready to play? Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Apr 2020

18 min 39 sec

It is not only a furniture museum. The well-preserved fortress, hidden in the Small Carpathians, is home to a replica of Madonna of Bruges and breathtakingly huge cellars. Explore this covert and cozy place with Englishman James Thompson. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Apr 2020

17 min 7 sec

Peter chats to Michal Kaščák, Pohoda Festival founder, about what will follow after the festival was postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

Apr 2020

26 min 25 sec

Ecuadorian Jorge Mancero, who is helping a community in northern Slovakia, sat down with Peter to talk about Čadca, Slovakia and Ecuador. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Apr 2020

21 min 49 sec

The former royal town, Pukanec, has a rich history of mining, pottery and growing vines. But the story of Samko Šikeť of Pukanec is a whole new story. Presenter: Anna Fay Guest: Peter Dlhopolec

Apr 2020

12 min 25 sec

Spectacular Slovakia welcomes back Sergei (Russia) and Ingeborg (Norway), who live in Košice. This time, they will take listeners to the Belianske Tatry mountain range. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Mar 2020

17 min 3 sec

Volunteers Suna Uzun from Turkey and Sebastian Pellizzari from Austria talk about one of their first hikes in Slovakia. Did they find any gold at the top of Veľký Rozsutec in the national park Malá Fatra? Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Mar 2020

12 min 11 sec

Súľovské skaly, or the Súľov Rocks, are must-climb mountains for everyone as they offer much more than a hiking experience. Presenters: Anna Fay, Peter Dlhopolec

Mar 2020

12 min 6 sec

Anna and Peter talk about hiking Šíp peak, or Arrow peak in English, located in northern Slovakia. It’s time to pack up and seek out an adventure in the hills. Presenters: Anna Fay, Peter Dlhopolec

Mar 2020

9 min 49 sec

People in Slovakia are often inconvenienced by delayed trains and buses, but Briton Graham Strouts managed to avoid wasted hours at the train station by cycling all the way from Spain to Slovakia. Find out how he managed to cycle such a long way and what ultimately brought him to Bratislava, a place he has called home for over two years now, on this episode. Presenter: Anna Fay

Feb 2020

19 min 2 sec

Ingeborg Jørgensen and Sergei Batiashov reveal what their life in the capital of eastern Slovakia has been like in the last three years, what to do in Košice, and where to go. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Feb 2020

26 min 31 sec

Spectacular Slovakia sets out on a trip to Banská Štiavnica to relive an actual love story. Listen to how a bank, without money but filled with love boxes, preserves the old love story of Andrej Sládkovič and Marína Pišlová. Guest: Katarína Javorská Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Feb 2020

16 min 23 sec

What would MasterChef judges say if they were served pampúchy? Peter has finally learned how to make Slovak doughnuts thanks to his grandma. Guest: Ľudmila Kučerová Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Feb 2020

11 min 54 sec

Spectacular Slovakia will take you for a walk near Bratislava in the first episode of 2020. Have a listen to learn more about two hills, Malá Baňa (Small Mine) and Veľká Baňa (Big Mine), and how to get there. Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec Guest: Ľubo Mäkký (Hiking.sk) Map Guide: https://mapy.hiking.sk/?trasa=kpI23

Jan 2020

15 min

The Spectacular Slovakia podcast will return with its first episode of 2020 on January 29. Get your candle ready. Why? Anna and Peter will explain in the teaser.

Jan 2020

2 min 13 sec

Listen to the last and festive Spectacular Slovakia episode of 2019. Peter will take you on a tour of Slovak Christmas traditions with help of Viktória, Janka, Katka, Alžbetka and Marek – five students from the Lutheran Grammar School in Bratislava. Sing along to some Slovak carols featured in the podcast. Veselé Vianoce and Happy 2020! Photo: TASR

Dec 2019

12 min 45 sec

Anna and Peter discover more spellbinding and unknown facts about Bratislava in this episode. Join them and you will learn why beer has long been considered liquid bread. Photo: TASR Book: Po stopách dávnej Bratislavy by V. Tomčík

Dec 2019

15 min 49 sec

James Thomson takes Peter on a tour around the biggest and best-known open-air market in the country, Trhovisko Miletičová, or simply Miletička. What will they find there? Photo: TASR

Dec 2019

21 min 44 sec

Anna and Peter will reveal where you can find the oldest Bratislava cinema and introduce you to a few forgotten Bratislava greats, including the iconic Schöne Náci. The latter even has something in common with one of the most successful US rappers. Photo: TASR Source: Po stopách dávnej Bratislavy by V. Tomčík

Nov 2019

18 min 52 sec

Ľubo Mäkký of Hiking.sk returns to Spectacular Slovakia to give listeners easy hiking tips in western Slovakia. He will take you to spectacular hills: Vápeč of the Strážovské vrchy range and Kršlenica of the Small Carpathians. Lace up your hiking boots! Photo: FB Vápeč - 956 m Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Nov 2019

17 min 33 sec

Ľubica Lacinová, a researcher at the Centre of Biological Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, recalls communist times and the Velvet Revolution (Nežná revolúcia). Photo: TASR (The Velvet Revolution Square street sign)

Nov 2019

17 min 6 sec

With complicated grammatical rules and verb forms, Slovak is a tough language for foreigners to learn. But there's hope! Listen to student Ali to find out which Slovak-language courses you can take in Bratislava to improve your language skills. Photo: TASR Presenter: Anna Fay

Nov 2019

15 min 36 sec

How does a fun-loving American and her family celebrate Halloween in Slovakia? With a strobe light dance party, indoor trick-or-treating and some pumpkin carving of course! Experience a multicultural Halloween by proxy on this week’s episode of Spectacular Slovakia. Photo: TASR Presenter: Anna Fay

Oct 2019

11 min 59 sec

Anna and Peter will travel back in time, to the year of 1907, this week. Back then, people in the settlement of Černová, nowadays a borough of Ružomberok, demanded their native, Andrej Hlinka, consecrate their new church. Little did they know bloodshed would occur instead. Listen to the latest episode about the Černová Tragedy to find out more. Photo: TASR Sources: Historická Revue (history magazine), Tragédia v Černovej a slovenská spoločnosť - The Černová Tragedy and Slovak Society (book by R. Holec, 1997), Černová 1907 (book by R. Letz, 2017)

Oct 2019

17 min 33 sec

Mountaineer Ľubomír Mäkký of the hiking.sk website joins Peter in this week’s Spectacular Slovakia episode to explain why it is worth walking up to mountain huts in the High Tatras. Learn more about some cosy mountain huts and must-do (and manageable)hikes in the mountains on this week's episode. Photo: Chata pri Zelenom plese/Hut by the Green Lake (TASR)

Oct 2019

25 min 43 sec

Anna and Peter are inviting you to their listening party on this week’s Spectacular Slovakia. They will reveal just how many Slovak folk songs there are, but most importantly, they will play a few folk songs with whimsical lyrics. Can you help them fix a furnace that fell apart? A list of folk groups featured in the podcast by YouTube: Heľpan, Hradišťanka, Hromnica, Ištvánci, and Darinka & Milan Stingray. Photo: TASR

Oct 2019

20 min 59 sec

Peter and Anna talk about Martin Benka, a Slovak painter, in this week's Spectacular Slovakia. Join them on their quest to learn more about his life, paintings, and why he is important to the country's history. They will also tell you where to go to see his artwork and why he loved Amsterdam.

Oct 2019

20 min 46 sec