The Dire Ed Podcast

Prof. Andrew R. Timming

Let's talk about Dire Ed: or the dire state of higher ed. Conversations about what's wrong with the modern university and how we can make it right, hosted by Professor Andrew R. Timming.

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In this episode of the Dire Ed podcast, I sit down with Dr Matt Lodder to talk about tattoos in academia.

Oct 3

32 min 25 sec

In this episode, I sit down to chat with Dr. Jordan Goldstein about the challenges that boys and young men face in the educational system and what we can do to help them.

Sep 30

33 min 54 sec

In this latest episode of the Dire Ed podcast, I speak with Andrew Pessin, Professor of Philosophy at Connecticut College, about the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction) movement against Israel and Israeli universities, as well as about his forthcoming novel, Nevergreen.

Aug 12

29 min 1 sec

In this episode, I sit down with Prof. Jen Heemstra from Emory University to talk about the importance of high quality mentorship for PhD students and Early Career Researchers.

Jun 9

31 min 1 sec

In this episode, I sit down with the inimitable Professor Miguel Martinez Lucio of the University of Manchester to talk about a MOOC he and some colleagues recently developed.

May 18

28 min 58 sec

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Nicole Barbaro from WGU Labs to talk about #AltAc careers. Academia is not for everyone, so why not consider a career in industry?

Apr 20

32 min 51 sec

In this episode, Prof Michael Johns reflects on recently having been made redundant by his university as it cuts programs to avoid insolvency.

Apr 17

35 min 12 sec

In this episode, I speak with Dr Liz Morrish on Critical University Studies, mental health, and freedom of speech in universities.

Mar 25

28 min 20 sec

In this episode I sit down with Professor Peter Singer, arguably the world's most famous living philosopher, to talk about the journal he recently co-founded with Professors Jeff McMahan and Francesca Minerva: The Journal of Controversial Ideas.

Mar 18

30 min 40 sec

In this episode, Professor Brian Nosek, Executive Director of the Center for Open Science, discusses an alternative to traditional peer review: the Registered Report. Full disclosure: your podcast host (Professor Andrew R Timming) is the inaugural Registered Reports Editor at Human Resource Management Journal!

Mar 2

31 min 29 sec

In this episode, James Heathers take about perverse publication incentives, fraud detection in qualitative research, and the Grievance Studies.

Feb 12

37 min 25 sec

In this inaugural episode of the Dire Ed podcast, I sit down with Prof. Martin Parker to talk about the recently announced plans to make redundancies at the University of Leicester.

Feb 5

27 min 52 sec