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By Elayne Fluker: Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach and Consultant

Elayne Fluker is author of the new book, Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember that Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone (HarperCollins Leadership). As host of the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast, Elayne interviews more than 500 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, who share inspiring, true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. Elayne Fluker is also founder of SiS.Academy, an online learning platform for women entrepreneurs. For more information about Elayne Fluker, please visit Thank you for listening!

  1. 1.
    774: 7 Days Until the Launch of My Book "Get Over 'I Got It'" (And Why My Anxiety aka Agnes is Trying Me)
  2. 2.
    773: Retire Your Superwoman Cape
  3. 3.
    772: Remove Your Mask
  4. 4.
    771: Reinvent with Support
  5. 5.
    770: An Excerpt from My New Book, "Get Over 'I Got It'"
  6. 6.
    769: Black Girl in Love with Herself Author Trey Anthony on Self-Love, Self-Worth and Healthy Relationships
  7. 7.
    768: How to go from Ally to CHAMPION with Polina Hanin, Principal at Aequitas
  8. 8.
    767: How to Raise $2.7 Million, Sell Out in Nordstrom's and Disrupt the Skincare Industry with Topicals Co-Founders Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng
  1. 9.
    766: Special Episode: Get Over 'I Got It' Book is on Its Way (And I am Terrified!)
  2. 10.
    765: How to Manage Performance Anxiety and Overcome Self-Doubt with Mental Performance Coach Ayanna Sealey
  3. 11.
    764: Brown Girl Jane co-founder Tai Beauchamp on Building Healthy Partnerships and Prioritizing Peace of Mind
  4. 12.
    763: What's Really Making You Sick? Dr. Anna Cabeca Gives Us the Skinny on the Effects of Stress, Hormones and Inflammation on our Bodies as Women
  5. 13.
    762: What You Can Learn from 33,000+ Women Entrepreneurs in East Africa Who Started Their Businesses to Overcome Extreme Poverty
  6. 14.
    761: How to Be (and Find) the Best Virtual Assistant with Tasha Booth, CEO of the Launch Guild
  7. 15.
    760: Simple Steps to Practicing Sacred Self-Care with Self-Love and Healthy Relationships Coach Fila Antwine
  8. 16.
    759: Making Moves, Embracing Change and Following Your Dreams with Yoryoga Founder Kremena Yordanova
  9. 17.
    758: How The Honey Pot Founder Bea Dixon Took Her Brand from Side Hustle to the Shelves of Target and Why She Wants to Get to a Place Where Having No Goals is the Goal
  10. 18.
    757: Get Over "I Got It" and Take Care of Number ONE in 2021
  11. 19.
    756: How to Get More Engagement, Followers, and Sales Using Social Media with Andrea Jones of Savvy Social School
  12. 20.
    755: From Uganda to the U.S., Serial Entrepreneur Olivia Ansell Tells How She Went From Hungry to Having a Multi-million Dollar Business
  13. 21.
    754: How to Maintain the Joy in Your Business when Success Comes Faster Than You Think with Shani Godwin of Communique USA
  14. 22.
    753: How to Aim High, Be Brave and Design a Life and Career that Feels Good with Sydney Sadick
  15. 23.
    752: How to Build a Luxury Lifestyle Brand that Cares about Sustainability and Protecting the Planet with Ettitude Co-Founders Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey
  16. 24.
    751: How Asutra CEO Stephanie Morimoto Started a Successful Business by Buying a Brand She Loved (and Partnering with Venus Williams)
  17. 25.
    750: How hint Founder & CEO Kara Goldin Built a $150 million Beverage Company, Remained Undaunted and Overcame Doubts + Doubters
  18. 26.
    749: Emerging Women Founder Chantal Pierrat on How to Know When to Evolve, When to Let Go and Know When to Lean In
  19. 27.
    748: How Collab Co-Founder Jewel Burks Solomon Helps Black Tech Founders Gain Access to Capital, Connections and Resources
  20. 28.
    747: How to Build a Mission-Driven Business and Be Propelled By Your Purpose with Sseko CEO Liz Bohannon
  21. 29.
    746: How to Be Epic at Sales (and Not Feel Slimy) with Master Coach Laura Wright
  22. 30.
    745: How to Sell Your Products on Amazon with Amazon Seller Coach Kirsty Verity, Who Has Sold More Than $17 Million in Products
  23. 31.
    744: How to Raise Your First Million and Build Your Cru with Cru Founder Tiffany Dufu
  24. 32.
    743: Fitlosophy Founder Angela Mader Talks about Life after the Sale of Your Business
  25. 33.
    BONUS EPISODE: Join Support is Sexy Podcast Host Elayne Fluker at INBOUND 2020!
  26. 34.
    742: How Tech Women Network Founder Jumoke Dada is Leveling-Up Career and Community Resources for Women with Technical Skills
  27. 35.
    741: Speaking Your Brand Founder Carol Cox Tells How to Become a Thought Leader, Share Your Stories and Disrupt the Status Quo
  28. 36.
    740: Becoming Nadia Lopez: How One of the Nation's Top Educators Learned Hard Lessons about the Importance of Self-Care and Built Her Roadmap to Freedom
  29. 37.
    739: Taking the Leap from Corporate Executive to Courageous Entrepreneur with Sherwin Nelson Clemons, CEO of Peachy Lyfe Laundry
  30. 38.
    738: What Every Black Woman Entrepreneur Needs to Know with Lakeysha Hallmon, Founder of The Village Market
  31. 39.
    737: Mary Hyatt Tells How to Restore that Flicker in Your Eyes and Live Intuitively
  32. 40.
    736: How to Raise Anti-Racist Children and Practice Social Justice Parenting with Dr. Traci Baxley
  33. 41.
    735: Why Stylist and Author Morgan Wider Says Image and Wardrobe Come Second to Mindset
  34. 42.
    Special Episode: BLACK LIVES MATTER. A journey of self-reflection.
  35. 43.
    734: How to Overcome Failure, Optimize F.O.M.O. and Measure Success Beyond Social Media with Oui Shave Founder Karen Young
  36. 44.
    Special Episode: How to Pivot Your Career, Master Your Emotional Intelligence and Find Your Peace with Tieko Nejon
  37. 45.
    733: 'Queen Sugar' Star Tina Lifford on Her 'Little Book of BIG LIES,' Overcoming Your Circumstances and Choosing Vision Over Ego
  38. 46.
    732: How to Find Your V.O.I.C.E. and Use Podcasting to Share Your Message with Levels to Launch Founder Yana Reynolds
  39. 47.
    Special Episode: How to Manage Stress and Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  40. 48.
    731: How to Pivot Your Business from Non-Profit to For-Profit with Shea Yeleen Founder Rahama Wright
  41. 49.
    730: Serial Entrepreneur Jen Groover Tells How to Be in Flow; Not in Force as a Business Owner
  42. 50.
    Special Episode: How to Use Journaling to Heal and Practice Self-Love with Author Taiia Smart Young

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