By Mimi G.

Business S.H.E.T is a weekly podcast hosted by Mimi G. founder of Mimi G Style, Inc. and Sew It Academy. Mimi G has built a million-dollar business from her hobby and now shares her experience in starting, building and growing a business in a no fluff, straight-up approach. The podcast will discuss topics of business and self-development that Mimi G wished someone had told her before she leaped into the world of self-employment. Using life experience, business highs and lows and candid commentary Mimi G will be providing actionable insights you can implement to grow your business and change your life.

  1. 1.
    S3 Ep. 06: Get Your Money Right
  2. 2.
    S3 Ep.05: Just Breathe & Don’t Pass Out
  3. 3.
    S3 Ep. 04: Oh Shit I Quit My Job
  4. 4.
    S3 Ep. 03: It Is What It Is
  5. 5.
    S3 Ep. 02: It takes Grit
  6. 6.
    S3 Ep. 01: I’m Back!
  7. 7.
    S2 Ep 10: Running an Indie Fashion Line: Follow Up
  8. 8.
    S2 Ep 09: You Don’t Lack Motivation You Lack Discipline

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