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The Golf & Fitness Show captures how the best in the world combine these two worlds that used to clash.

We interview the top PGA TOUR players, their trainers and celebrities that have game with tips for the average through advanced golfer.

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Cory talks with Spencer Tatum, Jon Rahm’s personal trainer, about Jon’s development, success, and more. A Golf Digest Top 50 Trainer, Spencer specializes in helping golfers and athletes of all abilities to get the most out of their bodies. Listen to see how you can apply what elite athletes do in their training to help your golf game. 

Jul 13

38 min 10 sec

PGA TOUR player Wyndham Clark joins the Golf and Fitness Show to discuss all things golf, fitness, mental health, and more. As the fourth-ranked player in driving distance on TOUR, Wyndham knows how to bomb and has been working on golf fitness since he was 13. He takes Cory through what a tournament week looks like on and off the course, his philosophy on getting stronger and faster, and also how he believes that mental health and perspective are just as important as physical strength.  

May 5

30 min 28 sec

Kolby “K-Wayne” Tullier, trainer for PLAYERS champion Justin Thomas and other PGA TOUR and LPGA players, joins Cory to go in-depth on what makes JT successful inside and outside of the gym. Hear insight on how JT prepped for his win at THE PLAYERS Championship and how he’s getting ready for The Masters while also learning a ton of practical knowledge on exercises and movements you can incorporate into your own game to see immediate results.

Apr 6

56 min 20 sec

Two-time LPGA major winner Anna Nordqvist and her trainer Carson Kemp join the show to discuss Anna’s approach to fitness and her upcoming season on the LPGA Tour. Cory talks through how Carson, a former Army Ranger, approaches a fitness regimen for Anna – who is a 6-foot-2 former swimmer – and she discusses the transformations he’s seen in six months of training.

Mar 23

49 min 33 sec

Three-time LPGA Tour winner Christina Kim joins the show to discuss her recent 60-pound weight loss. Kim started working with a trainer in Orlando and exploring the ketogenic diet which led her down a path to discovering the connections between food, exercise, and mental/physical health. Kim also discusses how she’s preparing to make her 2021 season debut at the Kia Classic and how she approaches “loving the grind” out on tour.

Mar 16

39 min 6 sec

This week on The Golf & Fitness Show, Cory talks with two-time World Long Drive Champion Tim Burke and rising star Cassandra Meyer about hitting bombs off the tee, how to train like a long drive competitor, and their thoughts on Bryson DeChambeau and the chase for distance on the PGA TOUR.

Mar 5

41 min 6 sec

Two-time World Series champion Shane Victorino joins the show to talk with Cory about all things golf, baseball, life, and fitness. Shane has a uniquely positive outlook on life and takes Cory through some of his most memorable moments on the baseball diamond and how he’s playing a ton of golf in his retired life.  

Feb 7

36 min 39 sec

On this week's episode Cory leads an Elite Golf Fitness Roundtable featuring 3-time PGA TOUR winner Scott Stallings & GOLFWOD’s Michael Dennington. You don’t want to miss this highly valuable episode where Scott and Michael cover their fitness progressions, entrepreneurial aspirations, and more.

Jan 26

57 min 48 sec

A lighthearted interview with 63-year-old Bernhard Langer as he shares with Cory how he has stood the test of time on performance - both on and off the golf course - for all these years. From the early years and how he overcame a terrible back injury to how he changed his swing to be able to compete in the sport he loves for his entire lifetime. Join us and listen to this legend before he competes in the PNC Championship! 

Dec 2020

28 min 59 sec

How does Bryson DeChambeau really train? Cory speaks to long time strength & conditioning coach Greg Roskopf and gets a true inside look at the strategy that contributed to Bryson bulking and transforming his strength while keeping flexibility and having next-level club speed. 

Nov 2020

46 min 15 sec

Cory speaks with Expert Biomechanics Coach Joey D, who helped pioneer the unrecognized field of golf-specific fitness training over 20 years ago and has recently been working with 2020 FedExCup and Masters champion, Dustin Johnson. Borrowing from sport-specific physical training protocols used in other professional sports, Joey developed a methodology for golf and has helped players Vijay Singh and DJ reach the No. 1 position in the Official World Golf Rankings. In 2010, Joey authored a book on golf fitness training and biomechanics, Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing.

Nov 2020

46 min 32 sec

In the debut episode of the Golf & Fitness Show, presented by PGA TOUR Active, Cory speaks with Gary Player, who has been speaking to the benefits of a strategic approach to health and wellness for nearly all of his 85 years. During his competitive golf career, Mr. Player amassed 24 wins on the PGA TOUR, 22 on PGA TOUR Champions and more 100 worldwide.

Nov 2020

31 min 26 sec