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Given the current need for transformation at an accelerated rate, what can companies do to move now and move fast? In this podcast, veteran business leader, Paul French, discusses how companies are transforming legacy ideas and technology into brilliant customer experiences. His guests — senior-level business and civic leaders — will share stories of transformation, continuous learning, experimentation, and improvement to keep you relevant and competitive at all times.

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On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Jason Gross, the Vice President of Mobile at Curb, a company that’s reimagining urban mobility. With a driver-first approach to ride-hailing, Curb is bringing upfront pricing to the largest nationwide network of taxis and licensed for-hire vehicles. The company provides unparalleled transparency to riders and drivers alike, facilitating billions of dollars in payment transactions annually through its open mobility platform. During the episode, Paul and Jason discuss innovation in the taxi industry, the benefits of using taxis over services like Uber or Lyft, and how Curb is working to meet its profitability goals. They also discuss how Curb has carved out a unique niche for itself in the transportation industry, and how ridesharing companies have raised the stakes for all the players in the game.Learn more about Jason Gross: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Dec 2

35 min 59 sec

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Daphne Hoppenot, founder of The Vendry. Launched in 2019, The Vendry is a digital marketplace and professional community for the events industry with over 18,000 members. During the episode, Paul and Daphne discuss how the events industry was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Daphne shares how she responded to the situation, pivoting to position The Vendry as a community platform for event professionals that would enable them to connect with others and showcase their work. Daphne also discusses The Vendry’s newly launched tool, which connects buyers with event venues and vendors in the community, the growing role of tech in events, and how she believes the industry will continue to evolve moving forward.Learn more about Daphne Hoppenot: in learning more about the show? Check out our website: 

Nov 11

26 min 10 sec

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Michael Nalepka, the General Manager of VideoProtects at J. J. Keller. Offering video-based solutions for drivers and fleets, VideoProtects is bringing the science of video-telematics to the transportation market. Having joined J. J. Keller this past January, Michael has had an extensive career in the transportation technology field. He’s held roles at Procon Analytics and PeopleNet, helping to drive innovation and cutting-edge product development in the transportation industry throughout his career. During the episode, Michael and Paul discuss how video technology and AI are transforming to keep drivers, fleets and highways safe. They also discuss how the transportation industry changed as a result of the pandemic, and where it’s headed from here. Learn more about Michael Nalepka: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Oct 28

38 min 11 sec

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Mike Starkey, Chief Information Officer at Christy Sports. Mike has held several positions in e-commerce and retail over the years, including VP of IT Strategy at enVista, Senior VP of Information Systems at Performance Bicycle and Director of IT Retail Strategy at Sears. His experience has touched all aspects of the retail world including e-commerce, logistics and supply chain as well as strategy and business management. During the episode, Paul and Mike discuss the future of sports marketing, e-commerce and retail. They touch on what’s on the horizon for e-commerce, specifically in the sports world, how to stay current and innovative in the space, and the importance of offering the customer a full-service experience rather than just a transactional relationship.Learn more about Mike Starkey: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Oct 14

27 min 47 sec

As companies seek better ROI for their marketing efforts today, more and more brands are turning to quality content as their number one tactic. On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Michael Brenner, CEO at Marketing Insider Group. Michael is a globally-recognized keynote speaker on leadership, culture and marketing, and the author of the bestselling book The Content Formula. As an influencer and thought leader in the marketing space, Michael helps companies attract and win new customers through strategic content that cuts through the clutter in the online world today. During the episode, Paul and Michael discuss what goes into a great piece of content, how it can give your brand a boost, and what changes we’re seeing in the content marketing landscape today. Learn more about Michael Brenner: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Sep 30

28 min 30 sec

The insurance industry was dramatically impacted by the pandemic, but some providers have been quick to evolve in the face of the crisis. On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Mark Morissette, Founder and CEO of Foxquilt, a leading North American insurance technology company focused on empowering small businesses and B2B networks to save on small business insurance. The company’s insurance-as-a-service platform is complemented by a unique data and machine learning underwriting infrastructure. Mark discusses why he believes that automated processes will help to revolutionize the insurance industry, and provide a better way to address the current needs of small businesses. He also shares his thoughts on how the pandemic has changed the insurance industry, and where it’s headed in the future.Learn more about Mark Morissette: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Sep 16

37 min 8 sec

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Axway’s Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Vince Padua. Vince is known for his outcome-driven approach to building visionary technology, and over his 20-year career, he's created several groundbreaking products for Fortune 500 companies. Through his work, he has successfully accelerated tech adoption rates and delivered large-scale initiatives to democratize technology outcomes. During the episode, Vince shares his perspective on how technology has changed over the past two decades, his predictions for the future of the industry, and the power of API-driven technologies. Learn more about Vince Padua: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Sep 2

30 min 44 sec

On this episode of Transform It Forward, we learn how a financial services platform called Even is changing the game for employee financial well-being. Paul sits down with Jon Schlossberg, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Even, to learn how the company is transforming the way employers look at assisting the financial needs of their employees by helping them achieve the lives they want. As the saying goes, the more you put in, the more you get out, and Even gives you the opportunity to show you care about employees, which promotes talent retention as a result. Jon and Paul chat through the changing relationship between employers and employees, how financial incentives offer a new frontier of benefits, and what Even is doing to transform the FinTech industry.Learn more about Jon Schlossberg: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Aug 19

37 min 22 sec

The pandemic has changed the way we work, shop and experience life. Although the commercial real estate industry is generally optimistic about the path forward, questions remain—especially in retail. In this episode, Paul sits down with Aviva Fink, Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Reonomy, a property intelligence platform for commercial real estate professionals. They discuss how retail brands can thrive in a post-COVID world, change management and the multiple dimensions of data that professionals are leveraging to make informed investment decisions. Aviva shares her take on the modernization of the commercial real estate world, and the role technology will play in the industry’s future.Learn more about Aviva Fink: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Jul 8

25 min 46 sec

Connecting people in a digital environment has never been more important than in the past year. Effective digital communications give us the ability to create strong global connections, collaborate with one another, and find solutions to complex challenges. Enter: Jacqueline Teo, Global Chief Digital Officer at HGC Global Communications. In this episode, Jacqueline sits down with Paul to discuss change management strategies, the importance of access when spurring adoption for telecommunications, and how HGC transformed their physical processes through automation and customer empowerment. Learn more about Jacqueline Teo: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Jun 24

28 min 3 sec

Although women represent nearly half of the entire workforce today, they’re still massively underrepresented in the technology industry. Transformation is needed not only for the women working in technology now, but also for the girls hoping to make their mark on the industry in the future. In this episode of the Transform It Forward podcast, we share a panel discussion from the recent Axway Summit 2021, which brought these issues to light and sparked a dialogue around the need for diverse leadership in tech. Moderated by Axway’s VP of Customer Success and Experience, Anne Lloyd, the panel included speakers Chhavi Bhargava, Data Exchange Service Manager, Ford Motor Co., Fernanda Toscano, IT Senior Executive, HDI Insurance, and Susanne Schuetz, SVP Customer and Business Intelligence, DB Schenker.Learn more about the Axway Summit here: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:

Jun 10

35 min 17 sec

Traditional qualitative market research is impersonal and hard to scale. To make matters more challenging, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in person interviews and focus groups were no longer accessible. Enter: video. In this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Simon Glass, the CEO of, to chat about how video conferencing software is the future of qualitative research. They discuss how video creates a more comfortable setting for subjects to open up, how the research industry has adapted to the digital space over the past year, and the way that video is able to scale customer research techniques. Learn more about Simon here: in learning more about the show? Check out our website:


May 27

26 min 8 sec

The insurance industry is traditionally thought of as slow-moving, but today, even the longest-standing industries are being forced to adapt. On this week’s episode of Transform It Forward, Paul chats with Dan Watt, VP of Product Management at FINEOS, a firm dedicated to creating core systems for life, accident, and health insurers globally. The two discuss the challenges that the insurance industry is currently facing, the need to unify and leverage existing data sources, how (and how not) to launch a successful transformation campaign, and the key to both customer and employee experience.Learn more about Dan Watt here: in learning more? Check out our website:


Apr 29

21 min 26 sec

An organization’s most important asset is its people. To kick off the second season of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Evan Sohn, CEO of to discuss the future of human resources, talent attraction, and retention. They discuss what’s needed to transform HR departments in corporate settings, where to best invest your dollars into talent, and how the gig economy will play a key role in the next generation of recruitment.Learn more about Evan Sohn here: in learning more? Check out our website:


Apr 15

29 min 29 sec

On this episode of Transform it Forward, Paul is joined by Vicki Knott, Co-founder and CEO of Crux OCM, a company utilizing AI and real-time optimization to enable semi-autonomous operation of oil pipelines, reducing risk and increasing efficiency. The future Vicki pictures for this technology goes beyond oil and gas and allows existing systems in energy and other industries to function more efficiently and profitably, bettering the human experience for workers and customers alike.   Together, they discuss:  1) The important but challenging nature of innovation in an industry as traditional as oil and gas;2) The sweet spot in terms of human-centric versus machine-learned jobs and how to balance the two for maximum efficiency and safety;3) How and why we need to focus on existing energy assets instead of focusing solely on renewable energy.


Feb 4

20 min 25 sec

Supply chain disruption is arguably an inevitability. Factors such as political unrest, tariffs and even weather can cause global supply chain disruption. So how do you manage these disruptions? And as you address major supply chain issues, how do you ensure your people remain at the forefront of everything you do, while still holding your own with the supply chain giants of the world? On today’s episode, Paul is joined by Robert Gerwig, Senior Vice President of Distribution at Sweetwater, the leading online retailer for music instruments and audio gear in the U.S. Robert has more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing, fulfillment and operations. As a private, rapidly growing online retailer, Sweetwater is one of the smaller supply chains Robert has worked with. But in terms of technology and expertise, Robert says it’s right up there with the big players and has allowed him to strike a careful balance between speed and style, the quantifiable and the qualitative-- things that, according to Robert, don’t need to be at odds.   Paul and Robert discuss:1) The value of solid contingency planning to find success in your supply chains;2) How to balance “hard” measurable things like speed of service with “soft” things like customer experience;3) The importance of valuing your people-- whether that means your customers, employees or vendors -- and how it can help you find success with your business objectives.


Jan 21

27 min 55 sec

Most work environments look very different than they did mere months ago. The shift to remote work was violently accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing workplaces everywhere to manage internal and external challenges they never could have anticipated. Even companies with strong business continuity plans found themselves executing on them more rapidly than they had ever expected. Remaining operational and productive throughout management of a crisis is at the heart of every business continuity plan, but how do you spring into action to manage global-scale  challenges that previously seemed unfathomable?  On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul chats with VP of Employee Experience at Manulife, Amy MacGregor.  For 15+ years, Amy has been a champion of efficient employee experiences that focus on human centred design and collaboration. Her “getting it done together” attitude is driving her team at Manulife through the COVID pandemic.   The two discuss:  1) Practices Manulife had in place that allowed for a smooth transition to remote work;2) The importance of empowering your team to make key decisions through a crisis;3) Creative ways to keep employees engaged and motivated in a remote environment;4) The long term effects your response to this (or any) crisis can have on company culture.


Nov 2020

24 min 9 sec

What does the future of healthcare look like after the COVID-19 pandemic? Paul sits down with Dr. Daniel Pepe and Albert Tai to discuss the before and after pictures of the healthcare industry, to uncover how it adapted to the ‘new normal’ we’re experiencing today. Dr. Daniel Pepe is a distinguished clinician and educator, with several awards under his belt including the OMA Resident Achievement Award and the PARO Resident Trust Fund Teaching Award. Albert Tai is equally as impressive, being the CEO of Hypercare, a company tackling healthcare's archaic ways of communication, specifically coordination around patient care.  The three discuss:  1) How healthcare professionals pivoted their lines of care to digital processes;2) The technologies currently being used to support frontline healthcare workers;3) How digital workflows are connecting healthcare practices together;4) The importance of understanding your stakeholders.


Nov 2020

27 min 7 sec

For our third episode of Transform it Forward, Paul sits down with Danielle Brown, Chief Marketing Officer of Points, to uncover the future of D2C marketing. Points is a technology organization dedicated to helping brands enhance and monetize their loyalty currencies and currently serves 60 of the world’s largest brands. Together, the two mention: Why brands need to consider customer reactions; How to get travel customers excited again, even when the future is shaky and uncertain; When to focus on equity vs. equality in partnerships;Why leaders need to trust their teams, especially in volatile markets; How employee happiness correlates to customer satisfaction.


Oct 2020

25 min 54 sec

This week on Transform It Forward, Paul is chatting with Victor Lee, the former SVP of Marketing at Hasbro. Victor is a veteran in the customer experience space, having watched the marketing world evolve from the dot com boom to today’s focus on predictive, contextual targeting methods. During their conversation, Victor discusses four major themes:1) What brands can do to offer a faster, more seamless online experience;2) How operational excellence can be used as a unique differentiator for brands;3) Why brands need to do to continually adapt and evolve to customer needs;4) How to provide superior customer convenience.

Oct 2020

19 min 14 sec

In our inaugural episode of Transform It Forward, host Paul French sits down with Anna Foat, the Director of Global Digital Transformation at Sun Life Financial. Anna is an expert in change management and her approach to handling COVID-19 has been nothing short of exceptional. Throughout their conversation, Anna and Paul touch on four key themes:1) Why today’s global pandemic is sparking major culture shifts;2) How to work together in harmony, when your organization is built in siloes;3) What value leaders need to provide to get their employees excited about new changes;4) The importance of just saying yes.


Sep 2020

20 min 49 sec