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Join me and Skye Wellington, Co-Founder & Chief Enjoyment Officer of Wisecracks Drinks, a lo/no alcohol-free beverage company. We have the most interesting conversation about why people drink alcohol, how we've been socially conditioned to use it, the targeting of women in alcohol campaigns and why she co-founded Wisecrack. I love how her business is giving people choice. Not just with their large selection of delicious drinks (and I can testify to that as a customer!) Skye is providing people the alternatives to sinking some booze. If you've been considering joining the sobriety movement or even just want to cut back on your alcohol consumption, you'll enjoy hearing how Skye (and myself!) have embraced sobriety on a daily basis. 

Nov 15

46 min 15 sec

It’s the finale of Series 2! What a wonderful time I’ve had so far this year, having a cup of tea with ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. In this episode I want to revisit my conversations with these amazing guests and the incredible ‘teaspoons’ of inspiration I took away from each. If you want to know what makes an ordinary person achieve extraordinary things, then let me share with you in this episode what I’ve found to be the main ingredients. I’m sure you’ll agree, these are all traits that move people forward with their dreams. As you listen to my summary perhaps a guest’s story or their inspirational words will resonate with you. All episodes are available to listen so please do go back and download ones you may have missed. A Cup of Tea with Mary B has been listened to by over 4500 people in 23 countries around the World. I feel incredibly grateful for all of your support, and I really do hope you enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed making the podcast.  Please add a review, it would mean the world to me. I’ll be back after the Summer holidays after resting, reflecting and resetting. 

Jul 5

14 min 19 sec

Join me for a conversation with Laura Yates, the Secret Agent of the Secret Sunrise Community Singapore. Laura shares how she went from Chartered Accountant to ‘Ambassador of Joy', spreading happiness through Music, Movement and Connection. Laura talks about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how her corporate career led to her burnout, twice. By finding Secret Sunrise, Laura said she finally felt her authentic self and how by leaning into movement she was able to heal her mental health. Leaving her home country and moving to Singapore, Laura was determined not to lose those feelings of ease, so she founded a Secret Sunrise Community here.  Thank goodness she did because I’ve been an extremely happy participant and I can’t wait to go again! Discover where and why this Community began 9 years ago, what it’s all about and how, if you’re a bit shy you can still join in. Laura is 100% living her Ambassador of Joy title, lighting up our cup of tea together with her energy; she ignited me with joy for the rest of the day. I know you feel this too after listening! 

Jun 21

41 min 6 sec

Join me for a conversation with Alex Mearns who when working in the financial industry faced a ‘wake up’ call due to his own ill health and how this led him to find his ‘true calling’. This journey to improved health sparked a passion for helping others too and a move out of the financial business to become the Founder of Levitise and Holistic Health Practitioner here in Singapore.  Alex talks about how he did his own self-help research to improve his own mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing without the need of medication. After considering a few new and varied career options including organic coffee, Alex came up with Levitise – a multi-specialist service for senior executives who are stressed and lacking energy.  A state of being that he can 100% relate too.We discuss the impact of Covid and the hamster wheel that so many people are on, how the 6 human needs are so key right now, in particular connection and variety. It is inspiring to hear how changing his mindset whilst building Levitise has given him more  awareness and improved empathy that is now allowing him to feel content and in his words a ‘better’ human being . 

Jun 7

49 min 55 sec

Join me for a conversation with new entrepreneur, Elly Both, who started Bright Green just over 12 months ago.. Elly’s mission of “doing something good for the World” is really coming into fruition with her new company where she supports businesses to become more sustainably aware. Elly came from the corporate world, but something just didn’t feel right. All the puzzle pieces started to come together… doing a sort out at home and the unsettling feeling of where waste ends up, seeing lack of sustainability in the office, wanting to be more responsible at home with less single use items… it was a passion that moved into the workplace and had an impact that she didn’t expect. The ‘green team’ in the office was born and soon enough Elly was leaving that behind to create Bright Green. Listen to Elly talk openly about why she decided to leave the safety net of the Corporate World to step into her power and mission to help people and businesses live a more sustainable life. A pure success story of marrying her Project Management skills with her passion to change the world. If you are a business looking for consultancy to be more earth-friendly do get in touch with Elly and help her smash her BHAG!

May 17

41 min 12 sec

In this episode join me for a fascinating conversation with Sonia Osborne, an expert Nutritionist based in Singapore. What an incredible story of moving from the ‘dark side’ of food marketing to healing gut health and nutrition. Sonia felt that her ethical values were being challenged so she walked away to follow her true passion. It is so inspiring to hear how she is now supporting children and adults to heal themselves through nutrition. As a mum of teenage twins it was also great to hear how she is motivating them to live with gut health in mind and how her husband has felt the positive results of Sonia’s knowledge and love for good food. Let’s hope for a Sonia to write a cookbook in the future! Enjoy listening!Find out more about Sonia's services here: https://soniaosborne.com.au 

May 3

42 min 29 sec

Join me for a conversation with Singapore Kiss92FM DJ and Music Director, Shan Wee, where we talk about his upbringing in Northern Ireland, his career path into radio and how writing became part of his boy’s bedtime routine! Shan is the author of two books, one non-fiction (99 Rules for New Dads) and one fiction (The Short Life of Raven Munro).  I loved how Shan wanted to write to leave a legacy, for his books and name to be public and on bookshelves forever. Yet naturally the other legacy he has for his boys comes from the power of self-confidence and self-esteem which he got from his stable family unit. I love hearing people’s stories of childhood to where they are now, and Shan’s story just highlights that people make the world go round 😊 Enjoy! 

Mar 29

38 min 26 sec

Listen to my conversation with Federico Folcia, a serial entrepreneur and currently the CEO and Founder of Crane and MD of Powerhouse.  We chat about why he left the Corporate world, the ups and downs of his first business, his philosophy about life and his vision and mission for Crane.I love Federico’s playful approach to life and his deep desire to get people together to learn and share experiences. Crane certainly reflects his values and his love of living life fully and authentically. He has created a space which is inclusive, engaging and accessible for people of all ages. An amazing community which encourages and nourishes member’s passions in life.Enjoy hearing Federico’s enthusiasm for life and his wise words.

Mar 15

40 min 44 sec

Join me for a conversation with Visha Nelson, Award Winning Founder of The Cinnamon Room where we talk about how she followed her instinct and left the corporate world where she was an unhappy, successful lawyer to finding her freedom and joy in life by becoming a happy and successful entrepreneur. We discuss the negative impact of doing a job just "because you can" to having the courage and resilience to change to a career where you follow your passions, and where working hard feels effortless and fun.  Visha's passion for interiors is so apparent, you really can sense that she really has found her purpose. When an interior designer says how they help clients create a beautiful home where it isn't all about looks, it's about how it feels, you can sense the true love she has for her work. I'm so pleased she followed her 'inner calling'. You'll really enjoy listening to Visha, she really has bags of courage, is living her truth and creating her own story. 

Mar 1

49 min 44 sec

Listen to my conversation with Sam McGrath where we discuss changing his identity from soldier to banker. Now working as a MD for a bank in Singapore, Sam was once the youngest soldier in the Parachute Regiment to achieve the rank of Major since World War 2! We discuss male anxiety and the model Sam uses to help alleviate worry in his life, along with the positive impacts of fitness on mental health. The Author of 'Be PARA Fit: The 4-Week Formula for Elite Fitness', Sam and I talk about how his fitness regime has been an important part of his schedule and a part of his ongoing success.  It's inspirational to hear Sam's loyalty to his career in the Military and how his skills have transferred across to the Corporate world. I love how he thinks about life in a holistic way and continues to push himself whilst remaining true to his purpose and family. A true MasterLeader! I hope you enjoy it! 

Feb 15

46 min 3 sec

Listen to my conversation with wonderful authentic Beverly Yeoh who is the Co-Founder of Bitters and Love, Free the Robot in Singapore and Run Rabbit Run in the Philippines. Beverly started her entrepreneurial journey at just 26 years old and has since built three very successful and award-winning businesses. Listen to her story as she shares how clarity of her vision, her courage to take risks, her constant creativity and the strong community she has supporting her, both family and staff, which has made her trust her inner faith and determination to develop her passion into successful businesses. Beverly's story is inspiring; I am in awe of what she has achieved so far and truly excited about what is to come! I'm sure you will also enjoy our conversation. 

Jan 29

49 min 25 sec

It's quite unusual from someone to go from self employed into working in the Corporate world, it's usually the other way around.  But my first guest of series 2, Soo Kui Jien, has done just that and very successfully too! I had the pleasure of meeting Jien 3 years ago and I immediately connected with his innate positivity, enthusiastic energy and ability to make everyone feel at ease. Listen to hear how, in his career to date, Jien has transitioned successfully from being in front of the screen as a Disney TV presenter, the Host of  Malaysian and Asian Idol and presenter of premier football into being behind the scenes as the Marketing VP for Tiger Beer and presently Head of Marketing for Legacy Wealth. I think you will find it so interesting to hear how his journey unfolded, how he loves to connect and build relationships and how being a father has changed his outlook on his next career steps. If you are considering moving into a new career doing something completely different, then this episode is for you! Enjoy!  

Jan 18

45 min 57 sec

In this episode, the finale of Series 1, I revisit all of my conversations with ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. Listen to snippets from each guest and my reflections on each episode - including what I took away from each chat over a cup of tea. I'm sure that if you haven't listened to all episodes you may find yourself wanting to hear more from some of my guests. Whatever stage you are at in your life, you really will gain so much insight and inspiration from these amazing people.  I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to my podcast as much as I have recording it. It’s been a joy and I’m grateful to be able to continue bringing you more inspirational stories in Series 2, starting in January! See you then!  

Dec 2020

13 min 4 sec

Join me for a conversation with best-selling Author, Coach, Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader, Margie Warrell as she shares her life journey and how she lives her life with purpose and courage. From humble beginnings to being a keynote speaker on Courageous Leadership to global audiences, Margie’s life has been and continues to be inspiring.   Listen to her story as she shares how she recently embraced her vulnerability around her husband’s recent COVID-19 experience, and how her historic bulimia, sadly suffering 5 miscarriages and being involved in an armed robbery has led her to be living her purpose and emboldening others to Live Courageously too. My chat with Margie was full of words of wisdom and important life mantras that we can all connect with. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved sharing some tea with Margie. Learn more at: www.margiewarrell.com  Check out You’ve Got This - www.margiewarrell.com/YGT

Nov 2020

46 min 11 sec

Listen to my conversation with David Kelly, Executive Director of The British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore who I met in 2018 and hear how he has developed and utilises his amazing high EQ skills to build trust, passion and purpose within his team and the Chamber. Hear how he proactively strengthens and maintains relationships by always approaching this with a positive intention to give and help, not to take. I asked him to share his ‘meditation’ process and he kindly ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’ by an impromptu playing of the piano for me. It's what I call ‘A Millionaires Experience’ - apologies in advance for the whooping with joy at the end of his playing! It was such a pleasure to hear how a chance meeting with someone when he was 17 years old shaped his career (and how he got the chance to thank that somebody last year!). Listen to our conversation on how his career journey continues to unfold. You'll see how David is a MasterLeader with true authenticity. Enjoy!

Nov 2020

39 min 4 sec

Join me and Sulochana Uthirapathi the Managing Director of Transform Borders for a cup of tea. Hear how Sulo was feeling stuck, defeated and was living a career which lacked purpose. She took courage to leave, listening to her intuition that there must be more out there for her. And there was!With a change in mindset and clarity on where she wanted to go Sulo became a business owner, finding complete joy in helping others. Her business has grown from strength to strength and is going global, in just 3 years!Sulo is such an incredibly kind and authentic person which is why I call her and her gorgeous family, my Singapore family. We have had so many synchrodestiny moments in the time we have been friends, it is truly magical. At the end of the podcast I'll explain more 😊 If you enjoyed listening to this podcast please rate, subscribe and share with friends and family! 

Oct 2020

41 min 2 sec

In this episode I chat to Chris Milliken, CEO and Co-Founder of PengWine, Chef, Sommelier, Author of the book, 'White or Red, It's All In Your Head'. Chris discovered his love of cooking at 6 years old making breakfast for his parents and by observing his grandfather giving to the community. His generosity continues into his career. Hear how his he is navigating his business through Covid19, the legal dispute with the Champagne region regarding his sparkling wines of Chile and how a random meeting with the Dalai Lama changed his life in an instant. Chris is truly inspiring and such an abundant human being, with so much wisdom to share. If you don't practice mindfulness now, you certainly will want to try it after listening! 

Oct 2020

1 hr 5 min

A Cup of Tea with the hilarious Jon Cancio, actor, teacher, director, and photographer. He was my teacher on my first ever foray into the world of improvised drama in 2018 with the The Improv Company. Find out how watching TV in his early years influenced his job choices, specifically the TV show ER and Greys Anatomy which prompted him to start a career in medicine. And his life changing epiphany when he realises he has the magic and power take away someone’s pain for a moment and he decides that he wants to live in this moment for ever. Jon turned the tables on me at the end and started interviewing me! We discussed the correlation of my love of coaching and how the use of improv allows me to help my clients be the best version of themselves. This was such a fun interview, enjoy! 

Sep 2020

50 min 6 sec

Elise Mawson, the founder of Taxi Baby, joins me for a cup of tea and to talk about how 5.5 years ago as brand new mum she had a massive meltdown which led to a business idea which turned into a side hustle whilst still working as an Engineer in the Corporate world. Her company, Taxi Baby are now the resident car seats experts in Singapore. Since Covid 19 she has started another business PramFox, helping new parents find the right ‘vehicle’ for their babies needs and lifestyle. And she is also launching a collaborative community based book. Elise is a great example of ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ and her authenticity, honesty and sharing of her own vulnerabilities as a mum and as an entrepreneur is both inspiring and comforting at the same time.

Sep 2020

42 min 19 sec

Corrine, the founder of 'Discover Your Voice', a coaching and team building company joins me for a cup of tea and we chat about the magic of music and singing. Corrine's passion is helping people of all ages find their voice and for teams to come together in 'harmony'. Corrine's advice is to sing, no matter what you've been told about your voice. Singing is your birthright. So if you love to sing a few notes in the shower, good or bad, this podcast will open your mind up to how singing can really change your life and your confidence. It's time to discover your own voice today. Plus, a millionaire's experience as Corrine sings us one of her beautiful songs. 

Aug 2020

41 min 28 sec

Hear from Tom, the Co-Founder of Seven Clean Seas, on his fascinating career journey from Sales to Financial Advisor to an ‘accidental environmentalist’ to an extremely inspiring and world-changing entrepreneur. Tom was like a trapped bird whilst working for the corporate world, he knew it wasn’t the environment where he would thrive. Little did he know that his hobby of beach clean ups in Singapore would lead to a business. A business, which is not only saving marine life but also creating a community of like minded people. Seven Clean Seas now operates in 5 different countries and has recovered over 56,000kg of plastic from the ocean. And the dream doesn’t end there. Listen to us talk about what the future of Seven Clean Seas looks like plus the risks you have to take when starting a business, how side hustles are key when taking the leap into entrepreneurship and the need for Bouncebackability.  If you are currently at university, or starting off in the work place or indeed the worried  parent of a teenage child who hasn’t found their ‘passion’ yet I know you will find Toms words of advice inspirational and thought provoking. If you’d like to donate or volunteer with Seven Clean Seas you can do so here: https://sevencleanseas.com/

Aug 2020

44 min 13 sec

Hear our conversation on the importance of well being in the education system as Nicole Glisson and I meet for a cup of tea. We all know that if our teachers are happy and healthy, then our children will be happier and accomplish more. But how can this be achieved and what can teachers do to avoid burnout? Nicole is passionate, authentic and practical about encouraging other teachers, students and parents to be the best version of themselves.  She shares her immense knowledge and experience in positive well being, as well as some great tips to reduce stress that are useful for not just teachers, but for all of us. 

Aug 2020

46 min 46 sec

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’Are you allowing your past to dictate your future? Is it time to clear out your 'wardrobe' of sabotaging labels? This English nursery rhyme is used as a defence against name-calling and verbal bullying. However, in reality, name calling and verbal bullying is sometimes even more damaging than physical abuse. They cause scarring to your unconscious mind and can carry through from childhood to adulthood. This also applies to the labels you call yourself in your head, also very damaging. 

Jul 2020

6 min 31 sec

Hear all about Dr Tim's life/career history where he has demonstrated it's never too late to change your vision in life as we sit down to have a cup of tea. Dr Tim has had such an interesting life so far; he has worked in a department store, as a Firefighter, an Engineer which involved building chimneys in Africa, setting up his own building business and educating himself as a Chiropractor at 40 and now at the age of 60 starting on his next career step! With so much advice and inspirational comments by Dr Tim throughout this podcast, if you're currently feeling stuck you'll feel really motivated to move out of your comfort zone after listening to this! 

Jul 2020

1 hr 5 min

"The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past" - Marie Kondo. Have you been decluttering at home during lockdown? We can all see the benefit of clearing your home environment to feel lighter, and to create feelings of more space so why not consider doing the same with your mind? In this podcast I discuss the importance of getting rid of mindset outfits that don't suit us anymore. I wonder what you will get rid of? 

Jun 2020

5 min 39 sec

My first interview is here! I am delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Helen McGuire, founder and CEO of Hopscotch Work, an award-winning online recruitment platform specifically for women. A true MasterMum of 3 children under 5, Helen's authenticity and her journey will inspire you. She built her business on a frustration and a gap in the market and now supports many women to gain employment. If you're a new mum or mum wanting to go back to work her story will certainly resonate with you. If you enjoy listening to my new podcast, click subscribe and share with friends! 

Jun 2020

58 min 27 sec

"Every time you make a choice, you change the direction of your life"Mary Barrett brings decades of experience as a coach and ten years as a 'MasterMum' to bring you her very first podcast series, 'A Cup of Tea with Mary B'. In this first episode Mary introduces the podcast and how she will be your Coaching buddy in this wonderful journey of life. Give yourself permission to listen to these podcasts and become the best version of you. Whether you are exercising, in the car or relaxing with your favourite tea, listen and enjoy! 

May 2020

1 min 12 sec