How Investing is Evolving

Stuart Holdsworth

In the How Investing is Evolving podcast, we discuss regulatory and consumer trends to help those responsible for their firm's investment propositions to create what best works for both their clients, and their business.

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One of the things that is very common when putting together investment propositions is the definition of value in an industry that delivers a lot of intangibles. What is value in investments? What do people assess apart from price when reviewing competing investment propositions? Stuart discusses this and more with Jonathan Coles an expert in consumer brand and marketing on the next episode of How Investing is Evolving.

Nov 25

45 min 26 sec

Stuarts first guest is the exceptionally informative Rich Arnold. Rich brings 40 years strategic, corporate and M&A experience in the wealth management industry in both Australia and USA and shares his wisdom on the growth of the wealth management industry into what it is today. INVESTED: Changing Forever The Ways Americans Invest by Charles Schwab

Nov 2

35 min

As a provider of investment solutions, it's really common for you to want to deliver an investment proposition that you are proud of, with satisfied clients and is good for your business. The problem is that to achieve that level of client satisfaction often involves personalising the experience to each and every client, which is often complex, difficult, laborious and operationally challenging. Delivering personalised experiences can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive and if not done well, and can make you feel like you're delivering poor service, losing money or putting the business at risk. The podcast is for anyone who is responsible for investment propositions, or those who are seeking to formulate and articulate the value of an investment proposition to their clients and business stakeholders.

Oct 26

3 min 6 sec