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Matt & Emily are back LIVE in Riverside Park. They talk about Matt’s topic, the television show Archer, and continue their conversation about texting. Spoiler alert, it gets contentious. Emily brought Spice Professor’s White Summer white tea for this exhilarating conversation. This tea was purchased to share on the podcast but was it their cup … Continue reading Archer →

Sep 24

61 min

Matt & Emily are back in Central Park and podcasting together! Are there police sirens in the background? Of course there are. But more importantly, there’s tea—a mystery Earl Grey they got at a cafe—and a topic of Emily’s choosing (formerly a mystery to Matt): Texting and Phone Calls! Emily defends the much maligned idea … Continue reading Texting and Phone Calls →

Sep 17

71 min

Boy oh boy are Matt and Emily back with yet another episode of TeaBD. Emily talks about the topic ‘Back to School’ while Matt talks about a book some people read in school, Slaughterhouse-Five. During the conversation your favorite hosts drink Smooth Sailing Mango Black Tea by our friends at Plum Deluxe. Get this tea … Continue reading Back to School & Slaughterhouse-Five →

Sep 10

72 min

Matt and Emily are back and talking topics! Emily finds yet another way to talk about reading by discussing the website Goodreads. Matt shares his (mostly negative) thoughts on flashlights. During this illuminating conversation, Matt and Emily drinks Candlelight White Tea from their friends at Plum Deluxe (use the VIP code “teabd” at checkout on … Continue reading Goodreads & Flashlights →

Sep 3

67 min

TeaBD is back, live from their favorite place to socially distance, Central Park! Matt’s topic is nominally Splatoon but really Emily forces him to talk about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. During this delightful conversation, Matt and Emily drink Dollar Tea Club’s Swedish Mint green tea, but, spoiler alert, its iced!!! Should Emily … Continue reading Splatoon →

Aug 27

77 min

Welcome to another episode of TeaBD (in the Park)! Matt and Emily are joined by special guest hosts Chester and Patrick Mahomes, two dogs that were wandering around the park! Emily talks about meal kit delivery services and what makes a good meal kit. During this park time, Matt and Emily drink Ivy Tea Company’s … Continue reading Meal Kit Delivery Services →

Aug 20

54 min

TeaBD is back and while the topics are videogame streaming and jigsaw puzzles, so much more is discussed. The definition of a ziploc bag? Discussed. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Check. Even Animal Crossing? Absolutely. Matt & Emily drink the same tea this week too! They are drinking Plum Deluxe’s Huckleberry Happiness. Spoiler … Continue reading Videogame Streaming & Jigsaw Puzzles →

Aug 13

70 min

Matt & Emily are talking two topics. Emily talks about rompers and dresses, two of her great passions. Matt talks about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden after visiting for the first time since March. During this extraordinary conversation, Matt drinks Yogi Tea’s Egyptian Licorice while Emily enjoys TeaLeaf’s Mustang Green Tea (or does she). Listen to … Continue reading Dresses and Rompers & the Brooklyn Botanic Garden →

Aug 6

64 min

Matt & Emily are talking the Coen brothers this week. Matt shares his love of their movies and the Coen brothers’ style of filmmaking. Emily knows next to nothing about this topic so listen to this episode to learn along with her. Emily drinks Macungie Mountain Herb Farm’s Dream Catcher Tea while Matt drinks Twinings’ … Continue reading Coen Brothers →

Jul 30

75 min

Emily’s topic of the week is shopping and the thrill that she gets from spending money, especially when purchasing an extreme amount of books. During this conversation, Matt drinks Bigelow Tea’s Plantation Mint. This is a black tea with spearmint! Emily drinks a tea with a long title and an excellent taste, Miracle Tree’s Organic … Continue reading Shopping →

Jul 23

73 min

Matt & Emily are talking topics AGAIN! Matt brings the topic of Animal Crossing (New Horizons) to the podcast table. Matt has spent the majority of quarantine establishing his island while Emily plays occasionally. However, she discussed her favorite villager, Bill the jock! During this conversation, Emily drinks Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Cherry Blossom … Continue reading Animal Crossing: New Horizons →

Jul 16

86 min

Matt & Emily are back to recording in two separate locations! Emily’s topic is something she is in constant need of help with, organization. Matt tries to giver her tips! Matt drinks Yogi Tea’s Kombucha Green Tea and Emily drinks Dream-O-Hunny by Dollar Tea Club! Listen to find out if the teas are there cup … Continue reading Organization →

Jul 9

69 min

Matt & Emily are back, recording live from Central Park! That’s right, Matt & Emily were together and drinking the same tea! They drink A. Kumar’s Lychee Black Tea. They discuss this tea but you will have listen to find out if it was their cup of tea! Matt’s topic this week was, fittingly, parks. … Continue reading Parks →

Jul 2

75 min

This week Matt & Emily are back and talking tea. Emily drinks Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Apricot Ceylon Tea and Matt drinks Adagio’s White Blueberry tea. Another socially distanced pod brings about the question, were these teas their cup of teas? Emily’s topic this week was moving. She shares her recent experiences and they … Continue reading Moving →

Jun 25

77 min

A new episode means a new topic on this week’s episode of TeaBD. Matt is talking Total Annihilation, a videogame from his youth that he recently rediscovered. He talks about this game and Emily tries to make sense of it without any background information. Emily drinks Christmas Chai Black Tea from her Twelve Days of … Continue reading Total Annihilation →

Jun 18

67 min

Matt & Emily are back with yet another episode for the listeners’ ears. Emily talks about one of her greatest food passions, soup, and they both make top five soup lists! While not soup, they do both drink hot tea! Emily drinks TéSpa’s Jasmine Green Té and Matt drinks DAVIDsTEA’s Honeycrisp Apple. These two teas … Continue reading Soup →

Jun 11

73 min

On this week’s episode Matt & Emily talk Jackbox Games. Matt brings this topic to the podcast after his Zoom birthday celebration, an event that Emily participated in! Emily drinks her favorite tea of the quarantine, Bigalow’s Lemon Lift. Matt drinks another T2 tea. This time he drinks Sencha Mango Green tea. Listen to find … Continue reading Jackbox Games →

Jun 5

77 min

Matt and Emily are back to revisit their first ever topic! Emily talks about Queen Elizabeth the First. She tells the story of Elizabeth’s early life and talks about how she discovered her love of queens! Matt & Emily are still social distancing and still drinking two different teas. Emily drinks SPORTea while Matt enjoys … Continue reading Queen Elizabeth the First →

May 28

79 min

Matt & Emily are back in action this week talking procrastination, a thing they did not do for this episode! Matt talks about how he procrastinates and vows to finally finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Emily admits to procrastinating all the time. During the conversation, they drink tea! Matt didn’t procrastinate on … Continue reading Procrastinating →

May 21

67 min

This week, Matt & Emily are determined to be chipper! To do this, they are talking snacks and snacking. Have you ever thought, “What is a snack?” Well this episode has the answer. During the conversation Matt drinks Adagio’s Thai tea. Spoiler alert, he loved this tea. Emily drinks Made of Tea’s Black Gunpowder tea. … Continue reading Snacks and Snacking →

May 14

66 min

TeaBD is continuing to social distance and talk topics. Matt & Emily talk about Captain America. They talk about the character, Chris Evans and Matt’s love of the first Avenger. Emily drinks Chico Chai’s Original Chai. She simmered this tea for 15 minutes and it was worth it! Matt drank DAVIDsTEA’s Cardamom Macchiato white tea. … Continue reading Captain America →

May 7

70 min

Matt & Emily are social distancing and talking grocery shopping. Emily hates grocery shopping and Matt loves Trader Joe’s. They talk pro and cons of grocery shopping and grocery staples. They also drink tea! Emily drinks Plum Deluxe’s Apple Cinnamon Warmth and Matt drinks Teavana’s Peach Tranquility. Listen to find out if these teas were … Continue reading Grocery Shopping →

Apr 30

56 min

This week, Matt & Emily drink tea and talk topics over Skype! Yep, it’s another social distancing podcast and this time it is about camping! “What is camping?” you might ask. Well, Matt has the answers this week and Emily has opinions about s’mores. Matt & Emily drink two different DAVIDsTEAS with organic ginger, Kashmiri … Continue reading Camping →

Apr 23

69 min

Matt & Emily are back with an all new episode of the podcast! This week is Emily’s turn to have the topic and she’s talking about pajamas, loungewear, leisurewear, comfy clothes, etc. They’re also each enjoying the different green teas they had on hand! Speaking of “on hand” and “leisure,” Emily also bought a Nintendo … Continue reading Pajamas →

Apr 16

62 min

This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily are still staying safe and practicing social distancing. During their remote conversation, Matt talks about his topic which is algorithms. He talks about how they can be used for good and evil but they are mostly just neutral. Matt & Emily are both drinking chai teas this week, … Continue reading Algorithms →

Apr 9

53 min

Matt & Emily are social distancing again this week and are talking about pets. Emily talks about all the pets she has had in her life and Matt talks about his fish! During this conversation, they drink two different teas. Emily drinks an organic earl grey by True Goodness and Matt revisits McCarthy’s plum pear … Continue reading Pets →

Apr 2

62 min

Matt & Emily are going remote! For the first time ever, Matt & Emily record in separate places. Matt has the topic this week and they talk all things Spider-Man, particularly the cartoon from the 90s. Emily shows off her knowledge of Spider-Man (or lack of knowledge). They drink Lipton black tea and discuss this … Continue reading Spider-Man →

Mar 26

46 min

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking topics! Matt’s mini-topic is the Lego theme, Pirates! This set was his original favorite Lego and he used the pirates to expand his creativity. Emily talks about getting sick with strep two times in two weeks! She was so annoyed! They drank Yogi Tea’s Honey … Continue reading Lego Pirates & Getting Sick →

Mar 19

83 min

Matt & Emily are talking to their friend Hailey Vest this week about auditions! Hailey is an actor who auditions for a variety of roles and she talks about this process with Matt & Emily. During the conversation, they drink Udyan Tea’s Dragon Claw Oolong Tea. Are auditions their cup of tea? Is this tea … Continue reading Auditioning with Hailey Vest →

Mar 12

90 min

Matt and Emily are talking to their friend Jenny Bee this week! Jenny talks about concerts and why she enjoys them. Matt, Emily and Jenny talk about first concerts and their most embarrassing concerts. Spoiler, they all have embarrassing concert experiences. During this conversation, they drink Hemisfares Genmaicha Toasted Rice Green Tea. This tea had … Continue reading Concerts with Jenny Bee →

Mar 5

71 min

Hey, it’s official(-ish), we’ve been putting out this podcast for two(-ish) years! Last year, for our first anniversary, we tackled the topic of tea. This year, our topic is topics! We revisit some past topics from the podcast, discuss how we feel about the topics we’ve had so far, and give some stats and shoutouts … Continue reading Topics (2nd Anniversary Episode) →

Feb 27

74 min

Matt & Emily are busy this week talking to their friend Rebecca McGivney. Rebecca topic is long distance cycling trips. She has crossed the country twice by bike and has created an extremely extensive google map of her next panned trip. During this conversation, Matt & Emily share rose black tea from Phuc Long Tea … Continue reading Long-Distance Cycling Trips with Rebecca McGivney →

Feb 20

72 min

On this week’s podcast, Matt & Emily are talking about anxiety and fear with their guest, Kayleigh Reichman. Kayliegh shares her journey with anxiety and discusses the difference between anxiety and fear. Matt & Emily also discuss their anxieties with the listeners. Kayliegh, Matt & Emily drink banana and grapefruit black tea by DAVIDsTEA. This … Continue reading Anxiety and Fear with Kayleigh Reichman →

Feb 13

74 min

Matt & Emily are alone this week but that’s okay because they still have tea and topics. Emily has the mini topic this week and she talks about the one thing she truly loves in this world, Baby Yoda and why little The Child is so cute. Matt’s topic this week is the video game … Continue reading Baby Yoda & Super Mario Bros. →

Feb 6

91 min

Matt & Emily are hanging out with their friend Slaney Rose Jordan this week. Slaney’s topic this week is the mummy Nesyamun. Slaney tells Matt and Emily about how this mummy recently “spoke” through a 3-D printing of its vocal cords. They talk about why the scientists did this along with a wide range of … Continue reading Nesyamun, The Leeds Mummy, with Slaney Rose Jordan →

Jan 30

77 min

Matt & Emily have a friend this week and he is comedian and writer Kerrod Williams. Kerrod tells the story of the time he got hoodwinked over the video game WildStar. He was so excited to get this game early that he let himself get duped! During this conversation, Matt, Emily & Kerrod drink T2’s … Continue reading Getting Hoodwinked with Kerrod Williams →

Jan 23

78 min

Matt & Emily are alone this week and happy to be podcasting! Matt’s mini topic is taking notes. He talks about why he likes taking notes and encourages people to do so! Matt & Emily also look at each other’s notebooks and judge each other’s handwriting. Emily’s big topic for the first Matt & Emily … Continue reading Taking Notes & New Year’s Resolutions →

Jan 16

78 min

On this week’s episode, Matt & Emily talk to Rich Inman. Rich’s topic is taking the first step and focuses on taking that first step into a thing you want to do but are too nervous to do, be it in comedy or just in life. They discuss their first steps into sketch and improv. … Continue reading Taking the First Step with Rich Inman →

Jan 9

78 min

Matt & Emily are back this week with guest Nick Pappas. Nick’s topic for the episode is cooking shows. He was inspired by these shows, especially The Great British Bake Off, to start baking himself! He talks about why he enjoys baking and gives out some excellent tips! Emily shares her love of the television … Continue reading Cooking Shows with Nick Pappas →

Jan 2

72 min

Matt & Emily are alone this week and talking tea and topics. Emily’s mini topic this week is Baking Cookies. Emily doesn’t do this as often as she would like but she does love to bake and, more importantly, loves to get compliments on her baking. Matt’s big topic is sketch comedy. He talks about … Continue reading Baking Cookies & Sketch Comedy →

Dec 2019

83 min

Matt & Emily are joined on this week’s episode by guest Matt McCormick. Matt’s topic is role-playing. He talks about playing a role in improv, in games, and in acting. He has been really interested in this concept recently and in how you can be yourself while playing a character. Matt, Matt & Emily drink … Continue reading Role-Playing with Matt McCormick →

Dec 2019

75 min

Matt & Emily learn a lot on this week’s episode. Their guest is another Matt, Matt Abedi. His topic is his favorite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein! Matt talks about Wittgenstein’s theories and why he enjoys his philosophical ideas. During this conversation, Matt, Matt and Emily enjoy a cup of Blueberry Muffin, a fruit infusion from DAVIDsTEA. … Continue reading Ludwig Wittgenstein with Matt Abedi →

Dec 2019

81 min

Matt & Emily are alone this week but still talking tea and topics. Matt’s topic this week is bar arcades. Matt talks about why he enjoys these bars and the best games to play. Emily talks about the best places in the world, airports. Emily shares her go to spots in airports and her experiences … Continue reading Bar Arcades & Airports →

Dec 2019

82 min

It’s Thanksgiving and Matt & Emily are thankful for tea and friendship. They are especially thankful for their guest, Alex Simmons. Matt, Emily & Alex have the most deranged tea talk yet while they drink Gourmet Blend Chai Spiced Chocolate. This tea was purchased at TJ Maxx and was meant to make a chai latte … Continue reading Thanksgiving →

Nov 2019

105 min

Matt & Emily are with their friend Jacob Williams this week. Jacob’s topic this week is the Ernest movies! These movies were a favorite of young Jacob and he and Matt introduce them to Emily. They discuss why Jacob enjoyed these movies and how they seem very dated now. During this conversation, they drink their … Continue reading The Ernest Movies with Jacob Williams →

Nov 2019

88 min

Matt & Emily are alone on this week’s episode of TeaBD and they are talking about things they LOVE. Emily loves her phone and talks extensively about her relationship to her phone. She doesn’t like to be more than five feet away from her phone at any moment. Matt loves going to the movies and … Continue reading Emily’s Phone & Going to the Movies →

Nov 2019

76 min

This week on TeaBD, Matt & Emily are talking with their friend Andrew Barlow about tea and topics. Andrew’s topic this week is car accidents. Andrew recounts the stories of car accidents he has been in and talks about why his friends don’t let him drive anymore. Matt & Emily share there stories as well … Continue reading Car Accidents with Andrew Barlow →

Nov 2019

83 min

On this week’s episode, Matt and Emily are talking with their friend Chloe Effron. Chloe’s topic is the New York Times Crossword. She tells us about why she loves this crossword puzzle specifically and teaches Matt & Emily about the language of the NYT crossword. Emily is astounded by all this information and everyone learns … Continue reading The New York Times Crossword with Chloe Effron →

Oct 2019

68 min

Matt & Emily are back and they are drinking Whittard’s English Rose Black Tea. This floral tea smells like roses and tastes like roses, which is surprising. Matt’s topic is pumpkin beers and why people love them. He has mixed feelings about them. Matt has some pumpkin beers that he really likes and others that … Continue reading Pumpkin Beers & Friends Who Visit →

Oct 2019

68 min

On TeaBD this week, Matt & Emily have improviser and friend, Courtney Lynne, on to chat! They’re drinking London Tea Company’s Peach and Rhubarb tea, a controversial tea as it contains neither peach nor rhubarb! After being lied to by tea, Courtney talks about her topic, nosy coworkers. Courtney shares about her experiences with past … Continue reading Nosy Coworkers with Courtney Lynne →

Oct 2019

71 min

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