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Jared Pharr and Arthur Dominguez keep it real, fun, and interesting every Thursday, with occasional special guests from around the San Antonio area and beyond.

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🎃 The best candy, Dune reviews, Jared can't sleep correctly, how tipping money works, scam calls are getting out of hand, crying is important, the Alec Baldwin incident, The Find My Friends addiction, and much more. Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Oct 28

1 hr 2 min

This week: Netflix talk (Squid Game and Maid), Jared doesn't know what Uranus is, kids bossing their parents around, getting spanked by teachers, and more. The podcast finale today is Arthur and Jared going head to head in a slogan game and spelling contest.  Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Oct 21

1 hr 2 min

This week: mixing Nike and Adidas, the red flag Twitter trend 🚩, hot vs. cold pizza, Squid Game talk, Jared's basic ass taste, season 3 of 'You', reverse vs. forward parking, and much more..  Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Oct 14

52 min 4 sec

This week Arthur and Jared are joined by Zoë Alaniz for a crossover episode with her YouTube show (Un)comfy. They go into TikTok, sending nudes, men hitting women, their biggest insecurities, the couch guy trend, why circumcision exists, why Jack Harlow is special, being cheated on, and much more..(Un)comfy on YouTube:ë Alaniz: Dominguez: Pharr: to you by 1718 Media:


Oct 7

1 hr 32 min

This week: it's Arthur's birthday, open caskets are scary, Jared has ants in his car, Arthur got drunk in Fredericksburg, the mysterious death of Gabby Petito, the story of the Lululemon murder, history is the best subject, radio vs. podcasts, and much more..Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Sep 23

52 min 35 sec

This week: Arthur's going to be a TikTok star, the flushable wipe experiment, Jared's the next Travis Barker, Certified Lover Boy is growing on us, weddings are better than clubbing, what blind people dream of, and much more..Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Sep 15

58 min 46 sec

This week Jared and Arthur are joined by Gilbert Sanchez, host of The Ginn Podcast. Topics: Certified Lover Boy, the creative scene in San Antonio, podcasting as introverts, overcoming past mistakes and inspiring others, learning how to be alone, partying as teenagers, and much more.Gilbert Sanchez: Ginn Podcast: https://theginnpodcast.comArthur Dominguez: Pharr: to you by 1718 Media:


Sep 9

56 min 33 sec

This week: our thoughts on Donda, the Certified Lover Boy cover art, the best Asian food in San Antonio, our traumatic acne experiences, the fake high school football team Bishop Sycamore, the best comedy movies, how we avoided punishments as kids, and much more..


Sep 2

51 min 54 sec

This week: Not being able to maintain drunkness, being scared of pills, OnlyFans bans porn, sugar daddies and sugar mommas, attending high school reunions, being spanked as a kid, teachers that changed our lives, Kanye vs. Drake, and much more. Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Aug 26

1 hr 3 min

This week's topics: Jared's secret relationship, getting drunk is a struggle, Schlotzsky's is slept on, our worst nightmares, the proper way to sleep, brushing your teeth in the shower, how long the "talking" stage should be, social media etiquette in a relationship, and much more. Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Aug 19

1 hr 3 min

Ron Martinez joins the conversation this week to discuss: the TikTok algorithm, the heyday of MySpace, online catfishing as kids, fashion trends making a return, modern diets and not eating meat, irrational fears that we have, exploring the universe, and much more.. Ron Martinez: Dominguez: Pharr: to you by 1718 Media:


Aug 13

1 hr 10 min

This week's topics: bad first dates, kissing on the first night, girls making more moves, the delta variant, never washing jeans, peeing in pools, Lovers & Friends fest, subtitles or no subtitles, and much more.Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: Cardenas: to you by 1718 Media:


Aug 5

1 hr 9 min

We took a week off but we're back better. Topics to expect: Oreos and salsa, Space Jam 2, USA basketball, Gregg Popovich, Kanye West and Donda, Justin Bieber embracing his faith, DaBaby's viral Rolling Loud moments, and much more. Arthur Dominguez: Pharr: to you by 1718 Media:


Jul 29

1 hr 4 min

Jared and Arthur are joined by Breanna Cadena, a licensed counselor. We dive into mental health and how to go about dealing with the things you may be facing instead of ignoring them. She also talks about her current job working with elementary school kids before the conversation shifts to Drake renting out stadiums for dates, Hamilton, and the best chicken strips in town, among other things. Breanna Cadena: Dominguez: Jared Pharr: Media:


Jul 15

46 min 14 sec

Today it's Jared, Arthur, and Zoë in the studio. It's a short king summer thanks to Zendaya and Tom Holland, Fast 9 is where we draw the line, Kendrick Lamar's GKMC album is still charting, a debate about when to change your underwear, couples sitting on the same side of the table, stabbings at bars, Americans being fat, intermittent fasting, and more.Arthur Dominguez: Pharr:ë Alaniz: Media:


Jul 8

1 hr 1 min

Arthur and Zoë switch up the pace in this week's chill episode. They discuss Bill Cosby, Texas beaches, Andrew Schulz, A Quiet Place 2, travelling, and more. Zoë Alaniz: Dominguez: Media:


Jul 1

39 min 22 sec

Joining the conversation today is Emily Guerra. We talk about her viral moment with the Spurs and Manu Ginobili, the barista life, celebrating fiesta, breakfast tacos, Harry Potter, and more.Emily Guerra: -Jared Pharr: -Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


Jun 24

46 min 48 sec

In today's episode Jared is wired up off of an energy drink and Arthur is in a meditative state. They discuss the San Antonio heat, the celebrity boxing matches, the NBA playoffs, Drake arguing with high school refs, the new Migos album, Jeff Bezos flying himself to space, someone trying to hijack a plane, Keeping up with the Kardashians ending, and more. Jared Pharr: -Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


Jun 17

57 min 24 sec

Jared and Arthur are joined by good friend Kyle McKinney in this episode to discuss playing college football, Logan Paul vs. Mayweather, the new Bachelorette season, the new Yeezy Gap jacket, The Crew League, bad Airbnb experiences, the big Texas cities, the J. Cole album, and more. Kyle McKinney: -Jared Pharr: -Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


Jun 10

1 hr 17 min

This week we welcome our first guest ever to Thoughts n' Players. Zoë Alaniz joins Jared and Arthur to discuss how she made this podcast happen, how her and Arthur met at a wedding, fast food burgers, the best flavor of wings, the perfect height for men, Hip Hop vs. EDM, the cryptocurrency hype, Temptation Island and other reality TV, and more. Zoë Alaniz: - Jared Pharr: - Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


Jun 3

1 hr 3 min

Arthur and Jared discuss his trip to Florida, Jared being the American Charlie Sloth, what the hell was Adrian's kickback, Drake being declared the artist of the decade, who they would choose as their neighbors, Prince Harry being a badass, going to a country concert, and other things. Jared Pharr: - Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


May 27

46 min 5 sec

Jared and Arthur discuss their podcast launch controversy before diving into drunk texting, never wanting to try new things, Kobe Bryant's death and legacy, the growth of women's sports, J. Cole playing in the African basketball league, how to pack for a trip, how Americans are so boring, J. Lo being single, Ben Affleck being weird, and how being famous sucks. Jared Pharr: - Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


May 20

52 min 42 sec

Jared and Arthur get the show started by taking a shot and explaining a little bit about the plans for the show. They dive into going back to concerts, Drake and his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy, J. Cole and his new album, LeBron being in the league since forever, how social media has changed over time, Jared needing to find a girlfriend, and some talk about the Bachelorette (unfortunately).Jared Pharr: - Arthur Dominguez: - 1718 Media:


May 14

37 min 44 sec