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Official Podcast Account of ASEAN Youth Organization. We cover various topics that interest the youths through a light yet enlightening conversation with experts all over the world.

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Hanun Thalia is a Psychology Major student at University of Indonesia. In this episode, we are talking about the importance of Mental Health Awareness.

May 31

31 min 21 sec

In this special episode collaborating with IAPSS Asia, we will be discussing the impact of global lockdown to the formal education.

May 20

38 min 10 sec

Women are forbidden to be angry in the current state of society. The rapings, abuses, social inequality... women are taught to be dismissive, permissive; to be silent. Mrs. Soe-Tjen Marching in her books finds a way for women to express their suppressed feelings through her books. In this episode, we will thoroughly discuss fiction, its importance in our education system, and her books about suppressed women.

Apr 8

59 min 40 sec

In this episode, Nadya, a graduate student at the Bonn University, and Vannary, a graduate student at the Harvard university sit virtually together to talk about how far has women rights movement come from a century ago.

Mar 7

1 hr 24 min

In this episode, Agatha, Anja, and Michael will discuss the importance of learning universal languages, how hard it was, and tips and tricks learning new languages. Check it out!

Feb 24

1 hr 4 min

In this podcast we invite Jay, the founder of ASEAN Youth Organization, and Jayren, the president of AYO 2020-2022, to speak about the History of AYO and discussing where the ship will sail in the upcoming years.

Dec 2020

38 min 18 sec