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Project Engaged is a podcast for wedding suppliers who are ready to level up their business!

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In our final episode of season 1 (omg!), we chat about some of the main themes that came across during the podcast. These were all related to having a business that you LOVE! The main topics and themes that came across again and again were: * The importance of brand and marketing. * Finding your people. * The importance of your network. * Client service. * Mindset. Listeners got in touch with us throughout the last 5 months and told us that they want to hear more of the following: * SEO! * Legal side of business. * More about making the jump from side hustle to full time biz. * Marketing, marketing, marketing! More about finding your unique selling point and differentiating. So it's safe to say that we have our work cut out for Season 2, which we'll kick off sometime into 2022! Until then, it's been an absolute pleasure on the podcast. Thanks again to all of our listeners! See you next year! :)


Nov 18

27 min 54 sec

In Episode 26, we have the pleasure of chatting to James from Mr Hendrix Photography. James is a Newcastle based wedding and engagement photographer with an affinity for preserving moments in time. He specialises in capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments as naturally as possible. To him, couples' comfort comes first, and the photos will take care of themselves - because a genuine smile is SO much better than a forced one. Eddy met James in March 2021 for a wedding at Coombe Estate in Victoria and instantly knew that he was a legend with an infectious energy. We had something in common too - James used to be a working DJ who hung up the headphones for a camera! In this episode he describes his awesome journey going from being a full time solar panel salesperson who did photography on the side to full time wedding photographer who has more time to spend with his young family. It's full of super practical tips for other wedding vendors looking to do the same thing! Key takeaways can be found at


Nov 10

58 min 51 sec

In Episode 25, we try out a different format, where Aleks interviews Eddy about his experience before starting our business One More Song! This episode is for DJs who are thinking about going solo. We talk (with great passion!) about why we think if you want to nail it as a wedding DJ, working for an agency may not be right for you. Eddy has been there and done that. He worked for two large entertainment agencies for a number of years, both in the office and as a contractor DJ. In this episode we delve into what that was like and why he decided to branch out on his own (with Aleks joining shortly after!). As always, all takewaways from this ep can be found at

Nov 2

51 min 53 sec

In Episode 24, we talk about a topic that we know a lot of you will find really beneficial - Instagram, specifically delving into Instagram reels! Love it or hate it, Instagram is an extremely important marketing tool for businesses in the wedding industry and to get maximum results, you need to be on top of new functionalities and what's resonating with users. We are very excited to announce our guest today - Kryshla Salaris. Kryshla is an Instagram Coach and the founder of Shall We Social. She helps service-based business owners grow their gram game via coaching + online courses. On her LinkedIn profile, she says "Reclaim your time and say goodbye to Instagram overwhelm". Yes! Kryshla comes from a corporate background and started her own biz in 2016. What we love about Kryshla is she really breaks down Instagram and offers super practical tips that anyone can follow. There are some phoneys out there, but Kryshla is THE REEL (get it?) DEAL. As usual, takeaways can be found at

Oct 26

1 hr 1 min

In Episode 23, we talk about something a bit different! We are excited to welcome Jazz, who is a Melbourne based meditation teacher with her own business, Jazz Kalus Meditation. Jazz is a full time social worker and has seen meditation being used as a tool to support people with stress, anxiety and depression. Her business Jazz Kalus Meditation has different meditation offerings including a 3 day "Learn to Meditate" course and free group meditation. On her website, she says "The more I meditate, the more me I become". Being in the wedding industry and running your own business can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, so we were very keen to hear some tips from Jazz about how meditation can help manage this! As always, takeaways from this episode are available on

Oct 20

58 min 40 sec

In Episode 22 we speak to hair and makeup artist Danee Bolan from Killer Queen creative who has built an amazing brand and network with her business Killer Queen Creative.   Danee (originally from Perth but now in Melbourne) has always had a passion for hair and makeup. This was a side hustle for some time while she worked the 9-5 grind. After the birth of her first son, she decided to take her small business full time, re-brand and create a movement. Enter Killer Queen Creative!   We speak to Danee about her branding and vibe and how she was able to jump into her business full time.   As always, key takeaways are available at

Oct 13

35 min 48 sec

This week we speak to Jeremy Robertshaw from Agility Digital about all things Search Engine Marketing (aka SEO). We've mentioned SEO a few times during our podcasts. We kick things off by asking what SEO actually is and Jeremy takes us through some of the important things to consider when thinking about SEO for your business. Jeremy also dishes out some "quick wins" gold that listeners can implement TODAY to make improvements to their web rankings! Success with SEO is not something that happens overnight though, it takes time, work and patience. But once you start seeing results, it's hard not to get excited about its potential to help grow your business or side hustle! Resources mentioned in this podcast (in no particular oder): Google My Business (for local business listing) Google Analytics (for data on your website visits) Google Keyword Planner (to research keywords that your potential clients may be searching for) Google Search Console (so Google can crawl your website once you drop a sitemap into it) Amazon Web Services (for super fast, local hosting) Hotjar (really helpful screen recordings of instances on your website). As always, full episode takeaways can be found at

Sep 22

38 min 50 sec

In Episode 18 we chat to one of our lovely couples for our second "Couple Insights" episode! We're very excited to be chatting to one of our lovely couples for our second "Couple Insights" episode! Jelena (aka Jel) and Tim got married in what could only be described as a picture perfect wedding. Not only was it in 2019 BC (before COVID), but it was at the stunning Euroa Butter Factory on a warm summer's day and styled to absolute perfection! Jel and Tim came to us through their planner and stylist Laura from Wanderlust Creative. We provided a brass trio as well as DJ (Aleks Mac) to cover music all day from pre-ceremony drinks right through to the final song. As it was quite early in the business, both Eddy and Aleks worked with the couple early in the process, with me taking over as their DJ. It was quite a long lead time as the guys were super organised and booked in their big ticket items early. In this episode, we chat to them about how they planned their dream wedding, lessons learnt and any tips they have for suppliers! Check out the full show notes at

Sep 15

34 min 28 sec

Large scale weddings with Colleen Haggarty from Showtime Event Group! Episode 17 is our first venue interview! We are excited to welcome Colleen Haggarty, Wedding Producer at Showtime Event Group. Showtime Event Group is one of Melbourne’s leading event companies, with six fabulous wedding venues under its umbrella, including State Library Victoria, Cargo Hall, Rippon Lea Estate, Showtime Events Centre, and more. We've worked with Colleen on State Library weddings and can tell you she's an absolute machine! A State Library wedding is a serious production and on the night you will see Colleen with her headset on, directing multiple staff and suppliers and getting more than her daily 10,000 steps in as there are a lot of large and grand spaces at the venue. On this episode we get an inside look into how such a large operation works and some tips from Colleen for suppliers who'd like to work in venues like the State Library. As always, you can check out the full show notes at

Sep 8

33 min 24 sec

How we conduct client discovery meetings for One More Song! We asked what you wanted to hear about and you answered! In our latest episode, we (Aleks and Eddy) go in depth about the client discovery process (ie the initial chat/meeting we have with prospective couples). What is it? Why and how do we do it? And what have we learned? We cover all of this in depth on this episode. As always, check out the full episode notes on

Sep 1

49 min 4 sec

In Episode 15, we speak to Geelong based money mindset coach and speaker, Nicole Alesios. Nicole helps female service based business owners value and price their time accordingly and have easier money conversations, firstly with themselves and secondly, with their clients and prospects. She started her career in human resources and has worked with large and medium sized companies, C-suite executives, high net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs, across a number of sectors including publishing, utilities, pharmaceutical and property and well-being. She now consults privately and although she works with women-led businesses, we spoke to her about how everyone can identify and change their mindset around money. In this episode we share Eddy and Aleks' money personalities (hint: they're very different!) and how that affects mindset, and Nicole offers some tips for how to approach those difficult money conversations. We think this topic is especially important for wedding vendors as the pandemic has really challenged a lot of us financially and we've been thrown into having many uncomfortable money conversations. It's also made a lot of us think hard about what we're charging clients and the value we offer. As always, be sure to check out the show notes at


Aug 25

43 min 20 sec

In Episode 14, we interview Melbourne based stylist and florist Lucy, who works under the business banners Styled By Varu and Flowers By Varu. Launched in 2017, Styled By Varu blends Lucy’s floristry and design credentials with her more than 15 years’ events experience and passion for delivering stunning, personalised weddings. Before starting her business, Lucy worked in a fast-paced events role in an exclusive 5-star Melbourne hotel for eight years. During this time, she saw first-hand a local wedding styling market saturated with overpriced services only accessible to a select few. So Lucy set about developing a boutique wedding styling service offering a high-quality service at an affordable price point. The following client review on Google says it all: "There is no doubt Lucy was our biggest support during the entire wedding process. She looks after everything! From offering much needed emotional support at times, to buying a last minute lock and wishing well for our big day, nothing was too much to ask. We are sure that our day only went smoothly because of Lucy's planning, guidance and expertise." Lucy gave some really interesting insights into wedding planning, floristry and styling, and how she works with clients to bring their dream vision to life! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!   As always, you can check out the podcast page at


Aug 18

50 min 18 sec

In this episode, we chat about a super important issue in the wedding industry - inclusivity and how as a vendor, you can genuinely support marriage equality. We interviewed Alex Ross, the founder and creator of Theodore magazine - formerly Mr Theodore - Australia's largest LGBTQI+ wedding guide dedicated to promoting the finest wedding suppliers who are supportive of marriage equality. The guide has been around since 2015 and we've been a part of it since One More Song was established. Alex has been awesome to work with. He's a very savvy marketer and that definitely comes in handy when you're a supplier listing on Theodore. What we love most is that Alex advocates for inclusivity in the wedding industry and makes it easy for LGBTQI+ couples to find their dream suppliers. In this episode, Alex shares his deeply personal story about why he founded Theodore. We also chat with him about where Australia is at in terms of support for LGBTQI+ marriage and how to ensure that you're a truly inclusive wedding supplier. Check out for all takeaways from this episode!

Aug 11

47 min 16 sec

In this episode, we welcome our first wedding entertainment guest, Cut a Rug! Aaron Duncan aka Cut a Rug is a one-of-a-kind DJ who caught our attention for his epic dance floors and huge party vibe. He's based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and specialises in weddings, events and other private parties, from Sydney to The Whitsundays, New Zealand and beyond! If you've seen his Instagram, you'll see that he lives up to the tagline on his website: "Sicker than your average". He's definitely inspired us for our business One More Song and is the perfect offering for couples who want a party DJ for their wedding. There are many things that stand out about Aaron but one that particularly strikes us is the brand advocates he has. You could call them super fans! You'll often see Instagram stories from celebrants and photographers who post a photo of Aaron's set up before the wedding's even started because they're so excited to have him there. The same goes with clients and guests. In this interview, we chat to Aaron about his career and how he's gone about building an incredible amount of support for the Cut a Rug DJ brand! Episode links and takeaways can be found at


Aug 4

49 min 28 sec

In this episode, we welcome our first international guest, Rachel Waring!   Rachel is based in the UK, in east London. She's a wedding stylist turned strategist, helping creatives blend visuals and sales.   She specialises in Pinterest training and content creation and has created online training to help business owners achieve the same success she's had with Pinterest.   She's also the co-host of a podcast for creative small business owners called The Business Proposal Podcast. This is how we first came across Rachel, and we've since had one-on-one coaching sessions with her to teach us about Pinterest and help us set up this podcast.   On this episode, we pick Rachel's brains about content creation, being your own art designer and how to get started on Pinterest.   Episode links and takeaways can be found at

Jul 28

46 min 42 sec

BONUS EPISODE!   In Episode 10, we expand on an Instagram post we did recently talking about 5 ways you can keep yourself productive while locked down (thanks COVID).   We've put together some ways you can work ON your business when you're not able to work IN it. Side note: we appreciate that we live in a culture where productivity is revered, which is not always a good thing. If you prefer to binge on reality TV shows with a bag of chips and a bottle of wine to get you through lockdown, DO IT. These are just tips for those of you who have ants in their pants and feel better at least getting some work done!   For the full show notes, click here.

Jul 23

27 min

In this episode, we chat to Heidi Rayment (Hitched By Heidi), a wedding celebrant, MC and host of the Effortless Weddings podcast. She's been described by clients as an "epic party wrapped up in your favourite warm blanket". What a description! Heidi went through a rebrand like we did with our business One More Song last year. After a few years of being a celebrant, 2020 saw Heidi spending most of the year in lockdown and going into some deep soul searching about why her business wasn't delivering the amount of work she really wanted. What resulted was a big rebrand that transformed her business. In terms of enquiries, Heidi went from the sound of crickets to around 5 enquiries a week and even 5 a day during crazy peak season. She's also launched a new business Elopement Adventures! Heidi was just a dream to chat to and we really hope you enjoy this episide as much as we did! Links to resources mentioned: Heidi mentioned these three expos: One Fine Day, Wedding Expos Australia & Wedding And Bride Directories: Heidi's on Ivory Tribe and Wedshed. Networking groups: Southside Celebrants (run by Anna Smale). Graphic design app for DIY design: Canva. Squarespace - Heidi used this content management system (CMS) for her new website.


Jul 21

47 min 46 sec

In Episode 8, we chat to wedding photographer Oli Sansom (aka Briars Atlas), who we see as a true leader in the industry! There are tons of incredible wedding photographers out there, but Oli definitely stands out to us as someone who creates true art out of the most mundane moments. He's become the choice for couples wanting creative coverage of their wedding everywhere over the world. He's won more awards than we can count and has been shooting weddings for 8 years. He also lectures internationally. In this episode, we chat to Oli about mindset, tapping into creativity and how to do things differently. Read the full show notes here.  


Jul 14

39 min 42 sec

In this episode we respond to a listener's question about  "workflows". (We've been using this word quite a bit apparently in our podcast). One of the major improvements we made to our business One More Song DJs last year was making our process of managing our bookings more efficient. Workflows were a big part of this! What is a workflow, you ask? Put simply, a workflow a list of things to do from inception (enquiry stage), right through to the fulfilment stage (after a wedding is done). Our workflow management is contained in our CRM of choice - Tave. If you are looking into a CRM, definitely check out Tave! You can use this referral link and get a 60 day free trial to see if it's the right CRM for you! If we've used other terms in our podcast that you'd like to learn more about, please hit us up! We'd love to share more knowledge if we can! Read the full show notes here.

Jul 8

39 min 37 sec

Jessie Belle is a Geelong based celebrant who has been described by clients as "a gorgeous pocket rocket of creativity, love, humour and excitement". She is confident, bold and has a recognisable brand that perfectly reflects her energetic personality! In this episode we chat to Jessie about her career change from performer to wedding celebrant, overcoming common challenges in the industry and how she's found "her people"! Read the full show notes here.

Jul 1

34 min 27 sec

The law can seem like a very daunting thing when you're starting and running your own business. Let's face it, unless you have a law degree, it's pretty damn confusing. In this episode, we speak to lawyer Andrew (Andy) Smith about the legal stuff you need to consider when starting your own business, choosing the right business structure for you, contractual terms and considerations when choosing between staff and contractors.  And we have to mention the C-word. COVID restrictions have thrown weddings into disarray, making it even more obvious how important it is to have robust terms with your clients and suppliers. Read the full show notes here. DISCLAIMER: The content discussed in this podcast is for informational purposes only, is general in nature, and is not intended to and should not be relied upon or construed as a legal opinion or legal advice regarding any specific issue or factual circumstance. Nor is this information intended to create, and receipt of it does not create, a lawyer client relationship between you and any of the presenters. We strongly recommend you consult a lawyer in the event you require legal advice.

Jun 24

40 min 38 sec

In this episode, we (Eddy and Aleks) talk about the 7 key lessons we've learnt from making mistakes early on in our business. These cover a range of areas including branding, mindset, client communications and more! Your mistakes are what help you grow. Learning from ours has been invaluable. Read the full show notes here.

Jun 10

29 min 1 sec

In our first "Couple insights" episode, Aleks chats to Cait and Andy, whose wedding she DJed in May 2021. Cait and Andy have very particular tastes and were careful in selecting their team of suppliers. In this episode, they share the process they want through in choosing their dream team, how they worked through two postponements and some simple but very important tips for all wedding suppliers operating in these uncertain times! Shout out to suppliers mentioned: She Takes Pictures He Makes Films, Toko Events, Bangin' Hangins, North St Botanical and Mitchelton Wines. Read the full show notes here.

Jun 6

35 min 2 sec

Content, content, content! These days, marketing your wedding business can seem like a minefield, and yet it's easier than ever to DIY. In this episode we chat to the super savvy founders of online Aussie wedding directory Ivory Tribe, Jo & Nat, who talk about how to market your business, making the most of the pandemic and some hot tips for suppliers looking to ramp up their business in 2021. Read the full show notes here.

Jun 5

27 min 55 sec

Hey there! We're so excited to introduce our podcast for wedding suppliers who want to engage with their ideal clients and fall in love with their businesses! In our first episode, we chat about how we started our successful DJ business One More Song (taking it from side hustle to full time career), how we made use of 2020 to level up our business and what we'll be covering in our podcast in episodes to come!

Jun 4

21 min 9 sec