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Brad Rea, president and founder of Champtires, discusses the benefits of utilizing used tires as dealerships.

Dec 3

5 min 50 sec

Travis Hafer, the Southeast regional sales director for Naked Lime Marketing, who discusses how salespeople need to adapt to the times and a changing way of selling. 

Nov 19

8 min 15 sec

Robert Rice, a retired colonel from the Marine Corps, who discusses why veterans would be a key addition to any workforce.

Oct 29

14 min 38 sec

Miles Edmark, general manager of Edmark Toyota in Nampa, Idaho, discusses how the company has seen many business and market fluctuations over 94 years, and how it has improved its customer service to keep pace with those changes.

Oct 22

12 min 54 sec

Tony Orlando, vice president of marketing services and business development for iA American Warranty Group, discusses customer loyalty and equity mining.

Oct 15

16 min 25 sec

Given the recent nationwide hiring spree, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to learn what qualities they are looking for that set good candidates apart from the rest.

Oct 8

6 min 54 sec

Erin Williamson, director of marketing for, discusses her experience in the auto industry as well as her take on some of the current trends.

Oct 1

11 min 30 sec

Tim James, the chief operating officer for Flick Fusion, discusses using video in your dealership’s marketing strategy.

Sep 24

25 min 45 sec

Steve Middlebrooks, CEO and dealer partner of Heyward Allen Motor Co. in Athens, GA, discusses how his business stands apart with its customer service.

Sep 17

17 min 16 sec

Greg Uland, vice president of brand marketing for Reynolds and Reynolds, discusses digital and online retailing and the benefits of a hybrid business model.

Sep 10

9 min 42 sec

Mike Shell, who is responsible for dealer development for EZTech Platforms, discusses the younger generation and how it prefers to buy cars.

Sep 3

5 min 46 sec

Jason Girdner, the CEO of Tecobie, discusses how to provide your customers with an excellent digital retailing experience.

Aug 27

11 min 49 sec

Craig Vaughn, president of Drivrz Financial, speaks about how he feels that used vehicle leasing is what the auto industry need at this moment.

Aug 20

8 min 35 sec

In this special leadership podcast, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to learn what motivational advice they have been given that has made a distinct difference in their careers.

Aug 13

10 min 41 sec

The industry has been through times of scarcity before. Chip King of ZipDeal discusses how dealers can learn from the past and treat customers in a way that will keep them coming back.

Aug 6

9 min 18 sec

Join us as we discuss with Eric “Frenchy” Mélon how successful dealerships embrace promoting from within and developing their people through the right career path.

Jul 30

21 min 3 sec

Tom Hawkins, dealer principal of Hawkins Chevrolet in Fairmont, MN, discusses some best practices he has implemented at his rural dealership.

Jul 23

21 min 48 sec

Matt Andrus, chief technical officer for Car Wars, and Lamont Toney, product manager for Car Wars, discuss ways dealers can combat inbound spam and outbound spam flagging.

Jul 16

33 min 3 sec

Kim Huffman, the managing partner of Neil Huffman Automotive Group, discusses how her dealership has managed the pandemic and inventory shortage.

Jul 9

15 min 41 sec

Valerie Vallancourt, vice president of marketing for Outsell, discusses how dealers can connect with customers and recapture revenue.

Jul 2

8 min 58 sec

Anthony Martinez is the director of client services, and Anthony Greenhalgh is the director of sales and marketing operations for Rapid Recon. They discuss how to take delays out of the recon process.

Jun 25

31 min 43 sec

This episode is a special presentation from Tim Jackson, director of OEM relations for Activator Dealer Solutions. The presentation focuses on how to engage with customers better through data in the current environment.

Jun 18

18 min 7 sec

Kevin LeSage, the director of digital marketing for Autotrader, discusses strategies dealers can use for continued success amid inventory shortages.

Jun 11

17 min 18 sec

Brian Benstock, vice president and partner at Paragon Honda and Acura, gives his take on recent reactions to industry issues.

Jun 4

8 min 51 sec

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May 28

2 min 32 sec

Mark Paul, president and CEO of AutoAp, discusses how dealers can find new revenue opportunities despite the chip shortage.

May 21

7 min 12 sec

Carmen Torres, the senior vice president of Agent Sales for iA American Warranty Group, discusses how dealers can access cash to help with their growth and improvement plans.

May 14

13 min 31 sec

Dan Jackson, CEO and founder of Driverbase, discusses how the online car-buying journey is changing and how electric vehicles are playing into that change.

May 7

8 min 57 sec

Keith Gronau, sales representative for Mark VII Equipment, discusses how the addition of a carwash can be of benefit to a dealership.

Apr 30

9 min 26 sec

This leadership podcast returns to some of our past guests to get their takes on what they believe the most useful leadership skills are.

Apr 23

8 min 6 sec

Eric Brown, CEO and co-founder of inSearchX, discusses how to modify our mindsets to change our outdated notions of digital advertising.

Apr 16

10 min 58 sec

Dennis McGinn, CEO of Rapid Recon, and Ed French, president and principal consultant of AutoProfit and dealer principal of 500 Automotive Group, discuss how dealers can create profit certainty with pre-owned inventory in these turbulent times.

Apr 9

17 min 44 sec

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO of APCO Holdings, discusses changes in the finance and insurance department.

Apr 2

9 min 29 sec

Tim James, chief operating officer of FlickFusion, discusses how videos can help dealers engage with their customers and overcome some negative stereotypes.

Mar 26

20 min 43 sec

On this leadership podcast, we return to our guests to get their insights on how they recharge after suffering a setback or tough time.

Mar 19

9 min 31 sec

Mike Reijonen, sales and distribution manager at Mark VII Equipment, discusses how dealers can improve their ROI by converting their carwashes from loss leaders to potential profit centers.

Mar 12

8 min 1 sec

Gary Marcotte, senior vice president of customer engagement innovation at Outsell, and Guy Super, vice president of sales for Outsell, discuss how dealer groups can connect better with customers.

Mar 5

21 min 27 sec

Chris Gugliotta, senior vice president of WebBuy, discusses some best practices and tips for implementing digital retailing at your dealership.

Feb 26

15 min 45 sec

On this leadership podcast, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to get their thoughts on what resources they recommend to help others become better leaders.

Feb 19

16 min 30 sec

Rusty West, president of Market Scan Information Systems, discusses how dealers can use data and technology to improve the digital retailing experience.  

Feb 12

11 min

Mike Cochrane, vice president of business development and key accounts for Cafection | Evoca, discusses how dealerships can adapt their services around the customer experience through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Feb 5

9 min 51 sec

Frankie Russo, founder and CEO of 360 AUTO, discusses how innovative CXM and technology will give auto dealers the edge in 2021.

Jan 29

21 min 55 sec

Mark Paul, president and CEO of AutoAp, discusses how to reduce liability for your dealership and assess how your safety recall process can not only help your sales but also the customer experience.

Jan 22

11 min 51 sec

Dan Jackson, CEO and founder of Driverbase discusses what recommendation engines are and how dealers can utilize them.

Jan 15

12 min 22 sec

Danny Zaslavsky, general manager and partner at Country Hill Motors and product advisor for VinCue, discusses how dealers can update their used car sourcing strategy for the new year.

Jan 8

13 min 32 sec

On this leadership podcast, we’ve returned to some of our past guests to get their thoughts on the impacts of social networking. All of our guests agree that social networking has had a profound impact on business operations and that it will continue to do so.

Jan 1

13 min 2 sec

Matthew Lapolice, business development manager for Mark VII Canada, discusses the benefits of adding automated carwashes to dealerships.

Dec 2020

14 min 9 sec

Ken Tomaro, CEO of OptionSoft, discusses how dealers can improve their digital showrooms.

Dec 2020

16 min 43 sec

Glenn Hemminger, managing director of UVeye, discusses dealership vehicle inspection processes.

Dec 2020

24 min 47 sec

Justin Blevins, COO at TECOBI, discusses lead generation and follow up.

Dec 2020

14 min 51 sec