Digital Creators Podcast

By Harry

A deep dive into the minds of young creatives making it happen.

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    Interview w/ Milky Hyde @milkyhyde | Unrestricting Your Creativity, Valuing Your Own Unique Style and Getting Experimental With Your Work! | Digital Creators Podcast Episode #14
  2. 2.
    Interview w/ Bruce Thompson @bettercallbruce | How a kid from the Australian bush ended up in Berlin, creating for huge brands like Adidas, Nike, Red Bull | Digital Creators Podcast Episode #13
  3. 3.
    Interview w/ Ryan De Gennaro from PRIVACY CLO @privacy.clo | Showing The Face Behind The Brand, Facebook Ads & Micro-Influencers | Digital Creators Podcast Episode #12
  4. 4.
    Interview w/ Antoinette Raphael @raphaelantoinette | Diving DEEP into the intricate creative processes & concepts behind her high-end-streetwear label RAW WAR| Digital Creators Podcast Episode #11
  5. 5.
    YouTube & Content Creation Mindset! | Clubhouse Creative Chats! ft. Andrew Murphy, Morgan Nesbitt, Shannon Skinner, Jade Clift, Brodie Butler & Myself!
  6. 6.
    Social media, Portfolio, Followers & Metrics | Clubhouse Creative Chats! ft. Lloyd James & Morgan Nesbitt
  7. 7.
    Interview w/ Jaxon Foale @jaxonfoale | Living the dream travelling the world with mates creating content, fizzy drinks, pokemon cards, girlfriends, tiktok | Digital Creators Podcast Episode #10
  8. 8.
    Interview w/ Brendan Cecich @brendancphoto | Photography in the Music Industry, Creative Business Tips, Scream Like Goku Challenge | Digital Creators Podcast Episode #009

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