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A podcast where members of our community become the co-creators of our school culture. The richness of the ASF school life is found in every corner of our campus and we wanted to bring it to life!

This is Bearcast by ASF
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Rated PG-13: The Weightlifting Club is back with a new dashing episode about Body Imaging. Learn all about the truth behind the tricks people use to look buffer or more lean on their social media and be ready to know more about the importance of loving your genetics. 

Nov 17

12 min 29 sec

Rated PG-13: What do you want to be when you grow up? This question is posed to many in their youth; Hyun Ji Kang being one of those kids who was asked this question several times. Our speaker will be exploring this question and how it not only confined her to a box of expectations, but also ruined her ability to dream. 

Nov 12

9 min 28 sec

Rated G: Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for everything you have in life. From those little things you enjoy on a daily basis like taking a hot shower, eating a plate full of delicious food, laughing with your friends or hugging your pet, to the more important things in life like having a family, getting an education or simply being alive. Join Mrs. Erin Trautman in this new monthly book reading: The Thankful Book by Todd Parr.

Nov 12

3 min 40 sec

Rated G: The joyous occasion of Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding is met with a few speed bumps as the planned entertainment does not show up. A new character comes in to save the day, but despite this Theseus’s employees stumble through their rendition of Pyramus and Thisbee.

Nov 11

15 min 25 sec

Rated PG-13: Emilia Mizrahi presents "How Emotions Lead to Sickness". She believes it is important to inform the community about how psychological aspects can contribute to your health - for the better or worse. She further believes that people can take preventative measures to protect their health in the long run. 

Nov 4

11 min 38 sec

Rated G: After the fallout of the amour flower leaves King Oberon with what he desired and more, Puck undoes the damage, leaving the four New York princelings to stumble through the aftermath.

Nov 4

9 min 57 sec

Rated G: It's Halloween and we wanted to share with you this spooky but very fun story! Join Twinkling Feet on the most terrifying situation a little pixie could ever encounter and learn more about the origins of Halloween alongside the Communications Team. Don't be a scaredy cat and have a fang-tastic day!

Oct 29

13 min 48 sec

Rated PG-13: In this Ted Talk called "Persona: The Truth of Masks", Tatiana makes us ponder about our existing interior and exterior. One is known to hold our authentic selves, whereas, the other serves as a "mask" to hide the self from others. Is the meaning of life to find our interior, or authentic self? 

Oct 28

17 min 16 sec

Rated G: King Oberon is unsatisfied with some of Pucks shenanigans with the amour flower, prompting more chaos and inciting a King's tantrum once more. Hermia and Demetrius get some one-on-one time to talk through their love lives.

Oct 28

17 min 15 sec

Rated PG-13: Following up the last episode of Gym Etiquette, the members of the Weightlifting Club explain how working out correctly is way more valuable than the amount of weight you carry. They also highlight that no one... NO ONE should skip Leg Day! Stay tuned for the next episode on Body Imaging. 

Oct 22

16 min

Rated G: After mischief with the amour flower leaves Lysander pining after Helena, the amateur theatre company stretched their acting muscles, Puck drums up some new chaos, and Queen Titania falls for an unlikely character.

Oct 22

20 min 3 sec

Rated G: In this episode, ASF's Knowledge Bowl club introduce their club origins, talk about how the club operates, and explore trivia questions. If you are interested, join the club!

Oct 20

16 min 2 sec

Rated G: Join the Director of Admissions, Sloane Starke and Ana García, Admissions Counselor, in this Q&A that will clear all your doubts in regards of the Admission process and ASF expectations. 

Oct 19

9 min 53 sec

Rated G: "Tete" Braun presents "Laughter is no Joke!" and engages with the audience by teaching them techniques to use laughter that can help them reduce stress and eventually, maintain a good standard of life. 

Oct 15

12 min 42 sec

Rated PG-13: Tag along with Lucas, Isabella, and Fabianna to talk about the controversial film The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks; and let us include a SPOILER ALERT!

Oct 15

17 min 59 sec

Rated PG-13: Meet the officers of the MUN Club, where they introduce what its like to be part of this challenging but fulfilling environment; as well as some of their funniest and memorable moments during the committee debates! 

Oct 14

9 min 41 sec

Rated G: After Lysander and Hermia agreed to meet at Central Park to plan their escape, Titania, Oberon, and their servants appear on scene... and oh! of course, they're all fairies and hate each other. In this episode you will encounter evil fairy plans, love potions, revenge, and unrequited love. 

Oct 14

20 min 41 sec

Rated G: In honor to the International Day of the Girl Child, learn everything about the Casa Esperanza Club, where the officers tell us a bit more about their mission and activities to enhance a rich development for all girl members. 

Oct 11

9 min 32 sec

Rated PG-13: On the first official episode of “Plates for Grades” the three hosts introduce themselves and begin to discuss one of the most important factors of attending the gym…

Oct 8

16 min 32 sec

Rated G: Join Fabianna, Lu, Regi, and Mateo in this episode of The Link Sitch to learn more about their kind and inspiring club that makes everyone feel welcomed at ASF! It doesn't matter if you are new, a freshmen, or you simply want to meet new friends, both the Link Buddies and Link Crew will give you the opportunity to have fun. 

Oct 8

13 min 8 sec

Rated PG-13: "We should be seeking to celebrate learning rather forcing it to hide behind scores... we should remember that education is more than just a number". In this TEDx Youth conference, Javier Flores, ASF science teacher, drifts away from science to analyze how students have begun prioritizing number grades and forgetting about the true focus of education - learning!

Oct 7

12 min 53 sec

Rated G: Have fun listening to The Little Red Hen, a tale read by Mrs. Erin, Head of the ECC. 

Oct 7

4 min 15 sec

Rated G: In honor of the World Smile Day, join Majo, Lucía, and Emily to learn more about what the ASF club, Operación Sonrisa, does to help people that are born with cleft lip and cleft palate. From raising money to donate to the organizations, to create awareness of this issue, Operación Sonrisa makes sure that the kids smile no matter what. 

Oct 7

6 min 49 sec

Rated G: Enjoy the 21st century adaptation audio theatre of this Shakespeare classic. Theseus and Hippolyta are planning their biggest night... their wedding! Meanwhile, a romantic turmoil is heating up between Hermia, Demetrius, Helena, and Lysander. 

Oct 7

12 min 59 sec

Welcome to the official ASF Spotify account! We are very excited to share this space with all of you and have everyone get to know a little bit more of what ASF has to say. We hope you enjoy the content as much as we did creating it, and... from a Bear to the world... THIS IS BEARCAST!

Sep 29

2 min 4 sec