The Dignity of Suffering

By Mitchell Smolkin

Have you ever been brought to your knees by the challenges of life? What if you could enter the world of the therapist, be a fly on the wall, and hear their stories and insights into life’s biggest challenges; a place to learn from the experiences of others who have tried to find dignity in their suffering. That’s what we do each week on The Dignity of Suffering. Hosted by Mitchell Smolkin –– registered psychotherapist, author, and speaker – every episode is a candid look at the trials and tribulations of being alive, and how slowing down and becoming curious about our human experience can enrich our perspectives and plant our feet more firmly on the ground

  1. 1.
    026: Adieu Adieu: Leaving and Returning: the Endurance and Transformation of Memory and Loss - A Special Musical Podcast Edition
  2. 2.
    025: Confessions of a Couple’s Therapist: The Dangers of Literal and Binary Thinking
  3. 3.
    024: Helping Men Talk About Emotions: An Interview with Life Coach and EZ Podcast Host Furkhan Dandia
  4. 4.
    023: The Tension Between Poetic and Scientific Explanations of Human Experience
  5. 5.
    022: Neurodiversity, Medication, and Psychedelics: An Interview with Joe Satin Levin
  6. 6.
    021: The Power of the Breath with Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, and Artist Esther Kalaba
  7. 7.
    020: Doing All The Work In Relationships: The Plight of the Burnt-Out Pursuer and the Psychodynamics of Anxious Attachment
  8. 8.
    019: Sexology and the Art of Physical Intimacy with Sex Therapist Isiah McKimmie
  1. 9.
    018: The Melancholy of the Human Position: Scholar Dr. Dustin Atlas in Conversation About the Work of Martin Buber and The Ephemeralness of Relationship
  2. 10.
    017: Is It Just a Placebo? No, It’s the Real Deal. Two Mitchell Smolkins Find Each Other and Discuss the Family Business: Pain
  3. 11.
    016: Why Psychological Theory Changes and the Dangers of Oversimplification: Towards a Flexible and Humanistic Understanding of Ourselves
  4. 12.
    015: From the Mouth of a 10 Year Old: How to Help Your Children Feel Safe and Other Surprises, A Father and Son Chat with Gabriel Smolkin
  5. 13.
    014: The Heart of Conflict: How to Create Safety, Flexibility and Love with Our Children with Clinical Mental Health Counselor Pripo Teplitsky
  6. 14.
    013: Parenting Acoustics: Cultivating Safety, Curiosity and Flexibility in the Brain of the Child
  7. 15.
    012: The Impact of Infertility Treatment on Couples and Relationships: How to Bear the Unbearable with Dr. Erica Berman
  8. 16.
    011: Like a Rooted Tree: The Importance of Self Reflection in Parenting and How to Withstand the Child’s Difference with Psychotherapist Maria Kempinska
  9. 17.
    010: Sometimes You Just Have to Die: The Art of Taking Risks with the Renowned Cirque de Soleil Founding Choreographer Debra Brown
  10. 18.
    009: Society’s Emotional Awakening: The Shifting Grounds of Psychotherapy and Our Self Images
  11. 19.
    008: The Depths of Our Traumatic Experience: An Interview with Dr. Gabor Maté
  12. 20.
    007: Starting From Scratch with the Body and Trauma: Neurologist Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, an interview with Psychotherapist Justin Senseri
  13. 21.
    006: The Science of Emotional Regulation: How to Name Your Fears in Order to Foster Closer Connection
  14. 22.
    005: Relationships and Illness: How To Increase Hope and Connection Through Vulnerability and Courage, An Interview With Just Such a Brave Couple
  15. 23.
    004: Lunch With A Therapist Live Podcast – Transitions, Crossroads, and The Power of Story
  16. 24.
    003: The Art of Suffering: A Closer Look at Buddhism’s Contributions to Our Relationship with Strife, an Interview with Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr. Sean Smith
  17. 25.
    002: The Dignity of the Body: A Container for Grief and Transition – An Interview with Psychotherapist, Author, and Podcaster Charlene Jones
  18. 26.
    001: Introduction to The Dignity of Suffering
  19. 27.
    Welcome to The Dignity of Suffering

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