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Like most movie, game, and music lovers, there is a mountain of CDs in host Miles Trout's house. The Disc Dump Podcast combines spring cleaning with reviewing and comedy. He is on a mission to decide which discs to keep, and which discs to give the DUMP.

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Alien Cubed might just be some KRUD. Maybe not. Features Matt and Matt from the "Kickstart with Matt and Matt."


Nov 26

41 min 29 sec

You should listen to this episode soon, because they mostly come at night... mostly. XeNovember continues, as Miles collaborates with Matt and Matt from "The Kickstart with Matt and Matt," podcast. If you don't check this out... it's GAME OVER MAN! It's all chaos and milk from there...


Nov 15

59 min 55 sec

This hilarious episode features Matt and Matt from the "Kickstart with Matt and Matt," podcast. In space... no one can hear you scream... but they can probably hear us laughing. 


Nov 8

43 min 4 sec

We have done it. We finished the "Masters of Horror" collection. But I ask... AT WHAT COST? This episode features Dirty Dog from "Geek Peak," and J-Honcho from, "For Nerds By Nerds." "Dream Cruise," was directed by Norio Tsuruta, best known for directing, "Ringu 0: Birthday." For real everyone... this was an incredible experience. Be safe, and have a googly Halloween. 

Oct 29

38 min 45 sec

Some movies are so profoundly stupid they become compelling. This is the penultimate episode of our "Masters of Horror October Extravaganza." Will the boys finally find an episode to give more than a 3/5?  Featuring Josh from, "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from, "The Geek Peak." "The Washingtonians," was directed by Peter Madak, best known for directing, "The Changeling," and "Species 2."


Oct 28

35 min 39 sec

Hey... this one was about Edgar Allan Poe. Neat. Featuring Josh from, "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak." "Black Cat," was directed by Stuart Gordon, best known for directing, "Re-Animator." 


Oct 27

21 min 46 sec

I hate it when that happens. You're taking a hot bath in your barrel with your favorite buck knife and all the sudden you melt. That's the worst.  Josh from "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak," join Miles for another exciting episode.  "We All Scream For Ice Cream," was directed by Tom Holland (Not Spiderman). He is best known for directing "Fright Night," "Child's Play," "Thinner," and "The Stand." 


Oct 26

39 min 27 sec

Could this be the promised episode? Finally a good one? Or will this fall by the wayside like the rest? Here to judge this movie harshly are Chris from "The Geek Peak," and Josh from "For Nerds By Nerds." Will Miles convince them this is a good movie solely based on seeing the most magnificent pair of breasts ever to grace the screen?  "Right to Die" was directed by Rob Schmidt, best known for directing "Wrong Turn."


Oct 25

31 min 22 sec

Back at it again with the boobs, blood, angry suburban dads, and CGI mud. Valarie on the stairs is a new twist on the "Masters of Horror" franchise. Of course, Josh from, "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak," are along for the ride.  "Valarie on the Stairs," was directed by Mick Garris, best known for writing "Hocus Pocus," and directing the made-for-TV version of "The Shining." It is based on a short story by Clive Barker, best known for "Hellraiser."  GHOST BOOBS


Oct 22

29 min 37 sec

Well, well, well. We meet again. This is a very unique episode of "Masters of Horror." The boys from "For Nerds By Nerds," and "The Geek Peak Podcast," once again join Miles to settle the question, once and for all. "Why do they keep referencing 'Titty Bags' when they talk about this show?" "The Screwfly Solution" was written by Mick Garris, the showrunner for "Masters of Horror," best known for writing, "Hocus Pocus." It was directed by Joe Dante, best known for directinhg, "Gremlins," "The Howling," and "Small Soldiers."

Oct 21

31 min 5 sec

I would do anything for love... but I won't watch this again. That's right, Masters of Horror meets Meatloaf for an incredible episode. As always, Miles, Chris, and Josh discuss how damn confusing the premise of the episode is.  "Pelts," is directed by Dario Argento, who is best known for directing "Suspiria."


Oct 19

23 min 11 sec

"Based on the name, it doesn't sound like it will be divisive or controversial at all." - Josh Pro-Life is the 5th episode in Season 2 of Masters of Horror. As always, Josh from "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak," join Miles to talk about how terrible the episode is... OR IS IT? Could this be the episode that finally breaks the mold? Pro-Life is directed by John Carpenter. He is known for directing, "Halloween," "The Thing," and "Assault on Precinct 13." 


Oct 15

25 min 32 sec

This movie looks and "Sounds Like..." shit. Sorry, just had to get that one out there. As with every episode of our Halloween, "Masters of Horror," Spectacular, Miles is joined by Josh of "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak," Podcasts. We expect every episode of "Masters of Horror," to be terrible at this point, and "Sounds Like..." meets our expectations.  "Sounds Like..." was directed by Brad Anderson, who is best known for directing "The Machinist," "Session 9," and various episodes of popular television shows. 


Oct 13

24 min 53 sec

Much like the television series, "Masters of Horror," this song is not good. So, it sticks with the theme of the show. We are not rappers. We are podcasters who made the decision to rap in March of 2021... Now, we had no choice but to follow through. Enjoy this song we made for YOUR entertainment about the second season of "Masters of Horror."  Written and performed by Miles, Chris, and Josh from the "High on Horror" podcast.  Music: "Dead By Dawn," by Karl Casey. We thank you for the use of your song.  Mixed by Timmy Taco. 


Oct 12

3 min 45 sec

Masters of Horror? More like... not Masters of Horror, am I right? This episode asks the question... "Is she really eating pizza with a fork and knife right now?" Of course, each episode this month is accompanied by Josh from "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak."  "The V Word," was written by Mick Garris (creator of Masters of Horror and writer of "Hocus Pocus.") and directed by Ernest Dickerson, who is best known for, "Do the Right Thing," "Bones (Snoop Dogg)," "The Walking Dead," and "Dexter." A promise is made at the end of this episode. A promise that will change the course for our boys forever. This promise may even determine the fate of ALL HUMANITY!


Oct 11

32 min 49 sec

Our Masters of Horror Spectacular continues all month long. Today's episode, like every episode, features Josh from "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak." We discuss the second episode in season 2... "Family." It was directed by John Landis, best known for "An American Werewolf in London," and pretty much every great 80's comedy. It's pretty clear that he doesn't know how acid works. 


Oct 6

35 min 1 sec

Well, listeners... here we are again. Masters of Horror is back! All October long, Josh from "For Nerds By Nerds," and Chris from "The Geek Peak," join in to cover season two. Today's episode covers "The Damned Thing," directed by Tobe Hooper. Tobe Hooper is most famous for directing the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."  This is a good jumping on point for new listeners. There are some recurring jokes that spawn from this dumpster fire of a movie.


Oct 4

44 min 26 sec

October is HERE! The first installment of the Halloween Spectacular is a very special episode. Miles is joined by Josh from the "For Nerds By Nerds" podcast LIVE IN PERSON! Josh drove 10 hours from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania to sit with Miles and watch "Puppet Master" (1989). Will their friendship survive this clearly poor decision on Josh's part? This is a commentary, so get your VCR ready, pop in "Puppet Master," and watch along... or don't. You aren't missing much.  Have a Googaly Halloween!


Oct 1

1 hr 36 min

Chris from the Geek Peak Podcast joins Miles for another excellent episode. They don't just talk about Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead (2004). They talk about zombie movies from every generation and zombie videogames. Sorry, we didn't bring up, "Zombies ate My Neighbors (1993)." Maybe next time. 


Sep 10

1 hr 9 min

This is a very special episode promoting the new podcast, "Toast of the Realms." It features Josh and Tammy from "For Nerds By Nerds Podcast." Also along for the ride are Brandon and Chris from, "The Geek Peak Podcast." Enjoy this adventure where our heroes attempt to save Flavor Town from the insidious... Andrew Antagonist. There are lots of laughs and quite a bit of swearing, so listener discretion is advised. 


Sep 4

1 hr 47 min

Good pal Josh from the "For Nerds By Nerds Podcast," joins in for a discussion of his favorite movie- "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1990). Enjoy the revival of the classic segment, TERRIBLE DRINK! How do the boys feel about the Bob Ross Positive Energy Drink? There is only one way to find out.  Promos for High on Horror Podcast, Studying Scarlet Podcast, and For Nerds By Nerds Podcast. Please give them a try. 


Aug 10

1 hr 1 min

The boys from Straight to DVD podcast join Miles to talk about the controversial flick, Joker (2019). One of them hates it, one of them likes it, and the last one loves it. Of course, there is a segment of Best Wishes.  Promo: High on Horror Podcast, Malice Podcast


Jul 27

1 hr 15 min

It's Shark Week! The Disc Dump is celebrating by covering the hit game, Maneater (2020). Miles has a special place in his heart for shark videogames, so he runs through a history of playing sharks in games. Lastly, he tells a story about facing down an alligator.

Jul 15

26 min 4 sec

The Cassette Connection podcast joins Miles to discuss the band, Bring Me the Horizon. Their opinions are controversial, but they come from a place of passion. Make sure to check out the next episode for more Bring Me the Horizon.  Promos by: High on Horror, Hops Geek News, and Infectious Groove Podcasts.

Jul 4

55 min 49 sec

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.” ― Hunter S. Thompson This week! Miles is joined by Jim and Dani from Bravo for the B-Side podcast to discuss Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998). Promo: "The Good Game Guys Podcast" and "High on Horror."

Jun 20

1 hr 23 min

Hold on to your bibles, people! Miles is joined by Cole of the Aftermath Podcast to discuss, Book of Eli.  A visual masterpiece it may be, but did Miles decide to keep the disc, or give it the DUMP?

Jun 7

52 min

The dolls are back! In this episode of the Disc Dump Podcast, Lisa and Paige from the Near Death Dolls podcast slide in to talk about Amityville Horror (2005). Yes, we have a segment of Best Wishes. No, Ryan Reynolds does not wear a shirt.  Promo by Oblivion Bar

May 26

58 min 49 sec

The episode that changed the game for the Disc Dump Podcast is here... EPISODE 69! Chris from the Geek Peak Podcast and Josh from For Nerds By Nerds join Miles for a very spicy episode. Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are not the beliefs of the podcast participants. These are jokes people...  This episode is not safe for work, kids, family, future employers, and it is not a safe space for those easily triggered by sexual humor.

May 19

1 hr 11 min

Welcome! This episode of the podcast is very special, as friends Tanner and Yoshe reunite with Miles to talk about all of the computer games from our youth. Games like Zoombinis, Oregon Trail, Word Munchers, Number Maze Challenge, Odell Down under, Jumpstart, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and more! Apologies for the audio quality. Software issues. Stick it out, though. This is an excellent episode!

Apr 30

1 hr 5 min

Ryan from "The Coolness Chronicles," jumps into your dreams to discuss "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Together, Ryan and Miles try to pull Freddy out of the dream world and determine if Miles should keep the disc or give it the DUMP!

Apr 16

49 min 29 sec

Greetings Dumpers! This is a very exciting episode, as Miles and Cam discuss the cultural icon knows as SLIPKNOT! Check out the Spyhards podcast for more of Cam! Promo: For Nerds By Nerds Podcast

Apr 5

1 hr 32 min

Miles is joined by some very special gentlemen to discuss the DC Universe. This super long episode starts with a discussion of Batman VS Superman with Chad from "Legends: a Superhero Story. Then, Jackson White from "While Supplies Last," enters the conversation to talk about The Snyder Cut of Justice League (2021).

Mar 31

1 hr 49 min

Another thrilling episode of the podcast featuring Brandon! We talk about Futurama and have a great time. We hope you enjoy this much-anticipated episode.

Mar 22

55 min 26 sec

This is a very special episode of the Disc Dump. Miles talks to an exorcist about the movie, "The Exorcist," (1973). This episode features Matt and Matt from the podcast "The Kickstart with Matt and Matt." One of the Matts is an exorcist. Prepare for stimulating conversation.

Mar 15

1 hr 11 min

This highly-anticipated episode is all about the head-spinning, crab-walking, split-pea spewing film, The Exorcist. Ariel from Malice Podcast drops in with Miles to discuss some very heavy topics. This is an excellent episode, but beware, some points get very heavy. ENJOY!

Mar 9

1 hr 6 min

Aaron from "I HAD To Say It Podcast," joins Miles for a discussion about Def Jam FFNY (2004). They relive memories of 2004, chat about the other games in the franchise, and discuss the art of dumping discs.

Mar 3

54 min 48 sec

Once again, Chris from THE GEEK PEAK PODCAST joins Miles to talk superheroes. Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) is no ordinary superhero movie. Find out why by clicking that play button.

Feb 24

1 hr 22 min

Miles is joined by Andy and Andy from "The Good Robot Andys Podcast." They discuss the movie, "Man on Fire," and play another exciting segment of... "Best Wishes"

Feb 17

1 hr 12 min

Remember what it was like to be a teenager? So awkward and horny and full of angst and attitude. Well, if you felt that way in the early 2000's, you were probably into Linkin Park. In this episode, Miles chats with Scott from the Spy Hards Podcast to determine if Linkin Park's first album is worth keeping. Or... will Miles give it the DUMP?

Feb 9

57 min 31 sec

This laugh-filled adventure features Mike and Raff from the Straight to DVD Podcast. We discuss Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005) just in time for the release of Kong VS Godzilla. As is the new custom, we play a round of Best Wishes after the break.

Feb 2

1 hr 14 min

In this MASSIVE EPIC episode, Miles is joined by four gentlemen to discuss Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy. First, Tanner Carman and Miles relive some of their middle school memories and discuss Batman Begins. Then, Jack White (NOT the singer of the White Stripes), joins Miles to chat about The Dark Knight. Finally, Mike and Raff from Straight to DVD Podcast swing by to absolutely eviscerate the plot holes in The Dark Knight Rises. We also play another exciting game of Best Wishes.

Jan 29

2 hr 48 min

Hello, Dumpers! This is another comic book edition of the Disc Dump entitled "Trade Traders." Josh from the "For Nerds By Nerds Podcast," returns to discuss "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" (1989).

Jan 16

28 min 16 sec

Batman month continues as Chris from the Geek Peak Podcast joins Miles to talk about the Batman Forever Soundtrack. Tangents include music festivals, beer, and the forgotten genre of the 1990's.  The lyrics are "Kiss from a rose on the GRAY," in case you didn't know ;)

Jan 13

58 min 49 sec

Josh from Let's Start a Cult Podcast, joins Miles to rip a hole in Suicide Squad (2016). Many laughs are shared as these gentlemen learn to know each other through their shared disappointment in the movie.

Jan 6

52 min 59 sec

Espionage is the name of the game in this thrilling episode of the Disc Dump Podcast. Miles is joined by Cam and Scott from the Spyhards Podcast. Besides smacking you right in the childhood, they also play a fun game of "Best Wishes." Happy new year everyone.

Dec 2020

31 min 29 sec

Miles and Lindsay sit down for a holly jolly Christmas episode! We did our best to make it kid-friendly, but it's pretty much a PG13 podcast. Will Buddy the elf get dumped? There is only one way to find out! There is a not-so-festive segment of Terrible Drink, as well!  Happy Holidays, y'all!

Dec 2020

36 min 7 sec

Josh from For Nerds By Nerds Podcast joins Miles to discuss Arkham Origins (2013). Truth be told, Miles got a little tipsy during this one. Listen closely.

Dec 2020

57 min 55 sec

This is the show where we watch movies, play games, or listen to music to decide if the disc is worth keeping or if we are going to dump it.

Dec 2020

52 sec

Miles is joined by Lisa and Page from the Near Death Dolls Podcast to discuss Silence of the Lambs (1991). They get into the exciting behind-the-scenes gossip and details of production. They also play the beloved Disc Dump original game... Best Wishes.

Dec 2020

1 hr 8 min

Holy crap... we made it to Episode 50- Blow (2001)! This episode features Ariel from the Malice Podcast. Keep your ears peeled for the phrase, "Perhaps the secret to a happy hippo is cocaine."

Nov 2020

1 hr 17 min