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Sports NextDoor is a next generation sports show. Hybriding the daily show delivery format of the TV era with the freedom of the internet. Sports NextDoor gives the most interesting sports topics of the week the treatment they deserve, unhampered by: length, troll takes, or excessive cordiality. Hosted by two lifelong friends, and sports fans. Max and Owen record themselves doing what they have for 15 years: discussing the weekly games, trades, and prospects in the NBA & NHL and informing each other about what happened in their own areas of interest. Airing twice a week in audio and video format, with regular segments: Baseball Bit, BBall Storylines, Combat Corner, Football Fancave, Talkin’ Hockey, and Tennis Talk. Catch Sports NextDoor on Youtube or all available podcast streaming platforms!

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NFL Week 13 Recap, NBA Weekend game recap, and Leafs/Wild Saturday night action covered on this pod Timestamps Approximate: We kick off in Football Fancave (03:08) as Owen talks about his Alma Matter The University of Western Ontario's Vanier cup win, and the College football action that saw the 4 teams for the National College Championship solidify. We then move along to week 13 of the NFL (08:40) that saw: the Lions finally get a win, the Dolphins continue their winstreak and keep building momentum, and the Chargers jump ahead of the Bengals. In BBall Storylines (14:38) we run through all the games occurring over the past few days, from the Grizzlies historic blowout, the Warriors revenge over the Suns, to the Bulls getting it done over the Nets in the 4th quarter off a big performance from DeMar DeRozan a lock in Owen's top 5 MVP race. In Talkin' Hockey (29:22) Owen gives a recap of Saturday Night's Leafs Wild game that saw two of the top 5 teams in the league right now play a fantastic down to the wire playoff level hockey game. All Music: Mystery Train by UIC (


Dec 5

36 min 40 sec

Positive vibes pod this Thursday as the boys have procured tickets to a couple of events in the near future. Timestamps Approximate  We start with Football Fan Cave (03:39) where Owen talks College Championship weekend and previews his top matchups in week 13 of the NFL. Next in Bball Storylines (12:50), the boys talk the Heat/Bulls getting fined a second rounder, Sabonis/T-Wolves/JV, the Suns/Warriors showdown, and a hint of college ball. In Talkin’ Hockey (36:56) the boys show the Leafs some love, then talk about their excitement for the Canadian World Junior roster. The show ends with the Baseball Bit (46:28), including free agency moves and a potential lockout?!  Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Dec 2

56 min 28 sec

NFL NBA and NHL games and news recap from the weekend. Sit back, relax, catch up and enjoy all the sporting content Timestamps Approximate We kick off with Football Fancave (02:53) as Owen takes us everywhere the game is being played on the continent from Michigans States huge win over Ohio, to the Canadian University of Western's team looking to make noise at the Vanier cup, to the NFL for a week 12 recap including the Giant's tripping up the Eagles momentum, the surging playoff potential of the Miami Dolphins, the Bengals big win over the Steelers, The Packers completely exposing the Rams in Green Bay, and his Broncos managing to stay above 500 in a touch and go season. In BBall Storylines (13:36) we go deep on the Suns and the Warriors the two best teams in the league right now, as we await their match up Tuesday night. Max recaps the Suns wins over the Nets with excessive detail, Owen talks the elite decision making benefits the team receives from Chris Paul, Curry's must watch level of play of late and the early Christmas present of Klay Thompson beginning as he makes his way to the G-League. We wrap up Talkin' Hockey (27:45) discussing Brady Tkachuk getting bit by Brendan Lemieux (yeah you read that right) Marc Bergevin's firing and the state of the Habs, as well as Evander Kane going on waivers speculating if any team might take the risk on him. All Music: Mystery Train by UIC (


Nov 28

44 min 55 sec

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbours south of the border! Enjoy some turkey while you tune in to the pod! Timestamps Approximate  We start with Football Fan Cave (04:22) where Owen breaks down the Thanksgiving NFL games and previews his marquee matchups on Sunday. Then the boys are shocked to see that one of Italy and Portugal will not be headed to the FIFA World Cup. Next in Bball Storylines (19:58), the boys talk Raps/Grizz 4th quarter, some streaking teams, and provide a moment of silence for Gabe Vincent. Then Owen talks briefly on his top 3 picks for the 2022 NBA Draft. The show ends with some Leafs/Kings notes in Talkin’ Hockey (39:30). Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Nov 26

43 min 17 sec

NFL Week 11 Recap. and NHL 1st Quarter of the Season Recapped this pod! Timestamps Approximate We kick off with Football Fancave (01:59) Owen gives his recap of another upset filled week as Week 11 played out in this parity filled NFL 2021/2022 Season. In Talkin' Hockey (10:20) the boys Check In on the NHL Season so far. Going through every team in each division's record, playoff standing and player production. Everything you need to know if you've missed any of your favourite teams season so far, or are looking to catch up on what's been going on in other divisions. The Oilers, Panther, Canes red hot starts, Ovechkin's prime level production, the all time bad Coyotes, mockery deserving Canadiens and plenty more storylines covered. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Nov 21

1 hr 12 min

A shorter session to satiate our listeners until Sunday J Timestamps Approximate We start with Football Fan Cave (01:05) where the boys talk about Canada’s men’s national team’s GIGANTIC win over Mexico in CONCACAF qualifying. Then, Owen previews 5 of his favourite games from week 11 in the NFL including Bills/Colts, Packers/Vikings, Cowboys/Chiefs, and Seahawks/Cardinals. Next in Bball Storylines (16:01), Max provides his insights from the Warriors statement win over the Nets and Giannis’ incredible performance against the Lakers. The show ends with congratulations to Robbie Ray on the 4th Cy Young in Blue Jays history and Shohei Ohtani for winning the AL MVP over Vladdy (24:59). Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (  


Nov 18

29 min 15 sec

Welcome back to our NBA 13 Game Mark Check In! This episode we go through each team in the Western Conference's season so far in ranked order 1 through 15 The league best Warriors leading the league in so many stats, the Suns 9 game winstreak, Luka leading the Mavericks, Defensive excellence of the Nuggets, the Jazz's tough start in the East, Paul George's excellence for the Clippers, The Lakers injury and defensive woes, Morant's sensationalism for the Grizzlies, the same old Trailblazers good but not good enough struggles, and the rest of the teams below them.


Nov 16

54 min 38 sec

Welcome to our 1st Sports NextDoor Check In. Catching you up on all the regular season action thus far in the NBA Eastern Conference! The boys kick off catching up as it's been a week and a half, Owen talks about the Northern Lights (or lack of) and Max recounts his first 4 broadcasts over a hectic weekend. We then get a quick Football Fancave () as Owen recounts week 10 in an NFL Season featuring unusually high parity. The main feature of this podcast see's the boys go through each team 1 through 15 in the NBA East, discussing key trends in stats, production from players, and their prospects moving forward. the surprising best Wizards whose offseason acquisitions are contributing big minutes, Kevin Durant's MVP start with the Nets, DeRozan and Lavine's blistering offence for the Bulls, our Hometown Toronto Raptors 500 start, the out of the Playoff Bucks, all are just some of the many stories we cover this episode. Check it out to catch up on how the season has gone for your team so far!


Nov 16

57 min

NFL Week 8 and UFC 267 Recaps. Miami Heat, Toronto Raptor, and Toronto Maple Leaf Chit Chat + more this pod! Timestamps Approximate We kick off Football Fancave (02:04) with game recaps: discussing some scary blowouts and upsets in the NFL. Starting off with the Jets knocking off the red hot Bengals, the Colts and the Titans mistake ridden nail biter, the Detroit Lions having their biggest loss in their most winnable game, and the Steelers getting it done over the Browns. In Combat Corner (09:07) Max talks Khamzat Chimaev's latest statement win and makes the case for title shot ASAP. Islam Makachev needs no such case made but Max makes it anyway after the 1st round finish of Hooker. He also talks Yans dominance and names him best Bantamweight in the world (duh) and laments one wrong move ends the fight nature of MMA after the main event. In BBall Storylines (18:00) Max kicks off the talk with the elite level of basketball the Miami Heat are playing 6 games into the season. Owen discusses the 3 game win streak of the Toronto Raptors, and gives some praise to Evan Mobley's early showing of himself this season. We wrap up with Talkin' Hockey (33:52) checking in on the last few undefeated teams in the league. Before getting into our usual Toronto Maple Leafs segment who extended Morgan Reilly and picked up a win over the Red Wings this weekend.


Oct 31

42 min

The sports calendar keeps rolling along into Spooky Season and the boys are here to talk shop. Timestamps Approximate We start with Football Fan Cave (03:20) where Owen previews Pats/Chargers, Colts/Titans, and Saints/Bucs. Next in Bball Storylines (10:18), the boys talk the two Lakers games against the Spurs and the Thunder. Then, they talk Raps/Pacers, Heat/Nets, as well as Anthony Edwards, De’Andre Hunter, and Harrison Barnes. NHL Storylines (28:28) simply involves the Leafs win over the Blackhawks and what that means for this team going forward. Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Oct 28

34 min 39 sec

NFL Week 7 Recap, NBA 75 snubs, some tough games for the Leafs + Raptors and more this pod Timestamps Approximate We kick off with Football Fancave (01:23) where Owen has his recap of NFL Week 7 starting with the Bengals and Titan's HUGE statement wins over the Chiefs and Ravens. Denver Bronco tears, the Cardinals remain undefeated, top fantasy performers, and a preview of Week 8s top games. In BBall Storylines (11:11) we talk the NBA 75 snubs(?) of Dwight and Klay, the Toronto Raptors win over the Celtics and loss to the Mavericks. Also an examination into the undefeated starts that the Bulls, Hornets, and Warriors have had. We wrap up with Talkin' Hockey (24:38) as Owen questions his identity as a Leafs fan, wondering if this team is capable of winning or caring amid a 4 game losing streak Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Oct 26

35 min 36 sec

The NBA and NHL Seasons are underway, which means we need more frequent coverage to break down the constant sports action! Timestamps Approximate We start with Bball Storylines (02:25) where the boys talk Ben Simmons, contract extensions, and opening week action including MIL/BKN, LAL/GSW, TOR/WSH, MIN/HOU, Jah Morant, CHA/IND, and BOS/NYK. Next in Football Fan Cave (29:18), Owen briefly previews Bears/Bucs, Ravens/Bengals, and Chiefs/Titans for this week of NFL action. NHL Storylines (31:30) entails some Leafs talk, Robertson/Kucherov injuries, and some surprising starts at the top and bottom of the NHL Standings. Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Oct 22

43 min 28 sec

Our picks and reasoning for which NBA teams will rank top 10 in each Conference, along with awards. As well our first proper Hockey Talk in a minute and Canada's Huge win over Panama. Timestamps Approximate We kick off in Football Fancave (04:45) after the most exciting moment in Canadian Mens soccer, as Alphonso Davies helped the team get a win over Panama slotting them in a position to qualify for the Fifa cup halfway through the qualification games. Owen's also got a quick recap of the NFL week 6 action, that saw some horrendous beatdowns. In this episodes featured segment for BBall Storylines (12:59) we've got our season preview! Max and Owen present each other their picks for the top 10 teams that will make the playoffs in each conference and give their reasoning. Which see's an eerily similar list of picks in the West (17:08), with a little more divergence in the East (43:05) as Owen emotionally hedges against our Raptors and Max goes all in on his intuition. Followed by picks (01:19:10) for the Finals , and MVP, DPOY ect... We wrap up with Talkin Hockey (01:28:10) as the NHL regular season is now underway! a couple quick notes on the abysmal start for the Habs, and some scary things early from the Senators. Before the boys give their thoughts on all things Toronto Maple Leafs through 3 games of the regular season.


Oct 17

1 hr 41 min

Hockey is back baby! We've got our predictions for which teams will make the playoffs and why, along with award winners and storylines to watch for. Along with the usual Football, Basketball and Baseball content. Timestamps Approximate Kicking off in Football Fancave (06:57) Owen gives his recap of week 5 of the NFL. Which most prominently saw the Buffalo Bills beating the Kansas City Chiefs, labelling the Bills as real super bowl contenders and the Chiefs in big trouble so far this season. Aside from that the league seems to be returning to the mean as lots of favourites win this week, while early upstart teams such as Carolina and Vegas are fading. In BBall storylines (14:50), we start with the clickbait stuff as news comes through that Kyrie Irving won't be allowed to play for the Nets unless he gets vaccinated, while Ben Simmons and the 76ers finally get in the same room and on the same page. We also have a primer on the Toronto Raptors based on what we've seen this preseason. In Talkin' Hockey (30:09) we start with some contract talk as Barkov, Suzuki, and Zibenejad net big extensions. Then we get to our season preview, as we reveal our picks for the top 3 teams in each division as well as wildcard teams. Exchanging our reasoning and thoughts on each team we think will succeed and some we think will falter. Also we agree which trophies McDavid will win, and make our picks for the ones other players have a chance at. Wrapping up with a quick Baseball Bit (01:21:34) Owen talks about the Red Sox upset over the Rays, and other MLB Playoff action. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC ( Apologies for the delay on this one.


Oct 15

1 hr 24 min

NFL Week 4 Recap, NBA Player vaccinations, Embiid's future, Petterson/Hughes contracts for the Canucks covered with more this Pod! Timestamps Approximate Starting off in Football Fancave (04:01) for a week 4 NFL Recap. Owen talks about the Arizona Cardinals statement win over the Rams, the Dallas Cowboys giving fans as much hope as they've had in a long time with their team build and performances so far. The excellent weekend for people with New York and Tyreek Hill in their bets, and a preview of why Kansas City vs Buffalo might be the most hype game of the season when the Bills take on the Chiefs next week. In BBall Storylines (13:13) we give our thoughts on players and vaccinations as the NBA is projected to reach the 95% player vaccination mark before the season starts. As well as continued coverage on the Simmons/76ers sitatution, mostly lamenting and predicting great things for Joel Embiid. In Talkin' Hockey (25:03) we start with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Michael Bunting's hat trick against the Senators. As well as the Vancouver Canucks doing amazing GM work getting Elias Petterson and Quinn Hughes signed at amazing values! Wrapping up with potentially our last Baseball Bit (35:03) Owen reminisces on the Blue Jays season as they fall one game short of the playoffs, but leave us with plenty to look forward to. Also hype for the Red Sox vs Yankees, and the Rays potentially coming to Montreal!?


Oct 3

42 min 6 sec

A day late, but another episode and step in our podcasting journey. Recapping Week 3 of the NFL, talking GSPs Legacy, Michael Porter Jrs extensision and the all in Denver Nuggets, NHL pre season underway, Laver Cup, and the Toronto Blue Jays covered this week. Timestamps Approximate We kick off in Football Fancave (02:50) as Owen recaps some highlights of the third week of NHL action. Including but not limited to: Tucker's record breaking gamewinning Field Goal, the early struggles of rookie quarterbacks, the Broncos and Raiders are 3-0 while the Chiefs 1-2, top fantasy performance from Justin Herbert, and a preview of next weeks most exciting games. In Combat Corner (14:22) Max looks back on his memories of GSP as our fellow Canadian was inducted into the Hall of Fame last week. He recaps the first time he heard of him, the only time he watched live, and the stunning legacy the G.O.A.T leaves behind. For BBall Storylines (23:10) we talk about Michael Porter Jr's extension with the Denver Nuggets, and what the playoff chances are for this team that has clearly gone all in. In Talkin' Hockey (29:50) we go over Kaprizov's contract with the Wild, Dahlin's contract with the Sabres and Eichel's removed C. Lastly we get back to the Toronto Maple Leafs, as we gush over their first preseason game and prepare ourselves for more hurt. Quick note on the Laver Cup results in Tennis Talk (40:43) Lastly in Baseball Bit (43:34) Owen previews the most important series of the season for the Blue Jays as they attempt to put the finishing touches on their playoff bid. To end the Pod Owen talks about Marvel's What If, and Max shares some of the new music he's been loving that's come out this month Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Sep 27

47 min 49 sec

NFL week 2 recap, UFC 266 Preview, the G league hitting Mexico, the winter classic hitting Hamilton, and the Blue Jays hitting everything covered on this pod! Timestamps approximate.  We kick off in the Football Fancave (06:38), where Owen recaps the 2nd week of NFL action, talking the surprising teams with a 2-0 records and the upsets that have accompanied them. Derrick Henry’s wonderful Fantasy performance, and his hype for next week’s Buccaneers vs Rams matchup.  In Combat Corner (14:08) Max previews UFC 266 talking about why he’s not too excited for Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler’s rematch, Rozenstruick vs Blaydes, 0 suspense Shevchenko vs Murphy, and what Ortega has that can threaten Volkanoski.  In BBall Storylines (21:40) we cover the G-League coming to Mexico, Aaron Gordan’s extension with the Nuggets, Why John Wall probably won’t be leaving the Houston Rockets anytime soon, and we gush over Scotty Barnes’ open letter to Toronto In Talkin’ Hockey (37:43) we talk the Hamilton based Winter classic. Between the Leafs and Sabres, as well as Brady Tckachuk and the Ottawa Senators contract struggles We wrap up with a Baseball Bit (45:54), as the Blue Jays have won 7 straight series and Vladdy Jr has potentially passed Shohei Ohtani in the MVP race.  Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Sep 20

52 min 53 sec

History was almost made: we talk Djokovic's finals loss and the future of the ATP, as well as a recap of week 1 of NFL action! +more this pod Timestamps Approximate: We kick off with Tennis Talk (04:10) discussing Daniil Medvev's win over Novak Djokovic at the U.S Open final. Has the next generation finally surpassed Novak with this milestone win? Is the era of the big 3 over, or can we expect more from Novak and Rafa? We discuss all this and give our heartfelt congratulation to Leylah Annie Fernandez for her fantastic run at the U.S open. In Football Fancave (17:40) Owen kicks off with an update on the Canadian mens Soccer team which is of recording is in position to qualify for the World Cup. Moving onto American Football (21:09) we get a recap of the first week including the poor injured Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers upset over the Bills, the absolute fire shootout between the Buccaneers and Cowboys, the Saints complete stomping of the Packers and a preview of next week's games In BBall Storylines (31:18) we talk about Marc Gasol's return to Memphis and what a career he's had. We wrap up with a cheery Baseball Bit (33:27) as our Toronto Blue Jays have won 13 of their last 15, put up 44 runs in their last 3 and are currently sitting in the first wildcard spot. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Sep 12

37 min 16 sec

NFL Season Preview, Top 5 UFC Fights you can make right now, Ben Simmons 76ers Drama Continues, Team Canada Men's Olypmic Projected Roster, U.S Open coverage + more this pod Timestamps Approximate We kick off in Football Fancave (03:22) Owen talks about the Canadian Mens Soccer squad having their best shot at making the World Cup in a long time based on the run they've started . He then pivots to a season preview of the NFL featuring his Division winners, Wild Card teams, and MVP Canidates In Combat Corner (10:48) Max lists the top 5 fights he would be most excited about seeing in the UFC right now. In BBall Storylines (23:42) we kick off with the Ben Simmons 76ers drama, as the superstar has leaked that he doesn't intend to report for training camp. We also talk Millsap and Aldridge joining the Brooklyn Nets, Capella extending with the Hawks, and the Jordan buyout involving the Nets, Pistons and Lakers. Talkin' Hockey (37:23) we discuss Kotkaniemi's offer sheet not being matched by the Candiens and their acquisition of Dvorak, the Canadian Women taking gold off another Clutch goal by Poulin, and with the NHL confirmed returning to the Olympics we look at an early projection of the Canadian Roster *chills* In Tennis Talk (51:55) Max discusses the fantastic tournament the top Canadians are having at the U.S Open, specifically recapping Felix Auger-Aliassime's match against Tiafoe. Also discussing Djokovic, Zverev, and Medvev playing as expected. In Baseball Bit (58:12) the Blue Jays give another 180 on expectation as they continue to hang in. We wrap up with our Final Tokyo Bro (59:20) installation as they Paralympics have concluded. Thanks for Listening/Reading Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Sep 6

1 hr

Max has procured a new apartment in Montreal (with A/C!). NBA Trades, UFC Takeaways, and an incredible offer sheet in the NHL headline this week's pod. Timestamps Approximate  We start with Bball Storylines (03:56) where the boys break down the Markkanen/Larry Nance Jr trade, the Rondo buy-out, JR Smith at UNC, and the Raptors signing Svi Mykhailiuk. A quick pit stop in the Tokyo Bros segment (16:30) allows Owen to shout out Aurelie Rivard, who set two world records and won the gold in the 100m freestyle for Canada. Next in the Combat Corner (17:24), Max discusses the latest UFC news, including Usman/Covington 2 and Rose/Weili 2. Then the boys make their predictions for the Jake Paul/Tyron Woodley fight tonight. Football Fan Cave (25:46) starts with the Ronaldo to Man United news and the FIFA 22 implications of Man United vs PSG. Then Owen talks briefly about the Minshew trade to the Eagles, JK Dobbins’ season ending injury, and Hurricane Ida bearing down on the Saints.  The pod wraps up with Talkin’ Hockey (30:56), where the boys discuss the top-notch pettiness displayed by the Carolina Hurricanes, who recently offer sheeted Jesperi Kotkaniemi, as well as the implications it has for them and the Montreal Canadiens. Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Aug 29

38 min 36 sec

Paralympic heroes, trickling Basketball and Hockey News, US open preview and more this pod! Timestamps Approximate We start with a return to Tokyo Bro's (05:40), as the Paralympics have begun. Each discussing some of the most wow moments we've had watching these amazing athletes. In BBall Storylines (10:36) we talk WNBA Topshot, Mike Budenholzer's extension, Robert Williams extension with the Celtics, DeAndre Jourdan rumoured on the way out of the Nets, and the Raptors schedule with Febuary 3rd circled. Football Fancave (25:35) touches on Mbappe reportedly wanting out of PSG, NFL starters being named, and whether guardian caps reduce concussions. Talkin' Hockey (33:21) over King Henrik retiring, Couturier and Svechnikov's matching contract extensions, and the remaining Free Agents Tennis Talk (42:20) previews the US open discussing Djokovic's potential grand slam and why Zverev is his biggest obstacle on paper, which top seeds will have to face each other in the draw, and a couple of interesting first round match ups. We wrap up with a Baseball Bit (48:35) on Robbie Ray's underrated season as the Blue Jays struggle Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Aug 27

50 min 43 sec

Memphis Grizzlies players carousel, Rozier extension, KD and Draymonds podcast, Raptors summer league development, and more this pod! We kick off with BBall Storylines discussing Terry Rozier's extension with the Charlotte Hornets, the Joel Embiid Max extension, Memphis Grizzlies wheeling and dealing Bledsoe, Beverly et al. As well did Warriors management really force KDs hand or was it already determined? Lastly Owen gives his thoughts on Flynn, Barnes, Achuiwa, Wainwright and Banton's summer league performances for the Toronto Raptors. In Combat Corner Max previews Gastelum vs Cannonier and gets really hyped to watch two old men wrestle in Madsen vs Guida. Owen has a quick Football Fancave hyped for his fantasy draft, Dak Prescott's return, and explains whats unique about Jamal Adams contract. The last segment of the show is Talkin' Hockey we mostly focus on our concerns as Toronto Maple Leaf fans about Auston Matthews being the NHL 22 cover athlete in conjuction with the new Amazon show "All or Nothing". As well as the Coyotes potentially leaving Arizona, and Owen Powers not joining the Sabres this season.


Aug 20

59 min 5 sec

As August rolls on and sporting news gets sparse we're here to cover what there is Kawhi resigns, Schroder's lost 80 million, summer league action, Reinhart signs with Panthers + more. Timestamps Approximate BBall Storylines (05:19) we kick off fresh with the news that Kawhi Leonard has resigned with the L.A Clippers. Though the news isn’t shocking, it’s a good chance to evaluate the team, and its past two seasons. In other Free agency news we get to Dennis Schroder signing a mid level exemption after turning down 80 million dollars. As well some summer league updates on Davion Mitchell, Jalen Johnson, and Patrick Williams Talkin’ Hockey (29:35) discusses the Florida Panthers after they signed Sam Reinhart for 3 years, with their current forward core could they be dark house Stanley Cup contenders or will they fall victim to holes in goaltending? We wrap up with a Baseball Bit (35:53) as Owen goes through the newly firmed up BlueJays starting pitching rotation, analyzing what they need to do to reach playoffs as we approach the final sprint of the season. 


Aug 12

44 min 44 sec

USA, Basketball Gold, Canadian Soccer Gold, Lewis vs Gane, rejuvenated Blue Jay's Messi's departure and more this pod! Timestamps Approximate: We kick off with BBall Storylines (02:51) recapping USA Mens revenge against France for Olympic gold. We get into how impressed we were with Scotty Barnes and Malachi Flynne in the Raptors first summer league game. We also discuss the new unnatural shooting motion offensive foul rule that was on display. In Tokyo Bros (20:25) we talk USA Womens Olympic basketball Gold, Canada's thrilling Gold Medal soccer victory in a shootout, Kelsey Mitchell adding another Gold to the Canadian tally, and the unfortunate end to the Karate gold medal kumite match. In Combat Corner (32:43) after getting everything wrong with the matchmaking off his chest Max praises Cyril Gane's TKO of Derrick Lewis, and talks about how excited he is for a Ngannou vs Gane Heavyweight Title Fight. Football Fancave (38:51) is upside down today as the football world is rocked with the news that Lionel Messi will no longer be playing for Barcelona. Talkin' Hockey (42:47) Briefly on Darnell Nurse's 8 year 72 Million dollar extension with the Edmonton Oilers A quick preview of the National Bank Open Masters 1000 tournament to be played in Canada this week (46:13). We wrap up with a Baseball Bit (50:41) that talks about the Toronto Blue Jays coming off a 9-2 homestand that's seeing them put the pressure on racing towards that wildcard spot. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Aug 8

54 min 56 sec

NBA Free Agency dedicated Pod. Breaking down and analyzing the most active teams and biggest moves this NBA Free Agency. The Bulls, Lakers, Heat, Knicks a Toronto goodbye to Lowry, and more on this pod! We start off talking about the Chicago Bulls acquisitions of Lonzo Ball, DeMar Derozan and Alex Caruso. Discuss what a nightmare team of dogs the Miami Heat are gonna be this coming season. Give a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to Kyle Lowry, the G.R.O.A.T. Laugh at the Ben Simmons nightmare the 76ers have put himself in. Why we approve of the New York Knicks probably overpaying a lot of players. Try and figure out what the Lakers season is gonna look like with the 2012 All Star Team. Hand our loser of Free Agency medals to the New Orleans Pelicans and Portland Trailblazers. And wrap up by doing a deep dive on the Toronto Raptors lineup as it stands, what we expect, hope, and think we still need from Masai who just extended his tenure with the Franchise. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Aug 6

56 min 55 sec

Two of the biggest days in the sporting world happening in the same week so we can talk about about them both on the pod! Timestamps Approximate We kick off with a quick Tokyo Bros (02:17) segment for Olympic coverage: Talking Canada's female swimming success, Basketball shaping up, and each of us weighing in on Simone Biles. In Football Fancave (08:44), Owen continues to update on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, as it seem the two have reached an understanding. Talkin' Hockey (11:44), we get into Free Agency, as we drown ourselves in headlines discussing the riskiest moves, the biggest winners and losers, Dougie Hamilton to the Devils, all things Toronto Maple Leafs, Ovechkins chances at Gretzky's record and Laine's 1 year gamble. BBall Storylines (36:24) We start off discussing the big Memphis, New Orleans trade, than move on to the 76ers absurd asking price for Ben Simmons, and the Westbrook Lakers trade. We then time travel to the draft itself (46:10) and run through picks #1-16.


Jul 29

1 hr 7 min

With the NBA Finals wrapped up last week and the NHL a bit earlier, it's draft time. We recap the NHL Draft and trades that preceded it. Owen gives his mock draft of the first 14 picks in the NBA Draft.  Timestamps Approximate But First we kick off as the Tokyo Bros (01:58) Where we go through our biggest takeaways/highlights of the Olympics so far. From USA Basketball's surprising (?) opening match loss snapping a 25 game win streak, to Oleksiaks return to the podium, Ahmed Hafnaoui's gold medal and more.  In BBall Storylines (15:41) Owen gives his mock draft on the first 14 picks of a loaded NBA Draft that features the likes of Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, and Jaylen Suggs. The boys discuss free agency news about the likes of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan heading to the L.A Lakers, and Max makes a surprising case for the Lakers to sign Westbrook.  Talkin' Hockey (38:59) sees the boys go through all the big trade movement before the NHL Draft that saw Jakub Voracek, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, and Seth Jones end up on new teams. Before discussing the first overall pick of Owen Power by the Buffalo Sabres. 


Jul 25

52 min 18 sec

The Bucks Championship, and Giannis's legendary performance, reacting to the Seattle Kraken expansion picks, a UFC Fight Night preview, and more this pod Timestamps Approximate We start with the biggest BBall Storyline (04:38) of the year discussing the Milwaukee Bucks series clinching game 6 victory over the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals. Breaking down all facets of the 50 point legendary performance by Giannis; defence, freethrows, unstoppable drives, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. We also talk about the Suns prognosis from here, do they improve or weaken as a team? In Combat Corner (25:19) Max talks about the doping suspension of TJ Dillashaw, before breaking down the fight between him and Cory Sandhagen this weekend. Also thoughts on Macy Chiasson vs Aspen Ladd and Maycee Barber vs Miranda Maverick. Owen has a quick Football Fancave (36:55) on Cam Akers' season ending injury for the Rams We wrap it up Talkin' Hockey (38:21), giving our thoughts on a very safely played Expansion Draft by the Seattle Kraken, which saw them take a lot less starpower than was available to them on the unprotected list


Jul 22

46 min 26 sec

The boys talk about Bucks Suns game 5, Blue Jays returning to Toronto, McGregor's salty excuses, and the upcoming Seattle Kraken expansion draft Timestamps Approximate: We kick of with BBall Storylines (07:08) recapping game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, also covering some weird olympic selections for Team USA, and the Damian Lilliard trade rumours In Combat Corner (23:56) Max talks about what a sore loser Conor McGregor has been this week since losing to Dustin Poirier via leg injury at UFC 264. Owen has a quick Baseball Bit (28:08) covering optimism for the Toronto Blue Jays We end the pod Talkin' Hockey (31:41) with the NHL Expansion Draft looming. We cover a small move by the Leafs, the noticeable players available for the Kraken to poach, and do our own mock drafts.


Jul 19

59 min 22 sec

Max is still camping so Owen is flying solo once again. Bball Storylines starts the pod (02:01). Owen talks Game 4 of the NBA Finals, International Basketball, 76ers trade rumours, and the Pelicans new head coach. In Talkin’ Hockey (16:40), Owen has a thought about the Parise/Suter buyouts, the upcoming expansion draft, and the seemingly certain Zach Hyman departure. Next, we jump in the Football Fan Cave (21:00), where Owen talks Messi’s new contract, TFC’s return to Canada, and the flabbergasting Tom Brady news. We finish in the Baseball Bit (25:01). Shame on the MLB but we love Vladdy <3. Check out the website at  Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Jul 15

26 min 41 sec

Max is off camping so Owen is taking his best shot at flying solo. Owen runs through his highlights and lowlights from the weekend: Highlights: -      Euro Cup Final ends in penalties with some great theatre (01:14-03:31) -      Messi wins his first trophy with Argentina!!! (03:33-04:45) -      Djokovic adds to his impressive total with a Wimbledon Victory (04:46-06:21) -      Recapping the Gold and Bronze medal games in the U19 FIBA World Championship (06:23-07:24) Lowlights: -      Ronald Acuña Jr tears his ACL (07:30-09:12) -      Team USA loses to Team Nigeria??? (09:13-10:26) -      The IOC continues to be incompetent and get things wrong (10:27-13:09)  Owen then throws out a quick preview and pick of Game 3 between the Bucks and Suns (13:11-17:00) Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (  


Jul 11

17 min 48 sec

Tampa Bay's Stanley Cup, Poirier McGregor 3, Euro Cup, and Felix Auger Aliassime's Wimbledon discussed & more in this pod! Timestamps Approximate We kick off Talkin' Hockey (2:29): The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Stanley cup! we discuss their game 5 and series win over the Montréal Canadiens, their playoff run overall, the salary cap shenanigans, dynastic status and Kucherov's comments. In Combat Corner (25:12) Max breaks down Poirier McGregor 3, the fight itself, the stakes, the title implications, as well his thoughts on Wonderboy vs Burns. For Football Fancave (36:20) Owen recaps the semifinal match ups and previews the Italy vs England final for the Euro Cup. Max has a quick Tennis Talk (40:42) going over Felix Auger-Aliassime's entire Wimbledon run that saw him earn a spot in the top 8 of the tournament and play his first grand slam quarter finals. Owen has a quicker Baseball Bit (47:01) about the Blue Jays win now acquisition to end the show Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Jul 8

48 min 49 sec

Recapping all the ATP Monday Wimbledon Action especially Canadian, a week of Euro catch ups, the NBA playoff Final previews, and an after game 4 Stanley Cup review on this pod episode! Timestamps Approximate We kick off Tennis Talk (03:47) where Max runs through all the Monday ATP Wimbledon Action with special love to our Canadians, Djokovic's near flawless first 4 matches, how Shapavalov's straight set win showed advancement, Felix Auger-Aliassime's nail biter against Zverev, why Berretini is the number 2 player in the tournament and more covered. In Football Fancave (20:40) Owen recaps the round of 16 and quarters before previewing the England Denmark and Spain Italy semi final match ups. BBall Storylines (23:58) see's the boys go into a full preview of the Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns NBA Finals match up. We timetravel to the end of game 4 (42:18) between the Montréal Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning, to talk about the series so far and how this game showed exactly why the Habs have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals To end the show Owen gives his Baseball Bit (48:37) on Shohei Ohtani's historic all star nomination both as a batter and a pitcher. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Jul 5

52 min 50 sec

Montreal is buzzing for the Stanley Cup Finals and so are we! We start some notes from the Euro Cup (01:58) including Denmark and Italy through, as well as a double upset Sunday with the Czech Republic beating Netherlands and Belgium beating the defending champs Portugal.  Next in the Combat Corner (04:14), Max recaps Volkov/Gane and Boser/St Preux. Then, he shares his excitement about a strong comeback bout for Vasyl Lomachenko and McGregor/Poirier 3. Bball Storylines (17:44) starts with a recap of game 4 between the Suns and Clippers. A grind-it-out fourth quarter once again highlights the qualms Max has with the sport and the boys discuss potential future changes that could be made. Then, they briefly talk about what they think game 3 between the Hawks and Bucks will entail. Owen has a quick Baseball Bit (32:48) highlighting the incredible play of Jacob DeGrom and the Blue Jays recent success reflected by their all-star finalists. The pod wraps up with Talkin’ Hockey (36:30), where the boys preview the Stanley Cup Final between the Lighting and Canadiens. Then they finish with some Tennis Talk (46:10) about Wimbledon and the Olympics. Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Jun 27

50 min 47 sec

Euro cup group wrap up, UFC preview, NBA Playoff and Draft Analysis along with NHL Stanley Playoff series talk and more on this pod! Timestamps Approximate. We start with Football Fancave (03:40) where Owen recaps the end of the group play stage at the Euro Cup, as Russia collapses, the big 3 in the group of death squeak by, and Spain pulls it together. Max makes picks for the first round of the draw. In Combat Corner (09:55) Max gives a breakdown and prediction for Alexander Volkov vs Cyril Gane this weekend's UFC Main Event. BBall Storylines (19:56) We recap game 2 of the Suns Clippers games; griping about the slow last 2 minutes, praising Payne, Booker and Ayton and speculating whether the Clippers can pull through down 2-0 again. We also talk game 1 of the Bucks Hawks series; Trae's spectacular play, Middleton and Holliday's inconstancies and our picks for the series. Owen also talks the NBA Draft Lottery, what it means for the Pistons to have a shot at Cunningham, the Rockets to have a chance to rebuild after Harden, and the Toronto Raptors to have the number 4 pick. Baseball Bit (46:16) Owen talks the Menoah suspension, and the league's misguiding attempt to fix pitching through sticky finger checks, leading to some disrobing. Talkin’ Hockey (51:09) The boys talk games 5 and 6 of the Lightning Islanders series, game 5 of the Habs Vegas series, and Max gives a quick live timetravel update after the Habs clinch their Stanley Cup Finals playoff berth. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Jun 24

59 min 50 sec

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! We start some notes from the Euro Cup (03:05) including Group A seeding, Scotland/England, Spain’s disappointing results, and the group of death.  Next in the Combat Corner (09:08), Max talks Anderson Silva winning his boxing bout against Chavez Jr. Bball Storylines (12:44) starts with a recap of Game 1 between the Suns/Clippers and how the Clippers got there, followed by Milwaukee/Brooklyn Game 7, Philly/Atlanta Game 6 + live watching reactions of Game 7, and the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday. The pod wraps up with Talkin’ Hockey (43:39), Tennis Talk (53:25), and the Baseball Bit (56:22), where the boys talk Round 3 NHL Action, the young Canadian lads taking Ls, and the Jays season hanging by a thread. Check out the website at  Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (  Clip Taken from the Sports NextDoor Podcast. Check us out on… Website Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Amazon:


Jun 20

59 min 6 sec

Euro cup action, crazy NBA 2nd round game 5s, NHL 3rd round playoff coverage, ATP Grass season talk and more on this episode of the pod! Timestamps Approximate We kick off with Football Fancave (04:17) where Owen covers all the action in the group play at the Euro cup from day 4-7. as well as Canada's big win over Haiti and a historic goaltender Fumble Max has some quick thoughts in Combat Corner (14:23) about Dan Ige vs Chan Sung Jung the Korean Zombie. BBall Storylines (20:07) takes up the bulk of the show, talking about a proposed examination of rules against an unnatural shooting motion. Breaking down a collapse of epic proportions by the Philadelphia 76ers giving the Atlanta Hawks a game 5 win off a 40-19 4th quarter, after being down 26. We talk game 5 of the Utah Jazz and L.A Clippers that saw the Clippers get the W without Kawhi thanks to a strong Paul George game. Speculate whether Chris Paul has Covid-19 and which team a Paul-less Suns matches up better against. And wrap up with Kevin Durant's historic 49-17-10 that led the Brooklyn Nets to a game 5 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. In Talkin' Hockey (57:50) we go through each of the first 2 games played in the 3rd round. With both the Vegas Golden Knights vs Montreal Canadiens and New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning having their series sit at 1 game apiece. Some quick Tennis Talk (01:03:28) discussing the currently ongoing grass season and Wimbledon prospects, as well as Nadal and Osaka's withdrawals. Wrap up the show with a Baseball Bit (01:09:07) as Owen mopes about the BlueJays Bullpen


Jun 17

1 hr 10 min

A plentiful buffet of sports action this weekend! We start some notes from the Euro Cup (01:32) including Denmark/Finland and Netherlands/Ukraine.  Next in the Combat Corner (04:40), Max recaps UFC 263 including Dober/Ridell, Craig/Hill, Maia/Muhammad, Diaz/Edwards, Figgy/Moreno, and Izzy/Vettori.  In the Baseball Bit (23:39) Owen talks about the Jays series against the Red Sox and Vladdy’s continued dominance. The hits and homers keep coming for the offense as they look to take advantage of an upcoming weaker schedule. In Tennis Talk (25:09), Max shares his notes from the Nadal/Djokovic match and the French Open Men’s final. Novak inches closer into the GOAT conversation. Talkin’ Hockey (33:18) kicks off with a recap of game 1 between the Islanders and the Lightning, then is followed by a brief Vegas/Montreal preview. The pod wraps up with Bball Storylines (40:32) where the boys talk each of the round 2 series: Kyrie’s injury, Giannis’ FT shooting (again), Kawhi’s update, Trae’s and Embiid’s antics, and a bid farewell to the Nuggets.   Check out the website at   Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Jun 13

1 hr 14 min

NBA/NHL 2nd round playoff talk, UFC 263 preview, Euro cup predictions, French Open quarters recap and more on this pod! Timestamps Approximate BBall Storylines (04:35) we cover each of the 4 playoff match ups going on right now. Breaking down the game 1 wins by the top seeded Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns, and why we have them as favourites to win their series. The beating that the Brooklyn Nets are handing the Milwaukee Bucks, and the back and forth between the Atlanta Hawks and Philly 76ers. Talkin' Hockey (23:11) see's us recap the Colorado Avalanche Vegas Golden Knights game 5, talk the Lightnings series win over the Hurricanes, and discuss the NHL fining Bruce Cassidy $25, 000. Combat Corner (42:14) see's Max talk about the UFC 263 fights that excite him most namely: Adesanya vs Vettori, Edwards vs Diaz, Muhammad vs Maia, Hill vs Craig, and Dober vs Ridell. Football Fancave (54:49) We make our (expert) predictions for the winners of each group, and Owen gives some NFL updates on Jones and Rodgers. Tennis Talk (01:02:30) Max recaps the mens French Open quarter final matches: Tsitispas vs Medvedev, Nadal vs Schwartzmen, and Djokovic vs Berrettini


Jun 9

1 hr 14 min

Second round playoff action, some assorted sporting notes, and fight predictions for Sunday Night, were we right? We start with Bball Storylines (03:15) where the boys discuss and pick each of the second round series, as well as discussing Luka Magic and his disappointing Dallas teammates.   In Talkin’ Hockey (31:10), the boys chat about each of the second round series and come to terms with the possibility that the Leafs could have been in the third round. The pod wraps up with a shoutout to Team Canada’s IIHF Gold Medal (won by Nick Paul's golden goal!) (45:11), the AL Beast (46:03), more French Open action (47:30), and predictions for the Logan Paul/Floyd Mayweather bout (52:30). Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


Jun 6

57 min 22 sec

Summarys and previews of NBA playoff action, a depressed Toronto Maple Leafs autopsy, French Open, Ultimate Frisbee and more. Timestamps Approximate We kick off with our BBall Storylines (03:21) talking about the battle of injury prevention in the Suns vs Lakers, previewing a potential upset in Hawks vs 76ers, why the Nets vs Bucks looks like the best match up next round. The electric games between the Nuggets and Trail Blazers as well as Mavericks and Clippers, due to some amazing play by Jokić, Lilliard, and Luka Doncic. In Talkin' Hockey (33:11) the boys look back at another lost game 7 and another first round playoff exit for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Asking whether they still believe in this core, if Marner should be traded, and what could possibly fix this cursed franchise. Baseball Bit (48:40) see's Owen touch on the Blue Jays week, as they battle in the super deep AL East Tennis Talk (50:25) has Max give an update on the French Open as the 3rd round kicks off We end the show with Owen promoting AUDL (53:20) the North American pro ultimate Frisbee league. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


Jun 3

57 min 14 sec

More playoff basketball, Leafs trauma, and Canadian tennis to talk about on this one, let’s jump right in! We start with Bball Storylines (02:52) where Owen walks you through each of the first round series including AD’s injury in Lakers/Suns, Randle/Bam’s performances in Hawks/Knicks and Bucks/Heat, and the elevated play of the Clippers two stars against the Mavericks. The boys then takes a moment to discuss their excitement about Canadian Basketball and the potential roster for this summer’s Olympics and the 2024 Olympics (20:40). In Talkin’ Hockey (24:26). The Leafs continue to create new trauma for its fanbase. The boys then run through each of the second round series (30:32). Owen talks some Blue Jays (37:41) and wraps up the Champions League final from Saturday (40:00). Max finishes the pod with some analysis of the French Open (42:00). Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (


May 30

46 min 53 sec

Young stud Blue Jays, which NBA Playoff series are over, and which are interesting, immediate Leafs Habs recap and more on this pod! Timestamps Approximate (04:02) Baseball Bit kicks off the show, with Owen talking about the fantastic first MLB game Manoah had, as well as the Vladdy leading the league in Home Runs (09:19) Combat Corner see's Max discuss the career of Paul Felder, and how his retirement showcases the problem with the staleness of UFC rankings. (14:38) BBall Storylines: Playoff recaps of all the series going on, some seeming like they're already over. But plenty of intrigue as well such as Luka magic, the Clipper dumpster fire, and the Phoenix L.A, series. (32:33) Tennis Talk gives a quick preview of the French Open, with special attention to our Canadians Felix and Bianca. (36:31) In Talkin’ Hockey we kick off with an immediate reaction and analysis for game 5 of the Toronto Maple Leafs Montréal Canadiens series, that saw the Habs win 4-3 in OT. We discuss the Oilers season ending, what went wrong and what's likely next for them and McDavid. Closing notes on the Islanders beating the Penguins, and the Lightning beating the Panthers. As well as thoughts on the still ongoing Hurricanes vs Predators and Golden Knights vs Wild. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


May 27

1 hr 8 min

Happy long weekend to our Canadian listeners! Sit back, grab a cold one, and listen to the boys talk NHL and NBA playoffs. We start with Bball Storylines (03:43) where Owen walks you through the final play-in game between Memphis and Golden State, and each of Saturday’s game 1s. In Talkin’ Hockey (26:28). The boys run through each of the series. Colorado steamrolls St Louis, setting up a potential heavyweight matchup with Vegas (and Marc-Andre Fleury) in round 2. The Bruins beat the Caps, where are McDavid/Draisaitl, the Lightning sustain injuries, NYI and NSH even their series, and the Leafs are back. The pod finishes up with some notes on Denis Shapovalov and another possible Canadian tennis phenom Liam Draxl (47:17). Check out the website at Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC: (  


May 23

49 min 28 sec

Recaps of the first round of NBA play ins, predictions for each matchup in the 1st Round, NHL Playoff updates/Leaf disappointment + more this Pod Timestamps Approximate We start off with our BBall Storylines (02:18) where we recap the first round of the NBA Play in tournament that saw the Pacers smack the Hornets, the Celtics route the Wizards, the Grizzlies get by the Spurs, and the Lakers beat the Warriors in what was probably the game of the year. We move on to predicting the winner of each match up for round 1 of the NBA Playoffs (12:22) In Combat Corner (32:04) Max talks about the recent news that Dana White blocked a boxing match between George St-Pierre and Oscar De La Hoya, and gives his thoughts on the UFC Monopoly. In Talkin' Hockey (37:17) we time travel to right after the Leafs Habs game and the boys give their disappointed takeaways. They also recap the rest of the playoff action so far in the NHL which has been tight. We wrap up with our Baseball Bit (47:15) for some more Toronto disappointment, as the Blue Jays blow a lead. But end the show on a positive note as the Shohei Ohtani hype train chugs along. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


May 20

52 min 9 sec

The NHL and NBA Playoffs are here! What a time to be alive for sports fans and the boys are here to break down the action from the world of sports this weekend. We start Talkin’ Hockey (01:54). The first 3 Stanley Cup Playoff games go to overtime and the boys finish up their playoff picks in the West and North Divisions. In Combat Corner (27:55), Max recaps a few fights from UFC 262. Burgos/Barboza, Ferguson/Dariush, and Olivera/Chandler.  Bball Storylines (36:02) starts with Lebron being back again and continues with a discussion on the east and west play-in games, as well as the Suns and Jazz fighting for the one seed. Owen finishes by highlighting the Canadians taking part in playoff action. In Football Fan Cave (47:23), Owen congratulates Leicester City on their FA Cup victory and its significance with regards to the Super League. Then, THERE WAS A GOALIE GOAL! The pod finishes up first with a Baseball Bit (49:39) involving the rolling Blue Jays, a packed AL East, and the dodgers signing Albert Pujols; then a shoutout (53:20) to Rafael Nadal for his record extending 10th win at the Italian Open.


May 16

56 min

Half our NHL Playoff predictions this pod, along with UFC 262, Raptors outta playoffs, Shapo's match against Nadal and more! Timestamps approximate We kick off Talkin' Hockey (07:03) with a couple of last notes as the season kicks off. We get into predictions (10:56) for the Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins, New York Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins, the Carolina Hurricanes vs the Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers. In Combat Corner (27:20) Max previews UFC 262 fights Charles Olivera vs Michael Chandler, Tony Ferguson vs Beneil Dariush, talks about Makachev vs Moises being booked and the Lightweight Ranking Ducking Problem. As well as a preview of Shane Burgos vs Edson Barboza. Football Fancave (44:30) Owen goes over TFC's first win of the season, as well as all his key takeaways from the NFL schedule release. Also Tim Tebow to the Jaguars?? BBall Storylines (53:27) Raptors season over, and injuries to Jaylen Brown and Victor Oladipo, also who's more suited to guard Embiid Miami and Bam Adebayo or Milwaukee and Brook Lopez? Tennis Talk (59:40) Max recaps Dennis Shapovalov's thriller against Rafael Nadal Baseball Bit (01:05:30) Owen talks the Blue Jay sweeping the Braves and the fantastic pitching so far this season Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


May 13

1 hr 9 min

Happy Mother’s Day! As our gift to all the mothers out there, we dove into our All-NBA and All-NHL teams, as well as some other UFC, TFC, and baseball action!   Timestamps Approximate:   We start Talkin’ Hockey (02:50). Connor McDavid McDid it, teams are clinching playoff seeding, and Torts is done in Columbus. Then, the boys choose their All-Division and All-NHL teams (14:55) for the season. How do you think we did?   In Combat Corner (45:44), Max breaks down the UFC action from the weekend including Ferreira/Gillespie, Magny/Neal, Cowboy/Morono, and the main event.   Bball Storylines (56:28) starts with a breakdown of the games that had serious implications for the play-in game. Russell Westbrook ties the big O and the OKC Thunder are tanking. Then, Owen picks his 3 All-NBA teams (01:03:08) and ends with a Top Shot Pack Opening.   We move on to the Baseball Bit (01:28:49), where Owen briefly gives his thoughts on Nate Pearson’s season debut, Wade Miley’s no-hitter, and then Max breaks down an article about what baseball needs to change to help out its hitters.   Finally (01:34:31), Owen shouts out TFC, Max shouts out Alexander Zverev in some final sports notes.   Check out the website at   Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC:


May 9

1 hr 38 min

Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers vs NHL Player Safety, NHL Playoffs almost seeded, UFC preview, Jays talk, the biggest NBA storylines of the week and more on this pod. Timestamps Approximate We kick off Talkin' Hockey (03:07) with the biggest story in the NHL: a drama in several acts; the Tom Wilson non suspension, Rangers Capitals line brawl, GMs getting fired, The Rangers getting fined. We also go over the playoff picture for each division, talk the impressive start Sam Bennet and Spencer Knight have had with the Florida Panthers, and give our obligatory McDavid praise. As well a little on Connor Bedard heading into the U18 Gold medal game between Canada Russia In Combat Corner (34:12) Max previews: Angela Hill vs Amanda Ribas, Diego Ferreira vs Gregor Gillespie, Geoff Neal vs Neil Magny, Cowboy Cerrone vs Alex Morono, and Michelle Watterson vs Marina Rodriguez. He also fills Owen in on the Diego Sanchez and the cult of Joshua Fabia Baseball Bit (52:28) see's Owen recap the Jays splitting with Oakland, a no hitter from John Means for the Orioles, and the San Fransico Giants leading the NL West surprisingly Football Fancave (59:08) has a recap of the 2nd leg of the Champions league semis which leads to an all English Final Finally BBall Storylines (01:00:10) covers Lebron resting back to backs and dissing the play in games, Malachi Flynn takes rookie of the month as Raptors have their back against the wall against the Wizards. Giannis and the Bucks sweep the Nets, and get by the Wizards. Lastly Jokic is a lock for MVP at this point Owen breaks down what a special player he is. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC (


May 6

1 hr 12 min

It was a chaotic day for Max, but we do our best to use the world of sports as an escape with lots of Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, UFC action, as well as the NFL Draft!   Timestamps Approximate:   We start Talkin’ Hockey (03:37). The Leafs continue to role with contributions from all four lines. The Jets continue to slide, leading to a tighter finish for the third seed in the North Division. Connor McDavid continues to get closer to greatness with another 3 pts against the Flames. Finally, we talk a little about the NHL/EPSN/TNT news and the great Edmonton star in the NHL.   In Combat Corner (15:55), Max breaks down a main event that ended with a crazy spinning elbow. Where will Reyes/Procházka go from here?  We move on to the Baseball Bit (23:47) where Owen breaks down a successful weekend sweep for the Blue Jays over the Braves. There was the first two Springer Dingers, some offensive production from the catchers, more Grichuk clutch hits, and consistent pitching. Bball Storylines (27:50) breaks down the great matchup today between the Nets and Bucks and gave us a sneak peek into what a potential playoff series could look like. The boys touch on the Wizards 9 seed chances, the return of Lamelo Ball, Tatum’s 60, the play of Khem Birch, more OG talk, Lebron’s return, MPJ’s hot streak, and the possible playoff positioning by the Suns and Jazz.  Finally, Owen gives his takeaways on the NFL Draft in the Football Fan Cave (39:21). He talks about the QBs taken in the first round, the corners taken at 8 and 9, and the opportunity of a lifetime for a potential Brady successor. Intro Song Mystery Train by UIC:


May 2

47 min 10 sec