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The Crownsmen Podcast highlights the huge benefit that Mining, Energy, Construction, Forestry, and Transportation have on the economy. Watch on YouTube We highlight these industries by interviewing guests from First Nations Entrepreneurs, business owners, and top level executives from leading companies who all feel the effects from new projects that are approved or shut down. Join us as we promote industry and combat anti-business policies.

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Clichés seem to overshadow many corporate value profiles and company culture in brochures often feel like a perfect world simplifications to serving complex industries. Greg Gilland uses clichés then does something few of us can do, he unpacks why this phrase or ideal is a core part of his personal value system or the company he represents. Greg is MAXAM Tire’s Vice President of Global Agriculture and combines over 20 years in the tire industry with 15 years as a Naval Officer both in the active Navy and the Naval Reserve. He joins Crownsmen Ag to discuss how things operate in the Agriculture sector, what is giving MAXAM the edge, and his own professional journey. If you are in the market for agriculture tires or simply just want to hear thought provoking conversation this episode is for you. Watch Episode Here:

Dec 2

35 min 33 sec

ZeroNox provides a platform for clean energy technology to come to market. They are a first mover in the Off-Highway Vehicle and Heavy Equipment space utilizing electric powertrain solutions with Lithium-Ion battery technology, as well as other clean energy innovations. The goal of ZeroNox is to assist OEMs in integrating cleaner and higher performing technology into their products, as well as to support those OEMs in mass producing and introducing those products into the marketplace, all with the “Powered by ZeroNox” platform. Watch Episode Here:

Dec 1

42 min 49 sec

This special episode features both the supplier and customer to unpack Rockmart Slate’s aggregate quarry located in Georgia where they use multiple Terex Finlay crushing and screening systems supplied and serviced by Finlay Eastern. Joining us from Rockmart Slate is David Robinson who focuses on providing the operations scope and market. Kelly Preston with Finlay Eastern lays out the equipment models and their specifications and walks through various applications including asphalt and concrete. Watch Episode Here:

Nov 25

40 min 26 sec

Silver production, Chinese new year, and 70 active drills; we cover a lot of ground in this episode of Mining Now with Lon Shaver, Vice-President. Silvercorp Inc. is a Canadian mining company producing silver, lead and zinc metals in concentrates from mines in China. Over the last 15 years they have produced over 79 million ounces of silver and 1.1 billion pounds of lead and zinc between their GC Mine and Ying Mining District. Lon discusses their approach of not going to equity markets and generating free cash flow through ups and down. Watch Episode Here:

Nov 24

44 min 40 sec

A division of Sailun Group, MAXAM Tire designs, manufactures, and distributes off-the-road and rigid haul truck specialty tire products globally. As a major specialty tire manufacturer and distributor, MAXAM’s tires have gone through some of the most rigorous testing thrown at them by Caterpillar, designed incredible automation systems in their manufacturing process, and implemented an in-depth cradle to grave approach to assist their clients through the life of the tire. Matt Johnson - VP Maxam Tire Mining Group joined Mining NOW to focus on a dedicated and knowledgeable global group under MAXAM Tire, MAXAM MINING GROUP. The group was created specifically to focus on the mining segment. Since its establishment, the MMG team has achieved great success in serving regional market demands. With each member an industry-leading expert dedicated to providing the best customer experience, the team has been making continuous improvements with focused market solutions. Watch Episode Here:

Nov 22

50 min 2 sec

Pronto has been working in autonomy for 15+ years, specifically on-road driving, giving them extensive experience in solving problems for really complex scenarios including high speeds and close proximity. Pronto believes that autonomy doesn’t have to be so complicated. In the mining space, there are many examples of mines needing a total overhaul of their operations to support autonomy, but Pronto offers technology that can be applied today that contributes to safety and efficiency without requiring extensive upfront work, leading to their slogan “Autonomy Simplified”. Watch Episode Here:

Nov 10

32 min 11 sec

Live from MINExpo, Fenner Dunlop joins The Crownsmen Show represented by Scott Frenz and Geoff Normanton to discuss their “real-time remote access to your belt performance”, BIRDSi and belt durability within the mining sector as well as managing the recent supply chain challenges. Watch Episode Here:

Nov 6

32 min 14 sec

Successfully executing projects in the mining industry is extremely challenging. Head of Development at Waterton, Paul Nielson joins Mining Now to discuss some of these challenges including: Unique nature of each deposit Complex multidisciplinary work required to achieve sufficient confidence Complexity of scale -- lower grades mean higher volumes and large projects Not being able to choose where the mine is! Significant volatility in commodity prices He outlines how from the start, the deck is stacked against the industry, and the track record of success in project execution hasn’t been good over long periods of time. Watch Episode Here:

Nov 6

59 min 55 sec

Accusteel is a leading provider of specialty transport equipment enabling their clients to move some of the largest machinery on the planet. Their Vice President Antu Chicahuala joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss some of their most stand-out projects across the mining, energy and construction industry including unique designs for on-road and off-road applications. From custom Heavy Haul Trailers, OEM Chassis, or off-road solutions Accusteel has the experience and expertise to provide an efficient and reliable solution forward. Watch Episode Here:

Oct 28

41 min 57 sec

On this episode of Crownsmen Energy, Chelsea O’Connor, Business Development Manager at SFC Energy returns to expand on the company's off-grid power solutions and how it is actively driving change in the clean energy mix.  SFC Energy provides clients with highly reliable off-grid power systems using fuel cell technology.  These technologies assist companies in the industrial market to achieve net-zero emissions goals by  displacing diesel and thermoelectric low power solutions.  Through its innovative and proven methanol fuel cell technology and its ready-to-launch hydrogen power fuel cells, SFC Energy is helping clients transition away from emission producing power solutions in real-time over to clean technology solutions. SFC Energy is delivering reliable, sustainable, low-maintenance, and clean power solutions to industries across the board.  SFC’s fuel cell technology is a commercialized solution that is disrupting the power generation market and making a difference by helping companies realize the potential of clean power generation and its meaningful impact on lowering carbon footprints. Watch Episode Here:

Oct 19

34 min 3 sec

Fleets of heavy equipment in the oilsands, some of the most extreme weather conditions on earth, and remote locations with small windows to deliver. This in-depth interview with HollyFrontier’s Barnaby Ngai and Gord Susinski dives into providing technical support for multiple applications and specifications and the onboarding process for mining operations around the world. Watch Episode Here:

Oct 7

55 min 58 sec

One platform to bring it all together. AUTOSOL helps to solve industry challenges by securely collecting, accessing, and sharing data at scale from all of the devices that comprise industrial environments.  Director of Technical Operations and Business Development David Blanco joins Crownsmen Energy to provide insight on how AUTOSOL is not just delivering data, but providing context enabling customers to make informed decisions. Watch Episode Here:

Sep 17

56 min 46 sec

Today we are filming live from #Minexpo2021 with Kal Tire Mining Tire Group! We will be joined by Dan Allan, Senior Vice President, Peter J Nilsson Innovation and Research and Development Manager, Scott Farnham, Director of Recycling Services, Marcus Jackson, Manager of Lifetime Tyre Service, and Mark Goode, Director of Business Insights. Watch Episode Here:

Sep 14

13 min 53 sec

In this episode we feature another game changer in the mining industry. GeoSLAM makes it easy to capture and connect data from the world around us. From the built environment to the natural world, GeoSLAM technology gives people the power to collect geospatial data from some of the most difficult environments, whether they are indoor, outdoors, underground – everywhere. Watch Episode Here:

Sep 14

50 min 2 sec

Last summer the Alberta government released “Alberta’s Recovery Plan” to create jobs, build capital and diversify the economy. Key elements of this plan included creating jobs and investing in Energy and Infrastructure. This plan is well underway but also requires private industry (including the energy industry) to invest alongside the government. But, the investment and capital build environment is changing rapidly and significantly. So today on The Crownsmen Show have two people from MNP to help unpack 3 streams: Environmental Legislation/regulation Indigenous Consultation ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and the connection to raising capital Watch Episode Here:

Sep 10

1 hr

Ever expanding and now more than ever at a Global scale The Bucket Shop once again joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss their full line of cast solutions - Rhinowear. In this episode they are not just explaining why the brand outperforms at every level but Vice President Paul Woodward makes clear “as the globe distributor they are looking for dealers”. In this context he and his team outline the value, technical advantages, and distribution model to serve clients and a global scale. Watch Episode Here:

Sep 7

1 hr 1 min

Mining operators have been facing the challenge of having to cope with cost reduction schemes while improving site safety for years. While safety and minimising cost remain the key drivers for mining operations, the growing spotlight on environmental issues adds to the complexity of operations. Profitability and growth of mining companies is largely down to how they can adapt to the pressures of sustainability. Despite technological advancements that have made the industry greener, most processes are still resource intensive with significant environmental impact and there is a growing push in the industry, on all five continents, to find more sustainable solutions. Silixa offers a portfolio of proven monitoring solutions that target all of these concerns. They enhance productivity, minimise risks, and ensure sustainability by providing more reliable and cost-effective means of geophysical assessment as well as asset and process monitoring. Watch Episode Here:

Sep 3

55 min 44 sec

For their second appearance on The Crownsmen Show, Hawk brought in their Vice President of Sales, Dale Grumney to discuss CGR applications across industry including minerals and mining, oil and gas, agriculture and subterranean sewers. Hawk isn’t a one-size-fits all product, and has heavily invested into R&D, to design and manufacture the highest quality, full solution product offerings. We are committed to providing best-in-class products, services and technologies that will have unsurpassed value for our customers in practically any industry. Watch Episode Here:

Sep 1

48 min 41 sec

Straight answers and clear vision. Mr. Asp joins Mining NOW to discuss a wide range of topics including: His personal and professional journey to becoming a leader. The mining industry and its relationship with indigenous people around the world. Introducing skills training and apprenticeship programs to his community. History and governing structure of Tahltan Nation. The effects of welfare and motivating youth. Watch Episode Here:

Aug 25

57 min 23 sec

Ari Saartenoja, CEO and Founder of Radai is back on Mining NOW to discuss how his company has evolved, upgraded equipment, and collaborated with some of the largest mining companies in the world including Rio Tinto. Radai provides services for a wide variety of applications including mineral exploration, geological mapping, environmental monitoring and conductivity mapping. Radai’s in-house developed software included: RadaiPros – magnetic data processing tool RadaiView – magnetic UAV data viewer and RadaiPath – UAV waypoint editor, are technologies that offer high quality data for end users. Watch Episode Here:

Aug 20

34 min 43 sec

Since 1962 Fuller Brothers has been creating and producing tire additive products that help many global commercial fleets protect their tires and wheels from the inside.  Fuller Brothers takes pride in the quality of our finished products that our customers can use and promote with great confidence. Craig Tinklenberg from Fuller Brothers joins Mining NOW to discuss their flagship product, Tire Life! Watch Episode Here:

Aug 19

48 min 43 sec

Commercial window cleaning has not changed since the industry launched. In the last 100 years, buildings have scaled dramatically in height and window surface area, allowing tenants to enjoy the external beauty around them. But cleaning these windows while suspended hundreds of feet in the air poses a great risk for the workers and the public. Skyline Robotics believes that people are more than robots, and that is why – starting with window cleaning – they aim to automate all types of work at heights. Their COO Ross Blum joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss their window cleaning robot Ozmo, business development approach  and future R&D. Watch Episode Here:

Aug 5

38 min 13 sec

In this episode of Mining Now, Co-Founder and CEO Gary Agnew talks about development of Ideon as a company, it’s technology, their customers and partners, and much more! He also discussed the mining industry’s pain points including low investment return on exploration, increased demand for rare earth minerals and metals demand, and more social pressure for clean sustainable mining. Watch Episode Here:

Aug 4

52 min 37 sec

Myno is focused on three pillars in their mission; sequestering as much carbon as they can, as fast as they can, at a capital-efficient scale. Myno works closely with customers to make biochar from their waste streams. This biochar is then used to increase agricultural yields, to improve forest productivity, or to store carbon in materials such as concrete or asphalt. Through the production and increased use of biochar, Myno’s goal is to accelerate the rate at which humanity removes carbon from the atmosphere, improves the health of soil and water resources, and in the process, creates good jobs of the future. Watch Episode Here:

Jul 30

45 min 34 sec

The seeds of Dutch Industries were sown in the early 1930s, in Holland when Pieter Cruson, started a traditional blacksmith workshop.In 1950 he immigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan and made the pivotal decision to provide quality steel products to local farmers and businessmen. This vision was to grow into Dutch Industries. Company VP of Sales Jason Steinley joins the new web series Crownsmen Ag to discuss their primary subsidiary Dutch Agriculture and their secondary arm Dutch Manufacturing. Today, Dutch Industries has over 70 years of experience in Canada, technologically-advanced equipment, and a 70,000 square foot facility. Dutch continues Pieter Cruson’s proud tradition, serving a growing list of agricultural and industrial customers, from over 11 countries, on six continents.

Jul 29

51 min 36 sec

Buildings are getting smarter thanks to one amazing company. Verdigris Technologies is a leading AI company that empowers the world’s smartest buildings with data, insights and automation. Their CEO and Co-Founder Mark Chung joins Crownsmen Energy to discuss how they are changing not only the way buildings use energy but what has motivated him to be a part of this journey. Watch Episode Here:

Jul 27

52 min 54 sec

The first time Ory Zik joined Crownsmen Energy, oil and gas companies were already sensitive to their supply chain emissions. Qnergy was ahead of the curve with their stirling engine system, now they are on the curve. Increased emissions legislation and regulations, demands by European LNG buyers, and accelerated technology development have all contributed to the increased demand. In this interview Ory talks about how they have had so much success introducing their products to market including a “test before you buy” policy for their customers in the early stages with a 100% conversion rate. Watch Episode Here:

Jun 30

44 min 29 sec

This special episode featuring Tadano is as much about cranes as it is about unifying a brand. It delves into everything from leadership strategy and philosophy to global acquisitions and technology integration. Joining The Crownsmen Show is Ingo Schiller, President of Tadano America Corporation. Being second generation in the crane business Ingo brings both an understanding of the lifting industry's history including Tadano’s and a deep insight of modern markets’ demands for technology, safety, and capability. Watch Here:

Jun 22

46 min 14 sec

Is Copperstone Technologies a robot company? They build a robot, their technology is sitting on a robot, and if you click on one of their video’s you see a robot navigating tailings pond beaches, snow covered ground, and propelling itself through water. Their CEO Craig Milne joined Mining NOW to discuss that their incredible line of robotics is really a means to their core objective. To help mines with hazardous site investigation “using” robotics. Watch Episode Here:

Jun 17

44 min 18 sec

Vorsana’s offers radial counterflow technology as a flexible and scalable solution for separating a variety of pollutants and materials. It harnesses the power of vortex separation between co-axial counter-rotating disks creating special vortex patterns. The resulting centrifugal forces cause heavier fractions to separate from lighter fractions, resulting in a powerful mechanical separation mechanism for solid, liquid, and gas material. Radial counterflow can be applied to a variety of applications to reduce GHG emissions, restore compromised environments, and create sustainable products for the future. Watch Episode Here:

Jun 15

38 min 57 sec

The first episode of Crownsmen Ag speaks to the 2020 - 2022 changes to the AgriStability Program, including changes to treatment of private insurance proceeds and removal of the Reference Margin Limiting (RML). Joining as the guest is Steve Funk, Director of  Ag Management Resources at MNP. Watch Episode Here:

Jun 10

48 min 39 sec

For decades companies have been shipping their products all over the world and accumulating massive shipping costs. RIM PLUS DRY is manufactured using a water soluble bag filled with our proprietary ingredients to safely deliver our product to the customer without the added weight of shipping water. This is a fully sustainable solution that reduces costs in logistics, container cost (pails, drums, totes), and storage space in warehouses. Director of Sales, Morry Jones joins Mining NOW to discuss bringing the product to a wider market, his son purchasing the company, and his over 35 years in the tire industry. Watch Episode Here:

Jun 8

42 min

There is new energy in Alberta and companies like E3 Metals are leading the way! Chris Doornbos, President and CEO of E3 Metals joins Crownsmen Energy to discuss why that is changing. Through the successful scale up its DLE technology towards commercialization, E3 Metals’ goal is to produce high purity, battery grade, lithium products. With a significant lithium resource and innovative technology solutions, E3 Metals has the potential to deliver lithium to market from one of the best jurisdictions in the world. E3 Metals also continues to work with partners at the University of Alberta and at GreenCentre Canada. Watch Episode Here:

May 27

47 min 22 sec

In this episode we take a look back at the history of mobile screening and crushing, from the first designs, functions, and patents up to today with the integration of new technology, expanded function, and applications. Darren Finlay joins The Crownsmen Show  to talk about TEREX FINLAY and the incredible world of tracked mobile crushing, screening and conveying. Watch Episode Here:

May 25

52 min 29 sec

It is not often we have a show that includes the supplier and customer. Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer at Sofvie returns to Mining NOW to discuss how they provided a digital safety solution to Technica Mining. From Technica, Health Safety and Training Manager, Eric Demers also joins to discuss the implementation of the software platform as a mining contractor. Watch Episode Here:

May 18

1 hr

Acceleware is back again with an exciting update on their Marwayne project! Mike Touringy, Chief Operating Officer, and Jim Boucher, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board - Acceleware | Kisâstwêw joins Rory Bamford and Gaudy Molina on this episode of Crownsmen Energy. We cover real world examples of what benefits RF XL can deliver starting with a 100K bbl/day example. Electrification allows for CO2 reduction using clean/renewable power. RF XL has the opportunity to create a domino effect with a non-aqueous, non-solvent heavy oil production capability with no requirement for carbon capture or underground storage. This also results in a land use reduction and capital cost reduction when compared to SAGD. Watch Episode Here:

May 13

54 min 33 sec

Since 1861, Fenner Dunlop America has been manufacturing the toughest conveyor belting in the world. Michelin has owned Fenner Dunlop since 2018 and has strengthened Fenner’s supply chain with their three manufacturing plants in the USA and Canada including their state-of-the-art fabric weaving facility in Lavonia, Georgia. Watch Episode Here:

May 12

53 min 54 sec

Chief Operating Officer Colin M. Rush from Clean Seed Capital  joins Jerrod Downey on The Crownsmen Show for a deep dive into their company’s incredible SMART SEEDER MAX, the multi generation story beyond the company, their leadership team, and the challenges of bringing game changing innovation to the agriculture sector. Watch Episode Here:

May 4

53 min 57 sec

What is the life of a tire and are there answers to one of minings biggest environmental challenges? Located in the heart of Chile’s mining region, home to some of the world’s largest copper mines, Kal Tire has built and is now operating a facility that has the capability to recycle 20 tonnes  (20,000 kilograms or 44,092.5 pounds) of tires each day with 40 percent of the weight of those scrap tires having the potential to return to mines as alternative fuels. This is what Dave Allan, Vice President of Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, Canada and Scott Farnham Director of Recycling Services joined Mining NOW to discuss with host Jerrod Downey. Watch Episode Here:

Apr 29

33 min 18 sec

A great Canadian story with a global reach and it all started as a small family business and is growing with partnerships.  The Bucket Shop (TBS) is a Timmins, Ontario based heavy equipment repair, rebuild, and manufacturing facility that produces mining & earth moving equipment attachments (Buckets, and Haul Boxes). The business was founded in 1991 and two business units operate today: The Bucket Shop Inc. (production and manufacturing) and Steeltec (mobile fleet welding/millwright services). Watch Episode Here:

Apr 27

1 hr 7 min

We are going underground and into leading edge mining technology. NSS Canada is an Authorized Distributor of Leica Geosystems Products, an authorized agent of Hexagon Mining and developed their own in house software, MOSS (Miner Operated Survey System), which allows miners to do some of the surveying work themselves, speeding up work on site significantly. Watch Episode Here:

Apr 20

51 min 25 sec

On this episode of Mining NOW we are featuring General Kinematics. Mining Director Derek Kerkera joins to explain the importance of mining equipment that promotes efficiency and increased production capacity using the Two-Mass Technology. Watch Episode Here:

Apr 14

46 min 38 sec

When you have been sent to Indonesia representing a mining company who wants to build a mine where there is a small community or escaped a country using the jungle because environmental protests shut down the airport, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a term you would use casually. Bertrand De Windt CEO of Steps Up Consulting not only takes it seriously he applies multiple tools to his CSR approach including his Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, a Bs. in Industrial Psychology, and the power of empathy. Watch Episode Here:

Apr 8

1 hr 1 min

Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) clean technology investments help innovators develop and demonstrate Alberta-based technologies that lower emissions and costs. By supporting scaling up innovation ERA will be part of ensuring Alberta succeeds in a lower emissions world. Mark Summers - Executive Director - Technology and Innovation, joins Crownsmen Energy to discuss current funding competitions including the new $50 million Reducing Environmental Footprint competition offered by CRIN. He also unpacks past/ongoing projects including the Natural Gas Challenge and Oil Sands innovation Challenge. Watch Episode Here:

Apr 1

54 min 59 sec

Collaboration, boldness, and listening to the market have always been key to bringing new innovative technology to a commercialized level. Nobody does this better than O-Pitblast. Their products were built by mathematicians, programmers, designers and engineers to provide their clients with the most creative and knowledgeable solutions in the mining sector. They have partnered with universities including providing free access to their software, became members of top mining exploration associations including ISEE, FRAGBLAST, EFEE, AP3E, PDAC, and are currently partnering with companies like WipWare to further expand their offerings. The result? O-Pitblast is now providing leading technology for the world's mining market in over 90 countries. In this Episode of Mining NOW three members of the O-Pitbalst Team join the show, CEO - Vinicius Miranda, COO Francisco Leite, and North American Distributor Evan Thibaud discuss everything from developing the company, R&D, and explaining their existing product line. Watch Episode Here:

Mar 30

59 min 11 sec

The President of FORTAI, Trang Tran-Valade joins Mining NOW to discuss leading the company who is building  an Amazon-like distribution model for mining. FORTAI is an advanced technology and product manufacturing company focused on delivering innovative value chain management and savings to the mining industry while providing profitable growth to investors and shareholders. Their two current offerings ADMMIT® and SmartCubes® are leading the way in revolutionizing minings’s supply chain management. Watch Episode Here:

Mar 25

54 min 28 sec

This in depth interview ft  Dr. Nathan Stubina, Vice President, Technologies, Sherritt International Corporation. He discusses the challenges of major innovation in mining including discussing how machines like Ball Mills and Flotations Cells have evolved, alternative technology, and roadblocks mine operators face when implementing new processes. He also discusses the public's view of mining, the academic outlook on mining innovation, and how companies like Sherritt International, Barrick Gold, and Agnico Eagle have introduced innovation processing and mining solutions into their operation. Watch Episode Here:

Mar 23

58 min 16 sec

When a company has partnerships for over 50 years, serving the mining industry since 1965, and has a leader who has worked with the company for over 20 years, who is now CEO/Shareholder, it is not hard to come up with questions. Scott Bahr joins the show to discuss how the Bit Service Company has evolved, the current leadership group, their strong foothold in the potash industry and their reach across Canada. Watch Episode Here:

Mar 18

49 min 24 sec

Nicolaus Radford joins Crownsmen Energy to discuss Houston Mechatronics. They are developing an ecosystem of cloud-based subsea robots, software, and subsea services delivered in a modern business model to the offshore industry. These include our flagship product, Aquanaut, its Dept. of Defense counterpart, and a suite of hardware and software to update existing ROVs(Remotely operated underwater vehicle). HMI’s robotic systems will be delivered to commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) customers primarily through a Robotics as a Service (RaaS) subscription business model but also direct product sales where required. RaaS products are controlled through HMI’s Wavelink, our over the horizon remote connectivity. This modernized approach to subsea robotics as a service has also resulted in the development of a range of products for retrofit/upgrading legacy ROV/AUV platforms. Nicolaus believes that there are many changes to make to conventional ROVs and AUVs(Autonomous underwater vehicles), that will ensure near term revenue opportunities and help push the entire industry forward thereby also increasing our overall value. Our services provide customers the necessary data and manipulation capability to support maximizing production and improving asset value while minimizing their operating footprint, operating cost, carbon footprint, and offshore HS&E exposure. Watch Episode Here:

Mar 16

57 min 29 sec

How do we create a standard of leadership? What is accountability? This special episode of Mining NOW features Michael Timms of Avail Leadership discussing his approach to helping executives create a culture that produces stronger leaders and better results. In this dynamic interview Jerrod and Michael discuss the fruits of high and low accountability, self evaluation, and how companies can engineer accountability systems. Watch Episode Here:

Mar 11

57 min 55 sec