Her Engineering Career Podcast

Mary E Kinsella

Her Engineering Career Podcast is hosted by Mary Kinsella, career strategist for women engineers. This program offers practical advice and insights to women who want to make a difference as technical experts and influential leaders. Episodes will cover how to foster courage and confidence, garner credibility and recognition, stretch into leadership roles, and spearhead highly desired projects. Listeners will learn strategies for career mastery, increasing the visibility and impact of their accomplishments, and advancing to the next level. Mary has more than 30 years’ experience as an engineer, program manager, and team leader, living and learning the challenges that women face in the engineering workplace.

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Learn about the paradox of Less is More and how you can use it to your advantage in your engineering career with respect to getting work done. By reducing extra hours you'll benefit from higher quality work,  more balance and less stress. Listen to the story and take away a few suggestions for how you can put the Less is More paradox into action.

Dec 1

11 min 31 sec

This episode is an introduction to some of the challenges of work and life integration. First you'll learn a few insights about managing a career and a family. Next you'll be introduced to 2 kinds of mom engineers: blenders and separators. Also included are some tips to help you strategize for a rewarding engineering career along with a fulfilling family life.

Nov 24

11 min 26 sec

This episode takes a look at how far women have come in engineering in the last few decades. The issues of discrimination women face in science and engineering are still around. And it's still difficult to "picture an engineer" without stereotype. Join in the conversation about the subtle differences between then and now. Learn how these issues have evolved over the years and consider how they affect you today.

Nov 17

12 min 22 sec

In this episode I introduce the concept of your energetic center and how it can ensure happiness in your engineering career. You'll discover the importance of doing work that resonates with you so that satisfaction and fulfillment will follow.  Learn the 4 elements of your energetic center and come away with some suggestions for how to use it to lead you to a meaningful career.

Nov 10

12 min 54 sec

The challenge introduced in this episode is how to wake up from trances – like fear, scarcity and unworthiness – that hinder your engineering career. These trances are mostly unconscious and develop throughout your life.  And they are holding you back. Learn the 3 steps you can take to break out of these trances and open up more possibilities for you.

Nov 3

12 min 37 sec

This episode covers how to handle feedback, both accepting it and leveraging it. This is a challenging but crucial part of your engineering career. First you'll  learn about ways of accepting feedback in various scenarios. But then you need to leverage that feedback. Learn 3 steps to taking action, putting that feedback to work for you and getting direct benefits for your engineering career. 

Oct 27

11 min 43 sec

Getting good feedback is crucial for your engineering career. Without it, your progress and upward mobility will be limited. In this episode, learn what good feedback is, how to recognize it and how to ask for it. You'll get some excellent tips on how to ensure you get good feedback, have a greater impact and be better connected to the people who can help you excel. 

Oct 20

11 min 55 sec

Moving up in your career presents many challenges. And women face stereotypes when pursuing higher levels and leadership positions. This episode presents an upward mobility model for women engineers that highlights a specific challenge related to feedback and affirmation.  Learn the 4 steps of the model that keep you moving upward, plus specific actions you can take to beat the upward mobility challenge.

Oct 13

12 min 59 sec

If you’re a late career engineer you may already be experiencing the plateau. But even if you’re not there yet, the late career plateau is something you’ll want to be prepared for. This episode takes a look at the signs of the late career plateau and reinforces what you have to offer as a late career engineer. Learn tips for preparing for the plateau and some ideas for what your late career role might be. 

Oct 6

13 min 20 sec

After many years, decades even, the percentage of women in engineering has not grown significantly. The reasons women leave engineering are largely related to organizational climate. Despite the numbers, there are compelling reasons why you should stay in the profession. In this episode I share 10 reasons why we need women in engineering - why we need you!

Sep 29

8 min 55 sec

Even though meetings are such an important part of anyone's career, there's a lot we don’t like about them. This episode is about mastering meetings from the attendee's point of view and will inspire you to reframe your attitude. Learn recommendations for how women engineers can change their perception and turn meetings into vital career tools.

Sep 22

11 min 14 sec

Meetings are such a huge part of all that we do . Become a masterful meeting leader and see immediate positive effects in your engineering career.  This episode will teach you 4 steps to better meeting outcomes and why they are important. Not only will you run more effective meetings but you'll also step up your leadership game and shine as a credible and recognized professional.

Sep 15

9 min 32 sec

This episode is focused on a special networking case: how to network at conferences. Because conferences offer the opportunity to interact with others in the same field as you, they are great for making some of the most important connections of your career. Learn my 7-step guide that walks you through how to set up your own conference networking approach. Create your own networking strategy, get the most out of each conference, and  build the connections you need to strengthen your engineering reputation and expertise.

Sep 8

12 min 19 sec

Your network is a valuable resource. It can help you become a better person, engineer, and leader. In this episode we discuss some of the basics for growing and nurturing your network - and developing your own networking style. Learn some key strategies for investing in your network and reaping the benefits of those connections that will enhance your engineering career.

Sep 1

13 min 15 sec

If you manage your workload well, you’ll reach your career goals more efficiently and be a more confident and impactful engineer. In this episode, learn what it means to manage and be in charge of your engineering workload. Know how to tell when your workload is serving you - and get some great tips on how to take things off your plate when it's not. 

Aug 25

9 min 51 sec

This episode explains how to shift from time management to time satisfaction, enabling you to optimize - not hours, but - energy and fulfillment. It will lower stress and raise your level of contentment. You'll also learn 4 easily-applicable ways to increase your time satisfaction every day.

Aug 18

12 min 35 sec

Even though engineers are pretty well trained in decision making, good decision makers go beyond a simple decision making process. This episode teaches you lessons you can use to build your decision making skills. It further provides the characteristics of good decision makers to help you stretch into your leadership roles.

Aug 11

9 min 55 sec

Asking for what you need and want is critical for advancing in your engineering career. Not only is it a useful skill, it is expected of you as a professional. This episode teaches you ways to remove false beliefs about asking for what you need and want.  You'll also learn 8 steps to walk you through the process.

Aug 4

14 min 16 sec

Speaking up enables you to share your insights and perspectives. More importantly, it's good practice in professionalism, helping you gain visibility and credibility. In this episode you'll learn some simple daily practices for finding your voice, along with ways you can make your voice more audible.

Jul 28

13 min 24 sec

Now that you have a career vision, learn how to communicate it! This episode explores reasons why women engineers are reluctant to communicate their career visions. It further explains ways that communicating your vision helps you achieve it, and some specific how-to guidance.

Jul 21

9 min 11 sec

This episode will help you create  a vision for your engineering career. We discuss reasons why envisioning is difficult, such as lack of guidance and overwhelm.  And benefits, including clarity and fulfillment. Learn 7 tips on specifically how you can create your career vision, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Jul 14

12 min 42 sec

It's essential that women engineers keep their careers in forward motion. Learn what it means to be in forward motion, why it's important, and how to stay in forward motion throughout your career. We also talk about the forward motion mindset and the pace of forward motion.

Jul 7

12 min 24 sec

In this episode we explore a career scenario that leaves many women engineers feeling like they've come up short. We discuss how you can interrupt this saga by paying attention and noticing when things are amiss, counteracting early signs of career roadblocks, and putting your career first. 

Jun 22

11 min 26 sec

Continuing the theme from Episode 1, we cover two more practices that women engineers can apply for the care and feeding of their careers. One is Consistent Career Consultations with your boss, and the other is Taking Follow-up Action.

Jun 15

11 min 7 sec

Caring for your career means paying attention to the status and progress of your career and putting the time in to keep it on track. In this episode you will learn 3 reasons why women engineers need to feed their careers. You'll also learn about self-assessment: one of three ways to put that care into practice.

Jun 9

10 min 29 sec

An introduction to Her Engineering Career Podcast.

Jun 1

2 min 6 sec