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We interrupt the noisy & superficial status quo to bring you refreshingly honest conversation, inspiring stories, and deep discussion about life's most important questions. Tune-in weekly for new episodes that will make you think, and keep you motivated to do and be your best. Hosted by former Showtime Exec turned TEDx Speaker & Winning Weeks founder, Mark Shapiro.

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Author and columnist, Susie Moore, joins Are You Being Real to talk about confidence, authenticity, and how to carve your own path in a world full of fear and judgement.  In this episode, shares how to make the most of these challenging times (in order to find/create your advantage), best practices to overcome people pleasing and the fear of judgement, and a formula to be the most confident person you know.  Tune in and see why Susie is bold, authentic, and living and leading on her terms - both in business and in life. Learn more at

Jul 2020

30 min 47 sec

Bestselling author, speaker, and business innovator, Tiffani Bova, joins Are You Being Real to talk about the state of business, consumerism, and the workplace (during the time of COVID-19).  In this episode - that dives deep into business, relationship building, and technology, Tiffani gets real about consumer sensitivities, how to foster a positive customer experience, and leadership best practices (including ones being implemented at SalesForce - where she has a leadership role).  Tune in and see why Tiffani is an authentic legend in business and in life! To learn more about Tiffani, visit To sign up for the LoveBomb app beta test, visit

May 2020

43 min

5x Author and thought-leader, Mike Robbins, returns to the Are You Being Real Podcast to share about his new book, "We're All In This Together."  As an expert on the topics of authenticity and team-building, Mike shares tips, stories, and wisdom on how to communicate and connect authentically amidst our differences.  Whether you've found it challenging to be authentic at work, or are looking for effective ways to navigate differences of opinion while at home in quarantine, we think you will find this episode impactful and enjoyable. To get Mike Robbins's new book - We're All In This Together. To accomplish any goal in six week or less, check out Winning Weeks.

Apr 2020

42 min 34 sec

After a 5 month hiatus, Mark Shapiro shares why he went AWOL some major life updates, and how to maximize your time, energy, and impact while staying safe at home.  Sign-up for Winning Weeks - starts 4/21 Sign-up for the LoveBomb app Beta launch

Apr 2020

18 min 29 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Listen on SoundCloud *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel   We all want to feel understood. We all want to know we're not alone in our struggles and our journey. While it may be difficult to find someone or something that understands us perfectly, we can all relate to art and words that illustrate the human condition. And when it comes to articulating the human condition and connecting through spoken word, few can match Max Stossel.   As an award-winning poet, filmmaker, and advocate for humane technology, Max is a unique voice in the world that's been described as "mind-expanding, profound, emotive, and hilarious all at once."   To hear Max's take on why he feels 'everything is a lie', his thoughts on authenticity, influence, technology, and what we can do to make the world a kinder place, check out Episode 246 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Connect with Max: Instagram  |  Facebook  |   Show Notes: •Why 'everything is a lie' and the lies Max has told himself that have had the biggest impact. •What 'authentic' means to Max. •Moments in his life where he's chosen to ignore his truth. •The importance of 'internal motivation.' •Max's thoughts on influence and kindness. •Lessons he's learned from his tv-famous father. •A spoken-word piece on 'self-doubt.' •Where Max hopes technology will take us in 5-10 years. •How we can make the world a kinder place.     Things to check out:•Humans of New York •Episode 169: Amber Rae •PBR Episode 123: Doug Akin •Nov 6, 2019: Max Stossel @ Dynasty Typewriter (CLICK FOR TICKETS)

Nov 2019

56 min 16 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Listen on SoundCloud *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel   "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." -Anonymous   We are all more connected than we can possibly imagine. We are constantly influencing and being influenced.  The question is: is our influence making the world a better place? When it comes to Houston Kraft, it's a resounding "YES." So when Mark heard about his great work in influence and kindness, he had to have him on the show.   Houston is a trainer, speaker, and kindness advocate. He has personally presented and spoken at over 500 schools, conferences, and companies across the US and continues to impact on a larger scale through CharacterStrong, a curriculum he developed with John Norin that helps K-12 school cultures change to empower students in their social and emotional development.   When it comes to authenticity, kindness, and influence, there are few that can match Houston's wisdom. To hear his thoughts on why we should be kind instead of nice, how everything we do impacts the universe, and how we can be more effective leaders and influencers, check out Episode 245 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Connect with Houston: Instagram  |  Facebook  |   Show Notes: •Why giving the same presentation over and over challenged Houston's authenticity. •Why Mark, for the first time in four years, missed publishing an episode a few weeks ago. •Houston's definition of "influence." •The importance of "responsible decision-making." •Houston's views on being nice vs. being kind. •Going against society's definition of success and productivity. •How to be a 'servant leader.'     Things to check out:•"Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success" by Adam Grant •"The Amazing Law of Influence" by King Duncan •CASEL: Collaborate for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning •CharacterStrong

Oct 2019

47 min 36 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Listen on SoundCloud *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel   What does the future of The Most Famous Artist look like? It's Authentic & Kind.   Matt Monahan has made a name for himself and found "success" as The Most Famous Artist (if you search for 'the most famous artist' in Google, he is literally the first result). But as his vision for his future has evolved over time, he's found the need to completely reinvent himself and the messages he's putting out into the world. And while they may not be as flashy, clickbaity, and controversial as some of his past works, the new direction for his work is more sustainable by being rooted in kindness and authenticity.   To hear how Matty has evolved since his first appearance on the show (Episode 160) and why he feels authenticity and kindness matter in how we influence others, tune in to Episode 244 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Connect with Matty Mo: Instagram  |  Facebook  |   Show Notes: •Why journaling has been important to Matty. •Why he is pursuing a 'fresh start' going into 2020. •Matty's search for a partner. •His take on influence, kindness, and authenticity. •What Matty wants to influence moving forward. •What his future projects may look like.     Things to check out:•Episode 160: Matty Mo •Medium Article: Matty Mo - War & Porn •Nightline Segment: "The Most Famous Artist You've Never Heard Of"

Oct 2019

40 min 43 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Listen on SoundCloud *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel   When it comes to creating impact and being an influence for good in the world, sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith and go all in doing what you love, even if it means leaving behind the security of the familiar. That's what happened to Andrew Sealy.   Instead of sticking with a cushy job at a popular software company in Seattle, he chose to follow his happiness and pursue the life of a yogi. Today, he's a movement creator, connection catalyst, and an expert yogi that's impacting with his joy and kindness and spreading his message on his terms.   And in Episode 243, Mark and Andrew talk about how he came to discover yoga, what kept him from taking the leap and diving deeper into it, why being present and kind is important to creating positive influence, and Andrew shares some exciting upcoming projects he's working on that you don't want to miss.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email / Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Connect with Andrew: Instagram  |  Facebook  |   Show Notes: •How Mark and Andrew met. (02:42) •A moment when Andrew's authenticity was challenged. (04:53) •The stories that stood in Andrew's way from diving into what brought him joy. (09:22) •The most positive influences in Andrew's life. (13:55) •Why aren't more people 'kindfluencing' today? (18:43) •The importance of being present in whatever you're experiencing. (23:02) •Andrew's upcoming projects. (33:15) •The greatest 'Kindfluencers' that Andrew knows. (35:28) •Andrew's vision for the world. (38:52)   Things to check out:•Episode 131: Caitlin Turner •Episode 140: Aaron Alexander •The Xanadu Life •Take the Reality Check Assessment/Sign up for The Sunday Sauce!

Oct 2019

45 min 25 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel     "Don't count the days. Make the days count." -Muhammad Ali   As of the time of this episode's recording, we have 90 days left in 2019. That means we have 90 days left in THIS DECADE. And just like in business and in sports, the fourth quarter is when the magic needs to happen and where we need to give our all.   In this episode (#242), Mark brings into focus the importance of these last 90 days of the year, explains why hit's okay to forgive ourselves for falling short of our goals so far, and shares his top 3 (really 4... and maybe a bonus 5th) tips for creating a year-end game plan to shine and end up on top.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email / Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter   Show Notes: •Why these last 90 days of the year matter. (02:20) •Why we should forgive ourselves for falling short. (03:25) •Mark's tips for creating a year-end game plan. (4:20) •Some inspiring quotes. (11:13)   Things to check out:•Click here to book time with Mark! •The One Thing by Gary Keller

Oct 2019

14 min 39 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Listen on SoundCloud *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel     "What do you do when you realize that the person you have been is no longer serving you?"   In Episode 241, Mark decided to share some thoughts on this very question. This summer has offered Mark a ton of opportunities to self-reflect and get real with himself about who he's been and what it's going to take to get to where he wants to go.   Some of the this week's highlights include some thoughts regarding how triggering (and insightful) being around family can be, what kind of thought habits, patterns, and actions from his childhood continue to influence him today (for better or for worse), and what we can all do to get clear on why we are the way we are and use that information to guide us into the future we want.   If you're ready to take a trip down memory lane and get real with yourself, check out this micro-episode on People Being Real!   This has been a reality for Mark in 2019. He’s been nursing some lofty goals for quite some time, and in order to become the next best version of himself, he realized that the only place he can look to is him. Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email / Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter   Show Notes: •02:30 - Why 2019 has been a challenging year. •04:41 - How ‘fear of rejection’ has gotten in Mark’s way. •06:30 - How being around family recently triggered Mark and led to thinking about his childhood. •08:30 - What Mark has realized about his relationship to authenticity and oversharing. •10:18 - Why Mark has realized that no one is ‘coming to the rescue’ and what he plans to do about it. •13:05 - What Mark recommends we do if we need greater clarity about who we are.   Things to check out:•Episode 195 Lauren Zander - Living A No-BS Life •"Maybe It's You" by Lauren Zander •Episode 221 Mark Shapiro - Getting Out Of My (Your) Comfort Zone

Sep 2019

16 min 26 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel   "Stop holding your truth; speak your truth. Be yourself. It's the healthiest way to be." -Tiffany Hadish   We all want to be heard, acknowledged, and loved for who we are and for the truths we hold dear. And while our truths may not necessarily sit well or even be acknowledged by others, We all have something that someone else needs to hear and experience to know they are not alone. And that's precisely what Franny Nicole wants to share on her podcast, one inspiring guest at a time.   In today's episode, we're visiting a condensed version of an appearance that Mark had on Franny Nicole's "Claiming Your Truth" Podcast. Mark and Franny talk about a whole slew of topics including the effects of being lonely, life after divorce, podcasting advice, how landing a TEDx talk is easier than you'd think, and advice he would give his younger self.   If you'd like to hear Mark and Franny's conversation and get a better idea of how Mark operates, check out Episode 240 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Email / Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Connect with Franny: Instagram   Show Notes: -Mark's background. (03:50) -On 'being alone.' (07:08) -What Mark's journey has looked like post-divorce. (09:59) -Strategies to influence change in others. (12:30) -What it's like for Franny to be a single mother and putting herself out into the dating pool. (19:41) -How the PBR Podcast came to be and some advice for podcasting hopefuls. (22:13) -What inspired Mark's TEDx talk and how landing a talk is easier than most people think. (26:20) -What Mark says to himself when he's at his lowest moments. (32:22) -Advice Mark would give his childhood self. (36:11)   Things to check out:•Original Episode: Claiming Your Truth Podcast - Connecting In A Digital World w/ Mark Shapiro • •Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT)

Sep 2019

42 min 44 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel*Take THE REALITY CHECK assessment & Sign up for "SUNDAY SAUCE" NEWSLETTER!   Imagine that you find yourself in a magical city that only exists for one week. A city where only 70,000 people are allowed to enter. A city that looks and feels like a cross between Disney World and Willy Wonka’s factory. A city where there is no buying or bartering for goods—just a free gifting economy. A city where you can be whatever you want to be.   This city is called Burning Man. And it’s Mark’s favorite place to be.   This week, he’s attending the festival out in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for the tenth year in a row. And because he loves it so much, we decided to re-publish a condensed version of an old episode where he talks about all things Burning Man.  We also updated the episode to include some present-day insights regarding the 2019 state of Burning Man and it’s potential future.   If you’re curious to know what Burning Man is truly all about, why Mark continues to attend year after year, and what you can expect to experience in the future, check out Episode 237 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -The origins of Burning Man. (02:52) -The 10 Principles every 'burner' abides. (06:45) -Day time vs. night time on The Playa. (19:30) -What does 'The Man' represent? (20:14) -What is 'The Temple'? (21:51) -Why Mark has gone back every single year. (23:43) -Is Burning Man still the same even though there are more celebrities than ever attending? (27:25) - What's the future of Burning Man? (30:01)   Things to check out:•ORIGINAL PODCAST: Episode #31: Burning Man •

Aug 2019

34 min 4 sec

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel *Take THE REALITY CHECK assessment & Sign up for "SUNDAY SAUCE" NEWSLETTER!   The joys that come from knowing how to work a room and use technology to enhance relationships is available for anyone, as long as you're willing to try and put in a few minutes a day.   And on today's episode (#236 of People Being Real), we're featuring a condensed version of an interview Mark recorded with Amy Baglan for the Wellness 3.0 podcast. It's a great short episode that highlights some of Mark's insights on what you should and shouldn't do when engaging in social situations and why using tech (such as sending audio and videos messages (like in his Birthday Experiment) is one of the best ways you can create meaningful connections with others.   If you liked what you heard and want to experience the full interview (an addition 20+ minutes of details), check out the original interview (see the bottom of the show notes).   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -How Mark engages and entertains others and his theory for what determines the vibe of a social gathering. (2:44) -What Mark does when he finds himself in situations where he’s struggling to connect. (5:09) -Why setting goals in social situations is helpful. (7:06) -Why you shouldn’t hang out in the doorway or the fringes at a gathering. (8:12) -How Mark feels about getting out of his comfort zone in relationships. (9:33) -How can we help others “be real.” (11:17) -The Why, What, Who, and How of Mark’s Birthday Experiment. (13:30) -Some of the most memorable responses he’s received from his videos. (19:03) -How Mark is building off of The Birthday Experience to nurture other creative and professional relationships. (24:11) -What is Mark’s definition of  ‘social wellness.’ (27:37) -A challenge for every listener of this episode. (29:22)   Things to check out:•ORIGINAL PODCAST: Wellness 3.0 - Episode #15: Mark Shapiro •Mark's TEDx Talk: "Want More Love? The Art of Authentic Connection In A Digital World"

Aug 2019

33 min 9 sec

Is America ready for a Comedian Commander In Chief?   Ben Gleib believes it is.   That's why he decided to put his comedy career on the backburner and throw his hat into the ring to become the next President of The United States (no joke). While the thought might seem laughable at first, many people (if not most) feel a lack of trust in our elected officials in Washington. As more and more people turn to comedians as their source of news, he asks "Why can't we do with same with our politicians?" And wherever you lean on the political spectrum, there's no denying that Ben's viewpoints are refreshing and his enthusiasm and passion for the future of America is inspiring.   To learn more about this presidential hopefull's journey and how you can get involved in the coming election (whether you choose to support Ben or any other candidate), check out Episode 235 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Ben: Instagram | Facebook |   Show Notes: -Why Ben thinks it's time for a comedian to be in The White House -Why he feels he's the guy for the job. -Lessons he's learned from the campaign trail. -What he's learned about himself and the power that a single person can have. -What he's learned from the other candidates. -Ben's powerful vision for America.     Things to check out: •Presidential Campaign Site: GLEIB 2020 •Idiotest on Netflix •Podcast: Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib

Aug 2019

36 min 2 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   “Modern dating has changed so drastically. But the one thing that has not changed, is that people are really finding love in moments of vulnerability.” -Brooklyn Sherman   Everyone wants to be a part of a good story, especially when it comes to their relationships. But in a world that seems to become increasingly busy and distracting, finding the faith to pursue meaningful relationships and form your own love story can seem daunting or near impossible. But thanks to websites like The Way We Met, a blog created by Brooklyn Sherman that features the real stories of real people from real life, we know that it's possible to find the love we seek.   No matter where you're at (married, single, looking for friends, or looking to love yourself), there are great opportunities to find what you're looking for if you choose to show up authentically and be real.   In this episode, Mark and Brooklyn discuss how why she started the blog, how having it become viral and popular has affected her life and vision for love, and the role authenticity plays in the stories that truly resonate with her audience and in our own love stories.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Brooklyn: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn     Show Notes: -Brooklyn's initial reactions to having her blog 'The Way We Met' go viral overnight. -Why she was hesitant to come on the show when Mark reached out for the first time. -Why we have an attachment to our love stories. -Brooklyn's personal vision for love. -Her greatest opportunity for growth. -The responsibility that influencers have and should be aware of.     Things to check out: • (main site) •TheWayWeMet (Instagram)•Episode 231: Marc Weinstein

Aug 2019

39 min 53 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   "There's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done." -Disney's The Lion King   If you've been on the internet or the movie theater, you're probably aware of the new live-action remake of Disney's The Lion King. It's a fantastic movie that brings all the nostalgia back from the original and couples it with some pretty gut-punching realism.   And while it's pretty obvious that some of the central themes of the movie involve the interconnectedness of all life and how love is a primary motivator for our actions (love for family and people in the case of Simba, and love of power in the case of Scar), there's much more to uncover if you look a little deeper.   In this solo episode, Mark sits down and shares 15 lessons he took away from watching the new remake, how it can relate to all our lives. To get the details, check out Episode 233 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -What Mark likes to do after he watches a movie. -Why Mark isn't a fan of the marketing strategies big companies utilize today. -The fifteen lessons Mark learned from watching the new remake and how they apply to us.   Things to check out:•Episode 78: Margo Majdi - Acknowledge Yourself & What You're Capable Of

Jul 2019

26 min 1 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   As far as we know, we only have One Life to live.   In an ideal world, we would all demonstrate our appreciation for our bodies and minds by treating them in the best way possible. But sometimes, it takes confronting a life-threatening giant (like cancer) to light a fire under our rear and make the necessary changes to keep on going.   Alex Echols had to do just that. After doctors detected cancer in his system, he shifted his mindset and adopted an attitude of gratitude for his relationships, his health, and his life. He was able to make it through chemotherapy and now chooses to make the most of his One Life. Gratitude has become his most important daily practice.   To hear how he overcame this challenge that so many people succumb to and how we can also cultivate a life-changing habit of living in gratitude, check out Episode 232!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Alex: Instagram | Facebook |     Show Notes: -How shifting his mindset and adopting an attitude of gratitude helped him overcome cancer. -What authenticity means to Alex. -How he used to spend his time vs how he spends it now. -How travel helps change your perspective. -Why he wants to have a family more than anything. -What he wants everyone to do every day as they look into a mirror.   Things to check out:• Book: "The Two Week Notice" by Alex Echols • Episode 227: Seeing & Addressing Your Blindspots • Alex's DJ page on SoundCloud [COMING SOON]

Jul 2019

42 min 22 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   FOMO is a curious term being used in pop culture that means "Fear Of Missing Out" and its reach has exponentially grown with the growing popularity of social media. There are many examples of events and happenings that have induced FOMO over the years, but perhaps none have had a greater viral reach and effect on pop culture as 2017's FYRE Festival.   And if there's anyone that can just how much FOMO the festival generated, it's Marc Weinstein.   Having once been in charge of logistics for the festival, Marc is now a venture advisory, investor, yoga instructor, and advocate for blockchain technology. But having worked four weeks (around the clock) for a festival that never happened and participating in a documentary that where he didn't know how he would be portrayed has taught him many lessons about FOMO, success, the effects of social media, and the need for authenticity in our interactions (digital or otherwise).   To hear his story of why he chose to continue with FYRE even though he could see the signs of what was to come, the lessons he's learned after the fact, how we can reduce our FOMO on social media, and why blockchain is crucial for our technological future, check out Episode 231 of People Being Real!     Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark Shapiro: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Marc Weinstein: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn     Show Notes: -Lessons Marc learned from working on FYRE Festival. -Positive effects from the aftermath of the festival and the documentaries. -Marc's take on FOMO and Authenticity in the digital age. -What's Marc's primary motivation for posting on social media? -The future of civilization and the importance of blockchain technologies.     Things to check out:• Lesson From The Fyre: What I Learned From Working On The Disasterous Fyre Festival • The Look Up! Podcast w/ Marc Weinstein • FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Nextflix Documentary) • "The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and The Art of Living" by Ryan Holiday

Jul 2019

48 min 45 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   We're all chasing our vision for happiness, wellness, and success. And for most of us, getting to where we want to get to require a great commitment to making relatively simple changes and habits.  But for Lani Cooper, experiencing accidental brain damage from a game of rugby has made her pursuit for wellness and entrepreneurship anything but easy.   After a grueling recovery period of re-learning how to be human (use language, basic human functions, recovering memories, etc), she has become a successful stand-up comedian and entrepreneur through her company MOBOT (the first foam rolling water bottles available on the market).  She's a great example of the power of a positive spirit, hard work, and the ability for humanity to overcome life-changing trauma.   If you're curious to hear how exactly she overcame this trauma, the philosophy behind MOBOT and her foam rolling water bottles, how she manages her recovery and her business at the same time, and what she likes to joke about the most in her stand-up comedy routines, check out Episode 230 of People Being Real!     Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Lani: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn     Show Notes: -Lani shares the experience that caused her brain damage and the process she went through to recover. -What it was like living with this damage and how she related to her external world. -Lani's definition of authenticity. -Habits and processes she applied that helped her catch momentum in recovery. -Why 'feeling good' is a fundamental human right. -How she has educated her customers to realize they needed MOBOT. -How she manages short term emotional needs vs long term health and wellness. -Her favorite things to joke about as a comedian.   Things to check out:• MOBOT NATION • - The Original Foam Roller Water Bottle • Episode 206: Samuel Ian Rosen

Jul 2019

46 min 49 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   What's the key to talking to anyone, have them open up, and create real life-changing connection with others? Just ask Chris Schembra.     Chris Schembra is a keynote speaker, Broadway Producer, sought-after dinner host, and superstar relationships expert. But when he was younger, he always felt overlooked and like he was the last one to get invited to the party. But through the power of pasta, gratitude, and great questions, he's been able to host hundreds of heartfelt dinners with thousands of people and created a safe space for vulnerability through his company "7:47 Club."   On this episode, Chris sits down with Mark to talk about how 7:47 Club got its start, how connecting people became his greatest strength, the strength of 'weak ties', and advice he would give to others trying to find their way while helping others.     Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Chris: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -Experiences that left Chris feeling left out as he grew up. -Why he feels we're 'deeply disconnected' from one another. -Why Chris feels we should focus on quality of relationships instead of quantity. -The importance of "1000 True Fans." -How he identified connection others was a gift. -Why everyone should ask each other 'the question.' -How his self-worth has changed since starting these dinners.   Things to check out:• 747 Club • Episode 178: Tommy Sobel

Jul 2019

38 min 16 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   In Episode 64 of People Being Real, Mark answered some questions submitted by close friends and family and gave the most vulnerable interview he's ever done up to that point.  Fast forward to a few years later, and Mark has dropped vulnerable episode after vulnerable episode on us.   Today, he's revisiting that format from Episode 64 and answering some listener-submitted questions, all of which seem to tie into 'stepping into your light.' The topics he covers include how he loves, his fears, his fulfillment, his current vision, and his relationship with death.   To hear Mark's answers to these questions, sit down and tune in to Episode 228 of People Being Real!   PS: As you listen to his answer, take note of how you would answer the question for yourself. There's a good chance you'll uncover something you can address and look at in your own life as well!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -Why Mark chose to answer some listener questions. -"When’s the last time you asked yourself how fulfilled you are right in this moment?" -"What’s the magnetic force pulling your heart into next?" -"What are your greatest fears and what have you done to overcome them?" -"How do you give love?" -"Are you ready to die?"   Things to check out:•Episode 64: My Most Vulnerable Interview Ever •Episode 166 Michael Hebb •Episode 178 Tommy Sobel

Jun 2019

28 min 6 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   If your life was a movie, what would you see?   What would be some of the key defining moments? What would be some of the central themes? What would be the biggest struggle you face your entire life? What’s going to be that transformational moment where it’s all going to make sense?   More often than not, the most satisfying endings to stories don’t come from the plot twist or the action sequence, but from the lesson the character learns and how they overcome once they’ve understood the change that needed to occur within them.  These lessons sometimes have been there in front of the character the entire time, but they weren’t able to or didn’t want to see them.  These are what we call ‘blindspots.’   By identifying and addressing these blindspots, we clear a path to be able to reach where we ultimately want to go. Which is why Mark decided to dedicate an entire solo episode to the subject and share his insights and tools for tackling the blindspots that commonly show up.   If you're ready to learn how to see your own blindspots and address them for your own personal growth's sake, then check out Episode 227 of People Being Real!     Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -What is a "blindspot?" -Why our brain creates blindspots. -Why Mark felt the need to dedicate a full episode to blindspots. -Popular blindspots we all have. -How Mark sees blindspots and constructive feedback he's received. -Tools that help Mark address his blindspots.

Jun 2019

23 min 51 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   For the average person, growing up is hard enough as it is. But it's even harder when you know at a young age that you don't quite fit into the generally accepted heteronormative standards and are more in tune with energy and emotions than most other people.   That's the life Lee Harris led growing up.   While many people grow up to be angry and bitter for having faced similar kinds of challenges, Lee has taken his experience and has honed his energy into understanding energy, grounding creative spirituality into these challenging times. and helping other people experience impactful and abundant lives while supporting each other through community.  It's a big vision that's resonating with hundreds of thousands of people.   Mark and Lee recently had the chance to sit down and talk about how Lee grew up, how energy affects all of us, and why he believes authenticity has played such a big role in love, connection, and life.   To hear Lee's story and get more familiar with energy and how it impacts your life, check out Episode 226 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Lee: Instagram | Facebook |     Show Notes: -Why Lee's teenage years were especially hard for him. -How acting in his youth prepared him for his current line of work. -What he would advise someone who feels their heart is closing off. -What is 'energy' and how does it relate to us? -The importance of constructive, loving feedback. -How to distinguish between intuition and fear. -Why Lee believes we're living in 'the golden age' of humanity.     Things to check out: •Book: Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, & Awakening by Lee Harris

Jun 2019

45 min 36 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   “What’s a f*ckboy?”   If you don’t what one is, you’re not alone.  A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of unique definitions, but it all boils down to basically the same thing: it’s a weak or contemptible man that only acts and says whatever it takes to serve himself without regard for anyone else’s feelings or wellbeing.   It’s not a label you want to earn or have to shake off down the road.   But if you find yourself being one -or know someone who is- all hope is not lost.  Today’s guest, Myles Scott, is a perfect example of how there is still a chance for you to mend your ways, turn your life around, and evolve into a more conscious person.   As a former f*ckboy, Myles chose to make changes to how he treats others (especially women) and now works with both men and women to evolve together and change the toxic culture he used to be a part of. His movement is gaining critical mass and shows no signs of stopping and we’re happy to have him join Mark today.   If you’ve been acting like f*ckboy yourself or know one, and want to know what you can do to change the culture around you as well, tune in to Episode 225 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Myles: Instagram | Facebook |   Show Notes: -When did he start having his awakening to change his life? -The messages that are most resonating with people. -Where's the limit on being vulnerable? -Best practices and tips for starting a movement. -What Myles's love life looks like and his vision for love. -How he manages negative self-sabotaging thoughts.   Things to check out: •Kickstarter (book): DTF (Death to F*ckboys) by Myles Scott

Jun 2019

37 min 12 sec

When Rory Kramer was last on the show three years ago, he was already a professional 'life-liver' expressing himself creatively and doing what he loved.  And with so many different projects and opportunities coming his way since then, time has flown by for him and has allowed him to grow exponentially in all areas of his life.   Perhaps one of the most important things he's been reminded of time and time again, and something we would all do well to do, is to dare to live the life we want. As Rory will tell you, just because you reach a certain level of fame doesn't mean you won't be faced with challenges, insecurities, and down-moments. In fact, they may even become more pronounced when you compare them to all the highlight you experience.   But regardless of what life throws at you, if you show up, put in time, live what you do passionately, and 'run it' every day, great things will happen and incredible experiences will present themselves in your life.   To hear what Rory's been up to for the past three years, lessons he's learned from fame and storytelling, and other insights into what 'living life professionally' and daring to live looks like, check out Mark and Rory's interview on Episode 224 of People Being Real!   Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Rory: Instagram | Facebook |   Show Notes: -How to 'feed your soul' and balance your mental, spiritual, and physical aspects. -What Rory's been up to and what he's learned over the past three years since he was last on the show. -Why Rory doesn't do very many podcast interviews. -What ingredients Rory uses when it comes to storytelling. -Lessons he's learned from fame and authenticity. -How Avicii's passing affected Rory. -What it means to 'put in time' and the responsibilities influencers have as role-models.     Things to check out: •Music Video: Avicii's "The Nights" ft Rory Kramer •Music Video: "For Every Valley, There Will Be A Peak" •MTV's Dare To Live

May 2019

45 min 9 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   We've all heard the myth of the Phoenix: the legendary bird that consumes itself in its own fire and then is reborn from its own ashes.  But what if the myth is actually just symbolic of the change we're meant to go through ourselves?   Ask Taylor Conroy, and he'll tell you that's exactly what the phoenix symbolizes.   Taylor is a surfer, chocolate aficionado, and entrepreneur that has been focusing on social enterprises that make real change in the world (such as building schools, funding water projects, and helping influencers and thought leaders get their ideas on the TEDx stage).   He's also gone through his own Phoenix cycle by making millions, losing it all except $2.00, and rebuilding his life into a more satisfying and successful career than before.   In Episode 223, Taylor discusses his the thought processes he had to go through in order to rebuild his life, when it's important to do so, and the most important mindset elements we need to sustain that rebirth. As a close friend and former roommate of Mark's, he and Mark also give each other some pretty deep feedback and reflections on how they see each other. It's a beautiful conversation that only two close real friends could have.   If you're ready to rise from your own ashes and start anew, sit back and listen to Episode 223!   Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Taylor: Instagram | Facebook |   Show Notes: -How Mark and Taylor's friendship came to be. -Taylor's take on reinvention. -When is it a good time to 'burn something down?' -The importance of meditation and listening to the Universe. -Taylor going deep with Mark about he started his podcast in the first place. -Mark's reflection of Taylor and his desire to prove himself, -Why any chocolate less than 85% cacao is unacceptable. -How the fear of failure is holding us back from accomplishing great things.     Things to check out: • The Idea Collective

May 2019

47 min 55 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   There's nothing like sinking into a nice warm bed without a care in the world, just vegging out, and just being. It's comforting. And we need time to recover and reset.  But let's be real: some of us are actually spending WAY too much time in comfort and not enough time pushing ourselves to where we want to and know we need to go.   This week's episode is all about getting off our asses, pushing up against our edge, and breaking free of our comfort zone. It's self-tough love at it's finest and Mark brings it with some realness about how he's been letting himself mellow in the comfort and how he's planning on stepping forward into growth. He also shares everything he's come to learn about comfort zones, including ways that you can take action TODAY to break through your own, and he packs it all into this short solo episode.   If you're feeling comfortable with life and need to a boost to get to the next level, bust out your notebook and tune into Episode 221!   Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter   Show Notes: -What is a 'comfort zone'? -Archetypes that show up when we're living comfortably, -What life looks like inside vs. outside of your comfort zone. -The three catalysts for change. -How Mark has been living in his own comfort zone. -Mark reads a powerful excerpt from David Deida's "The Way of The Superior Man" -Mark's 5 Step Roadmap To Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone -Examples of things you can do to step out of your comfort zone.     Things to check out: • The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

May 2019

27 min 29 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   Depending on the day or season of life, some of us treat our bodies and minds like a temple and some of us like an amusement park on the last day of Spring Break. However you choose to live, there's no denying that we only get one life to live. How we treat our bodies, our minds, and other people will greatly influence what we can accomplish in this life.   For prominent tv personality, JJ Virgin, it's not enough to just simply take care of your physical body. To get to where she is, it requires some authenticity and vulnerability in sharing the real you with the public. Once she opened up and shared her experiences, fears, and challenges as the mother of a son in a life-threatening situation, she discovered that it brought her closer to her audience than ever before and helped her feel free.   When we share who we are, we give everyone else permission to connect and share their own truths as well.   If you're ready to get real about your physical and emotional health, check out Episode 220! JJ and Mark deep into the importance of authenticity, how visiting a prison influenced her personal mission, how to figure out what foods you should be eating, and why making simple yet life-changing decisions one step at a time is the key to success.   Enjoy!!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with JJ: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter   Show Notes: -JJ's journey as a mother fighting for her son's life after he was left for dead. -Why vulnerability and authenticity have been so important to JJ's growth with her audience. -Personal breakthroughs she's experienced, including being able to forgive her adoptive and biological mothers. -How visiting a maximum security prison changed her outlook on life. -Actionable health tips and her take on what people need to get most real about with regards to their health. -JJ's favorite foods! -What she's most focused on right now with her own personal development.     Things to check out: • The One Thing by Gary Keller

Apr 2019

46 min 45 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   According to a 2018 report by the CDC, only 23% of Americans are getting the bare minimum recommended amount of exercise. But thanks to individuals willing to go the distance, teach others, and set the example for the rest of us, more people are seeing that it's possible to actually lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve the goals you thought were impossible.   Meet Chris Sams, one of the few people to run ALL the way across America. Starting in Baltimore, MD, he ran all the way to Coronado Beach in San Diego, CA in just under five months. And he stopped along the way to teach families and individuals about the importance of movement, nutrition, and living a healthy life.   And in Episode 219, Mark sits down with Chris to talk about the deep lessons he took away from running and helping these families along the way, the importance of incorporating breathwork into your routines, how to approach your big goals, and why he's focus today revolves around optimizing "LYFE" (Living Your Fullest Expression).   To learn what kept him going all those months on the road and what you can do to tackle your own audacious goals, write down your idea and tune into Episode 219!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Chris: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter CHRIS SAMS TRAINING   Show Notes: -How he ran across America and the big lesson he learned. -How Chris tackles big goals. -How Chris decides whether he needs to give tough love or compassion towards his training clients. -Essential elements for a healthy lifestyle. -Why everyone should practice "holotropic breathwork." -The importance of LYFE (living your full expression).

Apr 2019

43 min 56 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   Sometimes the goal or the dream we're meant to chase ends up being different than the one we started with.   Just ask Jen Gottlieb. She felt the desire to pursue acting and performing and experienced many wonderful opportunities to exercise that desire. But after each experience, there was something inside her that made her feel like this wasn't quite where she needed to be.  As she continued to jump from opportunity to opportunity, she got to know herself better until she ended up where she is today: running Unfair Advantage LIVE alongside the love of her life (and previous guest of the show), Chris Winfield.   Are you being real about letting your goals change as you change?   If you've been pursuing a goal or a dream that you don't feel 100% aligned with and don't know what to do, tune in to Episode 218 of Are You Being Real! Jen gets real about what it took for her to have the courage to make the changes and ultimately look back and connect the dots to understand how every setback and change ultimately led her to her life's work.   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Jen: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Jen's Homepage   Show Notes: -How Jen's goals and dreams continued to evolve with each passing opportunity. -What someone can do to create an unfair advantage in their life. -Using 'a secret' to make people lean in and connect. -Jen's preferred connection strategy that anyone can apply.   Things to Check Out:• Unfair Advantage LIVE

Apr 2019

36 min 40 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   Biet Simkin Glass wasn't always a spiritual thought leader and meditation teacher. After being signed by Sony and living the rock and roll lifestyle, she (in her own words) 'fell apart' as a heroin addict. But after a series of life-altering and eye-opening events (such as the death of her first child and her first), she started on the path of sobriety and discovering her best self.   Today, she uses lessons she's learned from loss and love to helping others find their best selves through meditation and coaching, including Mark, who she helped get through a downer-day by sharing a breathing exercise and sharing her infectious positive spirit.   To hear how Biet continues to develop and pursue an enlightened life despite all the challenges she's faced, check out Episode 217 of Are You Being Real!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Biet: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter   Show Notes: -How the loss of her first child helped her the best version of herself. -What gave her hope through tragedy. -What authenticity means to Biet and how pain and suffering play into it. -The importance of remembering who you are. -Biet's daily ritual for honoring herself. -What we can expect from her new book "Don't Just Sit There." -Biet's opinion on drugs. -Why she is curious about experiencing death.     Things to Check Out:• Book: "Don't Just Sit There" by Biet Simkin

Apr 2019

46 min 18 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   "You don't need to be personally affected by a specific trauma or tragedy to be the voice of a movement. You just need to care."   That belief is behind Sanyika The Firestarter's drive and success.   Having experienced being 'broke as a joke' and hitting rock bottom in every area of his life, he's a shining example of the power of finding your fire within, turning your life around, and using your voice to create real impact in the world. Today, he uses his passion for speaking and entertainment to create uplifting content for causes he believes in like The Teddy Bear Campaign, a project aimed to help fan the flames for gun reform and bring awareness to the number of children affected by gun violence.   To learn how Sanyika turned his life around 'in an instant,' how he's evolved as an artist, how you can get involved in his inspiring projects, and how he continues to fan the fire within, check out Episode 216 of Are You Being Real?.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Sanyika: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -"The Lion & The 12 Hyenas" and how it relates to each of us. -What Sanyika's own journey of authenticity looked like and what needed to change. -All about The Teddy Bear Campaign -Why you should stop rejecting praise. -Why he feels he can be a voice for a movement. -How each of us can become involved with his projects.     Things to Check Out:• • Crowd Funding for The Teddy Bear Campaign • Sanyika's Main Site: Firestarter LIVE

Apr 2019

37 min 21 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   “Your net worth will only go as high as your self-worth.”   Too many people are settling for the hand that life has dealt them. They're either content with the meager results or aren't aware that they can get much more out of life than they currently are.   This was clear to Susie Carder from a young age. She grew up in a household of poverty where there were nine children and hand-me-down underwear was the norm. Seeing herself in a place where she didn't want to be for the rest of her life, she began her journey as a life-long learner to learn the ins and out of business and what it takes to become financially successful.   Flash forward to the present day and Susie is at the top of her game. She's made her clients and herself more money that they call her 'The Profit Coach.' But more importantly, she's developed incredible self-worth that continues to propel her forward and achieve breakthrough after breakthrough.   Want to learn more about how Susie created a massive net worth and even greater self-worth? Then tune into Episode 215 of Are You Being Real?.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Susie: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -Susie's "Am I Being Real?" story. -Susie's childhood and how it influenced her entrepreneurship. -The role authenticity plays in Susie's business. -Susie's best advice to discover and nurture your gifts. -Why even coaches have a coach. -What we can expect from her new book "From Bootstrap to Big Time"     Things to Check Out:• Main Site: • "From Bootstrap to Big Time" by Susie Carder

Mar 2019

44 min 37 sec

To make the greatest impact during our short stay on this planet, it's important to always be pursuing our 'peak mind.' Some of the most crucial elements for a peak mind include a growth mindset, positive habits, authentically sharing our gifts, and not putting off tomorrow what you can let shine today. And that's exactly what   Michael is the co-founder of Global Citizen and the host of the newly launched podcast called "Peak Mind with Michael Trainer." He's also one of Mark's best friends. And although they're both cut from the same cloth and have interviewed some of the best minds of our time, Michael hasn't wanted to publish his interviews or his podcast until now.   To get the inside scoop to why now was the right time to share his podcast and why a 'peak mind' is so important, check out Mark and Michael's interview on Episode 214 of the Are You Being Real? show! They also go into how authenticity plays into achieving a peak mind, lessons he learned from Tom Petty's death, and some practical tips to building rapport with anyone, including strangers (something Michael is gifted at).   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Michael: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -Michael's "Am I Being Real?" story. -The importance of sharing your gifts and receiving feedback. -The intersection of authenticity and a 'peak mind.' -What held Michael back from sharing his podcast sooner. -The importance of meeting people where they are at. -How Michael creates rapport with anyone, including complete strangers. -Important issues we should all be educating ourselves on for the future. -What we can expect from his podcast, "Peak Mind with Michael Trainer"     Things to Check Out:• "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins • Peak Mind with Michael Trainer

Mar 2019

44 min 46 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   By the time Suzy Batiz had reached 38, she had already experienced multiple failures in business and in life and had just gone through her second bankruptcy and was suffering from depression. Shit got real for her. It got so real that when she had the inspiration to develop what we know today as 'Poo-Pourri', she got right to work and went from broke to creating a $400M+ empire and brand.   And she credits it all to 'doing what turns you on.'   Are you being real about how you do with your ideas, inspiration, and life when shit gets real?   Tune into Episode 213 to hear Suzy and Mark discuss the origins of Poo~Pourri, what Suzy did to overcome her depression and get through her financial struggles, why you should treat your ideas, inspiration, and businesses like a baby, and why it's important to do what turns you on instead of what others expect.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Suzy: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -Suzy shares her story of pitching Guess Jeans when she was younger, struggling through bankruptcy, and other life-changing struggles. -What she thinks about 'riding the wave' instead of courageously doing what turns you on. -Why she treats her business like a living organism. -What shifted in her mind when she was inspired to create Poo~Pourri. -Why she needs space when making big decisions. -What is her biggest opportunity for growth at the moment? -What she is most proud of in her life.     Things to Check Out:• Poo~Pourri • Supernatural • Viktor E. Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning"

Mar 2019

50 min 39 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   Do you dwell on your past? Are you anxious about the future? You're not alone. Many people relive past experiences over and over in the head, wondering what might have been, or fret about tomorrow thinking "What if."  But what we fail to realize in those moments, is that we're passing up a once-in-a-lifetime moment that we could be learning from in the here and now.   Are you being real living true and living in the present?   In Episode 212, Mark sits down with mindfulness coach and author, Ora Nadrich. She's an expert at helping others live authentically in the present. After the passing of her sister, Ora has doubled-down on living in the moment and treating each moment like it's only one worth living. And in this episode, she shares why the past is a great teacher, how authenticity plays into mindfulness, how to create better relationships with our desires and attachments, and she shares some of her favorite techniques to savor the present.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Ora: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -How her sister's passing inspired her new book Live True. -What life looks like after reconciling her past. -Why there is magic in the present moment. -How authenticity plays into mindfulness. -What pulls Ora out of the present and what brings her back.     Things to Check Out:• Episode 119: Ora Nadrich • Book: Live True by Ora Nadrich

Mar 2019

48 min 24 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   Putting yourself out there and showing the world your real self can be intimidating. As human beings, we crave acceptance from our peers and always want to be seen in the best light. And in a world of where superficiality and always 'looking cool' is the norm, it takes a brave person to share who they truly are with others.   And for Mark, it's not just a good idea; it's fundamental to our happiness and peace in the long run.   If you truly want to be appreciated and be at peace with yourself for who we truly are, and not for who others want or think us to be, you need to give others a chance at seeing the real you. And with a little practice, being the real you at all times can become the new status quo.   In Episode 211, Mark records a solo episode where he presents a compelling case for why we should remove our masks and let others see more of who we truly are, when it’s a good time to be vulnerable, and why social media doesn’t always (if rarely) reflect what’s actually going on.  He also shares an exciting new project we're working on with the Are You Being Real Facebook page!  We hope you'll join us in highlighting the 'real' you come across.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter     Show Notes: -Why connection requires attention. -The simple, but intimidating, key to being seen more. -How Social Media and the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" relate. -Why we need to be aware if we're acting like the Sun or the Wind. -The benefits of taking off our 'masks' and showing our true selves. -An invitation to find your edge and be the real you. -The new Are You Being Real? Facebook page project to highlight 'reals.'     Things to Check Out:• Robert Greene's The Laws of Human Nature • The "Are You Being Real?" Facebook Page

Feb 2019

23 min 2 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   What does it take to build a successful brand and business? What does it take to change a company culture? What does it take to build authentic brand loyalty? What does it take to disrupt Big Ketchup?   Masterful Authentic Storytelling.   This is what Scott Norton used to take Sir Kensington’s, a popular condiment brand built on integrity and charm, from a small startup to ultimately being bought out by Unilever. From the backstory of the titular character “Sir Kensington” to the story weaving of how the company sources its ingredients and labor, the art of authentically telling a story has been a crucial ingredient every step of the way. And it’s not something that’s just unique to him. Anyone can tap into their own experiences and creativity to build a brand like his.   In this episode, Mark and Scott talk about the origin of Sir Kensington’s, how Scott redefined his role at the company so he could play to his strengths, why company culture and finding balance as a manager is so important, and what it integrity and charm mean. And of course, Scott also openly shares his most effective authentic storytelling techniques.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter  Connect with Scott: Instagram | Twitter |     Show Notes: -The origin story of Sir Kensington and Scott's journey as a co-founder. -How Scott used his strengths to change the company culture. -Scott's take on finding Balance as a manager. -Some of Scott's favorite storytelling elements. -Scott's biking trip around the world and the lessons he learned. -Why Scott is interested in cybersecurity. -The importance of 'integrity' and 'charm.' -The one lesson he would want his son to learn.     Things to Check Out:• Sir Kensington • Calendly

Feb 2019

48 min 6 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   "When you do things right, your network is your net worth."   No matter who we are or what we want to accomplish, we could all use a little more help from our friends. And if you want to attract more help and connections into your life, you've got to get into the habit of going 'the extra mile.' It's one of his keys for becoming a 'super connector,' someone with a solid network that's deeper and wider than 99% of the people you'll meet. And Chris Winfield is one of the best out there.   Chris has been featured in many reputable publications such as  USA Today, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal and is the founder of Unfair Advantage Live, the premier publicity event for coaches, entrepreneurs and authors. He's one of the foremost experts in network and relationship building today. And with his tips and strategies, anyone can grow and become the 'super connector' of their network.   If you're ready to learn how to go 'the extra mile' and become a 'super connector' yourself, then tune into Episode 209 of Are You Being Real! Chris also goes into why vulnerability is key in relationship building, his take on cultivating large networks vs. small networks, why he makes it a priority to meet a new person every day, and also how he manages to only work 16 hours a week and still find success.   Enjoy!!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Connect with Chris: Instagram | Twitter |     Show Notes: -Why Chris chose to share about his faith in God and his struggles with alcohol with his audience. -What it takes to build a real relationship with others. -How to create win-win situations and why you should always go 'the extra mile.' -"The Field of Diamonds" An exercise to start developing relationships in your own network. -Tips on building relationships with "The Press" -Chris's take on large networks vs. small networks. -How Chris manages to work 16 hour weeks. -Chris's current greatest opportunity for growth.     Things to Check Out:• Chris Winfield's Blog • Chris Winfield's "Top 20 Most Influential People" Worksheet • Book: The Millionaire's Course by Marc Allen • Unfair Advantage Live

Feb 2019

47 min 33 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   No one wants to come across as disagreeable, 'too good', or an overall a-hole. Which is why, for many, saying "NO" is one of the hardest and most uncomfortable words they can say to someone.   But for Mark, it's become one of the most empowering words in his vocabulary. Using it has helped him find some of the biggest 'YES'es in his life, both professionally and personally.   Do you define and vocalize your boundaries? Do you use your time and energy for what matters most to you? Are you being real about your relationship with the word "No"?   On Episode 208 of Are You Being Real, Mark goes deep into the word No. He discusses why it's so hard to say, why it's important to use it, when it's an appropriate time to say it, and how to say it so that you set your boundaries all the while acknowledging others and keeping the relationship on good terms. He also shares some special strategies for when the person you need to say No to is your significant other or your boss.   Like this episode? Think it could serve others? Tune in and leave us a review!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter      Show Notes: -Why it's so tough to say No. -Why it's so important to say No. -Where Mark finds it hard to say No, personally and professionally. -Your three options when presented with a Yes or No question. -When is it okay to say No? -How to literally say No. -Tips and strategies when you need to say No to your significant other or your boss.    

Feb 2019

24 min 12 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   Are you being real about how you celebrate your birthday?   It seems that everyone has a different relationship with their special day.  Some people make it a point to let everyone know it's coming up and that they're invited to join the celebration. Others are dead set on keeping it a secret from the world. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, it tells a lot about you (or in this case 'TEL's, tune in to see what we mean)!   In this Episode 207 of Are You Being Real, Mark goes deep into birthdays and why they matter.  He talks about what inspired him to send out birthday videos to all of his friends, what it's like to be on the receiving end of videos, what his relationship to his own birthday is like, and he shares important tips to help us avoid the 'birthday blues' and how we can acknowledge and celebrate others even when it's not their birthday.   Tune in and leave us a review!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter      Show Notes: -What birthdays 'TEL' about you. -Why is Mark researching birthdays? -How mark got inspired to send birthday videos and why he only sends them to about 2/3 of his friends. -Why he chooses to send 'birthday' video, specifically. -What's his relationship to his own birthday? -Tips on how to avoid the 'birthday blues' and how to celebrate others (whether it's their birthday or not).   Things to Check Out:• 5Rhythms • Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Jan 2019

31 min 48 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   1 MILLION plastic bottles are purchased every minute and nearly 80% of them end up in the landfills and oceans, further contributing to the deterioration of the planet.     Big beverage companies have convinced us that bottled water is better than tap. And it is (for their sales reports). According to some, the bottling industry has been lying to us and their control on selling water is causing more harm than good for the environment. There are definitely ways to eliminate our wasteful usage of plastic and Samuel Ian Rosen is leading the way with his newest venture called 'Tap.'   By creating 'the Google Maps of water', Samuel is empowering others to be mindful of their plastic usage by carrying their own reusable bottle and knowing where they can get clean, potable water as they go about their city.   Why did he start this company? How does the app actually work? Can it really make a difference?   Find out by tuning in to Episode 206! Samuel and Mark also discuss Samuel's childhood, how his parents influenced him, how he juggles multiple businesses, and what you can do to make a difference even if you think you can't!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Connect with Samuel: Instagram | Twitter |     Show Notes: -Samuel shares the story of his relationship with his father and how his unfortunate imprisonment affected him. -What he learned from observing his mother and his father growing up. -What is Tap and how does it work? -What Samuel would tell someone that thinks they can't make a difference. -How Samuel manages to juggle all of his businesses. -Samuel's thoughts on 'synchronicity.' -The differences (or similarities) between men and women. -Samuel's vision for the world.   Things to Check Out:• App link: Tap for iOS • App link: Tap for Android • MakeSpace • TUSHY

Jan 2019

50 min 2 sec

We live in a time where the consumption of goods for one group is through the roof and there is an immense scarcity for others. Friendships and families are feeling the strain of an ever-increasing divide due to political opinions. Kids and adults alike are experiencing new levels of anxiety and stress from their digital lives. In short, there's a lot of work to be done if we want to preserve the planet, our society, and our relationships.   It starts with "Love."   My guest for this week is Leslie Coutterand. She's a TEDx speaker, filmmaker, and former actor turned activist. She's on a mission to impact the world and inspire everyone to share more of what she feels the world needs most: Love--Love towards each other, love towards the planet, love towards ourselves. And one of the tools she's using is her upcoming documentary titled "I Love, Therefore, I Am," which is sure to move you to act with love towards others.   In this episode, Leslie dives into why the subject of 'love' has become her passion, some of the struggles she's faced in creating the film, how trends in social media addiction inspired her TEDx talk, and how that's affected her own social media usage. She also brainstorms with Mark on what a social media platform would look like if it didn't revolve around the pursuit of likes.   As Jackie DeShannon once sang: "What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of." So If you're ready to explore how you can show more love in your daily life, then sit back and tune in to Episode 205!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook Connect with Leslie: Instagram | Facebook |     Show Notes: -Leslie's dilemma with acquiring funding that aligns with her project's mission. -What is 'I Love, Therefore, I Am'? -Why is she so passionate about this topic? -How Leslie went from actor to activist. -What drove her TEDx talk and how it has changed her own social media usage. -Mark and Leslie's vision for a new kind of social media platform that doesn't revolve around an obsession with celebrity. -How Leslie creates self-acceptance and compassion within herself. -How Leslie would rate herself on 'being who she truly is.'   Things to Check Out:• Trailer for "I Love, Therefore, I Am." • Leslie's TEDxMarin talk: SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION

Jan 2019

45 min 11 sec

We've all felt like a 'fish out of water' or experienced challenges in our lives that make us want to hide to protect ourselves, both physically and emotionally. As an empath, Sloane Trugman struggled to be in environments that were too intense,  and so her place of choice was under the bed or in the closet where she spent much of her time as a child.   But as Sloane grew up, she began to realize that she could use her empathy and ability to see and recognize the diversity around her to help others. Whether it's standing up to bullying or speaking to The United Nations about digital data rights, she's using her skills to make a difference in the world.   In Episode 204, Mark goes deep with Sloane to discuss what events in her life most greatly contributed to her development, why Sloane is so passionate about data and understanding the relationship between humans and machines, and why Mark feels she's a great friend.   If you've been hiding who you are and are ready to embrace your gifts and use them for good like Sloane, tune in to this episode and learn more about how this extraordinary woman is using her gifts to pioneer into the future and help others.   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook Connect with Sloane: Instagram |  UPDATAD Project | |     Show Notes: -Sloane shares about her difficult family life growing up. -Sloane talks about how she began to use her skills and gifts to stand up to school bullies. -What is ROI "Return on Intentionality" and how can it change the future? -How Sloane dealt with being sexually harassed by a male superior in her government dream job. -What Sloane wishes everyone was more 'real' about.   Things to Check Out:• Sloane's TEDx Talk: ROI Return on Intentionality | TEDxCSUSM

Jan 2019

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Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   When Chris started creating MyIntent bracelets for people, it started as a passion project. But it's become so much more than that. It's turned into a worldwide movement that's reached the wrists and necks many thousands of people, including celebrities like Larry King, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Conan O'Brien, and Kanye West (on the cover of TIME Magazine).   While these jewelry pieces are helping the wearer connect with their intention, they are also sparking unique conversations among strangers and creating a deeper connection between the person giving the piece and the person receiving it. And because Chris is providing the tools to make these pieces to whoever wants them, he's paving the way for greater impact and positivity all around the world.   Curious about the origins of MyIntent? Want to know which personal development programs have influenced Chris and Mark the most? Are you ready to create your word for 2019 and make this the best year yet? Then tune into to Episode 203 of Are You Being Real!   And if you're wanting to get your hands on your own MyIntent piece or maker kit, visit and use the code 'REAL20' during your checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase!     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook Connect with Chris: Instagram | Facebook |     Show Notes: -A question Carmina Becerra asked that has stuck with Chris for years. -Why Chris sometimes has a hard time believing he lives up the compliments he gets. -Chris's biggest takeaways from his time with MITT. -Chris's personal words for 2018 & 2019. -Why Mark loves MyIntent -What discipline and authenticity mean to Chris. -The most popular words people choose (and why they may not be what we expect). -Mark and Chris's favorite transformational programs. -Three questions to ask yourself to find your word for 2019..   Things to Check Out:• MyIntent Project • Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT) •Camera Ready

Jan 2019

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Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   "Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you'll go."   This is Mark's way of saying goodbye to the passing year and ringing in the new. For some, the new year is an arbitrary date that holds no real significance. For others, it can be a truly life-changing moment of renewal. What it means for you is entirely in your hands. Every moment, including the arrival of the new year, is a new moment to choose who you want to be.   If you're ready to check in with yourself and prepare for the best year yet, tune in to Mark's latest solo round: Episode 202 of Are You Being Real!  He gets real about his biggest challenges and most surprising moments of success in 2018, why 'perspective' was so crucial for this year, what he's setting his sights on for 2019, and he also shares a framework on how you can assess your own check in with yourself for a brighter future!   May you have the happiest of holidays full of realness and joy!   Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook     Show Notes: -Why 2018 was a year of ups and downs for Mark. -The benchmarks Mark had set for the year and how they turned out. -Mark's biggest frustrations and biggest reasons to celebrate of 2018. -Biggest lessons of 2018 and why 'perspective' was so important for Mark this year. -Things Mark had to let go of this year. -Mark's goals, intentions, and biggest opportunities for growth in 2019. -Mark shares the mission statement of LoveBomb, his upcoming app. -What 'LYFE' means and the role it will play in 2019. -Mark's parting words for 2018.   Things to Check Out:• Ajit Nawalkha's book: The Book of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches

Dec 2018

24 min 26 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   “Very few people are born as natural leaders. Most people make a choice to step into it.”   What do you do once you've mastered your work? You teach and pass it on to others.   That's what Michael Strasner is currently all about.   He's a trainer, coach, and best selling author that has worked for more than 30 years on helping others change their lives through Transformational work. But now he's getting to the point where he feels called to turn over the reigns to others to continue his work and go beyond what he's done. His mission for his work at this time is to teach, mentor, and raise up the leaders of tomorrow through his training and his new book, Mastering Leadership: Shift The Drift and Change The World.   If you're ready to step up and acquire the distinctions of true leadership, tune in to Episode 201 of Are You Being Real.  Michael and Mark go into what it means to 'be who you truly are,' the top 3 distinctions from his book that influence authenticity, why Michael is working to create leaders, and his advice on living a life of self-worth.   NOTE: This is Michael's 3RD appearance on Are You Being Real! Check out Episode 22 and Episode 45 for more!   Connect with Michael: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook     Show Notes: -Michael's biggest challenge at this moment. -Michael's take on what it means to 'be who you truly are.' -3 key leadership distinctions from his new book that support authenticity. -Why Michael is working on creating leadership in others. -What it takes to have a life of 'self-worth'. -Michael's final words of wisdom on what life is all about.   Things to Check Out:• Living On The Skinny Branches:  Five Tools to Creating Power, Freedom and a Life Worth Living by Michael Strasner •Mastering Leadership: Shift The Drift and Change The World by Michael Strasner •Episode 22 Michael Strasner: Finding Your Mission & Staying Committed To It •Episode 45 Michael Strasner: Personal Growth, Inspiring Others, & The State of The World

Dec 2018

43 min 41 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   For the past few years, Mark has put in work, week after week, to bring the Are You Being Real podcast to your earbuds and have each episode provide a clue to what it means to discover and be who we truly are, even when it’s not easy.   Becoming "who you truly are" is a beautiful concept, but from Mark's experience, "it's fucking hard." Even after participating in over 200 recordings, many workshops, and conducting focused research on each of his guests, it’s still not an easy thing to identify.   But one thing is certain: there have been a lot of lessons along the way and there will be many more to discover as he refines his vision and new opportunities unfold.   Tune in to Episode 200 to hear all about them.  Not only does he dive into the lessons he’s learned, but he also talks about real struggles he has encountered with the podcast, stuff that he continues to work on personally, what the future holds for the podcast, and why he’s excited for his latest and loftiest project yet: LoveBomb.   The team at Are You Being Real want to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this journey and look forward to growing with you into the future!   *NOTE: Be sure to stay through to the end to enjoy the special montage of ‘final words of wisdom’ from past guests. :)     Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook     Show Notes: -What does 'being who you are' truly mean? -What the future of AYBR looks like after this episode. -A history of Mark's upbringing, the beginning of the podcast, and what it's is today. -Has Mark ever second-guessed himself on his path or worried about being judged by others? -Many lessons he's learned from 200 weeks of publishing the podcast. -Stuff that hasn't worked out and how Mark's 'Achilles heal' has influenced those things. -What is Mark is most excited about? -Mark's newest project, LoveBomb, and the purpose behind it. -How you can continue to support Are You Being Real.

Dec 2018

38 min 28 sec

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes   What's the price you would pay to reach your dreams? Would you work night and day? Would you be willing to lose your friends? Would you let your familial relationships whither away? Would you let your health deteriorate?   Welcome to Ajit Nawalkha's former life.   What do you do when you reach the pinnacle of the corporate ladder and the only question that comes up within is "Is this all there is?"   For many, stepping down as CEO at Mindvalley could have signified the end, but for Ajit, it was only the beginning of a higher, more fulfilling life. Today, he enjoys greater health, an amazing work-life balance, a loving relationship with Neeta Bhushan, a newborn baby, success as an author, and a life of 'living big.'  He's truly lived an inspiring life. And now, with his new book, Live Big: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Passion, Practicality, and Purpose,  he's sharing the keys to living that life with the world.   If you're curious to experience what it means to 'live big,' tune into Episode 199 of Are You Being Real. Ajit and Mark go deep into what it felt like to step down as CEO, how he's been able to have an amazing work-life balance (working only 16 hours a week), how you should manage your passions, and why we should as if life were like a dance instead of a scorecard.   Connect with Ajit: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook     Show Notes: -Why Ajit needed to step down from his role as CEO. -What he unconsciously gave up as he climbed the corporate ladder. -What the process was like to build himself back up. -What it means to 'live big' and why we should get rid of our baggage. -Why not every passion needs to be pursued. -How to achieve an amazing work-life balance. -How he's been supported by having Neeta in his life.   Things to Check Out:• Live Big: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Passion, Practicality, and Purpose by Ajit Nawalkha •The Book of Coaching: For Extraordinary Coaches by Ajit Nawalkha •Deep Work by Cal Newport •Episode 165 Neetah Bhushan: Cultivating Emotional Grit

Dec 2018

55 min 54 sec

  Creating art is a way for us to take who we are and express it in a way that makes it easier for others to understand. But with vulnerable expression comes the risk of judgment and rejection. Whether it comes from others and from ourselves, that fear of judgment can tempt us to hold back from letting others see us and our art. Case in point:  talented singer-songwriter Elisa Rose.   Even though Elisa’s music radiates with messages of healing and awakening that everyone can appreciate, she still held back from releasing her album, "Breath & Bones," even though it was already finished two and a half years ago. Thankfully, she recently released her music and is discovering more positive feedback than she could have imagined and is experiencing the joy of sharing for the sake of sharing.   Tune into Episode 198 of Are You Being Real to hear what exactly led to her releasing her album, what her creative process is like, how growing up on a commune influenced her work, what’s truly driving her desire to create music, and how she manages her perfectionist nature.   And be sure to listen all the way through for a unique, acoustic performance of Elisa's song, “Light and the Dark!”     Connect with Elisa Rose: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Connect with Mark: Instagram   Show Notes: -How Elisa finally released her latest album, almost three years after it was finished. -What really drives and inspires her music. -What it feels like to vulnerably open up and express herself on stage. -Perspective on light/dark, love/loss. -How to deal with surrounding negative energy and emotions as an empath. -What life was like growing up on a commune in Ojai, CA. -Elisa's take on perfectionism and its impact on her art. -The most sensitive subject for Elisa to talk about. -How she describes her familial identity. -Why video is Elisa's greatest opportunity for growth.   Things to Check Out:• Breath & Bones by Elisa Rose • Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms

Nov 2018

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