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Edgar Rodriguez

Inspiring stories of people knocked down by life that have bounced back higher.

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Are you finally ready to kickstart your fitness journey? Welcome to the RSLNT 30 Day challenge! This challenge was created to help teach you how to create habits and make it a lifestyle. This is not a 30 day get ripped program. It's simply a stepping stone to get you in the right mindset to reach your goals. We all want to become better fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. but sometimes we could use a little help and motivation along the way. We are here for you and wish you the best on your new journey! Let's get it! ///////////////////////////////////////////// @resilientsquad @misterresilient @mrsresilient

Apr 2020

14 min 50 sec

In this special episode, I interviewed my lovely wife Rosie. Listen as she talks about how she dealt with my alcoholism and how it affected her and our family. We talk about how the main ingredient to a successful relationship is communication. Sometimes sharing your true feelings is difficult and she breaks it down as to how you can try to find a way to cope with your Spouse's alcoholism.  Follow her at: Instagram @mrsresilient

Oct 2019

52 min 24 sec

On this episode I dive deep into my journey from alcoholism to sobriety. Listen as I talk about the 8 steps that helped me change my life. Change is never easy, but it's never too late. If you're dealing with some addiction issues or are looking to make drastic lifestyle changes and don't know where to start, this is the episode for you! Follow us: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube

Jul 2019

43 min 37 sec

Listen to the story of Georgina Gonzalez "Mama Bear" "Ms GG". At the age of 10 she got very ill and had a ruptured appendix which caused her to go into a coma, lost her father shortly after and was dealing with depression and other health issues. She found a way to bounce back higher by connecting with the outdoors. GG loves to hike local trails and has summited some of the highest peaks in SoCal. Although she says running is not her first love, she has participated in many marathons and has her eye on completing an Ultra Marathon in the near future. She loves going on spontaneous backpacking trips all around the country. You will always see Ms GG with the biggest smile and a heart full of love and compassion for everyone. GG is always there for you if you need a helping hand or someone to talk to.  You can follow her on her journey on her Instagram page: @ggnzl1675

Jun 2019

1 hr

Cody has endured many obstacles throughout his life and has overcome many of them through fitness and hiking. He is a Personal Trainer and loves to help others transform their lives and be the best versions of themselves. Listen as he talks about growing up in a "gang" neighborhood, losing his mom to Ovarian Cancer, kicked out of his grandparents house and ended up in Juvenile Hall. The pain has only made him stronger and he has made a commitment every year to run the Los Angeles Marathon in honor of his mother.  Instagram: @gutsovermatterfitness Facebook: @gustovermatterfitness

May 2019

1 hr 9 min

Meet the founders of Resilient Squad, Edgar & Rosie and listen to their story as they take you on a journey of their life and how they overcame adversity hosted by our good friend Abraham Gomez. It all started with a letter that Rosie wrote to Edgar pleading for him to change. When life knocked them down, they found a way to work together and bounce back higher! From dealing with alcoholism, depression and other health issues, through thick and thin they knew it wasn't going to be easy, but it would definitely worth it! Now they both work as personal trainers and lead monthly group hikes in Southern California. They're mission is to inspire others to take control and live life with a purpose. Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube

Apr 2019

1 hr 30 min