Rhode Island Democratic Party Podcast

Ryan Lukowicz

Every week, host Ryan Lukowicz will have a conversation with a Rhode Island Democrat, discuss the upcoming event calendar, recap recent news and much more! This will be your one stop shop for happenings regarding the Rhode Island Democratic Party every week.

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The representative from district 72 in Middletown and Portsmith joins me to discuss her story, Shoreline access, American rescue plan money and climate change!

Nov 17

13 min 46 sec

Sep 29

11 min 15 sec

Ryan talks to the speaker about legalizing marijuana, the law enforcement officers bill of rights, his story and his biggest accomplishment of this past session.

Sep 9

14 min 36 sec

Ryan speaks with Jake about Enhancing the voter file and how candidates can interact with their constituents using VAN software.

Sep 3

8 min 35 sec

In this debut episode, Ryan speaks with Kate regarding her story and her work for the Democratic Party!

Aug 26

9 min 15 sec