Life of a Lifer

By Designed Conviction

“Life of A Lifer” podcast hosted by Designed Conviction founder, Taylor Tom, in conjunction with co-host Cecilia Conley, Wife of a Lifer. Taylor Tom Conley is serving a life without the possibility of parole sentence and opens his life up to give a unique perspective, one you may not hear about in the media. The human perspective, not only from him, but he invites others to share their stories and experiences. Support this podcast:

  1. 1.
    Life of a Lifer - Taylor Conley - So Cold
  2. 2.
    Life of a Lifer - OG Omyth & Manifest Something Beautiful
  3. 3.
    Life of a Lifer - Antwann Johnson
  4. 4.
    Life of a Lifer - David Bomber
  5. 5.
    Life of a Lifer - Karen Brown - A woman serving LWOP
  6. 6.
    Life of a Lifer - Jose Armendariz - Incarcerated at the age of 16
  7. 7.
    Life of a Lifer - Chris Wilson - The Master Plan
  8. 8.
    Life of a Lifer - Making the most of the time while everything is taking away

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