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Brought to you by NTU Enterprise, covering a wide range of topics in the world of business and enterprise. We’ll be debating what an entrepreneur looks like, exploring stages of funding and finance for all kinds of enterprises, discussing how to develop and maintain a positive mindset in business and much, much more!

000: Let’s Get Down To Business!
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Does creativity ‘suit’ business? Join Diana as she catches up with fellow creatives Debbie Bryan (Debbie Bryan) and David Parrish (T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity); discussing the identity of a creative entrepreneur and exploring some of the sectors within the cultural and creative industries. To find out more about the ingredients for business innovation click here  

Nov 19

25 min 52 sec

Ever had something not go to plan? Join Diana as she makes the most out of an unplanned situation - seeing a postponement of our podcast recording as a great opportunity to ask you, the listener, for your opinions on The Octopus Of Enterprise. Tell us your thoughts and feelings about the podcast, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want more of in the future. The easiest way to do this is fill out our online form.  Or you can contact us @NTU Enterprise (Twitter and LinkedIn) or by emailing us at We’d love to hear from you!

Nov 5

2 min 31 sec

Call yourself an entrepreneur? Join Diana as she chats with Alison Grade (Freelance Bible), Gareth Jones (Town Square) and Jane Brown (NTU Enterprise Advisor) debating the  identity of an entrepreneur. They discuss a more universal definition of the label, looking at skills and attributes and the benefits of entrepreneurial thinking. After listening you might just realise you are an entrepreneur!

Oct 22

24 min 12 sec

Ever heard the saying ‘nothing personal, just business’? Well, this episode is here to tell you otherwise! Join Diana and guests Rob Pittam (Robin Hood Media), Lisa Newport (Lisa Newport Style and President Professional Speaking Association EM) and James Barry (RD Content) as they discuss the technique of storytelling in business; exploring not only the power behind a good story, but why and how enterprises should and can incorporate storytelling in their businesses. Spoiler Alert! In the end they all recommend making your business nothing but personal through the art of storytelling.

Oct 8

25 min 17 sec

You’ve worked your way up the steps of funding and finance – what's next for you and your business? Are you looking for investment to grow? Join Diana as she catches up with Jenny Tooth OBE (UK Business Angels), Josh Winfield (NatWest) and Kiran Mehta (Mercia Asset Management), discussing all things investment. From the different types of investments available for businesses, to the different kinds of businesses investors are actually interested  in investing in. Find out now how you can get your business investment ready! If you want to know about first steps to funding and finance – check out episode '001: Stepping into Business’

Sep 24

28 min 42 sec

Are mentors the secret to moving your business forward? Join Diana as she chats with Bertie Cordingly (BertieCord), Georgina Fairhall (WAC) and Victoria Prince (Touchpoints Marketing), all about the role and relationship of a mentor and mentee in business. Along the way touching on topics such as, the chain-reaction of mentoring, finding the right mentor for your business, and whether or not there is such a thing as asking a 'stupid' question when developing your enterprise.

Sep 10

26 min 41 sec

Does your business wear a badge of honour? Join Diana and guests Charlotte Raffo (Monkey Puzzle Tree), Mike Turner (Bird and Blend Tea Co.) and Adrian Williams (Enterprise Advisor), debating the role of badges and pledges in business; discovering the real reasons why entrepreneurs might choose to accredit their companies and/or products.

Aug 27

28 min 13 sec

Is this the age of women in enterprise? Join Diana as she chats with Jayne Mayled (True Story/White Hot), Jyoti Chadda (My Wellness Company), Sarah Maloy (Shop Zero) and Claire Bale (Oo! That’s a bit Racey!) discussing the ages and stages of women thriving in the world of business!

Aug 13

28 min 30 sec

How can taking care of yourself, mean taking care of your business? Join Diana as she gets together with Andy Cope (Art of Brilliance), Pam Burrows (People Booster), Dominika Rekas (Rising Issue) and Michelle Briggs (Counselling West Bridgford) as they discuss what it really means to be mindful in business; along the way touching on topics such as, time-management, guilt through comparison, self-love, and whether or not there is such a thing as being too happy!

Jul 30

30 min 52 sec

What's going on in your world? Join Diana as she speaks to Oli Barrett (‘The Most Connected Person in Britain’) and Fiona Duncan-Steer (RSVIP) about the importance of networking in business. For them making long-lasting connections is all about going back to basics – so that's exactly what we did, chatting all the about the importance of asking simple, curious questions such as ‘what's keeping you busy?’ and ‘truffling for coincidences’ at your next networking event. If you want to discover how to network at your best this is the episode for you!

Jul 16

27 min 12 sec

How do you find funding and finance without facing the Dragons' flames? Join Diana as she catches up with NTU graduates Sean Ali and Charlotte Bailey (SuperU), Phil Clarke (Enterprise Advisor) and Lewis Stringer (British Business Bank), as they discuss the steps to funding and finance, along the way hearing all about Sean and Charlotte's visit to the Dragons' Den! Sean and Charlotte got support from NTU Enterprise (formerly known as The Hive) when they were students at NTU. If you're looking for help with your business find out more here

Jul 2

28 min 19 sec

What does an Octopus have to do with Enterprise? Join Diana and Megan as they get down to business, talking about all things The Octopus of Enterprise! Revealing the origins of the podcast’s name, introducing what it’s all about and giving you a sneaky peek of what’s to come!

Jun 18

8 min 45 sec