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What is a writer to do when a story has three equal headlines? Each drawn this month from public documents and government reports from the Inspector General.Headline Number One: Homeland Security has a Data Problem!Headline Number Two: Inspector General Demonstrates 22% Error Rate with FEMA Programs.Headline Number Three: FEMA to provide $1B for infrastructure and communities.Headline number one derives from the most recent DHS OIG report (published 24 MAY 2021). The Inspector General states that persistent data problems hinder DHS mission, programs, and operations. Rather stinging statement.Headline number two was published by the same IG earlier this month on the 7th of May 2021. They didn’t make the headline they should have. I worked hard to find the information. But it is in there.Headlines number three was also released this week (the last week of May 2021). We’ve decided to entrust FEMA with an additional $1 billion in grants for infrastructure and communities. As Rachel, my niece, said over dinner this week: So, that means about $200 million in errors?I guess so.What could possibly go wrong? Let’s explore than now.

Jun 9

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The U.S. government’s response to COVID involves contradictory, complicated, and confusing streams of funding. The government committed to spent at least $4 trillion to assist with the response, management, and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Funding for government responses; funding for research and vaccine development; funding for vaccine distribution; funding now for personal funerals; funding for state, county, and municipal responses; funding for personal protective equipment; funding to hospitals and first responders. These funds, like so much of what the U.S. governments funds, become grants. Nearly every agency administers grant programs while distributing grant funds. The agency with the greatest responsibility has a demonstrated, through public audits of an error rate over 20%. Listen now, read along https://ChristinaMoore/the-history-of-now/

May 19

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The U.S. federal government is providing nearly 4 trillion dollars to assist with the management of coronavirus. $2 trillion through the CARES Act and more then followed. Much of this money will be provided to organizations as grant funds. I fear that people will focus on the urgent needs, the pressures of the day, and miss the importance of following federal law. In a few years FEMA and the Inspector General will review these grants and the associated paperwork only to discover that the grant fund recipients did not follow federal procurement law; or that they did not keep the necessary documentation; or that they did not use standardized FEMA pricing guidelines when applicable. Listen now, read here:

May 5

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Fraudsters fraud; corrupt officials corrupt resulting in the maltreatment of public funds and public trust. While not shaming I will continue to identify critical issues, flaws, and core problems. Yes, there are genuine crooks in the world employed as public servants. Alas, the complexity of the rules and poor communication invite unintentional mistakes as well. What can we together formant an environment where the crooks get spotted more quickly?Three promises. First, I will remain apolitical and non-partisan. Second, I will strive for accurate and honest reporting. For my third promise, if I can’t be helpful, I’ll try to be funny. I will continue to write about what I know; therefore, I focus on U.S. federal agencies involved in funding communities through grant programs. My favorites are Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and especially FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Another favorite is local fraud – fraud within municipal and state government – especially in New England. What could possibly go wrong by looking closely at all of the data available ?Each episode will be between 30 and 45 minutes. The script of the episode will be published in whole on my website: 

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Aug 2020

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In a typical year, 75% of FEMA fund recipients, usually local governments and non-profits fail to follow the law. While the original analysis I did has aged some over the last four years, I’ll bet we’re still looking at massive failures with disaster related funds. First, show you how I derived this failure rate. Second, I’ll show you the significant risks you and I have when communities fail to manage FEMA and federal grants well. Third, I am going to place blame. You and I know that during these months I have done little to name names and point fingers

Jul 2020

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Jun 2020

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Jun 2020

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I am the problem. I don’t want to be. Yet, here I sit.All weekend I struggled to find my position. I live. I breathe. I have cash in the bank. I own a business with revenue and our people are paid their wages. To wear a Guy Fawkes Mask or declare I am Charles Hebdo or anyone else is entirely insincere of me. My property is secure. I am safe.The next obvious position is that I have no position. Do I silently proclaim this is not my fight. I am not a participant. I am not in the streets. I neither hold the baton, nor at risk of being beaten by one. I am not firing rubber bullets and I am not being shot by them either. Instead, driving though my old hometown to visit a friend and my mother’s grave, I found myself behind the wheel of a large automobile. And I in find myself in a beautiful house.And I asked myself, “Well… how did I get here?” David Byrne reminds me to ask, “How do I work this?”I chose not to be on the sidelines. And I must face the day honestly. I have carried a badge. I have worn uniforms. I vote. This is my government. This is my democracy. Therefore, this is my problem. I must seek within, study my actions, my thoughts, my history, my family then accept what I see. My family has always voted. I vote. My family speaks and writes. I speak and I write. We engage in public service and fought in the wars. I have been a public servant and I fought in the wars. I pay my taxes. Therefore, this is my democracy. This is my county. And I don’t like it. I feel shame. I feel horror. I wish to hide. I wish to run. Yet, the philosopher tells us we must acknowledge a problem before fixing it. Please, please join me in acknowledging there is a problem. It is our problem. The problem doesn’t belong to someone else. It is my problem. I am the problem.There is my power! Instead of singing “same as it ever was, same as it ever was.” I must stand with utter humility, a bit of shame, and a sense of empowerment to say: I am the problem.I am the oppressor. I am the cop. I march on the streets.I am the observer. I am the journalist.I am the business owner. We are the problem. We are the oppressor.We are the marchers.We are the cop.We are the journalist.We are the business owner.We are the employee. We are the problem. We are the People. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights that among these is LIFE. 

Jun 2020

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